Monday, April 30, 2007

Well where was i at 6.50am this morning? yep u guessed it ! The gym ! i did my first orientation session and it was great, the girl who i did it with is a physiotherapist so she gave me exercises and info to help with my heel too. She showed me to use th treadmill, bikes and rowing machine. Ive never used the rowing machine...i was rather impressed with that. She actually ended up putting it on level 9! and i was maintaining 70 watts...level 9 is the second highest it goes too. She was quite impressed with my fitness level so all this exercising has been helping me. And she showed me how to do interval training on the bike,,,,and in the end she wrote up a 30 minute cardio plan for me. Which is:

Warm up on bike - 5 minutes
Interval training on bike - 5 minutes
Rowing machine - 5 minutes
Interval training on bike - 10 minutes
Cool down on bike - 5 minutes

So that gives me 30 minutes and its not on one machine doing the same thing for long (i tend to get bored easily lol) at my next orientation session she said i will learn to use the cross trainer and stepper and can add them in to give me a 40 minute cardio session each time. So i feel really next session is on thursday...then i can start just going in and using the machines once i done both orientation sessions and i am REALLY going to aim for 5 sessions per week cos the said thats what i really need to do for weight loss...mite even go do a session before seeing my sister friday morning...okies gonna scoot byesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well i did change my first orientation session to 7am...lawdie can u believe it? i was talking to mum last nite after work and saying how i wanna start going to the gym at that time regularly. We got shown our new roster flow which starts in 3 weeks and it has a lot more earlier shifts. Only 3 weeks out of 8 will i be working evenings so it shouldnt be too hard to getinto the habit of in bed by 10.30pm-ish (i do this often anyway) that would make me nearly normal ! LOL i remember this time last year and the majority of the last 4 years i had worked a shift 3.45pm-11.45pm tuesday - saturday...which meant i ahd no fridays or saturday nites off...and never woke before 11.30am ish. Even thos i worked till 8pm last nite i was still up at 9am. Admittedly i stayed up till about 12.30am but tonite ill go to sleep within a couple of hours of getting home and BOOM up early and off to the gym. I am actually looking forward to it. Until youve done your two orientation sessions u cant work out. So have to do this one then on thursday i have the second session PLUS my PT sessions. So this weeks gym plan is :

Monday : orientation
Thursay : orientation + PT session
Saturday : slimplicity session + cardio workout

And next week i ahve tuesday and wednesday off so im planning to do some classes then ! Tuesday ill do body balance and wednesday this week is a build up 3 times per week...the following week tho will be minimum 4 times.

Okies well since im such a wicked thing i gotta work today *ugh* so off i go to earn me some money ! lol have a good sunday all !

*~* Chapter Two starts tomorrow *~*

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Well i am still completely psyched about fernwood...i feel like this is the next phase in this journey - chapter 2 !!! and i am going to work off my lil butt to get to 110 kilos by my 40th birthday. Any great ideas for what i can do on my birthday? The only real idea ive come up with is a trip to new zealand. I really loved what i saw of south island when i saw it on biggest loser...and its not expensive to fly there...$441 return...and if i went for say 5 nights i could prolly get the trip for around $1200 that or i need to go somewhere really exciting in australia...if anyone has ideas of something special or unique i could do (that i dont need to be a millionair to afford) pls leave me a message...i think its really important i set a goal and work my lil (okies not so lil) butt off towards it.

The gym opens at 6.30am. I booked mondays session for 12.30pm i think so i may be cutting it too dont die of shock i think i will ring them in the morning and change the time to 7am LOL who woulda thunk it eh? But i am really determined to get stuck into this cardio work.

My neck is a lot better...still a few twinges....but nothing like it was.

Its been POURING with rain...bucketing down...everyone at work has kinda been in awe watching it lol like its gold or something LOL which considering australias water crisis i guess it is gold right at the moment

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and exciting news ! my sis and her kids are down on friday (think i mentioned this last post) so excited cant wait to see the bois and the lil princess. And then omg its like only 9 weeks or so till i am going to streak bay. I am having 18 days off in july and a week of that will be at streaky bay...which i am really looking forward too. Okies off to do a lil more work before heading home byessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Friday, April 27, 2007

I did it ! OMG so excited !!!

