Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday November 29

i bloody well gained hehe :) And yep im not perturbed by it....two reasons...the gain was only 300 grams...when i look back on last month on november 3 i gained 900 i think in the 10 days leading up to TOM i just seem to gain a lil...and thats okay...thats life ! I did everything right last week...i earnt 52 exercise points...i ate NO crap soooooo in the "zone" so its all good !

I didnt go for the blood test today....seriously it would be the second blood test in 3 next week on my days off i will get it done.

Back to work tomorrow...and 7 days straight! Ack! LOL bloody hell christmas day can bloody well hurry up and get here i am so looking forward to my 3 weeks off.

Tonite off to the gym tonite for PT with boxing and then some treadmill work

Have a good day all !

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Todays Walk November 29

Sunday November 29

A couple of photos from last nite. Had a very enjoyable time. I had bruschetta and then grilled whiting...was very yummii - the scales have jumped up a bit today but could be some water retention from the bruschetta. I was talking to my friend helen last nite (Who i hadnt seen since may 2008) and she said "the girls said you were doing really well at the gym but i told them that cant be right cos you hate to sweat" hahahahha :) and she is so right...told her i still friggin hate sweating but u gotta do what u gotta do.

This morning i walked 5.94km! Took 1 hour and 8 minutes and 7 seconds and burnt 709 calories...pretty awesome huh? Fiona told me the aim would be to walk 12km in under 2 since its only my second long walk i dont think thats too bad at all. Normally on a good week i burn 2200 calories...this week i have burnt 3690 calories! The last day of the week is today...and im thoroughly impressed...funnily there has been very lil movement on the scales (i am sitting the same weight as last week) it could be muscle could also be im not eating enough given the increase in exercise.

I am having pasta for dinner tonite! I feel a bit lacklustre so will see if that perks me up a bit...just making the spaghetti bolognaise out of the week 1 book. Hummm well i was till i just thought i dont think i have spaghetti sauce in the house! Mite have to make something else.

I went back to the docs today...heres wats going iron stores increased from 8 to 12 (normal range starts at 15) so he said i am only mildly iron deficcient now YAY for high protein diet :) My ESR And c-protein were both up which basically means "something" is wrong but he went back thru all the blood tests ive had this last liver test was in june and he was like "you have hepatitis" which basically means liver disease...the healthy range is february mine was 353 - oops! In november-january i had been out drinking a bit...june it was down to 161 and so now i need another test...which i will go for tomorrow morning...he expects it will have reduced again. On reading up on all this i think the answer is what ive been alcohol, no painkillers, organic food where possible, drinking my water, eating healthily and exercising...whilst its prolly not a big deal at the moment it is something i need to look after. And at least i have a answer after feeling sluggish for most of the year ! I know there is a book on the "liver cleansing diet" but if anyone runs across any sites with info especially on natural remedies to help the liver please please pass them on to me...i'd be very grateful.

My sunburn still hurts :( i need some sexii woman to come and rub lots of moisturiser into it for me haha !

Okies off i go to try and find something for dinner - enjoy all !

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday November 28

Last nite after dinner...i put on my gym shoes...and walked into north adelaide! 4.8km walked in just under a hour! Thoroughly impressed with myself...i told Fiona about it today and she was like...i think you should start training towards 12km city to bay run...u got 10 months to train for it...excluding any injuries theres no reason you shouldnt be able to do it....ummm okay LOL

Then fiona is giving me a massage and her best friend whose a trainer at the gym and had just been teaching a body pump class comes up and this was the conversation...
sarah : there was a poor girl in the class who had no technique
Fiona : we need to start running the technique classes agin
Me : see this is why i am scared of the classes
Sarah : no you would be fine you have fine technique....i would glance at u but that is when are you coming to body pump karyn?
Fiona : can you get in here 5.30pm on thrusday for pump
Sarah : theres no thursday class till next year
Me : Oh maybe ill come and do a class in the new year
Sarah : So that means by the end of next year?
Fiona : Dont give her such long term goals....she can do the class now
Me : Okies ill do it early january

CRAP! haha ! At least i would know the instructor tho! lol

We started a new weights program i feel pain coming on me tomorrow lol Anyway we are doing leg press and i am pressing 55.5 kilos ! And fiona goes...whats ur current like 125 kilos....and she is like...well we will take into consideration your knees and ankles but we are gonna aim for you pressing your own body weight ! lmfaoooooooooooooooo holy crap the woman is insane ! lol

I dropped in and got my blood results...some improvements and some got worse...i will post more about it on monday after i have been to the doc to see what he says!

