Saturday, October 30, 2010

Its funny how things can be going great...your confidence can be growing then bang you take a step backwards.

Today was great this morning...during PT i did the leg press...but one legged ;) did it at 50 kilos with 20 pulses at the end (expecting sore legs tomorrow lol)...the whole session was great actually and with each session like that i feel my confidence grow a lil more with the "i can do this" falling more and more into place. I then did my final session for Week 1 of C25k...and breezed thru it and then did body balance...each week there is the odd thing in that class i find easier. :)

I went to katies after bought me a new long sleeved tshirt (only $9.95 and a real pretty pink colour) then came home and relaxed.

THEN i went looking at flights to streaky for xmas time...the dates i looked at there is hardly any seats available :( i cant book yet as i dont know the exact dates as my sis and family will be over here the weekend of the 19th for my mums hubbys retirement/65th birthday party and im not sure when they will be back in it will be a few weeks before i will have the money. Which makes me suspect i may have to take the bus...last time i took the bus is 2 years ago...coming home a woman came and sat next to me i had my ipod on and didnt realise initially what was going on....but she was saying she didnt want to sit next to me as there wasnt enuff space (this woman was relatively big too) she kept trying to sit in a different seat...the driver told her if u dont wanna share next time buy 2 was beyond humiliating...and yes two years ago i weighed about 30 kilos more then i do now...but i carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs...yes my top half has shrunks heaps and i have a relatively small waist now (in comparison to the rest of me). For months and months now i havent had to worry about fitting into chairs...or breaking chairs for that matter doesnt happen...but sitting on a 10 hour bus trip in this situation brings out every damn insecurity in me.Anyway thats my vent at the moment...4 years later and STILL the thought of having to share a bus seat stresses for some sleep nite all

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bloody hell...ive been exhausted all exhausted eyes feel so darn heavy but i cant is up with that????

work was really good today...wont go into the why's of it ... but it was! LOL

Has anyone read the virginia andrews books? i read them as a teen and got a hankering to reread them...went to borders the other day....and flowers in the attic was bloomin $21.99 anyway i have a great site for buying books online managed to order the first 3 books in the series for $27 GO ME!!!

Had a double PT session tonite....omg i was so tired during it...she is starting to make me jump! LOL....fiona was like we are gonna do burpees...i was like...i cant LOL...fiona was like i knew u would freak out...but you will do them against a i did them and thought i would die! LOL while im pretty fit these days...apart from the fact i know my iron is low at the moment what with TOM and blood loss from the surgery just 2 weeks ago...but ive not done much jumping in my training...i can see it starring in my sessions a lot Then she had me do mountain climbers...and fiona has adjusted my form more so when i do it (you are kinda in a pushup position on your toes) she wants me now leaning over my arms more so my arms are directly under my chest...yeh i really didnt like that and was all like "i cant do that" lmfao...well i did it and fiona was super impressed she was like omg you are not far off doing them on the floor .. i think my response was suppose to be YAY lol.

Its friday tomorrow and i cant bloomin wait. Tomorrow nite im planning a nice hour long walk after work...before a evening of relaxing with the big bang theory.

Right i just mite try to fall asleep again...till tomorrow!
Well the scales were up a lil today (700 grams) i think tho its cos i have had fruit toast the last few days...i find dried fruit is a killer for me...soon as i cut it out i lose consistently.

I decided on the name for the site.... "fabulousmoi" i am really happy with the name....and registered the domain last nite. :) Now i will slowly start to work on it

Tonite i have got double PT...fiona was just a lil too excited about the thought of a hour of boxing the other nite :( that cant be good for me! LOL

Have a good thursday all!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have decided to go back to using my scales as my official weigh in number. As my dietician says as i weigh on them first thing in the morning they are really the more realistic number...also i weigh in at the gym at varying its hard to get the consistency...and soemtimes i dont trust them! Last nite they gave me a 300 gram loss as i posted...but my scales showed me as 107.7 kilos with a 1.1 kilo i have decided ill use my tuesday morning weigh in for my official number and use the body fat figure and measurements at the gym. This morning they had dropped again! 107.3...watching my sugar levels (which for me really just meant cutting out my dried dates and honey) seems to have really made a big difference...apart from sticking to 1600 calories everything else has been the same but it does feel like its dropping of me as it should with all the exercise i do!

