Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing day

So christmas day is over!

We were up kinda early on xmas day. I got some nice pressies...colouring book, pens for it, hair straightener, pete evans cookbook. Foodwise I was pretty damn good....only thing i ate too much off was my sister has a thermomix and made homemade crumpets...they were the bomb...and i had too many of them. But i didnt pick much and while i was served xmas pudding and cream i only ate a small section of it cos i didnt like it.

Two we went out to seal cove (cove where lots of seals hang out) and murphys haystacks..large rocks shaped by erosion. I only have tomorrow and monday here and then head home on tuesday.

Being away from life and everything has been good. Streaky Bay is just a lil country town and it really is good for self reflection. I am quite clear that 2016 i will be incredibly selfish about me and my weight loss journey. I am so ready to get back in to the gym. But its allowed me to focus on some other things too. I am setting a laptop in the bedroom...I think it makes me lazy. I want to do more "things" I want to read more (am currently reading khloe kardashians book) (any recommendations of books....especially motivating books let me know!), I really have enjoyed the colouring in, I would like to get back into cross stitch. I want to go to more live shows, and more movies. Focus heavily on cooking at home more (or putting more effort into trying new recipes), organic foods. Possibly look at doing park run on saturdays. I think by also doing these other things, it will help me relax, decompress, and be happier....i know with weight loss its not just diet and exercise its also the mindset. Also one thing that has been REALLY bad lately is my lack of sleep...back to focusing on 8 hours of sleep a night.

I also wanna focus on making my home more organised and ive really not spent money on my home in freshening it up again. And also freshening me up a bit....i dont wanna shy away from spending money on me whether for hair appointments, makeup, clothes or whatever.


Paulette said...

Hi Kazz what Pete Evans cookbook did you get? Easy recipes? Am looking for an inspirational low carb, protein based cookbook to help me get off my carb addiction

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulette - Its call Healthy Everyday - he eats paleo so would be low carb :)