Tonite out for dinner...i am looking forward to getting dressed up...mite even take a pic...have a fab day/nite all !

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday November 27

Went in for my blood test this morning. Was waiting a hour in the waiting room...boredom saved by what must be the cutest baby ... this lil girl all of like 9 months spotted this young guy and was just a lil bit obsessed with him was cute as hell to watch. I finally got in and they had to take bloomin 4 tubes of blood and then she sticks the needle in and goes "oh no the vein moved" hahah ffs!! to say it killed is the understatement of the year..its still a lil sore when i stretch it out and got a lil bit of swelling. Hopefully i can go back and get the results tomorrow arvo. I will be very impressed if the iron has gone up.

I then went and did the grocery shopping...came home and relaxed YAY. Then i FINALLY moved my mattress upstairs (and omg what work that was) and then i did day 1 of the 30 day was only 20 minutes...but i was sweating and it burnt 330 calories....awesome dude!

Just found out when i go back to work after this 5 days off..i dont have 2 days off together until xmas ! That said...they are actually making xmas day one of my RDO's which means i get paid double time to have the day off! haha i rawk! bring that money on babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Specially good cos im working the 3 weekends before as plenty of money for presents, nice xmas day outfit :)

Okies off to watch diet doctors - enjoy all !

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday November 26

I had every intention of going to the gym last nite and doing body balance, i walked out of work and the minute i did i got a headache...needless to say i didnt the back of my mind i wonder if the headache is related to the class. When i was a kid i would stress about stuff...but i never was overly conscious i would would lead to headaches, fainting and even its possible we will have to wait and see. The issue is if thats the case i dont understand why i am so friggin scared of them. ANYWAY today i had PT...and during PT we were doing boxing and fiona is like...when ur on holidays u can come to my kickboxing like your taking a class? Shes like yeh and tells me the time...and then says we will work on some of the moves in the class so u can come in and do the guessing she wants me to do the class...whilst i havent told her about the headache she knew i was intending to do the class and may have checked on the computer this morning to see if i came to the gym or not. Maybe i just need to suck it up for a few weeks and keep making myself go...cos yanno the cardio machines get boring...and doing a hour of them a day is boring so i need to either throw myself into the cardio machines or get over this "class phobia"

I went to meet mum for lunch today...had a yummi meal of veal scallopini and some garlic bread lol oopsie! Was very delish tho...and in the process scored me some sunurn! On my shoulders and back...i came home fell asleep (very unlike me during the day) reached up to scratch my back and owsie...bloomin hurt...i am rather the moisturiser is being worked out overtime today.

OH and so im in PT and i had put a link to a jillian article on facebook and fiona is like oh i read that article...and i may have mentioned that Jillian is awesome LOL and fiona was like out of all the circus out of the biggest loser...if what you get out of it is using her as a role model i think its good...everything about her is logical...which then led to a bit of chit chat about her latest book that i am reading. I can see after reading this book i will change some things...its amazing the info in it...its all on hormones and how they affect our metabolism and also how chemicals, growth hormones etc affect it too...very full on book to read but definitely helpful i really think "clean living" is the way to go.

Okies with that i am off to sleep...have a good day tomorrow all !

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday November 25

I am nearly on five days off ! YAY! i have like 2 hours to go and i am soooooooooooooo looking forward to it. Tonite i am gymming it ... gonna do 30 minutes of of the interval training then the body balance class. Different instructor tonite so will be interesting to see the difference.

Tomorrow morning i have to go for a blood test for them to check the blood count and iron levels. Then off to the gym for PT and then lunch time i am meeting mum for a really nice day planned.

On monday nite i was at the bus stop sitting on the seat which faces a window which i could see my reflection in...and i was amazed at how small i look across the shoulders...they look COMPLETELY normal! Now rest of the body is another story but wow i was pretty impressed and couldnt stop looking at myself ! LOL i noticed my wrists are thinner now too...theyve always been pretty slim but previously if i tried to put my thumb and lil finger around them they couldnt quite they overlap ! freaking hell ! I love this...its like all of a sudden lots of realisations of how far i have come and i LOVE IT

I also must say a huge thank you for all the comments...they truly give me such a buzz...whilst we dont need other peoples acceptance or feedback its still bloody damn nice ! haha ! Okies nearly time to go home...time for me to go nag Ryan to play some miley cyrus on our ride home haha enjoy all !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday November 24

Well i "unofficially" hit 45 kilos today - ME!!! 45 kilos holy hell...feels like I am talking about someone else. But quite obviously the cutting back on carbs is definitely working. I am not being ridiculous about i am having 2 carb meals...breakfast & lunch but thats it. So now i am resetting my goal for next mondays weigh in! I wanna go under 125 kilos...i wanna bust my ass and by xmas day try to not only reach my 50 kilos lost but also be under 120 kilos...that would make me so damn happy ! and would mean in 12 months i lost in excess of 31.8 we will see how i go. Its all very exciting 100 grams i have less then 50 kilos to lose now....another 2 kilos i am at the half way mark of this journey...and i have now lost over 25% of my initial body weight...hell something is going right eh?