Who watched biggest loser finale? It was sooooooooooooooo motivating !!! I think some of the eliminated contestents looked awesome...Sam looked great...and Jules looked so pretty...she has such a pretty face now its slimmed down..and omg how slim is mel? she looked awesome so did munalitta. And *swoons* jillian was she is SO spunky lol michelle looked pretty too i thought...very feminine. I recorded the finale and was so motivated by it all i downloaded a application for next year lol but i wont go in it.Anyway so yesterday i made a appointment at fernwood...and was very pleasantly suprised ! The grrl who ran slimplicity is gone (yay) and its now under new management. They do things differently now,,,i got given a membership book with some recipes and a exercise diary and other stuff in it. They also now do TWO orientation sessions. Anyway i told them the problems i had with slimplicity in the past and so they gave me 2 free sessions to give it another try. I may use it instead of ww meetings...mostly cos my life is so unpredictable and i could attend slimplicity easier...but thats a decision i will make down the track. Initially i joined for a PT and the classes and equipment. I know they are more expensive...but I am hoping if i really committ and get stuck into this it will really get my weight loss moving. They told me i only need to do weights with my PT which is more along the lines i thought especially with curves. so this week coming i have both orientation sessions...a PT session and a slimplicity session. My sister and her family are down on friday. Havent seen them with xmas so friday i will be spending the day with them which should be awesome. I am so very very psyched. They also said i should be able to do RPM classes and i will initially use the bike and cross trainer

I had a yummi lunch today...marinated chicken, roasted capscum, cheese, pesto sauce and spinich on focacia about to go point it...uh oh LOL

Thursday, April 26, 2007

now no laughing but while washing my hair last nite i hurt my neck LOL my doctor ( a different doctor to last time) told me i tore fibres in my neck wonder its been sore as crap. When at the docs i AGAIN asked about my heel...hes told me to stop doing weight bearing exercise. Hes told me no long walks, no treadmill and no curves. He wants me to still exercise and suggested i use a i guess the decision about fernwood has been made. I have made a appointment for tomorrow...when i rang them i said i was a member a few months ago...and when i said my name they said "oh your PT was celeste wasnt it"? LOL damn i cant go anywhere and lemme tell you its like 4 years since i been there !!!! But i started tracking again today (dont die of shock tania i REALLY did lol). it would be really nice if when i get on ww's scales on tuesday if i weigh under is DEFINITELY time to step this weight loss up...ive also gone back onto my metaformin...i was taking it last year when i was losing well...its a medication for insulin i got the script filled and am back on that too. Anyway my chicken n rice is cooked so off i go to eat !

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well...decisions, decisions. I spoke to my friend Jody on the phone this morning, for those who dont know shes a yank i met online 6-7 years ago and weve always remained really close friends. Anyway i rang her today and she made a comment "you always do better with your weight loss when at weight watchers" and it got me thinking...and shes right altho...its really that i do better at weight watchers when going to the meeting i went to last year. This whole year while i have lost (about 10 kilos) its not as much as it could have been...i mean thats around 10 kilos in 15-16 im not knocking the weight loss or anything and really glad im 4-5 kilos lighter then when i last was at ww but i think its time to go back to ww and go to my old meeting as often as possible, its not possible every week cos of my roster...but i really liked that leader and weigher and they were always very positive and supportive to me and that one on one from ww i think ive missed. So tuesday i am going back ive decided.

