Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy birthday to me :)

So yep it was my birthday. Initially my plan was to do pump and balance today...but the sunburn was too sore....even hurt just walking (on my thighs) but its much better this evening. The sunburn on my foot is starting to itch so i am guessing it will be peeling soon (unless all the aloe helps avoid that)

So i completely stuck to my eating even tho was my birthday today. Tomorrow i am going out for a birthday get together...i will prolly have some bruschetta and lasane...ive tracked it...tracked the rest of the day...and while my protein wont be at 180 grams it will be close. As it turns out i have to fast tonight as i will hopefully be having blood tests in the wont be eating breakfast anyways which means I have a few more calories to splurge on lunch.

My plan for new years eve is going to be all about me :) Going to go out for a walk in the evening (i have done that most past new years), if i can find a bath plug (mine is lost and my foodland didnt have one but i will try coles tomorrow arvo) i will have a relaxing soak in the tub then tomorrow evening either read, colour or chill watching netflix, and then BOOM new years day, I will be back at the gym on monday (pump and balance at lunch time) and ready to start kicking some ass with this years goals...putting in 110% at the gym, being on track with my calories and macros, exercising 60-90 minutes for 5 days a week, sleeping 8 hours a night....and embracing this is a lifestyle change not a restrictive go insane in the gym diet :) I want to be more about making small changes, implementing structure and above all enjoying the journey! Oh and I also want to try a new recipe every week!

Thats about it...I did weigh in this morning...I had a gain (but this was xmas week!) so a 1.1 kilo gain, and my waist measurement had stayed the same. I think tho....that was mostly fluid as im sure my body is very, very dehydrated due to the sunburn :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Its not complicated

Well i didnt post last night! Slack ass I am :(

Yesterday we ventured to the beach where i got a tad of sunburn (ok a lot of sunburn) specifically on my thighs and feet. I have since been lathering them in aloe :) Then last night we went out for dinner....I had carbonara (basically to end the holiday LOL) was very delishus tho.

Today has been adventurous....and shocking to say the least. So today I flew home. Was a hours drive to the airport...we had some lunch then I got on the plane. Well its a smaller plane. The seatbelt did up (just) but i literally had to squeeze myself into the was like the seat had a muffin top. The left arm rest dug in me the entire trip and the right arm rest didnt go completely down. So I was so uncomfortable and thinking I am not taking another flight till i am under 100 kilos. Then in the skinny aisle the hostess had to push the drink she came to go past me i could see her looking to see if she could fit...omg it was a awful feeling, i felt it skim past me but thankfully it did fit. It seriously was the worse flight i could not get off that plane fast enough. And it was a HUGE reminder that the time of fun is over .... time to knuckle down with my eating and exercise. I really am hoping my sunburn is improved a bit tomorrow...i feel like a invalid at the moment LOL and a shower is a nitemare :(

So I finished Khloe Kardashians book and now i am reading a book called "half-assed" which i am finding a VERY easy read (about a weight loss journey). If you know any other good books that are inspiring or motivating whether about a weight loss journey or not....please let me know!

Tomorrow its back on track....and i think its kinda good to get back on track on a significant day....and well tomorrow is my birthday so to me it seems like the perfect gift. I would like to lose 25 kilos in the next 12 months which would put me under 100 also equates to less then 500 grams a week to lose on average which is definitely do-able. So yay happy birthday to me :)

For anyone interested....i will be eating 1800 calories (my macros initially will be protein - 180, carbs - 135 and fat 60) with 60-90 minutes of exercise 5 days a week with one cheat meal per week...thats the plan....nothing overly complicated!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Time to climb some stairs!

Well im starting to sleep in too much! 10am this morning lol

Today we went out and saw a few more tourist sites...including lots of stairs! LOL


I finished reading Khloe Kardashians book...was a great read!