Tonite i am planning to do body step...i spoke to fiona about it last nite...said i was concerned about the cardio factor of it...she was like u are fitter then you realise i dont think that will be a issue...but cos of ur knee...use one step only and i am only to do the steps at "single time" not "double time" so we will see how i go. Last nite we did the final week of the current program and when doing the chest press and LAT pull down she kept saying...oh you are hardcore lol...she reckons only 3 others she know about at the gym do the same weight as me on the LAT pull down -rawr-

Only tomorrow then 5 days off...YAY friggin YAY ! i cannot wait...i am completely over work this week LOL

Okies this girl with the 45 kilos lost is off to do some work ! lol

Monday, November 23, 2009

1.9 Kilos babeeeeeeeeeeeee!

1.9 kilos babeeeeeeeeeee! Yes since friday i have lost another 1.9 kilos! I am now down to 126.6 kilos and my total loss is 44.3 kilos! omg close to 45 kilos it aint funny. I even went looking online at city chic last nite at their dresses...debating whether to buy a dress for xmas day or i could dress up for going out in...we will see!

Tania asked me how often i go to the gym...its generally 4-5 times per week altho my aim is 90 minutes 5-6 times per week...i think exercise is a huge key to the weight loss for me. Plus i actually enjoy much as i grumble at times lol

And today...i am sitting here in a size 18 top and a pair of size 20 jeans...i am MIGHTY impressed with me!

Tonite it is gym...decided 15 minute treadmill warm up...PT of weights then 45 minutes on the treadmill with my walk/run thing

Okies off i go..have a great day all !

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday November 22

I did body balance! OMGoodness! I thought this would be a "easy" class to do hehe some bits of it i found easy like the tai chi part (prolly cos of my ballet/dance training i loved the tai chi!) But getting into poses like dog down or whatever they are called were hard! But i did my best and i will be back there for the wednesday class! The trainer was good too...i have seen her around the gym before but didnt know who she was (and yeh ok she is a bit of a hottie! haha) Anyway so the class went for a hour...then i jumped on the treadmill for 5 minutes then Fiona came and got me for PT of boxing then i got back on the treadmill i did 30 minutes of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute running....i even thru in a 2 minute run at one point ... so over 2 hours of exercise! And feet ached at the end (my feet suck) but i wasnt too tired or anything i prolly coulda even done more but i thought that was taking things too far ! LOL

Tomorrow nite i have PT at plan is either ...a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill of just walking...then my PT session then 45 minutes of walking/running...or do a 30 minute boxing class...45 minute casual walk on the treadmill...followed by my PT session....the problem is as my PT session is so late i would prefer not to do too much before my PT Session so i can go as hard as i can during PT but once PT is over i will only have about 45 minutes after the decisions decisions

I did decide to do a mini weigh in tomorrow then every monday after that...mostly cos whilst i always do PT thursday nite we dont always do weights...and i wanna have a bit of stability on the day beforehand. Yesterday i only had one carb meal...yes ME lol amazing! But i didnt feel i was missing out...and it wont be something i do every was simply that i ate eggs for breakfast instead of cereal.

I must admit i am even thinking about doing the body step class! I know its not a beginners class...i use to do step classes a trillion years ago...and always liked them...and really it would be a awesome cardio workout...and i figure if i take the easy options i could prolly cope...its only 45 minutes long too.

Okies off i to finish watching UK biggest loser

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Progress Pics

Figured a photo update was overdue and since i was wearing a SIZE SIXTEEN top today what better time to do it? I will be be back later with a actual post...heres the pics from oldest to today
April 2006:

December 30 2008:

Today November 21:

Friday, November 20, 2009

BIt of thinking...

