Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday July 23

Well time for a update!

The scales are sitting there fluctuating between 103 and 104.5 kilos. When I went to get on my scales this morning they died :( I have a couple of spare scales (dont we all???? lol) Anyway the scales I am now using are about a kilo heavier then the ones I was while I was 104.5 kilos on them this prolly means i was really around my lowest weight so far since starting the new plan.

Anyway when I saw the scales really had had no movement i redid my measurements...i only did them 5 days ago but had dropped another 2 centimetres around my waist even tho the scales havent dropped.

I spoke to my nutritional coach and he isnt worried for a couple of reasons:

  1. The fact my centimetres are going down I have obviously lost fat
  2. I lost 6-7 kilos in the first week and since then the next 2 weeks I have maintained that loss...that is a win.
He doesnt believe this is a plateau. I did ask should I like at tightening my eating....i maybe watching my sodium more, cutting out some of my treats etc but he has said no. He is very big on ensuring my adherance doesnt falter and so he believes eating foods I enjoy is important. At this stage (even tho i prolly wont have a loss this week) I am going to continue sticking to what I am doing and come early august still stuck at this weight we will look at lowering my carbs and cals slightly :)

My trainer wants me to do both a boxing and combat class next week - eek! The boxing class (which is her class lol) isnt a issue i enjoy that i just need to be careful because of my back....i will prolly do it monday night but i will go easy ... its not the punches that will be an issue...its the inbetween work when you are suppose to do, but thankfully as Tamika is the instructor she will just give me alternative exercises to do.

In relation to body combat - well thats more of a challenge! I told her earlier this week how i fell 3 or 4 times in combat classes before i fell and broke my wrist. Her response was "your fears are what always hold you back" lol...yeh no kidding lol ;) Anyway she thinks my balance has improved so much it wont be a I dont agree lol so while i will definitely do boxing i dunno about combat. We will see.

Anyway not much else going on!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday July 18

So its been a while! Things are mostly going good :)

Weight loss I am well on track :) As of this morning I was down 7.2 kilos from where i was on July 3. So that is going good...altho it does seem to have stalled out a lil. I have been fluctuating between 103.3 and 104.2 kilos....hopefully over the next week or so I will finally get back under 103 kilos. My nutritional coach is very happy with where I am at...he has told me he isnt concerned over the next week to 10 days if i maintain or even have a small gain. He said due to how quickly I initially lost weight I obviously retain fluid in a crazy fashion.....he also suspects for me it will be a case of losing 2-5 kilos then plateuing out then losing another 2-5 kilos...he expects Ill have lots of plateaus.

Today is day 1 of my cycle which has led me to being exhausted....and to say i was pathetic at the gym today is the understatement of the year.

Exercise wise i am still exercising but cannot say i am feeling enthused about it. With hurting my back which I am still dealing with some pain, my trainer and i have decided to go back to basics so im not doing further damage to my back and can eventually get back to some decent workouts. At the moment its lots of basic movement like squats, shoulder press, dumbell curls, chin ups, etc with a huge focus on form and bracing my core. Outside of that I am doing a bit of core and making it to a RPM class where I can. The main issue is when it comes to exercise I just feel as tho I am going thru the process of exercise but not really making progress...of course i prolly am i am just not conscious of it. Not much else going on...enjoy your weekend all (I will be working it - boo!)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday July 9

So I am a lil proud of me right now :)

My eating has been really good this week. The scales have done a massive drop yes (I will know the exact number for the week in the morning) but more then that I have felt my relationship with food has been better. Ive had lots of good foods...with lots of protein and fat (and moderate carbs) Ive had lots of things like spinach, chicken breast, oats, feta cheese, protein powder etc but also some really yummy some lindt balls, lindt chocolate, a lamb burger, a ham burger, quest bars, home made pita bread pizzas. Patrick my nutritionist guru yesterday asked me how I was finding things and as I said to him I feel like I have a good balance of treats with healthy foods which I think has made this week a lot easier!