Now im also deciding about the gym (yes again) ive been trying to toss up the pros and cons of curves...the point is i am bored...and other things about it are starting to bug me (ie no shower, not open sundays and that they are closed noon to 2pm each day) there are some weeks where i can only make the gym a couple of times per week and i really wonder if curves is best for me. Ive been looking at fernwood...i really feel like i should do more cardio and less weights...i think doing weights once a week is prolly enuff for decisions decisions

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well i made more scrolls last nite. I didnt make it to the gym...i didnt get out of work till 5.45pm and as the gym closes at 7pm that was cutting it too fine. So went home and watched big brother. OMG im enjoying it so far this year. I also went into pink sofa again...swapped a few more messages with one girl who ive been talking to since mid last week...we seem to get along good and have stuff in common so i can see us arranging to meet each other in time. Which would be good and pressure free as she is looking for friends only which suits me. I then went into hal and played in a gammon tourney and won - wo0ot yay me ! Not much else is happening...but boy i was tired this morning really need a early nite tonite - ok take care all !

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Okies first off -- tania you made me all teary !Man i read the comments last nite and the last two today and as well as with all the posts on the ww forum ive been touched by how supportive everyones been. I must say tho your comments really touched me tania...the fact u see a difference...i must say i dont see a huge difference in my demeanour altho i am less moody...but to see someone whose been a friend with me thru past weight loss attempts that meant a real lot to me - so thank you to you and also to every single person who has ever posted on my journal or in response to a post at ww or the 3fatchicks forum =]

Well i wrote a letter...i emailed it to the AMA, a marketing company who does bookings for kerryn phelps and also to catherine lambert from the sunday herald who just today did a article on how biggest loser is damaging...and how people who are doing well with weight loss compare themselves to biggest loser and feel they arent cheating.

I snuck a peak at my scales this morning and this morning they were showing me UNDER 145.9 kilos ... i wont say what number but i think its a certainity i will be telling you a good loss this week and woooo hoooooo thats over 25 kilos ( now lets hope i dont retain fluid or nothing and it keeps going down by this friday lol)

Tonite i am off for dinner at the pub. Spent a bit of time in the pink sofa chat room today..2 different grrls ive been swapping messages with and they are both from Adelaide. Id like to meet as many as possible and hopefully end up with a couple of good friends. Okies off i go for dinner...below is the letter i wrote

o whom it may concern,

I am writing regarding a disturbing situation at a doctors office recently. Firstly I'd like to explain some background information. Last August I joined weight watchers...I weighed in at 170.9 kilos. A few weeks later I had stomach pains and visited Doctor xxxxx who questioned me on my weight. I explained I had recently joined weight watchers, he had 2 sets of scales both which didn't go over 150 kilos. Since last August thru sensible eating and exercise I have lost 24.5 kilos taking me down to 146.4 kilos. On friday I made another appointment with this doctor (my normal doctor was booked out). My appointment was to discuss heel pain and to obtain a doctors certificate as I was off work that day having been off colour for the past 5 days. Well of course my weight was bought up. I told him straight away I have lost 24.5 kilos. He asked me to step on firstly a set of digital scales, I did and they registered 149.7 kilos, he then stated I don't know if thats correct or because they are at their limit. I told him they are incorrect. My scales at home weigh me at 146.4 kilos & the ones at the gym as 142 kilos. He then asked me to step on some old style scales – these weighed me at 147 kilos. He then asked if I was watching biggest loser and commented on how well they all lost weight. Then he asked me how much I was losing. I told him 800 grams per week to 1.6 kilos up until I joined the gym, to which the doctor replied “thats insignificant”. He said thats just a wee or a bowel movement...I then stressed thats 800 grams EVERY week to which he gave me a condescending smile and said “you are obviously doing this very very slowly”

I bring this whole situation up for several reasons. I have no desire to get anyone into trouble, but I am proud of the hard work I have put in to lose the weight I have so far, overweight people are constantly dealing with discrimination – this doctor did not listen to me, he simply judged me and left me close to tears and feeling like I had to justify myself. Overweight people should be able to rely on support from the medical profession.

Another reason I have a issue with this is the ridiculous information he gave me. 800 grams per week is not insignificant. It is in line with the normal weight loss suggestions. I have been told thru weight watchers that 500 grams to a kilo per week is the correct weight to lose each week, if you lose it fast you wont keep it off, may end up with gall bladder issues and loose skin. Now I am very educated on weight loss having submerged myself in this new lifestyle for the past 9 months. But if someone went to him seeking support and advice from him he would have provided the patient with unrealistic expectations. Overweight people should be supported.