I had a moment. Over the last 3 weeks or so i have not eaten processed foods...kept to two carb meals per day and never felt better. Last nite while shopping...i saw ww garlic i bought it...i then saw ww creamy pasta sauce.... so i bought it ... then ww icecreams .... so i bought them...i came home tonite...the garlic bread is digested all the icecreams digested and one serve of the pasta is gone...i then started to feel miserable...about not only my eating and the scales...i started to question when did the scales become so important ... when did weight loss become so important ... THEN I went and lifted my arm...the underside hurt so i reached for it and was massaging it when i suddenly realised...holy crap theres muscle there! My bicep muscle has developed a lot whilst training with fiona its quite obvious now and firm and toned but my underarms ... not so the underarms...but there is a distinct muscle there that wasnt there before...doesnt compare to the bicep muscle but omg its awesome i cant stop touching it ! LOL it is so much more about the scales...sure tonite i stuffed up a bit..but its yet another lesson on not having the processed food crap in my house. The other thing i was thinking is how...i havent done both exercise and food together...ive either been all into exercise ... or all into food...imagine how good i mite be able to do if i did both together??? SO the plan is....soon as i finish posting this i am off to sleep...i have been staying up late playing online this week which is never a good a good solid sleep tonite...tomorrow...back to the normal food plan...with the only difference being my non carb meal is going to be ar nite not lunch time...11.30am i am planning to do body balance followed by PT and followed by trying the C25k program...its a lot it doable? i have time to fit it in? YES i am single for gawds sake...there is not reason at all why i cannot be at the gym 90 minutes per day...time to up the ante plus exercise....then we will see what those scales say on monday week - can i get close to 125.9 and reach my 45 kilos? Prolly not but its a goal i plan on striving for...and with that...nite nite people - time to get this body rested so its in tip top condition!

Friday November 20

I weighed in this morning and lost 400 grams, i am satisfied with that altho not necessarily happy with it. I am wondering i had some stomach pains yesterday..that felt like constipation pains...i also did my weight program last nite and wondering if i shouldnt weigh in the day after doing weights. So what i have decided is i will weigh in on monday too...then every monday...sunday is rest theres no "exercise" or muscle transformation that could effect a monday morning weigh in. So i am now 128.5 kilos...annoying this is wednesday morning i was 127.7 kils lol oh well thems the breaks right?

Its cooler today and i looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. I have PT tomorrow at 12.30pm and i am CONSIDERING doing a class beforehand...there is body balance at 11.30am and body pump...i have been blabbing about doing classes for so long and even done the occassional class...i dont think its the class itself that scares me its the walking into the room...where a bunch of people i dont know are...where if equipment is required i gotta work out the equipment for me...and hang around looking like a nigel no friends cos i dont know anyone who does the me off that im like that and im sure its a hangover affect of getting so big and always being so conscious of myself...but i think working up to classes like body attack, combat and step would ultimately really push me along with my weight loss, its like i want someone (and i have no idea who that someone is...maybe God?) but someone to tell arent out of place in these classes belong here as much as anyone else....and i know i do...but still...i still dont feel i have the right to be there if that makes any sense.

Ok enuff blabbing time to do some work enjoy all

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thrusday November 19

Part of my self talk i have done for the last few years is tell myself "food is a fuel not a luxury" dunno if i have believed it but its the philosophy i have tried to follow. Suddenly its clicked i am sure its the change to my eating i have made recently...i dont crave carb foods at all...i am always feeling full and i know i am putting so many good nutrients in my body...i love it! Thats the what i deserve...good food that gives me results! Not horrid saturated fats and carbilicious food ;)

I love love love that show on the you channel "diet doctor" its great...i love it.

43 degrees here today altho everyone is saying it wont reach that...the gym is on the 7th floor so i hope its not too bloody hot up there. I have PT with resistance tonite

Weigh in tomorrow...unless something crazy happens between now and tomorrow i will definitely have a loss

Have a good day everyone

Loose Jeans

i KNEW there was something else to post. I am wearing my size 20 be me jeans today...and they are getting loose! Around the waist they are prolly a inch too big or more...and i can feel them especially today looser around my hips and tops of legs...yay! That is so exciting Can't believe how much closer to 45 kilos being lost i am getting :)

Wednesday 18 November

Monday night when I got home i noticed my left ankle was sore. Last nite was sore again and it appeared a lil swollen today it seems fine...if its still ok tonite...ill do a lil bit of kickboxing of the "workout" show on foxtel.

Had the appraisal last night and it all went really well...the agent told me my land agent thinks very highly of me (chit i have them fooled eh! lol) anyway he did the appraisal said they would be in touch with me now we just have to wait i guess. He did seem to focus on the fact there is no /c upstairs so if they do decide to sell maybe they will install a/c up there...that would be fabulous.

