Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Friday, May 29, 2015

A tad too much protein!

Sooooooooooooooooooo! Way too much protein yesterday as it turned out lol. I ate 193 grams yesterday. Before I went to sleep I noticed I had a mild headache....and put that down to eating less carbs (altho it was only about 30 grams less for the day) then about midnight I woke with the sorest stomach cramps. After a while I got up for water and struggled was feeling faint and knew if i didnt get back to bed quick smart I would prolly faint (I have a tendancy to faint)...anyway I was awake at least a hour or so...woke a few hours later to no pain and surprised i had fallen asleep while still in pain (musta been so bloody tired!) woke up this morning feeling flat and still with a headache.

So I cancelled today. No walking and no PT. I still have a slight headache and am tired...but hopefully a good nights rest and I will feel better.

So this morning I emailed Lauren (my food coach) and told her and asked if i should maybe stick to closer to 130 grams of protein and maybe build it up? And should i start calorie cycling again. So she agreed about the protein...suggested we cut 50 now i am eating 1750 calories per day and calorie cycle.

So people who have followed my journal for years prolly remember how well I did when I calorie cycled. So fingers cross this gets the weight moving! So 1550 calories today and then tomorrow (being saturday which is always my high day) will be 2000 cals. Im confident this will get things moving :) Altho I may need to tweek the numbers a bit...because my calories are so high (1750) the high day I have set at 2000....but that may turn out to be a lil high. I will try and watch the sodum that day by doing that...that should keep the day in control.

Hopefully tomorrow I feel good enough to go and do pump and balance.  Afterwards I think I am going to go to katies I think they have a big sale on at the moment so i will go have a nosy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recovery Days

So today our walk got cancelled due to Tania being sore. I was actually glad for this. Sometimes we think we need to go, go, go with exercise. We just need to keep burning calories but I know from past experience that isnt the way to go. Three reasons:

1. You will burn yourself out
2. If you never have recovery days then you will never perform in your sessions at 100%....I would much prefer to do 3 sessions being rested enough to put in 100% into my session then 5 sessions where I am not rested and so only putting in 60%
3. The recovery days are were we build out muscles. When we weight train we create minor tears in our muscles and then as they repair themselves they grow bigger....if we never have recovery days we dont give our muscles the chance to prepare properly.

Lately I have been doing a lot of walking...I think walking you could do most days of the week...weight work you definitely need some rest days. Remember...its quality over quantity when it comes to our exercise sessions :)

So initially when tania said about not working out today I woud do body pump....but as I have exercised for the last 5 days I decided a recovery day is definitely needed :) Tomorrow we are doing a beach walk in the morning and then I have a PT session in the afternoon and I think we are going to do the Hallett Cove walk on saturday. Its been kinda easy to get in a lot of exercise this week as I havent been at work....but back to the grind next I am planning....the following presuming PT session times etc dont change:

monday : 45 minutes body balance and 30 minute PT session
tuesday : 45 minutes cardio and 45 minutes RPM
wednesday : 45 minutes cardio and 30 minutes PT
thursday: 45 minutes body pump and 45 minutes RPM
friday: 30 minutes cardio and 60 minutes body pump
saturday : 60 minutes body pump and 60 minutes body balance
sunday : rest day

I think this week I proved I am fit enough to do more exercise then I 30-45 minutes of cardio and a class most days will work :)

I have managed to increase my protein today, altho I had to hide the sodium levels on MFP cos that was distressing me LOL. But my aim was 180 grams of then end of today I will have hit 198 grams of I am pretty damn happy with that. Also need to get 3 litres of water a day in. Ive drunk 1.5 litres so far....will have downed 3 litres by hopefully dinner time.

