Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24th 2014

Last night was not a great night...was coughing a lot (but my own fault I sprayed a bug and think that wasn't a good idea).... I am starting to feel better now tho. The other thing was I managed 8 hours straight sleep last night which was great.

Scale wise they were exactly the same today. I am noticing tho my fingers aren't as fat today (they were quite fat when in hospital to the point I couldn't take my rings off....they are coming off easily again)

I have got my food for tomorrow but not planning to go nuts (in fact I have tracked it all already and will keep to my 1600 calorie limit) the main treat apart from Turkey and ham off the bone for lunch and dinner....I bought a Christmas cake with icing....a 100 gram slice (which would be pretty huge) is like 331 calories...but I've managed to fit in a slice and still be under 1600 calories :)

I really want (when better) focus some more on me. I want to get out and buy some nice clothes to fit me now. I'm sick of wearing clothes that are too tight cos I'm too stubborn to buy a larger size. I need clothes that fit me nice now while I lose and get down to those smaller sizes.

I am tossing up between wanting to buy a hair straightener and also a curler...I want to take better care of my hair and start putting some effort into it.

I need some new makeup. Some new mascara, eye colouring, brushes and foundation. I recently (okay the day I saw jillian lol)bought a nice new lipstick.

I want to be simply more "living" spending more time with my true friends...I want my Saturday mornings to be spent out running .... Evenings a hour or so at the gym....socialising on the weekends (not so many Saturday nights at home alone)....getting my health totally back on track...sorting Otis this breathing/asthma issue and also making my liver healthier. I also want to get back to that point where I am wearing pretty classic girly clothes again....and feeling feminine in them inside and out. This has been a crappy end to 2014 but think it will be a much better story by the end of 2015 :) need to start thinking about some actual fitness goals for 2015 :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Where have I been?

So for those who don't know I have just spent a couple of nights in hospital I
have had a bad virus and that exasperated asthma and I came out of hospital yesterday afternoon feeling much better now but it has certainly been a huge wake-up call and I will be going on focusing now on simply eating healthy I'm not so concerned with weight loss am really just focusing on getting lots of nutrients in my body to help me recover.

It was very sobering to have doctors tell me how sick I was and couldn't help think that I prolly wouldn't have got so sick if still 80 kilos... And also how bad it would be if I got to 173 kilos again....I just cannot allow it. My focus is solely on recovery at the moment but by eating healthy, nutritious food it should ultimately help with weight loss. My liver results were elevated and there was a discussion with my doc about losing more weight.

For now I'm off work till January 5. (My employer has been sooooo supportive I'm so blessed) so for now it's rest while still getting up and doing bits and pieces as it's important to start strengthening my lungs. In early February I will be going to see a specialist to have lung function testing (they think I may be mildly asthmatic) and I also need to get a scan of my liver as those blood test results were elevated (I have fatty liver) but my doc mentioned I prolly need to be tested for hepatitis a etc

But the main thing is I'm improving, and focusing on getting well? I'm on steroids as well as a preventer and inhaler. I've also had antibiotics and antiviral medication intravenously and surprisingly my weight has not gone's 121.6 as of this morning. The steroids can make you prolly next Wednesday or so once I've finished the steroids I will get a real view of where my weight is at :) 

Remember nothing matters more then your health :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18th 2014

Well it appears I am getting ANOTHER dose of tonsilitis! ARGH!

I had my tonsils out when I was 3 - dont recall having tonsilitis since....and this is my second dose in 8 weeks! Which tells me a few weight loss is no longer about a dress size or number on the scales...i need to get healthy pure and simple...i havent been 100% well for 8 weeks....and im sick of it! Im going to start taking vitamin C...any other supplements anyone knows of specifically to help improve immune system? This is really now about saving my life...i cannot afford to be on sickness benefits or confined to myself...or to be 173.1 kilos HEALTH it is!

Lunch today was spinach, rocket, parmassan, pear salad with some chicken and bacon. Pretty damn healthy and not a slice of bread in sight!

I have a doctors appointment this arvo for my cough (which actually seems to be improving) now it will be about this sore throat as well lol...eff me! lol

Not much else to say (well there is...but not well so cannot be bothered!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hump day :)

Went out for dinner last night and all went good :) There were some temptations but I stuck to my warm chicken salad (which was huge).

I am back to the doctors again tomorrow night for this cough. I had a chest xray monday night and they told me there was nothing abnormal. Ive not felt this is in my chest this entire time (which is prolly why the inhalers havent worked) i feel its larangytis or pharyngitis and that i need antibiotics so im gonna tell him that tomorrow night....fingers crossed he gives me antibiotics....cos im sick of this coughing and want to get back to the gym and im sure i just need a good dose of antibiotics.