This morning i logged on to youtube and checked out the people i follow....a lot of them are online personal trainers....some train people in bikini comps....some just meal planning....and some are both meal planning and exercise workouts. Anyone ive always been keen to get it thru one of them to get a idea of a starting point for my anyway as a christmas "gift" one was offering it free for 30 days that you can cancel if you wish not to continue after the first 30 days. So its not the exercise i need help with...I know at my current weight i just need to move doing a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility work. So i got the meal planning...which it is personalised and i should receive in the next 24-48 hours...i doubt ill keep at it long term...i more was interested in the starting point :)

One of the other things i thought about when climbing those stairs today was how....i dont push myself at the gym sister was saying how my niece had to hold a plank at school one day this year before being allowed to do something....whenever i get told to do a plank....i think...oh 30 seconds is respectable...i just do a exercise till its "acceptable"....i go thru the sessions just going thru the paces instead of thinking i want to do 100% best.....of how each individual exercise is reshaping me and benefitting me....

Tonight for dinner is home made butter chicken (670 calories) made from scratch in my sisters thermomix...super looking forward to it!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing day

So christmas day is over!

We were up kinda early on xmas day. I got some nice pressies...colouring book, pens for it, hair straightener, pete evans cookbook. Foodwise I was pretty damn good....only thing i ate too much off was my sister has a thermomix and made homemade crumpets...they were the bomb...and i had too many of them. But i didnt pick much and while i was served xmas pudding and cream i only ate a small section of it cos i didnt like it.

Two we went out to seal cove (cove where lots of seals hang out) and murphys haystacks..large rocks shaped by erosion. I only have tomorrow and monday here and then head home on tuesday.

Being away from life and everything has been good. Streaky Bay is just a lil country town and it really is good for self reflection. I am quite clear that 2016 i will be incredibly selfish about me and my weight loss journey. I am so ready to get back in to the gym. But its allowed me to focus on some other things too. I am setting a laptop in the bedroom...I think it makes me lazy. I want to do more "things" I want to read more (am currently reading khloe kardashians book) (any recommendations of books....especially motivating books let me know!), I really have enjoyed the colouring in, I would like to get back into cross stitch. I want to go to more live shows, and more movies. Focus heavily on cooking at home more (or putting more effort into trying new recipes), organic foods. Possibly look at doing park run on saturdays. I think by also doing these other things, it will help me relax, decompress, and be happier....i know with weight loss its not just diet and exercise its also the mindset. Also one thing that has been REALLY bad lately is my lack of sleep...back to focusing on 8 hours of sleep a night.

I also wanna focus on making my home more organised and ive really not spent money on my home in freshening it up again. And also freshening me up a bit....i dont wanna shy away from spending money on me whether for hair appointments, makeup, clothes or whatever.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas :)

Another lazy day! LOL im so in the holiday swing...i didnt shower till 4.30pm! LOL That said ive been up and dressed since 8.30am and out at the shops and stuff.

My food coach (from fernwood) emailed me today and told me to have tomorrow off from calorie counting :) Im not too concerned...i will have some xmas pudding and will try and eat more ham, turkey and salad. If the weather is good we will go to the beach in the arvo as well altho it feels like a cool change is coming in.

As i think i mentioned yesterday my sister has a thermomix and using it a LOT so pretty much everything i am eating is home made,

Once i get home (night on 29th) i will be changing my food a lil (after advice)...breakfast will prolly become 1/4 cup of oats, tablespoon of peanut butter, and scoop of protein powder and weekends will be 50 grams bacon, 1 egg (i do love my eggs!), avocado and some vegies (spinach/mushies/tomatos) My dinner meal will change to a max of 10 grams of carbs (grains) which is how i use to eat when i lost weight slowly will start making changes. My first full day back in Adelaide i will be hitting the gym and starting my new schedule. I read a meme yesterday that said 2016 is going to be a selfish year...all about me....and i must admit for health is going to be my top priority.

My fitbit has also crapped itself! Wont sync...the time is incorrect...when i got it tho i got a extended warranty altho i am not sure where all the paperwork for it is (as i am in streaky bay i cannot currently check) but i emailed the store...they said to bring it in with id and they will replace it. They have a nice mint coloured one now so with luck i can get that. Tonight we are having fish and salad and i think us adults may be opening a bottle of champagne with fresh strawberries :) I last drank 2 years ago! LOL So i will have a glass and enjoy it!

Okies not much else going on...merry xmas all...enjoy tomorrow !