I mentioned some exciting news the other day...theres a few bits of news :)...firstly ive decided even when this contract ends im gonna do at least another year of 3 PT sessions a week. i have finally decided i AM going to study personal training. As i told fiona monday nite (she thought my decision is VERY cool!) i dont believe you can help others till you help yourself...i expect by june next year ill be within 10 kilos of goal and as i am having 4 months off with long service leave next year :) its the perfect time to do it! So still sussing out which institute to do it at but thats a DEFINITE!! The other exciting news is i have decided the website i ahve discussed before aimed at people with 50+ kilos to lose i am going to do....a friend has offered to help out with some graphics...first thing tho i need to do is come up with a name! I did think fitandfabulous...or fabulousity (that domain was taken tho) it needs to be something that promotes positivity and keeps people dignity with their weight loss...any suggestions let me know!!

Ok off to start my working day!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I weighed in today...was a lil weird...last week my scales said 108.8...and this morning they said 107.7 and when i got home they were only at 108 kilos...but the gyms scales showed a loss of only 300 grams and that i weigh 108.8 kilos. Regardless its still a loss and as i got TOM today....i seriously cant complain...but a loss of a kilo like i expected would have been nice. REgardless my total loss is now 62.1 body fat in the last month has also dropped by 1.5%. Eve said even if someone is doing all their exercise and spot on with food she would only really expect me to drop a maximum of 1% over a 1.5% is excellent. The other good thing was it was my 7th loss in a row.

Did body pump tonite...i am seriously exhausted tonite...i think after the blood loss from the surgery and then less then 2 weeks later to have my cycle i think its leaving me a lil drained. So with that said im off to watch NCIS and have a early nite....enjoy all

Monday, October 25, 2010

I have finally made a exciting decision. Cant really discuss it just yet but will over the next few days :)

When i went to the gym tonite...i went and got changed and my goodness i was stunned by how loose my gym pants are! I then did body combat...and i discoverred something....i can move from side to side with jumping and my knees handled it perfectly i was really impressed!! It was a bloody hard class tho lol and part way thru i got the bloody stitch!!! I then went to do my PT session with fiona...part way thru...sarah who is a trainer and the gym and fionas best friend was sitting near us and fiona goes "oh sarah wanted me to tell you you look amazing" i was like well tell her thanks altho shes only over there i could say thanks...and sarah then yells out...every time i see you you look skinnier....your a skinny bitch! lol Anyway in 1 and a quarter hours i burnt 830 calories....fab effort!!!

Tomorrow is weigh in...ill be back with my results tomorrow nite...have a good nite all!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things are changing. I know im obese still...i even know my thighs and hips are still very large...yet at the same time i am starting to get im not the same person from 4 years ago. Lately theres been a calmness over me...partly i think because the prospect of the surgery was on my mind for close to a year i feel a sense of relief that is over...also there was someone in my life who was full on drama...i seem to have got that person out of my life and that is simply adding to my calmness. I kinda like me these days. When i started to lose weight 4 years ago there was a couple of reasons for was to stop being sick all the time and two was to avoid being confined to my home at some point...another big one was to meet someone and have a relationship. For a long time i still wanted that relationship...but i was also aware that if i got involved with anyone it was quite likely i wouldnt stay on track. So for that reason i have been grateful for the fact i have been single. Tonite i was suppose to go out...i went shopping for something to wear this morning...i have got a throbbing headache...but i also wasnt keen once i realised people would have nibblies at it. Barbeques, parties etc anywhere were there is nibblies i cave in...its definitely my weak spot....and i have been doing so good lately...this will be the 7th week in a row with a loss if i lose this week...i am so focussed on getting to double digits...i seriously cant chance a week being stuffed up. Getting to double digits is a big deal for me...i have seen soooooooooooo many people on the WW forum hit that great phase of their journey so many times...and i am truly happy for every person who did it...but yanno its time now...i want that to be me...i so cannot wait till i see only 2 digits before the decimel point on the scale...and i fully believe if i stay 100% focussed between now and xmas i will do it....and i really cant think of a better xmas present. Several years ago a doctor told me "the most you can expect is to hit 100 kilos" so its important to get there by xmas...and to start the new year off fresh with the next goal of hitting 76 kilos by next xmas. The realisation too is by how quickly i got over the surgery, by how stunned fiona has been at how quickly i got back into manager even said yesterday you bounced back so quickly and look so good :)

The clothes i bought today are super cute (in my mind anyway lol) i bought a lil ruffled green top....and a really nice short sleeved black cardigan. I am going out for dinner in about 3 weeks time so i will prolly wear it then and of course i will take a pic then. I also got a lorna jane top from ebay...was size fits but fits tight...hopefully by the time im in double digits i can wear it.