My other reason for bringing this up is I constantly see in the media discussions on childhood obesity, adult obesity, the costs to the community for illnesses that are enhanced due to obesity. How can the medical industry expect people to do something about their weight if advice from the doctors that medicare pays is not correct? Are doctors given the correct and necessary tools to help educate and assist people wanting to lose weight and ultimately save the community money? Maybe forums need to be held with doctors to establish their knowledge and to find out what sort of advice they give out to patients. Its easy to say you need to lose weight, but the medical profession needs to educate people on how to eat properly, how to deal with plateaus, what type of medical tests should be taken prior to losing weight (ie stress tests, blood sugar tests – should people be getting these before losing weight?) There should be a website that is monitored and created by the medical industry with resources, and information, specialists in different states that can specialise in different scenarios (ie thyroid issues, PCOS, diabetes specifically in relation to weight loss – maybe such a website exists but Ive never been advised of it by my doctor?)

I hope you can take my feedback seriously, if one doctor is doing it then more then likely others are too. You will never educate the entire Australian community until you educate the entire Australian medical profession.

Yours sincerely

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Okies...this may be a long post lol depending how munch i dribble on theres ya warning...firstly im gonna put a post i posted on the ww forum last nite...a lot may have read it already but some i know wont here goes....

okies this is a bit of a vent...okies a major vent...been off colour for a few days so called in sick to work today, had trouble getting in for a doc appointment so had to settle for a doc i dont like much (one who suggested i use optifast many years ago), anyway i go in there to talk about my heel pain and the fact im off colour...but of has become the norm 90% of the time was spent discussing my weight. So he looks at his records and goes last time u were here u were 150 kilos (both his scales only go up to 150 kilos) and i actually last time i was here i was around 170 he says get on the first scale...they show 149.7 and he goes i dunt know if thats correct or if thats cos the maximum they go to is 150 which i say they are wrong...i am 146.4 kilos on my scales at home and 142 kilos on my scales at the gym. So he gets me to go onto one of the old style scales that shows me as 147 kilos. He then says how much are u losing per week? I say..up till i joined the gym i was averaging .8 to 1.6 kilos per week to which he says "thats insignificant" my jaw hit the floor and i thought i was going to burst into tears. So i said...thats 800 grams EVERY week...he then bought up biggest loser and how much they are which i replied i have been told by ww that 800 grams is a healthy weight which the almighty doctor says "oh you are obviously doing it very slow" i am so mad! No wonder the obesity levels are so high in this country when someone who is doing something about their weight is made to feel a inch tall and left feeling like i had to justify myself ... i felt no different to the days when i lived on kfc and was sick every week. How on earth does this country plan to batttle obesity when SOME of this countries doctors cannot give educated and realistic answers and support??? I walked out to pay the receptionist and was so trying not to cry...the other frustrating thing is ... maybe there is a grain of truth i have only lost 24.5 kilos in 9 months...i really thought within this first year i would lose in excess of 40 kilos but i cant see that happening. It is so annoying and hes just bought questions that were at the back of my mind to the forefront...i wish there was somewhere that gave u guidelines for what you should expect at different ages & weights...i know the .5 to 1 kilo is what we are told is a healthy weight loss...but at 146 kilos should i be losing more each week? I have half a mind to write to the AMA about it lol...anyway im sorry for venting...just knew if there was one place people would get where i was coming from...was here as you prolly gathered i was mad. Well partly i was humiliated...but another part of me is damn angry. How many times i go to and there is a story about obesity...and the doctors...the doctors medicare pay give such crap support and advice. I will not lie...last nite i considered getting kfc (yes i am the princess of emotional eating LOL) but i didnt...i ended up having some lite fish and oven fries...and calming down watching this weeks gilmore grrls. But i am mad and annoyed at the advice given,,,today or tomorrow im going to draft up a letter and email it to the SA branch of the AMA.