The quest protein powder I bought too is pretty awesome....30 grams with a cup of water makes for a yummy drink...I normally dont like water with my protein shake but this protein powder is a thicker had it in my starbucks cup...all fancy like! lol

Have a good day all :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Weigh in :)

So I weighed in this morning. I lost 300 grams on my scales at home and according to Laurens in the gym I lost 500 grams. Like I have said all along I am happy for any loss....but....the losses are certainly slowing down. Ideally I would like to be losing 700-800 grams a week. So I discussed this with Lauren. I first off all asked about my protein level. Fernwood follows a program based on body type. For my body type (pear shape) the protein should be at 40% which is 180 grams of protein. Which is a really high amount of protein. I am still playing around with tomorrows meal planning to ensure I hit it. So I am going to do that till sunday morning. If by sunday morning I am not down at least 400 grams (so 120.2 kilos) then I will on top of that drop 50 calories taking me down to 1750 calories. I am also aiming to increase my water because I have been! lol Apart from when exercising. So I did drink 3 litres yesterday...I will aim to do 3 litres everyday this week and see how that combined with the increased protein how that helps. Fingers crossed that gets things moving!

So today Tania came into the gym with me and we did a 45 minute body pump class. I hadnt done one for a few weeks so was good to get in and do one. Tomorrow we are going down the beach for lunch and a 5km walk. Friday I have PT and saturday we are planning to do the hallett cove boardwalk.

In relation to my the 6.5 weeks I have been on track I am down 6.5 kilos (started at 127.1 kilos and this morning 120.6 kilos) and my complete total loss is 52.5 kilos. Its 3 weeks till the 20th June when I wanted to be down to 117 kilos....may not make it but going to try hard to ensure I am as closed as possible to it :)

Monday, May 25, 2015


So today I woke and my calves and hips were tired...bless their cotton socks for what they did to carry this body up the hill yesterday! :) So I smsd tania and said no to walking today....then as the morning went on my calves started to feel I thought no to Body Pump LOL...but I did go to PT I wasnt COMPLETELY slack. Really I know its not being slack...but ensuring I dont injure myself or burn out. So i went to the gym...10 minutes on the bike and then I did my PT session...which we did 4 rounds off....first round was 21 reps...second round 18 reps....third round was 15 reps and fourth round was 12 reps. And there was 5 different exercises....pushups, tricep dips, punching jabs with dumbbells,lat pull down, bicep curls and then 1 minute on the rower. I was sweating like it was nobodys business! The fastest time I did the row in was 210 metres in 1 minute :)

Then got home and tania messaged me to see if I wanted to go to savers (a humungous second hand store) which of course I said yes too...and came home with 9 items of clothing from...go me!

Yanno one of the things that bug me with eating well/ if I eat anything thats high in sodium my weight no only do I watch calories, how much protein and carbs, how processed something is i ALSO watch sodium. There are a lot of foods I just dont have because of sodium...some prime examples are taco seasoning and soup. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I have been watching fitness channels lately on you tube and NONE of them seem to watch their sodium....and some of them eat ridiculously large amounts of sodium....then said something that kinda clicked with me....and the comment was "i dont pay attention to sodium because i drink enough water"

Now I suck at drinking water (like a lot of us) I am gonna head to the store when i wake tomorrow and buy some large bottles of water and try and drink 3 litres. I wont do it tho on weigh in day cos i weigh in at the gym in the evening and I want to keep that consistent...havent drunk much water previously so I still wont on those days. So need to post drink your water kazz it will help the sodium/water retention...I know this :)

Tomorrow the plan is to get to froot with tania to our favourite lil cafe and then we will do a walk....but as we are doing pump on wednesday and the hallett cove boardwalk on thursday....we are planning just a small 5km walk....a nice FLAT one hahah to rest our muscles but get out and get moving :)

Enjoy your week all!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Climbing just a lil hill