Today i did a big gym session...PT session of boxing...week 1 day 1 of C25k then about another 20 minutes of slow walking on the treadmill and then a 60 minute body balance class...lots of new stuff in it today but i really enjoyed it. Tomorrow they are starting sunday classes at the gym so i am going 30 minutes of body jam and 30 minutes of chiball. Here is a description of chiball "The ChiBall Method is a mind-body exercise and wellness programme that has its foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Combined with the elements of colour and aromatherapy. ChiBall takes you on a journey of mindful movement which results in a return to harmony, balance and well-being." Sounds like a good class and something very sure i will let you all know tomorrow what i think of it.

Ok me and my calmness are off...ive got the 1st series of big bang theory to watch :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So went to the gym tonite...fiona was like...where u saw after monday? I was like nope (may have told a fib there! lol) i was like and i wanna do weights tonite...she was like well we will ease into it...i was like no i wanna go hard core lmfao! So we start doing stuff...and shes like i have had clients 3 weeks after this type of surgery they still arent doing their full exercise program and complaining of pain hehe. Then we go on the leg press...she has me doing 5 single leg presses on 45 kilos...then 5 small pulses (killers) then repeat 2 more times and swap legs. So i am doing it...then she tells me your the only person who does 1 legged pulses! lmfao!! Then sarah one of the other trainers walks past and fiona goes..."one legged leg presses with pulses on 45 kilos" sara was like i could do that then laughs LOL then as she walks away she was legs hurt just thinking about that! LOL..i told fiona in no uncertain terms having me do that exercise is VERY rude hehe

She talked to me a lil about my goals...and the big focus will be the 10 pushups on my toes. I said to her i dont expect ill meet that goal...she was like you will...they just mite not be army precision but we can continually work on the depth of them. I felt good at the gym...fiona doesnt heap praise on me as a rule...she knows i dont take compliments etc well...but it was really nice to realise how strong i really am. I also told her i wanna start doing weights twice a as from this week...monday and thursday weights...saturdays is boxing.

I also have been thinking i mite take some pics of my legs and stomach, partly to simply document where my excess skin is at this point...the other is cos i do get asked for a bit about my excess skin. i honestly believe in paying it forward...and know once at goal at the VERY least i will create a site with my story...sometimes i think i should create a group on FB specifically for my weight loss maybe one day! LOL

OKies im off to watch some tv...and yip yip yay its friday tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well yesterday I only lasted a few days at work before going home. My cycle is due in 9 days so i was cramping from that plus i had a sore tummy from the surgery...after a few years i gave up...came home and slept before going and weighing in last nite.

Still wrapped about my weigh in result...not only that i lost 8.5cms over the last two i was impressed! Even better the centimetres mostly came off my hips, upper and lower thighs and arms. Today i have rested...but tomorrow is a week since the surgery so its back to normal as of weights with ms fiona tomorrow nite...then ill do the C25k week 1 day 1. Its nice feeling better and having my routine back and being back to normal again. Will be very interesting to see what happens with my cycle this month.

Saturday nite im going to a golden dance!! weeeee!! i havent been to one for a few im looking forward to will put a colour in my hair saturday arvo and hopefully buy a nice cute top and maybe some jeans to wear :) This weekend i am also planning to make some cupcakes...they are a recipe by curtis stone...only 100 calories each...they made them on biggest loser and all devoured them!

Im downloading the latest biggest loser episode at the moment so that will be tonites plans! Pretty impressed with my eating lately too...i have settled nicely into 1600 calories...i have had dinner...2 snacks today...big dinner...and i still have 183 calories left! Woot!!

OKies off i go...enjoy ur wednesday all!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

YAY!!! FINALLY i am under 110 kilos OFFICIALLY!!! I weighed in 109.1 kilos...only 9.2 kilos to go to double digits...time for head down butt up and focus on xmas goal of getting to those double digits! AND im going to a golden dance this weekend weeeeeeee!!!!! Im one happy girl right now!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

YAY this morning i was 108.7 kilos on my scales (yeh i know i told my nutritionist i wouldnt weigh but we discussed it last week and i simply need to weigh daily lol) so at the very worst this week i should stay the same but with luck ill have a actual loss...but considering i have done NO exercise and the surgery etc im gonna go pretty easy on me. Altho even a 100 grams loss would be nice as that would mean 5 losses in a fingers crossed.