Im also not thinking about "was this a good or bad week?"....I am doing today....and when todays over I will go to sleep and redo all the good eating not gonna be at goal tomorrow....right now its about trudging thru...staying focused day after day....then before I know it (ok months away but u get the point lol) i will at one of my goals!

I did think about taking 1-2 weeks off from the gym due to my back injury to allow it to heal properly. But discussed it with Tamika last night and she felt it was best not to break up my routine (which was my concern) instead the only group fitness class I will do will be RPM...and we will focus on cardio and core work for the moment....getting back to things like boxing and pump is prolly at least a month away. That said she had me doing intervals on the xtrainer that kicked my ass - so all good!

Back tomorrow with this weeks results :)

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday July 8

So my back is still playing was improving then went to the gym last night and it is a worse today. There is a part of me tempted to take a break from the gym for a week or two. My back improved so much over the weekend when I wasnt at the gym...ill see how it goes this week. Im not keen for a break simply cos once u break routine it can be hard to get back into it.

At this stage I am not going to do boxing (think thats what flared it up last night) so im going to stick to my PT sessions, cardio equipment and RPM classes. Hopefully thats enough exercise just to help my back without over doing it.

As I mentioned previously, i have a spreadsheet which myself and patrick (my nutritional guru!) can see...yesterday he messaged me and said have you really lost that much weight or is that a typo? lol. Yesterday I did fluctuate up by 400 grams but over night it dropped another 1.2 kilos :) So since last thursday morning I have lost 5.5 kilos (12.1 pounds) but I know my will stall soon and I will possibly even gain a lil. But all this protein and fat is certainly not doing me any harm :) The best part of it is I am enjoying my healthy eating again which I hadnt for a long time.

Tonight I have RPM and then PT. I think I must be the most frustrating PT trainer said last night "you are much stronger then you think you are".... that got  massive eye

Have a good day all :)

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday July 6

I am doing so ridiculously well at the moment its not funny! Food is completely on point. This past week I rested my back with a lil bit of exercise, but this week I will up the ante mostly with cardio. Just to get my body moving and avoid the back stiffing up again.

As of this morning from thursday morning I am down by 4.7 kilos...cannot complain about that eh!!???

Tomorrow night its a lil bit of cardio...followed by a boxing class and then a PT session. Time to get back loving the gym ;)

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Saturday July 5

Woke up with a headache and sore eye this off to the doctors I went...turns out it was my sinuses....the eye ache has settled down a lot. Not completely gone but much better than this morning.

Weight wise I dropped another kilo overnight :) A lot of this is going to be fluid (mostly) but still a good sign....its making me realise 1800 calories if the macros are balanced out correctly. So since thursday morning at this point I have lost 3.1 kilos. Getting my protein over 135 grams and my fat over 75 grams does take quite a bit of planning which i do the night before but its working (so far). Im also trying to ensure I eat different foods so I dont get bored...but that means having to plan everyday.

Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with some of the ww girls, we are going to paleo cafe and I have already planned for it...a walnut, pear and beetroot salad with kangaroo and a coconut water....afterwards I have allowed for a hot chocolate.

So things are at a good place! I am hoping monday night to be able to do the boxing trainer teaches and said if i have problems with the stuff when you get down on the ground (like pushups, mountain climbers etc) then i can do just some static squats etc...then it will be a PT session :) I will prolly get to the gym beforehand with enough time to do some cardio before hand as well so big exercise day on monday. Will possibly go for a 6km walk in the morning...depending what time i wake and how my back feels :)

Friday, July 04, 2014

Friday July 4

A perfect start to the new plan. I ate yesterday 1798 calories, 129 grams of carbs, 79 grams of fat and 141 grams of protein. I felt a lil hungry after dinner but i think that was just habit not real hunger...i simply went and showered and cleaned my teeth to avoid eating. I also did 9693 steps :) The scales overnight dropped by 2.1 kilos so i am VERY happy with that. We will see how the rest of the week goes.