Tania and I today went walking up Wynn Vale Road. Its a hill, but a gradual hill for approx 2.5km...I didnt think it would be too bad lol...I was WRONG! We last to the 1.5km mark and then had to walk back. It was hard work! I mean I felt like I am kinda fit walking up it but it was certainly a workout and a short but good one. It took us from memory to walk up it and back 41 minutes. And I burnt 320 calories. So I am sitting at 1400 calories burnt for the week :)

Sadly tho the scales have gone up gradually over the last few days! I have not been off track with my eating so I know I havent gained "fat" I did have bacon and eggs for breakfast yesterday morning then I made a crustless quiche with bacon in it may be partly sodium. I must admit it is a lil disappointing, my losses havent been big and I am okay with that I know I am doing it a healthy, sustainable way but I wish I did see more results. But I know the answer is I am feeling better mentally and physically...slowly clothes are fitting me it really is a case of suck it up princess and get on with ur chit! LOL

Tomorrow Tania is coming over and then we are doing a easy walk into Nth Adelaide and back again...its flat...its easy...45 minutes and we should be done. Then at lunch time I will go into the gym for my BIG workout....45 minutes pump, 45 minutes body balance and PT session with Stacey :)

Not a heck of a lot else going on!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday and this weeks workout plan :)

So this morning I went walking with Tania down Semaphore Beach. We walked 8.5km, had a yummy breakfast of bacon, toast and scrambled eggs, before I came home and collapsed! lol I am hoping to break 15,000 steps for the day...the goal was 20,000 but I was kinda slack LOL.

Tania and I did discuss our workouts this week and this is what we decided on:

sunday: Walk up wynn vale drive...its a very steep hill apparantly LOL
Monday: In the morning we are going to walk for about a hour. Then I will be doing 45 mins body pump + 45 minutes body balance + 30 minutes PT session...this will surely test me! LOL
tuesday: Early morning walk (i think) and 30 minute group PT session at lunchtime
wednesday: body pump + PT
thursday: Hallett Cover boardwalk
friday: work out for about a hour at the gym (thinking upper body to give our legs a recovery day)
Saturday: Snake pit
Sunday : Morialta falls

Mostly we are doing walking. so the workout we do friday will be a upper body one to give our legs a recovery day.

I am thinking it may be time to focus more on my macros. I have been sticking to my calories religiously,,,,,macros not so much! When I was smaller and ate 1800 calories...I had a fat and protein macro to meet as a minimum. So I had to at least eat this....70 grams of fat and 130 grams of protein....the remainder is carbs.....but wants suppose to go over 158 grams of carbs...which all feels reasonable and do able...without any crazy stuff! I just looked at my eating for today...Im not too far off it just some minor adjustments.

Tonight I made a crustless good! I saw someone make it on one of the fitness channels on you tube....loved it....its got bacon so a lil high in sodium....but its a pretty high protein for the calories.

As of this morning I was up 400 grams up from wednesday mornings weigh may struggle for a loss this week! :( Fingers crossed...will keep doing what I am doing and hopefully I wont be too disappointed - enjoy your weekend all!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Slowly overcoming the food addiction :)

So awhile maybe january, I bought some skinny cow ice cream cookies. I bought them home, opened the box,....a hour later they were ALL gone. I came to the conclusion I just couldn't have them in the house. And it wasn't just was cheese....chocolate...anyway Ive had cheese in the house for a few weeks and it hasnt bothered me. So a few weeks ago i bought some peanut butter is still unopen in the freezer. Anyway last night I thought....lets see how I go with skinny cow ice cream in the house again. Bought a pack of the vanilla ones...opened it....had one....the rest are still in the fridge :) Today I bought another box of them lol caramel ones....and then I also bought a bag of caramello bears....had one caramello bear...the rest are in the fridge ;)

I really feel I am starting to get the food addiction under control. I wouldnt be worried too much about any food in the house being a temptation these days. I remember reading many times in Sean Andersons blog (check daily diary of a winning loser on the list on the right) about how he had a calorie budget and once it is gone its gone.