Back to work this morning....then tonite to the gym....i will walk on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes and do some light cardio with fiona and thats all. Tomorrow nite i will try the cycle class but ill tell the instructor i had surgery and so if i get to sore or anything ill just sit and cycle...i think tho i should be fine as that will be day 5 since the operation and they only said no heavy exercise for a week lol

Not much else to reporrt...will be back tomorrow nite at the latest with this weeks weigh in result...enjoy ur monday all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am definitely feeling a bit better today. My stomach still feels heavy...but going by mums scales i appear to have lost about 800 grams of fluid over night and my stomach is much softer much more like it normally is! LOL so thats a good sign...did get up about 3 times overnight so obviously that means things are getting better...that said i do feel quite good...not 100% of course...but close...and to be honest cant wait for friday when my week of "no lifting and no heavy exercise" is over and i can get stuck into my normal routine.

Back to work tomorrow and gym after work...ill just do some slow walking on the treadmill...ive spoken to fiona we wil just look at the goal sheet and then do some light cardio.

Ive been staying at mums this whole time...yesterday went out for a drive with them and we stopped in a few garage sales...that was good got me out...without having to walk a heap. I got a few goodies as well...a ricecooker, a knife block set, some small ramikens, a chinese dinner set, some books, a couple of some nice lil things. And bigger bonus mum is going to give me her old sewing machine! Just gotta wait for mum to buy a new desk then im getting her current desk (which is my old desk) plus the machine so YAY thats super exciting :)

Not much else to say...enjoy your sunday everyone :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well its over! I feel such a relief! I am now home (well im staying at mums for a few days so i can truly rest) When i went to the hospital yesterday there was another woman there about the same weight i started at....i looked at her and thought "thank gawd" i got my act together. The surgery went well...i have recovered really well...had some stomach pain yesterday (i cant take anything with ibuprofen in it due to being allergic to it) but i coped with just a heat pack. They also say you can bleed and have pain up to a week...but ive not had either since about 2am. But today im up...showered...watching tv and obviously on the computer ;)

The night before the surgery i googled about it and read some horrifying stories of women putting on weight(looking 5 and 8 months pregnant 2 months after surgery!)...bleeding and pain still 6 weeks especially the bloating part i was quite petrified...i jumped on mums scales this morning...her scales say 109 kilos so i doubt i am retaining any fluid thankfully. I do really think being so fit was incredibly helpful...i think the nurses were stunned with how well i coped! LOL

With that i am off to watch the view...have a good day all!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holy moly my scales said 108.9 kilos this morning! Wackado! Of course they arent my official number but they were a big drop from the day before so pretty damn happy all the same. The 1600 calories watching saturated fat and sugar levels seems to be working so far,,,but we will see if i am saying the same thing in a few weeks.

I have decided to change foot has been a lil sore the last week or so, so hopefully in the next week or two i can get in and see the physio they now have at the gym. Not sure why suddenly its got sore again but i dont wanna leave it again so it gets worse.

Worked on the "xmas goal sheet" last nite...i really suck at coming up with fitness goals! lol no wonder i go along aimlessly with the fitness thing. I put down to run 5km by planning to hopefully start C25k next week...the only other thing i could think to put down was to do 10 pushups on my toes (trust me that is so not gonna happen LOL not by xmas anyways)...anyway maybe fiona will come up with some fitness goals...she knows the push up one has been one ive been wanting...but lets face it ive been wanting it for well over a year LOL theres also "lifestyle goals" on it...have no freaking idea what ill put for them..unless its to become a expert nap taker ! lol

Tomorrow is the unless i cant sleep tomorrow morning no post tomorrow ill be back friday or saturday probably...enjoy all till then!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a good day!!! Got a sleep to speak to jody on skype for a bit. Then headed into the gym. Did fionas boxing class first...thing when you do your trainers class is you get a bit of attention!! lol but is also good cos she knows my injuries etc so when we were doing something she knew was a issue she just came and gave me something else to do lol Then i went and did body balance...after the class i was on the treadmill and bec the body balance instructor came up to me and told me i seem to really be getting the hang of body balance and she can see some definite differences :) Then i went and weighed in and LOST 1.3 kilos!!! I am now starting to think my scales arent real reliable lol My body fat did go up but she thinks thats due to hydration levels due to the hot weather we had yesterday and the face i had done 2 hours of exercise before weighing in LOL So i am using the gyms scales now since they are more reliable so by there scales im now officially 110.1 kilos so 60.8 kilos lost.