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day 4 on track.

I slept in today so didnt go for a walk. With it being so hot...i need to do it early in the day. Tomorrow i will really aim to do it.

Food wise today has been good. Oats and protein powder for breakfast...lunch was a wrap with ham, cheese and salad and my niece made lil cinnimon muffins (not fried...made from scratch and cooked in a muffin tray in the oven) and a quest bar. Tonight for dinner is mushroom risotto and i might have fruit and yoghurt after dinner :)

There is really not too much else to say...wanted to post cos i want to do that daily...but really not a exciting one :) Glad for day 4 back on track tho :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Making the best choices where I can :)

So I was up early today and at the hotel gym by 7am :) I did 15 minutes on the treadmill at a incline of 10...i then did 10 minutes at level 1 and threw in a few jogging sprints! :) Funny, no one else was in the gym and had it to myself and didnt really worry about falling. I then did some rows, LAT pull down and chest press followed by 5 minutes on the cross trainer. I burnt a total of 415 calories in 40 minutes.

We didnt have a home base today so my options werent perfect early in the day...bakers delight this morning (i had a ham & pineapple pizza which was 437 calories. Lunch we went to kfc and all i got  was a original burger (no cheese or anything) which was 440 calories and while the girls had chips I had 25 grams of flava beans which i had bought with me :)

Tonight my sister cooked a green chicken curry and rice for dinner. No processed crap in it...that was only 417 calories....and she has some home made sorbet which i will have for dessert. My aim is to stay under 1880 cals while on holidays....a lil higher today and hit 1906 cals...but considering my options i thought i did well.

I went to the shops earlier and bought oranges, apples, bananas and strawberries and greek i can have some healthy snacks over the next few days.

Tomorrow is suppose to be pretty warm so im planning to go walking down the beach when i wake :) Will be a early night sleepy....will be keen to catch up on sleep.

Oh I am reading Khloe Khardasians book "Strong looks better naked" good...Ill post more about it once I finish it but I am really enjoying it :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's all good :)

One of my focuses is to be updating my journal a lot more.

I wanted to explain....regardless of any relationship/emotional dramas....for the most part i am in a very happy place :) I live a blessed life...I have a secure job, secure home life, friends, family....enough money to do all the things I choose to do.

I am in control of any choices, decisions i make and being proactive is generally i find the best way to deal with anything. The relationship thing is definitely over...a small miracle would need to happen for me to consider anything further. My focus now and for 2016 is not a relationship...its me, my health, my weight. I am investing just way too much money for it not to be the focus. Hopefully come the last half of 2017 i can start to do all the things i want....the dating, the travel etc.

So.I weighed in this morning. So here are the stats:

Weight : 124.7 kilos
Chest : 110.5cm
waist : 102cm
thigh (right) : 82cm
Hips : 156cm

My plan for tomorrow is to get into the gym and do body pump at lunch time....then home for lunch and not long after i will be heading to the airport :) Spending the night at Port Lincoln tomorrow night before we drive to Streaky Bay on tuesday.

Did go out for lunch with Tania today. So good having someone who has similar goals...time to kick some ass! :)

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Plan

So a bit of a overdue post. WOW where do I start?

The on again off again involvement I mentioned a few posts ago has been on again and off again some more. While I care for this person very deeply we have a fundamental difference in how we deal with issues. I am a talker and want to discuss and resolve issues....she just prefers to not discuss things or talk at all. And that is most likely going to be the downfall of anything. As i type this we are definitely OFF. And i think i just need to get thru this "hump" i need to avoid contact and "do me" and hopefully in a few weeks time it will not have the same impact it currently does.

But as this is a weight loss journal lets discuss that eh? So to answer im not sticking with weight watchers. To me the fact they dont differentiate natural sugar vs added sugar vs fake sugar i dont agree with...also i feel it is really simply a low carb way of eating and also i had no end issues with the app.

So i now have a bit of a plan. Firstly on 31/12 I am going to the doctors and organising blood tests to be done that day...going to ask for sugar, cholesterol and liver ones to be done. I will also get my doc to check my blood pressure...Ill then get them redone in 3 months ... as a additional way to track my progress.