I have been cold at work today...thought this morning oh maybe its cos im not eating as much the last day or so....but hmmmm my throat feels a bit scratchy this arvo - hope this isnt a indication that im getting a repeat of the tonsilitis! Argh :(

Have a good humpday all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Plan for the rest of the year and early 2015

Over the last couple of years something puzzled me - why have i suddenly had carb cravings? When i was successful at losing weight i of course had moments where i went off track (i remember once making sausage rolls and that set me off track lol) but for the majority of the time in 2010 and 2011 i was on track .... no binging etc.

Over the last few weeks ive come to some conclusions. When i lost weight i was quite routine about my food...weetbix for breakfast...sandwich (no processed cheese) made with burgen bread for lunch and then no grains at dinner time....that worked for me. Over the last few years....the weetbox changed quite regularly to fruit toast (i still had weetbix or oats at times) and the burgen bread changed to coles or woolies brand multigrain bread - whatever was on special. I realise now...those couple of changes prolly had a big impact on me losing my way.

I mentioned it the mornings i am cravings etc.....but once lunch comes and ive had a sandwich i want to eat all carbs in sight! (no exageration). Over the years i discoverred following someone elses eating program doesnt work for me, i like to be in control of my weight loss and do what i feel works for me (which is why slim, 12wbt, lite n easy etc have never worked for me). So i am putting some changes in place...the initial changes i will do until the end of january...the only exceptions being christmas day and i will have a piece of cake on my here we go:

Until end of january:
no bread, pasta, rice, oats, potato
eggs for breakfast (bacon as well as a treat on weekends)
Two pieces of fruit a day

First two weeks in february:
start having weetbix - will guage my cravings

Last 2 weeks in february:
If cravings under control still add a sandwich at lunch with burgen bread

No buying ANYTHING at work cafeteria apart from diet coke (yes im back in it lol), lozenges, fruit, salad, hot skim chocolate

In a sense I guess what I am doing at least initially is based loosely on primal except I will be eating legumes as well.

Its far today ive had two scrambled eggs, with milk and spinach - good start to the day. Think I may be going out for dinner tonight...which will really test this plan!

Think we are on to a winner here people! Enjoy

PS becoming addicted to twitter haha...feel free to follow me @kazzsjourney :)

Monday, December 15, 2014


Ive commented on this briefly in the past but it clicked more within me on the weekend.

Support - we just cannot do this journey by ourselves.

When I was successful before I got support from a number of areas:

Fiona - who I am going to train with again. I was very lucky to get fiona as a trainer. We have some parts of our personality that is quite similar, I always found her very easy to talk to and her opinion, feedback always helpful. Having those 30 or 60 minute sessions which were solely just about me were so helpful...for me PT was much more then just some exercises (in fact they were prolly secondary) it was more about the talking....and the talking of everything from nutrition to relationships with people.

Weight watchers forum - they were SO good .... back in the day, no longer doing ww i dont go there much plus unfortunately now they are all into groups not the forums the community is very divided and dare i say it even hidden.

My journal - Tania pointed out something yesterday - she said you didnt just write about your weight loss you really use to talk about what was going on within you. She said i used it kinda like a therapy LOL. My journal was imperative.

My weight watcher friends - I lost contact with a lot of them. But back in the day there was a lot of us on a similar journey. I know tania and martine are very focused on their health in 2015. They use to have a private group (well still do im just not part of it)...I allowed myself to "hermit" and even Tania i lost contact with and have only recently got back into contact with...I need to focus on my friendships especially those with people who are like minded.

Tania and I were talking yesterday about how technology has changed. Blogs are not as big a thing as they once were, its all about facebook and twitter etc now. And dont get me wrong they are both good for different reasons...but its hard in a facebook post to put down thoughts and feelings. Its hard to use that as a way to connect with others. So I am going to keep the blog alive LOL...if you know of any good blogs or read any - please let me know!

I think support is imperative with this journey. The successful people, the people who maintain for years later...are the ones who cultivate the support network and embrace it. Lets do this!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Well I am very impressed with me. I am putting some changes in place so 2015 can be the year of awesomeness!

So ive set up some accountability with weighing in at HI....AND I have spoken to Fiona about training with her again (once a week at this stage) and lucky me she said yes :)  so we will prolly start with bootcamp style workouts and then when it cools down a lil back to some running :) Fiona is so good for my mindset I am soooo super excited for this!

I've also started to post photos of my food on if u wanna follow me lok up @kazzsjourney

Tonight I'm out for dinner at Jamie Oliver's restaurant .... I'm planning to have bruschetta followed by a prosciutto, walnut and pear salad ⭐️It's nice feeling in control!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Today is not going to be a great day foodwise...its xmas lunch today and its all finger food (sausage rolls, pies, pasties, cake, lollies, chips, dips, wraps etc etc)

Ive allocated 500 calories for it and just going to have a omlette for dinner and no snacks hopefully it doesnt do too much damage (i will be glad for january when these things wont come up!) we are also doing kris kringle today.