Anyway when i woke this morning i had a peek at the scales...and soemone said in the comments i must be able to taste the 25 kilos...WELL this morning i was a measley 100 grams of it !!! i am so determined to have a awesome loss this that doctor can really blow it out his earhole ! lol My wireless connection with big pond is being a ass so i need to update it...also anyone who i havent new email address is

Okies time to get off the puter ! bye all !

PS i think im gonna email kerry phelps too ! a sister ! LOL

I also forgot to say ive been messaging with a couple of girls at the pink sofa...

Friday, April 20, 2007

well blah im sick. Just a lil off colour. Of to the docs in a couple of hours and im gonna get them to look at my heel again, anyway as im sick im obviously not going tonite. But I did sign up for full membership at pink sofa and i will make attempts to chat to some local people :)

I weighed in lost 500 im back at a total loss of 24.5 kilos. And tomorrow morning i am off to the gym. Not a lot else to say,,,, enjoy your weekend all

Thursday, April 19, 2007

mmmmmmmm i love mexican !!!!! LOL me n tania went out for dinner last nite and we ended up going to Montezumas a mexican restuarant yummii prolly not what i really should have eaten but it was a good nite so im all happy (gotta love that cheese dip eh tania? lol) i weighed this morning and the scales still looking pretty good. And i am off to curves this afternoon so not too concerned. And after curves i then have to dash off to do the grocery shopping so busy busy nite tonite...BUT the good news is....... tomorrow friday ! OMG i so cannot wait to sleep in till 8am ish on saturday morning. I am seriously contemplating on going out with grrls from the pink sofa friday nite...talked about it last nite with tania and she gave me lots of good reasons why i should do it this big decisions...hopefully i wont chicken out (but heh prolly will knowing me !)

Okies im offfffffffffffffff

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

its a gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood day ! OKies i normally weigh myself around 9am but this morning i weighed myself at 5.45am and wo0ot i was 146.6 kilos...and tonite....lemme say i was under that ! i wont say how much but i am confident of a solid loss this week. Work was great i really love doing the acting team leader role hopefully i get more opportunities.

Anyway then i went to curves...and by their the last 6 weeks ive lost 5.1 kilos and 2.6% body fat. And heres what i lost in centimetres in the last 6 weeks :

Bust : 3cms
Waist : 4cm
Abdomen : 6 cms
Thighs : 1cm
Arms : 2cm

So since January 29 Ive lost a total of 28 centimetres (11.11 inches) so i am very very happy. My legs and feet are aching so im going to go eat my dinner and put my feet up while watching biggest loser...enjoy all !

Monday, April 16, 2007

Isnt it funny when u come to conclusions and get thinking when you dont even realise your doing it? I was watching biggest loser and aparet from the fact i was in awe of their losses...i was watching their training and thinking about how variable it is...doing lots of different things. I got to thinking why arent i getting big losses at the moment? And why am i leaving my curves membership hanging? There is a big part of me that thinks i need the variety that classes would offer but i also think that at the moment I couldnt cope with them. But i want to decide one way or the other what to do about my curves membership. So the decision is...back to curves tomorrow. I will make sure they weigh and measure me and i want to give it 6 solid weeks so to take me thru to the end of May. I WILL go 3 days a week EVERY week...then at the end i will look at my results...i want to have lost 6 kilos in this i want to be at 140.9 kilos by May 28...if i can sit here and say i did go 3 times every week and did stick to my food plan as is...then its gonna be time to increase the exercise and possibly look at fernwood with a personal trainer. Okies thats my decision of the day theres my challenge to time to put it into ni all =]

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well...its a good good day. Yesterday i made more scrolls (snap tania !) altho i cooked them a lil too much but gave most to mum. Last nite we went out to the pub for dinner then went and played the pokies (slots for all u yanks) and initially i put in $10 and lost it...then my stepdad won like $140 so he gave me like $8 in change and wackado - i got it up to $29.00 altho i only took out $20 but still i was in front so all was good.