Tonight i have the gym so 20-30 minutes of the cross trainer plus a 30 minute PT session of strength/stability work. Which most likely means kazz getting frustrated and resisting throwing a tantrum haha im not very good at that kinda stuff!

Okay back to work! Have a fab friday!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday July 3

So I had the first "official" skype meeting with my nutritional guru last night and it all went REALLY well!!! So the basics of it was i am to eat 1800 calories a day, a minimum of 135 grams of protein and a minimum of 75 grams of fat. I thought getting the protein that high would be the hard part but it is actually getting the fat that high which was hard. But he suggested I stop having low fat dairy and ta-da hit it!

I have had to set up a spreadsheet....which i will daily add my morning weigh in, how many steps I took, what I did at the gym and any time where I was hungry and what I felt the hunger was from (ie real hunger, boredom etc)

Tonight I need to do some measurements and take some photos.

I need to also list my favourite 5 vegies and my favourite 3 fruits so he can see whether the ones I eat have good saeity (think he saw I dont eat lots of fruit and vegies)

Enjoy your day all!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Making it my passion!

So i wanted to do a post on making this weight loss journey "my passion". So there are several ways I went about this previously.

The first is reading. Knowledge is power. I am always keen to read good health, fitness, weight loss books - altho I haven't read any for a long time! If anyone has any books they can recommend please add a comment or you can email me at But I thought I would include some books I have read in the past and found good:

  • Inner health, outer beauty by Joanna McMillan
  • The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
  • Master your metabolism by Jillian Michaels (this one admittedly is a hard read very technical with lots of science words!)
  • The end of overeating by David Kessler

Of course there are also weight loss journals you can read so I am going to include a few I often read - but if you know of any other good ones please share!!!

I am always keen for other good journals that update still please share i am always after good ones! (I know there are some other good ones like bitchcakes but I am wanting ones that are active still)

Other things you can do is sign up for yahoo or google alerts - select your topics of interest and they will appear how often you want in your inbox!

Another good site is - I havent used this site for a long time but use to a takes you from site to site for your favourite topics...its fab :)

Watch...with you tube, tv and streaming shows there is lots of good options for what we can view.

There are shows like :

  • Extreme weight loss 
  • Biggest loser
  • Half tonne hospital (on foxtel)
  • The fat doctor (on foxtel)
  • My 400lb life (on foxtel)
You can find episodes of most if not all of these on you tube - any other recommendations? Share in comments or email me on

Podcasts - I only really listen to one but am keen for others which is (not surprising!) The Jillian Michaels Show (find it on itunes) - do you listen to any health, fitness, weight loss, fat loss shows? Please share!

A good resource also is which has a lot of good documentaries on it (some you can find on you tube as well) some of my favourites are:

  • food inc
  • hungry for change
  • simply raw : reversing diabetes
  • fat, sick and nearly dead
Im also keen for any other documentaries people can recommend!

So theres some steps, don't make weight loss a chore - if it is a chore we will never be successful - it takes time but think of it in a positive light - that it brings you enjoyment and makes you happy and it will work better for ALL of us !!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Well yesterday was definitely a success! The scales dropped 1.4 kilos overnight :)

Looks like tomorrow i will have my first "official" skype meeting that I am doing via the online consulting that I have organised. So that should be interesting what calories, macros etc he puts me at and also any other recommendations he makes. I do know there will be daily weigh ins so he can watch for trends....but apart from that I dont know too much at this stage.

I was thinking today how when weight loss was my "passion" "my hobby" my weight loss was im going to start to do some posts more about what I do to be successful....not only might it benefit others but I think it will be a good reminder for me! So tomorrow I will be doing one on making this my passion!

Went to the gym tonight...20 minutes on the cross trainer then we did a lil bit of weight and core work....all went back has much more mobility in it! Have a good night all :)