Went back to the doctors last night. He is a lil puzzled over my cough. I initially had tonsilitis and he said that shouldnt cause a cough like mine. And the inhaler he had me on should have been effective after 3 days. So he has put me back on codeine linctus for another 5 days and also gastric reflux tablets in case i have silent reflux. Tonight i am going to get a chest xray as well. He said he cannot hear anything in my chest so the xray is just a precaution. He also said their is a cough going around that lasts about 6 weeks so it may be that i have (ive had it 6 weeks on sunday) I had read tho that my inhaler can take about 2 weeks to be effective.....hopefully when i finish the codeine this time i dont get worse again...fingers cross...i go back next thursday for ANOTHER follow up appointment (am over visiting doctors and paying for medications!)

I emailed Healthy Inspirations yesterday - told them I really liked the accountability i can get from them but not so much there eating i want to do my own thing but weigh in - they were all good for that sent me a lovely response back saying it was fine to weigh in have my measurements done etc so thats all good.

Had a look at the menu for jamie olivers tomorrow night...theres a proscuitto, walnut and pear salad...think that may be a winner with some entre (maybe mini stuffed capsicums?)

Enjoy all! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday 11th December

I gave some thoughts to this diet plan last night, and while I will follow it 90% I decided I wont 100%. I think its been brilliant for showing me what leads to my cravings but there is somethings (oats and milk) which I dont think are necessary to omit.

So going as from today I have resigned up for MFP and am sitting at 1600 calories (thats what jillian recommends) and will calorie cycle. My plan will basically look like this with slight variances allowing for low and high calorie days:

breakfast: oats, protein powder and milk (if its a high calorie day ill have chia seeds as well)
Snack:Protein shake with light milk
Lunch:egg, salad and mayo
Snack:Protein shake with light milk
Dinner:Chicken and salad

As you can see its still eating really clean. I think Ive also accepted that the month of december wont be perfect eating. As anyone who knows me well knows I tend to be a bit of a the socialising aspect is important for me. So I am going to go to social events, be in control have some treats but nothing nutty. So when I go to dinner saturday night (Saturdays will be 1900 calories) I will try and save at least 1000 calories. I will prolly have a entree and a dinner of my choice (and if i choose pasta so be it!)

My cough started to deteriate again yesterday :( thankfully i am back to the docs this evening...i think i needed to be on the codeine linctus for longer as i dont think the inhaler is effective yet (it can take a couple of weeks) so hopefully he will write me out a script for it.

I am also going to clean up my blog list (on the right over there------------>) a lot of them havent been updated a year or more and some have spam on them. There are a few I read regularly so those I will keep...if you keeep a journal or can recommend a good one leave me a comment on here or on my facebook group and i will add you!

Okies time for work...enjoy your day all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Update :)

So time for a update - lots of good stuff happening!

My cough is clearing up (yay!) After nearly 5 weeks of this dreaded cough i got in to see my usual doctor last thursday...he advised was a ost viral asthmatic cough and put me on codeine linctus for 5 days as well as a inhaler (which i still take 4 times a day).....its definitely on the improve. But not 100% yet....but massively improved from a week ago :)

Some of you (who are on my facebook group) will already know a lot of this. I joined healthy inspirations which is a weightloss centre for females. One of the biggest advantages to them is their high level of accountability. You are expected to weigh in 3 times a week (altho they told me some only weigh in 2 times a week) weighing in every few days seems to be giving me the accountability I need, there is no...i'll just have this and get back on track tomorrow...cos tomorrow is prolly a weigh in day! LOL I started saturday morning and did my first weigh in monday night and was down 1.7 kilos....tonight i will go and weigh in as well. I took a peak on the scales at home and I seem to be down 400 grams from monday so we will see how it goes.

Healthy Inspirations has a curve  style circuit and a few classes. In all honesty i think the circuit will bore me and their classes dont appear too intense (i watched a boxing class and they didnt seem to punch too hard) HI is $30 a week....(plus gives me a 5% discount at my local grocery store). When i was at fernwood i spent $300 a fortnight doing 3 PT sessions per week so i am getting that for a tenth of the cost. I most likely will join the local jetts gym. While HI will work the first few weeks...(i havent exercised for 6-7 weeks cos of my cough) im pretty sure i will get my fitness back pretty quickly and will need more exercise wise then HI will offer me. It would work out with both jetts and HI it would cost me $90 a fortnight which is wayyyyyyyyy cheaper then what I use to pay.

I still have my fitness primarily i want to do some runs in 2015 and I know weight work is crucial...I also want to do a mix of classes which jetts seems to accomodate for,

I have a busy weekend this weekend! Saturday night out for dinner with Martine - we are going to Jamie Olivers restuarant so ooo la la - fancy!! Sunday think i am going out for brunch and then a movie with Tania. Then my sister will be down sunday to wed so we will hopefully catch up for dinner one night. :)