Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Okies so it all seems to be happening ! lol busy busy! Got a letter from the landlord yesterday they are doing a inspection next thursday so im busy getting the house all super clean and tidy...which is kinda good seeing im back at ww this saturday so a fresh start for everything. Last nite I cleaned up all the kitchen...floors and all...and also went thru the pantry and threw out all bad foods. So i am all quite prepared and so nice the kitchen all spotless, tonight i am gonna get the lounge room all tidy, and dust and vac etc. And i just got ALL my annual leave over xmas confirmed today...the last day i work is december 21 and i dont go back to work till 5 january - 2 weeks off !!! yay. And so i will be spending xmas in streaky and then back for my birthday and then i already have plans for new years eve ! OMG can you believe it? This is the chick who hasnt been out on new years eve for a million years, but my friend ryan from work, him and his partner are having a NYE bash so i will be going to that - wow that practically is like having a real social life LOL.

I have a unit i may be interested in...sent a email to the real estate agent today...theyve emailed back saying they dont know when a open inspection will be but hopefully it will be at a time i can make - cos the best thing is its only $140 a week - which only paying $140 a week would really help to get the tax bill paid off and then to save up for a deposit to buy a place.

Okies not much else going on - back to work for me - enjoy !

Monday, November 26, 2007

Okies what I have learnt this week is I suck at weight loss unless I go to meetings. So I am going back this week...on saturday. Since i am going to eventually be going to the salisbury meeting once I have moved early next year I figure I might as well attend that meeting at least for the first one. Plus i have never been to that new meeting mite be good as well...see if its a decent leader. I actually wanna get to how I feel when im losing weight successfully, i think in some ways i rest on my laurels...yanno become a bit of a knowall and think well ive lost so and so kilos so im fine...instead of really focussing on getting that end result. I am starting to notice the effects of eating bad...i always find when i eat bad i tend to become clumsy and it feels like a effort to be active, and ive noticed ive been like that the last few days - so definitely time to get things back on track.

I went to the feast picnic yesterday...gawd was so hot...i wore anticancer foundation 30+ sun cream and still managed to get the time i got home i was all hot and felt sick...which i think was from dehydration well that and that i am getting old LOL to be honest things with loud music and drinking are losing appeal with me, i prefer just nice nites out for dinner etc...i think the whole drinking nites i mite give up for a while...cos to be honest i simply dont enjoy them.

But the good news is...i got my holidays at xmas time so i will be heading over to streaky bay YAY i was gonna have the first week in december off but thats all now changed. This weekend i have a big weekend...the ww meeting saturday morning, saturday night my work xmas show down at glenelg and on sunday meeting up with my friend Laura for lunch,,,me and laura havent seen each other for about 4 years so really looking forward to that. Okay i will be back on the weekend sometime to update - enjoy ur week all !

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well the decision has been made! Back to ww next week. Ive stuffed around for months...its time to get serious and make my weight loss a priority again. Its seriously really time to focus on "me" and i think ever since shortly before I got sick that priority has been lost. I would so love to lose 20 or so kilos by next xmas so that is the aim by xmas 2008 to be down to around 120 kilos...the other aim is to get a gf in that time ! And if not a actual least a couple of dates...which means its time to get out there a bit more. Funny how when im not focussed on my weight loss i start to become a hermit again...but not more. So thats the extent of my post...not a long one as its early to bed for me tonite...7.30am start for me tomorrow ! ni ni !

Monday, November 19, 2007

Well I am back and my stomach seems on the improve. I got up and did dishes yesterday and that gave me quite a bit of pain. But today the pain is less so it must be improving...eating healthy is prolly helping too. Tomorrow and wednesday are my days off. Thankfully...its going to be 27 tomorrow instead of the mp3 player is gonna be switched on and i am going to walk around to mums and hang out with her for a bit. The rest of my two days off not a lot of planned besides the norm, washing, cleaning etc. I always wanna finish packing another couple of boxes.

Ive been eating healthy the last few days altho not counting points or watching my portion size...specially at dinner time. So thats todays challenge...which should be quite easy considering im working till 10.30pm tonite so will be taking a ww meal to work.

So far the scales have only budged a couple of hundred grams but its only been two days so I cant really complain.

Oh sunday is the feast picnic ! So looking forward to this. Its the gay and lesbian final event for feast...and ive never been to it before but heard non stop talk about it. So will be meeting up with felicity and her friend tan for that...should be fun.

Not a whole lot else to say...except...thanks for popping by =]

Friday, November 16, 2007

Well..i weighed in...141.5 kilos so a gain of 3.2 kilos after 6-8 weeks of chit eating..which is not too bad really. i actually thought id be around 145 kilos...and was just praying to be under 145 ... so all is good. I woke today with more stomach pain...i went did the grocery shopping early but was feeling i called in sick and went to the docs thinking it was the gall bladder thing again. Anyway he thinks its actually a ulcer that gets inflamed from taking nurofen. And before when id had the attacks i had taken nurofen in the week before due to a severe things are starting to make sense now. Gawd i started this post yesterday(saturday) and never finished it. Anyway all else is good ... survived first day back on track - now onto day 2 - enjoy all

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm back !!! Gawd im so ready to get back on track. And its been so long since I have updated - to be honest i was tired of writing in my was feeling like a chore and so in some ways i feel i needed a break. A lot of things felt on top of me but now the refocus is getting back on me :)

I have just started packing my house up ! OMG what a chore - and there is only one of me. I will be looking for a place first week in december but once i find a place i wanna move in pretty quickly. So yesterday I started packing...I am on to box 3 and over it all already LOL but it will be worth it once I have moved.

Work has been going good - in fact I have won 3 awards at work in the last 4 weeks - wooo hooo yay me !

Friday I am completely back on track...i will weigh in (i expect to be back around 145 kilos) and get the focus back...its kinda hard to do it whilst I am packing...and I had planned to wait till i moved...but i have had some strange sensations in my upper stomach in the last week or so which worries me its the gall bladder so i need to get back on track - i will be back on friday to update !