Now time for my confession...i didnt go to the bbq...i can just see tania rolling her eyes...and yes im a big ole chicken....and this afternoon im mad at myself i didnt go. i did wake up a lil late but if i wanted to i coulda got going and made it on time. Im gonna email the organiser in a bit and apologise but tell him i still wanna participate. i really do need to step out of my comfort zones. All these kind of opportunities open up to me and i always wriggle out of them...friday nite all the grrls from pink sofa are going to the wheatsheaf hotel to meet up and even tho i know most dont know each other i know i wont have the guts to go. Even tho this is what i want to meet others...specially from the lesbian lifestyle...i was talking to my friend jody just this week saying how this is what i want yet i get opportunities and i dont take them up,,,,blah

Ok on to some good news...i walked ! i walked for 25 minutes....and my heel is i wont walk tomorrow but tuesday ill try another walk =]

Tomorrow after work im gonna stop at coles...and pick up some groceries..cos i found my book 5 of annette syms and gonna do some more baking. Think i will try a cake this of the books has a chocolate cake. I need to point it and see if i can figure it into my daily points...okies off i go.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Well i weighed in and the news wasnt TOO bad....i gained 500 grams and considering i got TOM today i am not too concerned. I know ive been good. hopefully a few days will pass and ill get rid of whatever fluid.

omg kevin crease died ! i so did not realise this (sorry all non adelaidians who have no idea who im talking about) very sad...

Well 3.5 hours and im on a weekend. cant wait for these two days off. Tomorrow morning i have some graphics i MUST get done. then in the afternoon gonna make a couple of batches of savoury scrolls (mum wants a batch) and a big batch of fried rice, so some nice easy meals next week. Sat nite going out to dinner and then sunday have the feast a nice weekend...busy without being flatout. And then next week i finish work at 3.30pm every day...always nice to have some early finishes. My heel is still improving...i am walking flat on it all the time which is a huge improvement for me.

Okies not too much else to say...enjoy ur weekend all !

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I was coming home from work tonite was listening to the radio and it was old SANFL footballers who played footy during the war, and how their whole life they had been about pleasing everyone else, and it only is now that they got into 70's or so that they finally start please themselves. And we all do it i think. I know this week as ive got on the scales each morning...and theyve been going up...even tho i know its cos i have got TOM due and due to fluid...and i was stretched over what? The fact on friday i mite have to write in here i had a gain...even tho it hasnt messed with my head or deterred me from my journey but just so completely concerned about what the people who see that gain on my site will think. So will weigh in tomorrow...record it and keep going at least it hasnt messed with my head and the ole scales. I rang today and rsvp'd for the feast bbq today - so no getting out of it now !

My book i been reading "love in a torn land" i will prolly finish tonite its the one about the lady who her and her hubby escape from iraw in 1987 when saddam ordered his cousin "chemical ali" to release chemical bombs. Was a really hard read,,,,but so very interesting. I didnt understand before all the history with the kurdish people. Funny how in the book her husband back in 1987 said to her "there is no way Saddam will die peacefully in his sleep"

Tomorrows friday ! YAY a weekend ! cant wait...have a good weekend all...will update my weight tomorrow =]

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well OMG if you love a good aussie meat pie you have to make annette syms "meat and potato pie" out of book 3. Tastes just like amazed...and super filling which is always a bonus. I did 1 mile of the brisk walk on the walk away the pounds dvd today...and been super good. Played in a gammon tourney before work today and won...which is always nice lol. OMG and i ran 16 lengths of my hallway last nite...i RAN...its not that big a distance really but omg took a long time to catch my breath in the end but felt good its another step forward...ok not much else to say...cheersssssssssssssssssssss

Monday, April 09, 2007

Well i made the savoury scrolls today soooooooooooooooooooooooo yummii anyone who has annette syms 3rd book who likes savoury stuff needs to make em yum yum yum im making a potato and meat pie for dinner tonite. I took a photo of the scrolls lol ill add em at the bottom of the post. Don't they look yummii????