And thats how I am feeling more and more. It doesnt matter whats in the fridge....cos the scales going down is way more important then any food.

Tomorrow Tania and I are going walking....planning to walk 4km....stop for brunch then walk another all up 8km :)

As I am off from work for a week we are planning a big exercise week! We are planning it tomorrow so I will update you all on it later.

Its been a good, happy, laugh filled day....enjoy your weekend all :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting that desire back and being genuinely happy

Funny thing happened....I am getting my desire to write back :) I am finding in my days lots of thoughts are popping into my head, things I recognise as things I should focus or on "a-ha" things and I keep thinking I must write that down....and yanno I tried the you tube thing but honestly I am a much better writer ;)

So yes, I have that desire back and am going to write more regularly....not necessarily everyday but definitely more frequently.

So I weighed in yesterday. Not sure if I have explained this before...I weigh in at home in the morning and thats the weight i "log", simply cos i have minimum clothing on, on a empty stomach and just been to the toilet. Then on wednesday evenings I have a food coaching session where I discuss my week etc, I then weigh in so log that number at Fernwood and also see my body fat percent. So yesterday morning i weighed in and lost 400 grams taking me down to 120.9 kilos (those "teens" are getting closer) and also lost 400 grams on Laurens (my food coaches) yay for consistency :)

Today I have been off work sick, stuck in bed. And while I havent felt great I have felt happy (let me explain this contradiction!) Yes my head hurt. But what I have noticed more over the last few weeks is I feel happy on the inside. By that I mean genuinely happy. I mean I have felt "happy" plenty of times before...You put on a smile for everyone and you tell yourself you live a good life and there is not much you can complain about....but you are not genuinely happy. You know right at that moment you may not be grieving a loved one, dealing with a sick child, have employment insecurity or anything like that so you SHOULD be happy. Society and the media etc tells us we should be happy...but we have to convince ourselves. This is NOTHING like that. I don't have to convince myself. And there is a lightness is like a lot of heavy weight (not in the physical sense but emotional sense) I was harboring and carrying around with me. And I genuinely can feel happy and smile, and truly smile not be fake.

What is it that makes me so happy? My gawd that is hard to say. I think sometimes things come down to timing. I felt in myself it was time to move on from mums passing. I mean it was 2.5 years ago and I just remember one day thinking how she wouldnt want this. I remember when mum died and I weighed about 85 kilos at the time. And a day or two later my sister and I were in the car driving and my sister told me how mum had worried about my weight and how it was good that before she died she saw me at a healthy weight living a healthy life, then my sister turned around and said "you gain the weight back she will kill you" it was a light hearted moment,,,,,at a very bizarre time in our lives. Of course I then proceeded to put on over 40 kilos over the next 2.5 years. But a few months ago I kinda just woke up, and just realised I dont want this to consume me for the rest of my life. I know how to do this, I want to lose the weight, get healthy, build some nice good muscle, get back to running (not this year....maybe next year) and live that healthy life I had embraced. I wanted to take control back instead of being sad for myself for sadness that had occurred which is unfortunately part of life.

Now I feel in control. I have mentioned my support systems previously and I honestly think I got very lucky....and timing just worked really well. I love how I feel at the moment. Sure I am not 79 kilos yet but yanno what???? I am also not 127.1 kilos! I am feeling a lil better about myself each day, losing the anxiety that is known as the gym LOL....I am feeling like I deserve to be its a place I belong.

I am very focused on my short term goal of 117 kilos by June 20 and still VERY focused on being under 100 kilos by my birthday....I truly believe I can do that or get very close that that.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weigh in and a recap of the week :)

A week with no posts.....what a slackass! ;)

Things are going great. I am trying now to remember what has happened this week. I didnt do PT monday night and Stacey couldnt do it wednesday night so ended up doing a double PT session on tuesday night. It was a challenging session! It was a 50 session, so basically she had a whole list of exercises that I had to do 50 reps well as that i had to do 500 metres on cross trainer, bike, rower and treadmill. And then at the end of it I had to climb up all 7 flights of stairs :)

After initially buying a heart rate monitor that had a internal wiring issue...I got a new one wednesday night. Its a Suunto 5....i love it :) Does exactly what i want and need...counts calories and thats it  lol.