Not much else to say...enjoy ur tuesday all!!
I was asked about RPM classes the other day then forgot to reply...oops!!! I did my first RPM class about 18 months ago and SUCKED!!! I didnt have enough fitness or strength...and struggled with the parts of the class where you stand and cycle. After about 6 months of fiona and sarah (one of the RPM instructors) nagging me to do RPM lol i went and tried it again a few months ago...on average i burn 400 calories in it unless i go hard like i did last week...thats the good thing about the class you can make it as hard as you like with the resistance. Probably 70% of the class is cycling while sitting and 30% is cycling while standing. The studio cycle classes are a lil different...they arent les mills classes so they are free style and will depend on the class instructor for that class is Jeanette and she is AWESOME...the class is a lot harder prolly only 30% if that sitting...but theres more variety...riding one speed racing position standing and sitting...the freestyle class is my favourite class to be honest. I would recommend trying it...if u dont like it just sit in the corner and cycle (the lights are dimmed so u arent aware really of others around you)

Well the last two days i changed things slightly...i keept to 1600 calories and kept my sugars under 90 grams...and TA-DA by my scales was 109.8 kilos this im expecting (hoping) for a loss of around 500 grams on eves scales today...that weighing at lunch time after doing 2 classes so not sure how this will affect them..but regardless i know im on the right path.

Two days till surgery...i have been having some bad jaw pain for the last 4 or 5 days...i forgot i use to get this when younger from grinding my teeth when i figure im stressing about the surgery...3 days and it will be all over and done with.

OKies thats enuff...will be back tonite with my weigh in results!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I jumped on the scales last nite and had gone up by 500 grams. So i have decided to decrease my calories. I have played around with them so many months and really am not making much headway. Ive had everything from 1650-2000 calories with no massive movement (only a kilo or two) so i have decided to drop down to 1600 calories...if that doesnt get things moving enuff i will try 1500 calories. These scales NEED to get moving!!! Of course this week with the surgery i wont be obsessing too much about them...but until wednesday will stick to 1600 calories. Im also looking forward to writing this goal plan with fiona which will take me to xmas and hopefully xmas morning i can wake and think weee look what i did!!! Even tho the scales are being stubborn at the moment i really cant be too unhappy when i look at the latest photo...i definitely feel like i can see a slim healthy person emerging.

Working today and tomorrow....then 6 days off. Two days that are actual days off then the surgery and 3 more days of R & R to recover.

Anyway not much else going on...have a fab sunday !

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fiona asked me the other day now that i am not weighing everyday do i feel like a junkie itchy to weigh? LOL must admit i bloody do!!! Im terrified of getting on those scales on tuesday arvo and having a gain. Apart from when i had that lil over dose on cheese (lol) i have been very good.

Had my pre op appointment yesterday...all went very good...they were very impressed that i was down 20 kilos since they weighed me in december! My blood pressure was good to...107/61...turns out tho its not day surgery i will be staying in hospital overnight (mostly due to my low iron...they did blood tests yesterday to ensure they know my blood count etc in case i need a blood top up if i bleeed too much) but now i know whats going on they have explained everything im pretty cool. I ring up wednesday arvo to find out my admission times...hopefully its a bright and early start cos that will give me more recovery point wasting half a day waiting around for the surgery.

Not a lot else going on...working today and hurry up 5pm lol i need some downtime!!!! lol

Friday, October 08, 2010

Pic Update

Yep time for another pic update...

Before April 2006:

Today October 8

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Well i was asked about my PCOS and how my weight loss has helped that and as i was at the docs today to get a letter of "general health" seemed a good time to write about it.

Prior to losing weight (at 170.9 kilos) i would only have a cycle about every 7 months...the last year or so when my weight was the was basically a case of blink and you missed it. As i have lost the weight i have now come to a 29 day cycle (that never happened before not even as a teen) Most of the symptons like hair loss and acne have subsided for me. But the facial hair has made no improvement...but i control it so no major drama. When i went to the docs today he pulled up the blood test i had done in august...told me cholesterol and glucose levels are perfect...vitamin and mineral levels all normal...thyroid is fine...and the fact i have PCOS, depression and migraines and take no daily medication he was super impressed about. As a side note i have not had any migraines since July 09.