Not much else going on...still finding the limit of 2 meals with carbs per day is working really well for me...looking forward to friday mornings weigh in!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday November 17

Went to the gym last nite...did 35 minutes on the treadmill..ending up upping the speed to 5.4 (never done that before) bloody hell that speed makes my legs have to move bloody fast! The funny thing was when i went back to a slow speed that was still a speed of 4 not so long ago 4 was a fast speed for me LOL anyway it damn well tuckered me out...then i went and did PT session of she is way to keen on hving me do these lil spurts of running lol...while in PT fiona asked me how my cardio workouts are going UMMMM!!!! They havent been? lol i really have to pull my finger out...and started to really up it.

The appraisal is tonite...just got a few things left to do and then TA DA everything is ready...i should have a hour or so once i get home tonite. I left all the windows open today to let in the heat so they can get a gist of how friggin hot it gets.

I am LOVING the new you channel in foxtel. I recorded "my workout" this morning mite give it a whirl after the appraisal tonite.

Not really too much else to say...hope everyones having a good week !

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday November 16

I must say i am glad i have "figured out" that it was bread holding me back, admittedly i prolly always knew it would be carbs that would get me in the end. My issue two egg/cheese/chicken and salad for lunch is prolly gonna get boring quite quickly and lately i am not even hungry at lunch time. I am guessing i am getting less cravings and being less hungry due to the less amount of carbs. I mean its 12.20pm and i am not hungry at fact the thought of food is a bit blah....i could easily not have lunch and i dont think i would have a issue getting thru to dinner...of course thats not exactly healthy. The other thing i am considering a few days per week (and i realise this isnt a popular decision...but my journey my choice etc) i am thinking of having a protein drink at lunch time. That way i would at least get the calories in...the one i am looking at is iso uses the sweetener that Jillian recommends...and its low fat, low carb and very high protein and is suppose to encourage muscle building. That said i am not about to go on a shake diet...its ww all the way for me...and what i am doing at the moment is working...but i dont see the real harm in having a protein shake once per day 3-4 times per week.

The good news is the scales have gone down again...this morning for the second day running they were under 128 kilos...YAY the thing is i dont think i can expect to be able to eat processed foods and lose weight. I read the ww forum at times and people say oh i have a ww icecream each nite or whatever....but i know if i was to do that the losses will slow...its only since i adopted the theory of only zero point foods after dinner and no carbs at lunch time im getting losses. I am guessing that all relates back to my PCOS and when i do go to the doc next i am going to ask him about i am very concerned about having too strict a diet cos i know they dont work and i am not being too strict...that said i am eating about 21.5 points per day and i am on 24 points...and thats not taking into account my exercise points i earn.

Tonite i am back to the gym...30-45 minute warm up on the treadmill (while watching the simpsons lol) then PT session of boxing and i am hoping i am not too tired after to do first session of the wish me luck ( i may be simply too tired ) so we will see.

The house is pretty much all ready for the appraisal...tonite after the gym i will mop the kitchen floor and vaccuum...and then tomorrow nite just make the bed from the morning do any last minute things and sweep the stairs and it should be fine.

Not too much else going on...have a good day all!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday November 13

Weighed in and lost 500 grams! YAY i would prefer to lose 500 grams every week and not have the fluctuations my body seems to i am now 128.9 kilos...i think i have truly broken the 130 kilos barrier :) The other thing is I have TOM too so a loss during TOM is always a blessing.

At the gym last nite they were giving out free passes for friends to attend the gym for free and do Jaimee is coming wednesday nite and we are doing gawd!!!! Ive only done RPM a few times and it is a killer...but i wanted to do more classes and having someone to do them with is great. With luck Jaimee mite really like the gym and join (fingers crossed)

Tonite gonna go do some grocery shopping then have a quiet nite...will do a lil bit of cleaning then when i wake tomorrow morning do a hour or two that should get msot apart from the back yard done (and the backyard is small and will take all of 20 minutes lol)

The really surprising thing too is how well i am coping with the heat. Thes days of 39 degrees have really been no drama...another bonus to losing weight!

