Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recovery Days

So today our walk got cancelled due to Tania being sore. I was actually glad for this. Sometimes we think we need to go, go, go with exercise. We just need to keep burning calories but I know from past experience that isnt the way to go. Three reasons:

1. You will burn yourself out
2. If you never have recovery days then you will never perform in your sessions at 100%....I would much prefer to do 3 sessions being rested enough to put in 100% into my session then 5 sessions where I am not rested and so only putting in 60%
3. The recovery days are were we build out muscles. When we weight train we create minor tears in our muscles and then as they repair themselves they grow bigger....if we never have recovery days we dont give our muscles the chance to prepare properly.

Lately I have been doing a lot of walking...I think walking you could do most days of the week...weight work you definitely need some rest days. Remember...its quality over quantity when it comes to our exercise sessions :)

So initially when tania said about not working out today I woud do body pump....but as I have exercised for the last 5 days I decided a recovery day is definitely needed :) Tomorrow we are doing a beach walk in the morning and then I have a PT session in the afternoon and I think we are going to do the Hallett Cove walk on saturday. Its been kinda easy to get in a lot of exercise this week as I havent been at work....but back to the grind next I am planning....the following presuming PT session times etc dont change:

monday : 45 minutes body balance and 30 minute PT session
tuesday : 45 minutes cardio and 45 minutes RPM
wednesday : 45 minutes cardio and 30 minutes PT
thursday: 45 minutes body pump and 45 minutes RPM
friday: 30 minutes cardio and 60 minutes body pump
saturday : 60 minutes body pump and 60 minutes body balance
sunday : rest day

I think this week I proved I am fit enough to do more exercise then I 30-45 minutes of cardio and a class most days will work :)

I have managed to increase my protein today, altho I had to hide the sodium levels on MFP cos that was distressing me LOL. But my aim was 180 grams of then end of today I will have hit 198 grams of I am pretty damn happy with that. Also need to get 3 litres of water a day in. Ive drunk 1.5 litres so far....will have downed 3 litres by hopefully dinner time.

The quest protein powder I bought too is pretty awesome....30 grams with a cup of water makes for a yummy drink...I normally dont like water with my protein shake but this protein powder is a thicker had it in my starbucks cup...all fancy like! lol

Have a good day all :)


Rach said...

Congrats on getting your protein that high - I'm still struggling with getting enough protein in. Maybe time to purchase some protein powder!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rach :) Altho as it turned out it was too high...going to settle on 130 grams at least for a few weeks :)