Tania emailed me and she is gonna smack me over the back off my head if i dont go to the feast bbq on sunday. Been busy today washing and cleaning...damn no rest for the wicked ! About to go do my walk away the pounds dvd and OMG remember i been saying about the planteritis (the heel pain) well last wednesday i bought some inner soles for my shoes they push ur foot in the right position. Anyway when i limp a fair amount of the day and when i first wake i simply cant put wait on my heel...well i woke in the middle of the nite and walked to the bathroom and then stopped - i was walking on my foot flat !!! all my weight was on it....and ive felt a lil pain all day but its hugely better ! im so hoping this is a good sign....

Okies im off to do my dvd ! enjoy all

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well back at work again today...i really dont like working till as late as 11.30pm as i am tonight but its nice having time before i go to work. I woke and ate hotcross buns then bad me while wwatching one of my crime shows i ate the egg i bought myseflf. Then i felt incredibly bloated and gross so i only had a fruit scroll for lunch. And have bought my cheesy tuna pasta for dinner whcih is low points for a huge bowl and i have a banana and mandarin to have after, so i will be well under on points. I love those crime shows the one i watched today was about a gay guy in sydney who got murdered in the 80's...who left his will to his past lover...but someone else forged a will...started spending money and then killed the guy who the will got left too...was quite a tangled mess lol.

I then went online chatted to a couple of friends i havent seen for a couple of months and then played in a gammon tourney.

Tomorrow i am off and planning a day of baking, going to make some more fruit scrolls and also some savoury ones, and a potato and meat pie and a big batch of fried lots of healthy stuff for during the week.

OMG AND im wearing the shirt today that Ang left here. So about 3.5 years ago wooo hoooo slowly getting there !!!

okies off to do some more work i go - enjoy all =]
Well just got home from work. Has been quite good today and last nite...not too busy .... which has been a nice break (kinda nice when u getting penaltiies)

Tonight at work...i was on the phone...sensed a commotion and i turned around and there was one of the guys being wheeled out by ambulance drivers on a stretcher. A 29 year old whose been to the hospital several times with chest pain and shortness of breath. Its amazing that i lasted till 38 years old with no major illness. Now at 39...and another 9 months till i turn 40...and i so never want to be wheeled out of work on a stretcher. Im so glad that i started getting healthy i mean im still over weight so still pressure on my heart....but i dont eat crap food no more so thats a relief.

I was reading the oprah magazine the other day and she did a story on journalling and how important it is for weight it can play such a important part of getting in the right head space. And we all know how mentality helps.

Well its getting late....and im working i wanna just go and curl up n get some zzzzzzzzzzzzz's....

ni ni all !

Friday, April 06, 2007

OMG i had big news and i completely forgot and this big news happened like 2 days ago ! lol and i just realised apart from my gertilicious friend jody i had not told my fabulous site visitors or my family this news (altho i doubt mum would be too keen to hear about this LOL)

The volunteer organisation i applied too for volunteering with for the feast this year (the gay n lesbian festival for the month of november thats held in Adelaide each year) --- well the first meet and greet for all the volunteers is next weekend. Its a sausgae sizzle in Rymill Park...its basically just to meet everyone. Hopefully i dont get nervous and back out (i have a tendancy to do that with things like this lol) with these kind of situations i always tend to get into the whole tendancy of thinking EVERYONE else is going to judge my size. But thats not really fair for me to decide that others are judging me. When i get down to it im popular at work and theres no reason for me not to meet and make friends thru feast. Tania if i back out smack me over the back of the head or something since we will be meeting for dinner a few nites I also "somehow" got put in charge of organising a get together with my old team...a number of people have left the company and the rest of us are spread out. So one of the gurls has offered we have it at her house as a type of house warming party...and now i have to figure out a date when most of us have a weekend off (if u knew our rosters you would know what a ardious task that will be) and then notifying everyone...and at least one person doesnt have access to emails. So gonna be very interesting. But that should be in mid to late May sometime...and i tell u right now...that nite im gonna be drinking champagne !!!! My old team leader Megan who resigned back in january and last time i saw her was in mide january...was always really supportive of my weight loss so it will be really good to see if she notices much of a difference...okies thats still on a high over this weeks loss !!!