Have a good day all

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just a bit of thinking

Well so far its been a day of thinking...i got thinking about how when i cut out 2 lousy slices of bread per day and suddenly the scales started moving...and it reminded me that i DO have PCOS...i have known for a trillion years...that as i have PCOS i should be eating a low GI diet...primarily the way i am eating now...with a small amount of "good" carbs and more protein is what i need...this may need further tweaking as I go down but its what I need. When i got diagnosed with PCOS like 11 years ago...i had a hysteroscopy & D&C at the time and i have never given it much more my appointment on the 8/12 at the hospital is at the womens centre and i am sure PCOS is gonna become part of that i may bring up about PCOS and see if i am doing everything i should be doing...and maybe bring up about metformin and also about my struggles with my weight. That said...i am gonna cut bread out...completely...ill still have pasta (60 grams per nite) and still have my uncle toby cereal each day...but no other carbs on a daily basis. Altho my weight has fluctuated a bit today and yesterday...i think thats all completely related to TOM (and was 300 grams down on yesterday this morning) I was having a whinge at Jody this morning via facebook about the gym and i was saying...yanno im not at the gym and im losing better then for ages...lets be honest tho...its not likely the gym having the negative effect...its the bloomin carbs. So i am going to the gym tonite...and going to go in the right frame of mind...i will see how hot the gym is but i think i will say to fiona lets just do the wellness plan...a bit of focusing on my goals may be a good thing...then next week...time to really get stuck into things. There is no reason why i wont get to my 3 PT sessions next thats the focus...i do have the appraisal to get the unit ready for too so i will be a lil busy...but monday, thursday and saturday is the GYM. I think for me the answer is ww....but kinda tweaking the points so it works for me...may have to continually do lots of rethinking and testing out what does and doesnt work....instead of sulking and not changing anything for 6 months when i sit at 130 kilos...i mean seriously how der am i sometimes????

Good news just arrived tho! My IPOD has been exciting! I told Jaimee i will start C25K once i get it so that may just be next week :)

Okies enuff i go

Thursday November 12

Well...TOM did arrive delightfully i have doubt my iron will go down over the next few days...and i really dont wanna go to the gym tonite ! I will go to the gym (but trust me i seriously contemplated not going) but will do the wellness plan so no exercise lol Seriously i dunno whats going on with me and the gym...well partly i the lst 10 days ive gone under 130 kilos and i seem to be staying under there...mostly i think thats due to the "no bread rule" (which i am breaking today as someone left her lunch at home ugh) but anyway part of me wonders whether the losses have been due to not exercising. That said i know i need to get over this slump with the gym...partly i think its cos the gym is on the SEVENTH floor with only evaporative airconditioning and we all know heat rises...even when it hasnt been warm its warm up there...needless to say why im only doing the wellness work today...what fiona will say about the fact i havent worked out with her for a week i dunno lol (well actually i pretty much do know and it will be something along the lines of "your punishing yourself") It shows you how when you back off the exercise a lil its easy to fall out of the habits...specially with this damn heat...have i mentioned its HOT????

I forgot my bloody lunch no breakfast or lunch here...i bought 2 pieces of raisin toast for breakfast (uh oh bread) and ive ordered half a bread wrap for lunch hopefully the bread doesnt affect me too badly.

Not really too much else going on...fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh in

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday November 11

Well yesterday at work we have platters of food delivered during our team meeting as we had won team of the month. So we had one platter with all these different types of cheeses (including swiss yummm) and another platter with cheese and cold meats. So yeh i had some....had some ham, chicken loaf, salami and swiss cheese...and this morning i was up on my scales by 1.5 kilos! Quite possibly its sodium related but i also have cramps today so i am expecting TOM to arrive by the weekend so its possibly related to that as well (that dream of getting under 127.5 kilos on friday is now appearing very unlikely!) Of course if this is TOM related it will mean a HUGE loss next week...but i am sitting here chugging the water down hopefully i can get it down so i still have a loss this week (even tho its gone up 1.5 kilos i am only 100 grams over last weeks weigh in ;))

I have been super slack about the gym the last few weeks...i havent been since last thursday...i am going tomorrow nite for a PT session...saturdays PT session has been cancelled due to the pageant...but the timing of that is pretty good...since i have plenty to do with getting the place ready for the appraisal.

Have decided if it is still hot on tuesday I will leave the mattress down in the living room...i mean they can still do their friggin appraisal and to be honest i kinda hope it still is so they can see how friggin hot it gets in summer up there and what i have been putting up with ! Tonite im gonna pick up in my bedroom and dust and sort out the book case which seems to have gathered quite the assortment of crap in it LOL

Okies off i go...have a good day all !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday November 10

Well just got off the phone from the land agents a bit ago. Basically they dont know the landlords intentions...but they have said even if they do sell prolly wont impact me as it would be sold as a investment property and I would just get a new landlord. Bit of a shame cos my current land agent is awesome...lovely lovely girl and she only does inspections every 7 months or so which works perfectly for me ! lol

Food wise good so far again today...i realised this morning that i hadnt bought my container for my salad home...and i was thinking...chit...will have to buy a sandwich...but no...bought my egg and cheese and will just asked the cafeteria to make me up a lil container of salad ;)

I am really gunning for getting under 127.5 by not there yet...but will say it is we will see what happens on friday ;

The appraisal is being done next tuesday nite at about will do a bit of housework over the next week doing all those bloody chores i normally avoid like the plague lol will do a bit each nite so i dont have to spend my whole weekend cleaning.