18/1 my gym has a body scans being done so I have already booked in for a appointment for that and will hopefully get one done every 6 weeks or so.

I was going to wait till January 1 to get back on track but sunday I am suppose to be going walking with Tania down I figured since that will be a healthy start to the day I will get back on track that day! I will also do my measurements, take a photo and weigh. Ill take my tape measure with me whilst away and measure my waist 7 days later and then again December 30 i will do a official weigh in, measurements etc and then leave the weigh ins at wednesday.

I have someone coming to collect my foxtel box on monday...(foxtel hadnt sent me the details to send so some repo company is coming to collect it LOL...) but hopefully i will manage to get to pump lunchtime monday and then tuesday morning i will use the hotel gym...and then while in streaky...walking and swimming at the beach will be the activity :) I am soooooooooo ready to kick ass and make 2016 a success!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Here we go.................................

So I made some decisions. Firstly ive had it with the weight watchers going back to what has worked for me in the past...simplicity of counting calories. Got out Jillians book and did some calculations....she recommends 1850 a day for me to lose half a kilo a i am not really exercising at the moment I will drop down to 1800. But my focus will be more on my macros..aiming for 158 grams of carbs, 135 grams of protein and 70 grams of fat. This time if i plateau out instead of jumping to lower the calories i am going to play around with the macros more.

Daily blogging....I want to go back to daily blogging so here and on instagram...I want to take a photo everyday for instagram. Mondays will be a front body shot....with my weigh in result as a form of accountability.

Goals....I have set goals for the following weights:

119.9 kilos - make up
114.9 kilos - Perfume
109.9 kilos - a ring
104.9 kilos - Boots
99,9 kilos - A gold necklace with some form of meaningful charm
94.9 kilos - eyelash extensions
89.9 kilos - Kardashian handbag
84.9 kilos - Dress
79.9 kilos - Withdrew $300 for a LJ shopping spree
74.9 kilos - tattoo

I think i mentioned i have signed up for 3 PT sessions a week this coming year. My first one is booked for January 5, I have January 4 off and ill return to the gym that day and most likely do lunchtime classes (i have the day off)

As i am counting calories i doubt ill attend ww meetings. I will talk to my coach (who is a friend after xmas about it) maybe ill go in and weigh once a week. I am still glad I purchased the ww goods i did. Their new cookbook is amazing and I plan to cook out of it once a week. And their scales I am so happy to have good reliable scales :) and I think their magazine is good too especially for recipes. I really want to get to double digits in 2016 and also have a much fitter look then I currently have. I really want to get into boxing classes, pump and balance as much as I can. And with luck get back into running....ill possibly look at doing the park run on saturday mornings towards the end of the year.

I have 5 work days then just over 2 weeks of destressing (one week in streaky bay) and im soooooooooooooo ready for the down time...but I am also SO keen for January 2 which will be my first day back at the gym...good things for 2016 I feel :)

Friday, December 11, 2015

WW SmartPoints vs Calorie Counting

So i am on day 5 of SmartPoints...and ill be honest...not convinced about it. I went back to ww for the community support...apart from a facebook group I dont know ive really sensed a "community". With SPs for those who dont know...they use the kilojoules as the base of the points of food....then they are lowered if high in protein and increased if high in saturated fat or sugar. An example is a xmas individual mince 23 points. I agree sugar is not good for us....but in my opinion they are lumping everything in one category. My big issue is honey. 1 tablespoon of honey is 6 points! Honey is a natural sugar, and if you use manuka honey incredibly good for you. I actually ate honey every day I lost really struggle with this. I just dont think its correct to put honey in the same category as all other types of sugars. To give a comparison...a tablespoon of honey weighs about 15 grams and that is 6 points....12 grams of cadbury chocolate is 3 points.............
 My other issue if you look at the ww page is they tell you to keep your sodium under 2300mg (which is very sound advice) but how can you track that with weight watchers apps?

When i think about calories it does seem simpler to me...non confusing...i can guage my protein, fat and carb content...i can monitor sodium. I feel like I am going to go back to calorie counting...but im resisting just yet cos im paying for weight watchers. I also HATE the weekly points ... just give us a number and let us stick to it...anyway thats my opinion!

