Tuesday, December 27, 2016

27 December 2016

So I am back....I was posting in another blog address as I didnt have access to this blog (as I had closed the email attached to it down) but I have since reactivated it so I could et this blog up and running .... it didnt feel right writing in a different blog.

So how am I going? Pretty good. Over the last few months.....here is the upate. I did the goodlife 8 week challenge. In the first 6 weeks I did awesome and lost 7.1 kilos and then lost the plot. I think this was a combo of realising I wouldnt hit my goal of 10 kilos (ive always had a very bad habit of instead of risking failure...just dropping out of whatever it was) or if it was too low calories (I was doing 1600 calories), and at the same time as all this I also discovered I had anaemia and also hurt my back!

Since then initially I struggled to get back on track. Then about 10 days ago I decided if I wanted to get on track for good....i needed to control my cravings and cut out the diet coke. Today is day 10....Ive been drinking 4 litres of water most days and didnt have much of a headache or anything and have coped with it quite easily. Im at the point now where my cravings really have subsided....and I have noticed I am desiring foods like fruit, yoghurt, nuts, seeds etc....the thought of rich foods or processed foods just is not tempting to me at all.

So just over a week ago I had a chat with my trainer...I told her I needed more accountability and told her about the diet coke. So we decided that I would do weigh ins with her...so I did my initial one just over a week ago and will be weighing in again on friday. As well as my PT sessions she is also going to be sending me weekly workouts (just got this weeks one today)

In the new year I am looking at using a company called "equalution" my trainer is looking into it and if she is happy with it then a few of her clients (including me) will start with them. Basically they are online nutrition but they work with your trainer. They are expensive...but I have always been of the belief without health you have nothing. It is basically "flexible dieting" with a real focus on balance.

Not much else to say but I will be back by the new year for a post about my 2017 goals :)