Not much else to say...have a good day all !

Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday November 9

I am not gonna say what my scales currently say but I will say I cant wait for fridays weigh in! I feel like this change of carbs to protein has given me the key to unlocking this journey..the thing is i am so much more content i am eating less i have eaten 19.5 points...i am on 24 points...i havent purposely avoided points...i simply forgot to eat this afternoon (truly!) and one of the rules i am following is only zero point food after dinner. I feel so good tho and that i am "truly" on my journey again!

Got a email this arvo...the landlord wants a agent to come over and do a "appraisal" of the im preparing myself for being told they are looking at will ring them tomorrow and book a time for the appraisal next week...clean the place and hopefully i can swing a couple of hours off work so i can be here. Fingers crossed even if they do decide to sell that they market it as a investment property.

I must admit everything else in life is pretty good...the annoying thing is if it turns out i have to move...i'd prolly move out to salisbury (close to work...cheaper rental prices) the drama would be about the gym...but we will cross this issue once I know whats going on!

Okies off i go...btw this heat sucks !

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday November 8

Well its yet another good day! Last nite out at dinner i had one piece of bruschetta...a creamy pasta (oops!) and a hot chocolate made with low fat milk...and STILL the scales made another slight move this while its not huge...the scales have dropped 300 grams since i think i am FINALLY gonna start moving towards 125 kilos...i think the no bread thing is having a huge impact on my body and i am ecstatic about it. I feel like i have a completely different mind set...and i am back to think...hell yeh i could possibly be close or under 120 kilos by xmas. TOnite for dinner i am making Jo's "big bucket in the sky chicken" and then gonna make some home made fries to go with by the end of the day i will have had 22 thats 2 points saved...really a good day all round.

Tomorrow nite i have gym but as i am working till 6pm will prolly only be at the gym for 45 minutes or so. So will be 30 minutes of PT with boxing and then 20 minutes or so on the treadmill.

I broke my bloody fan! THe other nite i kicked it while sleeping and now it makes a attrocious noise so mite have to buy a new one this week. Thankfully i have the air conditioner downstairs...i am contemplating bringing the mattress downstairs maybe just leave it down here till summer is over LOL not a great look in the middle of the living room but the upstairs gets so friggin warm its disgusting. And wow think of that exercise when i finally drag it back up the stairs ! In fact ... pretty much decided that is what i will do!

Okies off i go...have a good nite all

Friday, November 06, 2009

Saturday November 7

Yesterday jo's post about how she doesnt always say on her journal what she wants to say made me realise i am the same. I have seen things said on the ww forum that i have rolled my eyes about and thought whatever...i do ww but i do think it is the be all and end all...i think its a good program but i dont think its a perfect program. There is only person who has the true knowledge of weiight loss as far as i am concerned and that is so often on the forums i really have to watch myself and cos i dont truly know everyone who reads this journal i have to watch my mouth...i realise there are prolly quite a few readers from that specific forum. But also with other stuff...i still get worried about offending others and still get concerned that people will see me as a "failure" Im not a thats not part of it....but most things i tend to do i tend to do pretty good without too much effort, work i am a high performer yet im sure there are plenty others at work who bust their butt and still i out perform...pretty much been the same with every job ive had,,,,whether its graphics, crafty stuff...whatever i just seem to breeze thru things....but weight loss is a different kettle of is hard is a struggle...and so there is always that chance of failure ,,,, which sucks !

Anyway that was a post I wrote last nite...its SATURDAY work right now...finish at 5pm then off to dinner with the ww gurlies.

Jumped on the scales and went down another 200 i feel quietly confident the missing the carbs at lunch is working

Not too much else to say...have a good weekend all!

Friday November 6

Well I am one happy girl today ! I went under 130 kilos by my scales...they have been permanantly stuck on 130 kilos...and one day of cutting out carbs and lunch and i seem to have gone down on the scales...i am just hoping its not a fluke and goes up tomorrow or next week. But i do have my yummii salad for lunch again...and it did keep me full...and in fact i saved 3.5 points yesterday LOL

Last nite at the gym fiona killed me...jeepers my legs thought they would die...but that said its my thighs and hips that need lots of work so i guess i will suffer and accept them LOL

I work tomorrow then saturday nite out for dinner...sunday its a day at home catching up on house work and washing (way overdue) hope everyone has a fab friday

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday November 5

Well i made a yummy salad for lunch today last nite. Boiled egg, low fat cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot...6 points...and no carbs in sight ! Lets see if it keeps me satisfied i do love eggs and cheese so it should and a big dose of protein...which is what im gonna try and do over the next few weeks...still gonna eat my normal dinner and breakfast...but have just a salad at lunchtime and my snacks be fruit...and we will see what the scales do.