Wednesday was a exciting day cos I also got my new iphone! Upgraded to a iphone 6....super happy with it :)

Wednesday was also weigh in day. By my scales at home I had dropped 600 grams (I take this as my official weigh in result) and on Laurens scales I had dropped 400 grams and 1% body fat. Then we discussed how its time now to increase my exercise. Lauren said....I will add it into mine and Staceys diary and if you are not here by 5.15pm each night we will call you they prolly wont as they are very busy....but just having that threat there has helped....thursday night I went and did body pump and a 5km cycle and then friday i went in and did a 10km cycle and 10 minutes on the cross trainer. (Unfortunately i did twinge something in my lower back on thursday night in I am being a bit careful with that...I can still do most things....just need to be careful with squats and no crunches for a bit) The other thing...and for this I am a super lucky gal :) Lauren as a gift to me has added functional fit to my contract at no cost. Functional fit is group PT. So she told me we really want you to succeed and you are one of our top level clients so its a gift from us :) So next week when off work i will go and do a lunch time session of that. I really am at a very supportive gym and think I have completely lucked out with my trainer and food coach :)

Thursday and friday nothing much happened...gymmed it both good accomplishing days. And this weekend I have given my back a rest. Tomorrow back to the gym for PT i have already messaged Stacey to let her know about my back.

The scales again this week are moving in the right direction, but I am cautious how this week will go as I have thrown myself into the gym it can sometimes take a bit for the body to settle into that.

Also the other good news is I have been on track for 5 weeks yesterday! Woo hoo I truly feel back now. This is the best and longest I have done on track for a few years....happy happy gal :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Late Weigh in result :)

I really am due to post!

Things are going good. I havent even told you all last weeks weigh in results :) It was good!

As most who read this know I have PCOS and last week I had my cycle...I can normally gain up to 3 kilos the week of my cycle. Weigh in day was on day 2 of my cycle and I actually LOST. Which was huge to me cos its rare...I was kinda dreading getting on the scales wednesday morning LOL. But I did manage a 300 gram loss which put me at 121.9 kilos.

I was still sitting at eating 1900 calories. My food coach is very happy with how things are going, as am I, but I do feel my cals are still too high, but the concern is just dropping them quickly may lead to me relapsing. So we are being very sensible about it all :) She said to give it a couple of days and see what happens if no real movement then drop to 1800 calories. So I dropped down yesterday so we will see what happens. If there is no real movement on the scales that is not the end of the world but will prolly stay at this calorie level for a couple of weeks before lowering any further.

My PT sessions are going good. They have some weight training too them....mostly body weight stuff but some stuff with dumbbells/medicine balls etc but mostly cardio base...but I think thats what I need at this stage so that is good. This week one session was Tabata and one session was a circuit and none of the cardio has involved the treadmill so more then happy with that LOL. We did a lil stair climbing too! And we all know I like my stairs....I might actually start going back to the footy club and climbling the stadium stairs on the weekends like i use too.

Head space wise I feel in a very good place....and even though at this stage I havent lost weight at a super fast pace I am cool with that. I have done this before...I know getting the healthy habits in place is the first step...the losses will come with time....and it is not so much about how much I weigh today....its about how much I weigh and my body shape/ability to do stuff in 18 months that will be important. That said tho...since I got back on track....and its now been 4 weeks I have not had one gain...I had one week I stayed the same...and the rest of the week I have had losses...which just indicates I am being consistent.

