Friday, April 06, 2007

Well the HUGE news is ----- 2.2 kilos !!!! im puts me at 146.4 kilos and my total loss is 24.5 close to the 25 kilos mark ! So for the 4 weeks since i left ww meetings ive lost 4.1 kilos and 9cm around my waist. Amazing how one loss can just completely get your head in the right head space. Im glad that ive had a good loss too whilst doing a lot of baking at home. i go back to work this afternoon...blah 2.30pm shift on a friday...hopefully as it is a public holiday it will be quiet...and of course great money !!! LOL Oh n tania i made the mars bar slice....yummmi


Well what started out as a good day has changed a lil....came to be told the team leader i have had a lot of problems with in the past is going to be my team leader again *ugh* not happy current team leader isnt here at the moment but i will have a talk to him about it on sunday. The one piece of good news was...whilst i was away they had a reward and recognition day....and i apparantly recieved a reward (apparantly a $50 voucher to david jones or myers) but will find out more when my team leader is in on sunday


Whoever I want to be said...

Congrats on the loss bugger about the team leader.....

Have a great weekend anyway - oh yeah and congrats on the voucher :)


Tania said...

Well done on your FABULOUS loss!!! Those kilos are really coming off you!

Keep meaning to reply to your email - dinner on the 18th sounds great, will reply over the weekend sometime.