I am gonna go to the gym and do the weights tonite and see how my knee handles it all...if its no good ill just ask fiona to do upper body stuff only. It feels not too bad just has a "strange" feeling kinda a slight burning sensation at times. It seems to be mostly when I get up from sitting...weird...but after tonite...ill rest it till monday and then hopefully it will be full steam ahead with the exercise.

I have organised 5 days off at the end of November! Unfortunately it means the week after i work 7 days...but man...bliss 5 days off in a row sounds glorious then then ill only have 4 weeks or so till i have my 3 weeks holiday, so think ill survive the 7 days of working straight! lol

Saturday I am working but then saturday nite i am going out with a bunch of ww girls...out to the strathmore it looks at this point...and they have pasta on their menu so i am all set !

Anyone watch money for jam last nite? I joined the website for $15 after seeing is full of links for online competitions...and the person they interviewd on the story said she wins at least $50,000 worth a year...they had a guy test it out for a month....and he won a bloody plasma screen tv! They reckon when u first begin u win about 1 out of 100 ive been doing it of course with my bloody luck ill prolly win a bottle of deoderant ! haha !

Okies its lunch time and i am off to have my yummy salad ! Enjoy peeps !

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday November 4

I swear i have found the yummiest cereal. It is uncle tobys plus with omega...its the yummies and i am not really a cereal person but that one i love.

Gonna stop at coles tonite and pick up some groceries...gonna get all the salad ingredients to start having egg and cheese salad at lunch time and cut back on the carbs...see if that will kick everything into action. I am resting my knee again today then i am sure it will be fine...its been perfect so far today but ill err on the side of caution.

Tomorrow nite is weights tho and then FINALLY i will try and do 45 minutes of the 2 minutes walking/1 minute running...hopefully i can make it to 45 minutes. I did ask a few ww girls last nite and consensus seems to be if i am earning around 20 exercise points...which i am...i need to be eating approximately half. So I need to work this in on the days i exercise. On those days i think the way ill increase my points is have larger quantities of protein which is good for muscle development etc. Well gawd damn i just crossed my legs and felt my bloomin knee again...not happy! Okies off i go...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday November 3

Yesterday i got up from the sofa and as I did for some reason I hurt my knee. Did go to the gym last nite and did do a hour of boxing. My knee was very sore by the time i got home...and today when i go for long walks i can feel it...its not sore...just doesnt feel right. So today i have rested it and will tomorrow too. The scale is back at what it was last week...sitting spot on 130 kilos...friggin annoying....i have made some decisions, i think this getting under 130 kilos is stressing me out and seriously paying another $21.95 for them to tell me AGAIN i have stayed the same seems ridiculous. So ive decided to not go...and really focus on exercise not the scales and then reweigh myself on december 1. I will periodically weigh myself at home, I think maybe if i dont stress then i may get under the 130 kilos...then come december 1 i will reevaluate things. I am also starting tomorrow going to drop 1 point...will go down to 24 points and see if that helps. I am also gonna change my lunches to some tuna salad and egg salad at lunch time.

Me and Jaimee have also decided next year we are going to do some fun its not a case of throwing things away...just taking the emphasis of the scales and more about being a wholly healthy person.

I made the homemade sausage rolls from the weight watchers site today...super duper yummy...1.5 points...3 was plenty! so not bad 4.5 points.

Okies...i am off glad i put this all down in writing...have a good nite all!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday November 2

I woke up bright and early at 6am this scales were up 900 grams...and i was pissed but i am realising they were prolly up as i am getting PMT as i have some stomach at least i have a explaination for it. I was really hoping to go to the gym this morning...but 9.15am and still waiting for the mobile phone to be delivered...hope it arrives before i have to head out for lunch. SO far its a relaxing day tho...load of washing some dishes soaking...I am beyond relieved to realise that gain this morning is from PMT this whole getting under 130 kilos really does my head in...i just wanna get under it and move i feel a weight has been lifted.

Hopefully we will go to fasta pasta for lunch today and i can just get a tomato based pasta dish. Tonite for dinner ill just make a omelette after the gym.

Well i went for lunch and of course thats when the phone was delivered ! gawd damn it...they are redelivering it tomorrow. Went to fasta pasta for lunch...had ravioli mona liza...bit of a splurge but thats ok not like i wont be working my ass off at the gym tonite...dinner tonite will be a omlette on grainy bread....yum yum

Okies off i go!