At the gym today sarah one of the trainers (who teaches RPM among other things) says to me..."how many calories do you burn in RPM" like only 400...she was like yeh me too...and i was like i was surprised cos i go pretty hard i thought it would be higher....she was like...yeh ive watched you i know you go hard. Anyway had RPM tonite...thought okay lets ramped this up a i went HARD lol at the end sarah is like how did u go? i was watching and u were going harder...i was like 550 calories!!! Woot Woot!!!

I also did a hour of boxing with fiona today...she discussed with me about writing a "goal plan" for between now and xmas...timing couldnt be better...i told her i liked the idea and that id like to set some fitness goals and also some non "number on the scales" goals. Part of it will also be scheduling in all my activity...merely cos it will give me accountability....part of me suspects fiona mite make me cut back a bit when she see's how much i do. I know one of the goals will be about pushups ... i think she is also going to set some fitness tests which we will do week 1 and then the week before all is good!

Effie i will definitely post when i start the 30 day shred! That would add some accountability - so thanks!

Fiona and i also discussed how my weight loss has slowed down and why...she thinks it NEEDS to be a bit of a roller coaster...the whole time she was saying that i was like but i want a straight downhill line lol she was like i know if ur head you do but it will be up and down. She also long as i know im doing the right thing...following my plan then its all good but she definitely agrees i need to focus on things that arent the scales.

Okies off to the pre op appointment in the morning then busy busy day!! Enjoy all!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I overdosed on a lil swiss cheese today! Oops!!! Ive decided to ensure I get variety on my days off to do the menu plan as per the biggest loser club...will teach me a few new recipes and i have the time on days off to do the preperation.

I got Jillians "30 day shred" dvd today...its a 30 day do level 1 for 10 days...level 2 for 10 days and level 3 for 10 days. Its just 20 minutes per day and supposedly it makes you lose lots of centimetres. So think i mite just get up half an hour early per day...ill start tomorrow and then do it for the next week...once the surgery is over i will start again with 10 days at level one. It looks intense especially level 3...but quite doable with my fitness and strength level.

Not too much else going on...didnt jump on the scales today....dont really like this flying blind without the scales...but we will see how we go at next weigh in.

I noticed the skin on my stomach is starting to get quite wrinkly today just accept i am gonna turn into the saggy baggy elephant lol...

Okies time for sleep...enjoy all !

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well after all my worrying and whatever i friggin lost when i weighed in tonite! LOL Lost 700 grams and my body fat dropped by 0.8% (now down to 43.8%) I took my food diary for the last week into eve and she was like...theres nothing your doing wrong...she only suggested maybe try having turkey occassionally but apart from that she thinks my eating is perfect. She did ask me whether i have been tested recently for my thyroid and vitamins and minerals etc...and i think i mite talk to the doc on thursday about that. I have to go to get a letter of "general health" from my doc for my pre op appointment...and i think i will chat to them about my weight loss...also (as i think i mentioned) i have had very dry lips lately and woke up saturday nite dying of get my hydration back to normal i drank nearly 6 litres of water on sunday!!! 3 litres yesterday...which for me is a huge amount ... so as with anyone who has PCOS the likelihood of diabetes is raised i mite also get my sugar levels checked as well. I dont expect anything to be wrong but just would prefer to cover my bases.

In my discussion with eve too i have decided to put the scales away for the moment. I will just weigh at the gym. In relation to the goals...its quite likely i wont hit double digits by xmas ... so with that in mind...ive decided i wont just give up on it happening i will still work towards it...but ill also set a few other is to run 5km by xmas day...the other is to get under 35% body fat by xmas. I am currently 43.8% and i seem to lose constantly with the body fat so i think its a goal i can reach. Even better would be to get under 30% by xmas day but i think thats dreaming a bit! LOL

Did the cycle class tonite...unfortunately the normal trainer wasnt there :( The normal trainer is awesome and i really like her class...lots of variety (plus i am a creature of habit!) The girl we had tonite was fine altho not much variety...but she was no jeanette!! LOL

In relation to C25k i will start it properly 10 days after the point starting it this week when the surgery is next once im 100% over the surgery will do it then (only expect to really be laid up for 4 or 5 days and then ill be back at the gym!)

Not much else to post...good day all round...enjoy your wednesday all!