I pulled out some of my favourite tops (mostly Lorna Jane and Running Bare) and have put them aside....they are in various I have 10 "goal tops" to shrink into ;)

The first one is a tank fits at the moment but its too tight....hopefully before long I will be able to wear it when working out (sooooooo long since I have worn a tank top!)

I also noticed I dont have many LJ clothes in size large or extra I think I will have to remedy that! haha....will have to go look at their website and pick out a few things to shrink into!

Tomorrow will be a challenging day...we have a work function at the festival centre with food and drink included. I am there from 9.30am till right over lunch time...I will no doubt eat something there...but not being able to plan for it is not so fun! But I will just having breakfast before hand....and try to make some good choices!

Not much else going now its time to visit Lorna Janes site ;)

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Calorie Cycling

So I talked about lowering calories and calorie cycling on my last post. I decided to wait till wednesday before doing anything. My scales have since stayed the same...and got to look at the good side of things...eating 1900 calories and I am not gaining and that is a lot of food. But yesterday decided it is time for the calorie cycling to recommence. Ive talked about calorie cycling for years, it walked brilliantly when I lost weight before, over the last few years I have tried many times but had been so off track calorie cycling had no chance LOL. But now I have been on track for 3.5 weeks...I think its time. So my calories over the week will look like this:

monday: 1700
tuesday: 1500
wednesday: 1400
thursday: 1700
friday: 1300
saturday: 1900
sunday: 1400

Its significantly lower cals then i am currently averages out to 1557 cals a day. But when I went back and looked at cals I was eating last time at this weight...I was doing 1600 cals and exercising a LOT .... i am only doing 3 exercise sessions a week at the moment (2 PT sessions and 1 walk on the weekends)

The exercise deal does need tackling but I am so slack with it...Im not quite in the exercise groove. My gym does offer function fit training which is basically group PT sessions...for $20 a week (I think thats the price) I have considered doing the for accountability...but would worry it would be beyond me just yet.

I am not overly concerned because last time I lost weight I eventually caught the exercise bug...wish I could catch it again!!!

Not much else going on - have a good day all :)

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Goals and stuff

So I have had a great weekend :) Went out for dinner last night....below is pics of what I ate....entree was 6 mini dim sims and then main was barramundi with bok choy and snow peas. And yes I ate all the vegies! ;)

This morning we went down Semaphore Beach and did a 7km walk before going out for breakfast.

My friend Tanias birthday is in June and she is planning a night out towards the end of June so I have set the goal to get down to 117 kilos by then, and then hopefully 112 kilos by end of august. We are also doing a 30 day squat challenge. We are on day 3 of was 60 squats...they are all done and dusted! This week we have also agreed to drink 1 litre of water per I am determined to do that. :)

Work tomorrow and PT tomorrow night. Have a good week all :)

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Late weigh in results

So I weighed in on wednesday and lost 1.5 kilos. Since then the scales have fluctuated up by a kilo. But that is far from stopping me :) I have decided to drop my calories to 1600 calories. This may be too low but I will see how I go....if I find it too low I will add a extra 100 this week is a trial week!

The funny thing is I have been tracking my food....filling out my main meals and snacks and realising i have 300 cals left over and needing to find foods to eat....not cos I am hungry or need the food...just cos thats the number i had aimed for and its for this reason I think I will be fine on 1500-1600 calories.

I am finding more and more food is featuring less in my days. Its not what I am incessently thinking about. Normally when I go out for dinner....I plan for a entree, a main and a hot chocolate after. Tonight I am going out for dinner and I will have just the main meal....I dont feel the need for a huge meal. My exercise still isnt perfect but im improving :) Ive done two PT sessions with Stacey this week and am finding her a great trainer. We did boxing both sessions this week, and as we know ive always loved boxing so thats been great. I feel I have the right support systems at the gym in place now which is good. The next step is to start doing some classes! I am still walking with Tania each weekend. She is a great support and I know I am for her too so the walks work out great :) Tomorrow we are doing another walk!