Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday 11th December

I gave some thoughts to this diet plan last night, and while I will follow it 90% I decided I wont 100%. I think its been brilliant for showing me what leads to my cravings but there is somethings (oats and milk) which I dont think are necessary to omit.

So going as from today I have resigned up for MFP and am sitting at 1600 calories (thats what jillian recommends) and will calorie cycle. My plan will basically look like this with slight variances allowing for low and high calorie days:

breakfast: oats, protein powder and milk (if its a high calorie day ill have chia seeds as well)
Snack:Protein shake with light milk
Lunch:egg, salad and mayo
Snack:Protein shake with light milk
Dinner:Chicken and salad

As you can see its still eating really clean. I think Ive also accepted that the month of december wont be perfect eating. As anyone who knows me well knows I tend to be a bit of a the socialising aspect is important for me. So I am going to go to social events, be in control have some treats but nothing nutty. So when I go to dinner saturday night (Saturdays will be 1900 calories) I will try and save at least 1000 calories. I will prolly have a entree and a dinner of my choice (and if i choose pasta so be it!)

My cough started to deteriate again yesterday :( thankfully i am back to the docs this evening...i think i needed to be on the codeine linctus for longer as i dont think the inhaler is effective yet (it can take a couple of weeks) so hopefully he will write me out a script for it.

I am also going to clean up my blog list (on the right over there------------>) a lot of them havent been updated a year or more and some have spam on them. There are a few I read regularly so those I will keep...if you keeep a journal or can recommend a good one leave me a comment on here or on my facebook group and i will add you!

Okies time for work...enjoy your day all!

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