Monday, October 04, 2010

In a sense i am struggling at the moment. Its not the food and its not the exercise. I am super good with my food...mostly eat whole foods and i ensure i have a variety...i also get my exercise in...but the scales for the last few months havent moved much. If i change something (like watching my sat fat levels) they drop a bit then i plateau out again which makes me think its fluid more then anything that i am losing. I have been doing a solid 2000 calories every day...and have been sticking to it...maybe i should try cycling my calories again ... who knows??? I got down to 109.5 now ive jumped back over 110 kilos. I know I have PCOS which will always make losing weight a lil bit more of a struggle...and i do wonder whether...the fact i have lost 60 kilos my body is saying "hello give us a break please" then there is also a part of me that thinks maybe i should maintain this weight for a bit and focus on toning etc...i think the worst part of this has been that i set a goal to get under 100 kilos by xmas and i just cant see it happening at this point. And to be honest i am tired of having to every week think...ok i didnt lose this week...what can i change???? It just doesnt seem to make sense to me. But there is a big part of me thinking...the gym measures my body fat....and does my measurements...why not focus on those for a while and make the focus more about health and fitness more so then number on the scales. Maybe i should set a different goal for xmas (like maybe to run 5kms???) Anyway thats my ramble and where my brain is today...hopefully i will be back tomorrow with better news! (weigh in day!)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Well i have decided i am going to do some resistance work every day. So i created a lil resistance program...must have got it right cos i posted it on FB and fiona said to add some hoverd and she will be happy this is what i decided for this month ill do every day i dont do weights at the gym:

100 step ups on a stepper...100 each leg and raising my knee when doing it
40 crunches with a boxing jab with each arm when i crunch
20 lunges on each leg
15 pushups on my knees
1 minute of holding a small weight (1 kilo) and punching it up in the air as fast as i can
1 minute of holding a small weight (1 kilo) and punching it in front of me as fast as i can
30 second hover

I must say the skin getting so bad so quickly did scare the shit out of the point i started to even wonder if i should just stay at this weight for the moment and just work on toning up....but we will see how it goes with the weight training...i really dont want my skin to get so bad i end up with infections and such.

It only takes 15 minutes to do but i was sweating like a pig...all the lil bits help people! I did think about getting exercise dvds that were resistance...but i have a exercise brain...fiona has fine tuned it quite nicely and i have a ipod so i dont need that.

Today at work since it was grand final day they decided to have a "kiddies party" freaking snack food everywhere...fairy bread, cup cakes, dip, nuts, pretzels get the drift. Very glad to say i partook in none of it! woot!! Stuck to my chicken and barley and then my fruit and nuts :)

Tonite im having a yiros for dinner...yum yum and 1 low fat muffin after dinner. Have drunk my water...all is good !!!

Friday, October 01, 2010

excess skin!!! oh my gawd its like bloody overnite the skin on my legs has got worse! ack!! Whilst at the gym today the lace on my knickers rubbed against my the point it actually broke the skin in a few spots :( anyway it was frustrating me so i went to the loo,,,i looked down at my thighs and thought holy crap the "wrinkling" has got decidedly worse :( It wasnt till tonite that i realised it broke my skin. I just sent fiona a message and asked her about whether she thinks i should do more weights. She thinks its a good my 3 sessions per week will now change to one of boxing, one of resistance and one of weights/stability...basically we wont be doing a specific core session but fiona said everything involves core anyway so will be fine. So that is the new plan of attack.

Did a double PT session hour of boxing...prior to the session i did some running WELL ms fiona talked to me today and said from now on only a 10 minute warm up before boxing sessions LOL...she wants me to push myself during her boxing session...then i can do any extra stuff after my session.

I am also gonna pick up the book "making the cut" this week...its one of jillians books and its basically a book on losing the last 10 i still have 35 kilos to lose...but...i figure at this point i could follow this ill buy it and read it while im recovering after the surgery.

I got a letter today...well two from the hospital...i have to go get a freaking letter of health from my GP to take to the hospital for the preop appointment...guess i know what im doing next day off!!! My land agent also sent me a letter saying i have a inspection on the day im going into hospital! It never rains it pours lol but its good in a way it means when i come home from the hospital the house will be completely spotless! Which means it will be easier to rest as i wont be thinking...oh this needs doing or that needs doing.

Anyway i am off to sleep...i am working tomorrow and sunday...and its nearly 10pm already!!! Enjoy your weekend all!!!