PS i have come to realise a lot of our friends over the pond (ie americans) read this that you know my current loss is a total of 53 pounds - yay me !!!!
Well the HUGE news is ----- 2.2 kilos !!!! im puts me at 146.4 kilos and my total loss is 24.5 close to the 25 kilos mark ! So for the 4 weeks since i left ww meetings ive lost 4.1 kilos and 9cm around my waist. Amazing how one loss can just completely get your head in the right head space. Im glad that ive had a good loss too whilst doing a lot of baking at home. i go back to work this afternoon...blah 2.30pm shift on a friday...hopefully as it is a public holiday it will be quiet...and of course great money !!! LOL Oh n tania i made the mars bar slice....yummmi


Well what started out as a good day has changed a lil....came to be told the team leader i have had a lot of problems with in the past is going to be my team leader again *ugh* not happy current team leader isnt here at the moment but i will have a talk to him about it on sunday. The one piece of good news was...whilst i was away they had a reward and recognition day....and i apparantly recieved a reward (apparantly a $50 voucher to david jones or myers) but will find out more when my team leader is in on sunday

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

wow cant believe only 2 days of my vacation left. This morning i finally got my dsl switched over to my email addy will change ill email everyone next week once i know the new one is up and running...temporarily if anyone needs to contact please use only a temporary one as reckon my current one will close by thursday. I also got a wireless modem so im happy happy.

I cooked tonight...made some mediteranean pasta sauce from out of the symply good to be true book...and i also made some fruit scrolls yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so tasty. The scrolls worked out to 2 points each. And are beyond yummy and took no time to make and so cheap to make. Tomorrow im gonna look for some lite mars bars so i can make the mars bar slice out of her book. The mediteranean sauce was yummy too

Okies im off !!!! Enjoy all =]

Monday, April 02, 2007

Well i think a entry is well overdue. A entry ive been putting off since friday. Well weighed and gained 1.3 kilos....and i can completely say all my own doing. I was upset friday thought it musta been the scales...not me...took my measurements i had lost 2cm around my waist but still gained 1.3 kilos. I thought back and there were prolly somethings i shouldnt have eaten (light peanut butter is not THAT light lol) Anyway the last few days i had been better and i have lost 200 grams since then so i am gonna use todays weight which is 148.4 kilos. But after giving it lots of thought i started to realise i was getting into vacation mode not only from work but also from weight loss. I talked to mum on the phone and by the time i hung up i had realised in the last couple of weeks i have prolly lost some focus. So its time (yet again) to get serious....whilst on the phone mum told me she picked up a video of yoga...and this week when i go shopping i will pick up one or two more exercise ones (mite have to check out ebay some by jillian would be really good) i also have the walk away the pounds one. Anyway so i hung up the phone came out did 50 steps on the stepper followed by 50 arm punches followed by 15 touch the ground and stretch...followed by 50 steps on the stepper and 50 arm punches and the heart rate was really going, later today i will do the 1 mile walk on the walk away the pounds. I think a big thing is i need variety in the exexercises. Curves bores me at the moment to be honest so while for the moment im still paying im not attending but i really need to be consistent at home. So the plan is :

monday (today) 1 mile walk on the walk away the pounds
tuesday my pilates video + 100 steps on the stepper
wednesday dancing to music for 30 minutes
thursday 1 mile walk with 100 steps on the stepper

im also hoping to buy some innersoles for my shoes this week which should help me with my heel problem...if that does help i will start to incorporate walks in my day. I think i need to start committing plans for exercise and putting them down in my journal (thanks claudia i got that idea from your journal) so i will start doing that and sticking to it...and if i dont someone kick me in the ass i need the occassional kick LOL.

But whilst im being tuff on myself (dont worry im not feeling down or nothing quite the opposite) i realised today i am about to start into the 9th month of this weight loss. Sure id like the weight loss to have been more at this point but i just gotta keep at it...and 8 full months is sure as heck the longest ive stuck to healthy lifestyle...i also need to remember im getting older LOL and my body and metabolism wont be as good as it once was plus the whilst i need to buckle down im still doing pretty good...all considered...okies off to do some laundry need to slowly start preparing for going back to work LOL =]