I must say tho soooooooooooo glad i have the weight watcher scales and i do love the weight watchers cookbook but I most likely will revert back to counting calories.

That said i know some people are having GREAT success on it! Like i said still unconvinced.

Ive been going back thru my journal .... from the beginning...and im realising im not that far off where I was. I think for a long time ive felt its not "essential" i get back on track. Reading the early days off my journal....the ankle and knee pain...the fluid retention in my feet and calves...I really need to get back on track tomorrow.... and permanantly. One of the things i did notice when i was doing well with my weight loss in the beginning was i focussed on non food goal rewards...and they were all things for "me" to help me feel better about my presentation etc...i created a list last night:

eyelash extensions
winter boots (like cowgirl ones!)
make up

I also think i need to "do more"...there are so many things i want to do .... but i dont cos i dont wanna go alone. Movies, live theatre, expos, displays....whatever...I might set a goal for next year to do one thing per month by myself.

Okies thats enuff for today :)

Sunday, December 06, 2015

The day before....

So firstly, thank you to those who privately messaged me about my last post :) Id like to say its all been calm in relation to that since LOL but id be lying ;) We have had two went not so much LOL....but that just convinces me more and more it was the right decision, just avoiding her as much as possible.

The heat has been awful here :( Ive had a moment where i was making my oats this morning and in the time it took me to get up to make them thought i would faint! UGH!

But the good news is SmartPoints starts tomorrow for me! I am super excited for that. Tomorrow morning i will weigh in, tomorrow night i am heading to the gym....the plan is body balance, 45 minutes on the treadmill and if not too hot zumba. I will then take some "starting SP" photos when I get home....I have no shorts that fit me but i will take photos in tank tops with my stomach exposed (sorry world!)

From what I think when i did a squizzy at the points early...I will be on 40 dailies....42 weeklies....and a goal of 49 weekly fitpoints. And of course knowing how my body works best I want to calorie the plan will be:

monday : 51 SPs
tuesday : 40 SPs
wednesday: 40 SPs
thursday: 51 SPs
Friday: 40 SPs
Saturday: 60 SPs
sunday : 40 SPs

So i will weigh in monday then every wednesday after that (presuming they let me change my weigh in day)

My plan is to get my protein up and also my good fats up....I remember a few years ago I was following a plan where it was high fat & protein and moderate carbs and my body shape at the time changed significantly so I will be focusing on that again. Things like avocado, olive oil, nut butters, semi dried tomatos etc. My one concern is whether I can hit the points by eating whole foods. Protein foods have significantly dropped....and lets face it 40 or 51 points is a big ask to hear. On saturdays will be fine because i go out for dinner...during the week may be more of a struggle. I really want to limit my grains to oats in the morning, and 1/2 cup rice or barley or 2 slices of bread...and avoid grains at dinner....but we will see how it goes...the annoying thing is it starts for me tomorrow and i cannot track until tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Weigh in week 3 :)

So I weighed in - down another 800 grams :) So the stats are:

-4 kilos lost in 3 weeks
-3rd lost in a row
-2.1 kilos to go to hit my 5%
-total loss of 54.2 kilos

So i am pretty happy with all that :) I have really focused on eating non processed and it seems to be paying off.

Exercise wise...I didnt go to the gym last night as I had weight watchers meeting but I did do over 20,000 steps. Tonight I did go to the gym and did a 30 minute TTT class (my thighs and butt may never recover lol) then a 30 minute weight session and 30 minutes on the worked out for 90 minutes. Tomorrow night i am planning to do 45 minutes on the treadmill and then 45 minute zumba class.

I am really looking forward to the new weight watchers plan....kinda seems like you cannot fail on it! As a xmas gift to myself i am buying a "kit" next week....the new ww scales, 6 month magazine subscription, cookbook and a few other bits and pieces :)

I am in a very good head space for my weight loss...I think it is a LONG time since i felt so in the right head space. Taken me a long time...but i think the whole "gotta eat non processed food" has finally sunk into my brain!

Okies...time for sleep....5.30am comes early!