Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday July 8

So my back is still playing up...it was improving then went to the gym last night and it is a worse today. There is a part of me tempted to take a break from the gym for a week or two. My back improved so much over the weekend when I wasnt at the gym...ill see how it goes this week. Im not keen for a break simply cos once u break routine it can be hard to get back into it.

At this stage I am not going to do boxing (think thats what flared it up last night) so im going to stick to my PT sessions, cardio equipment and RPM classes. Hopefully thats enough exercise just to help my back without over doing it.

As I mentioned previously, i have a spreadsheet which myself and patrick (my nutritional guru!) can see...yesterday he messaged me and said have you really lost that much weight or is that a typo? lol. Yesterday I did fluctuate up by 400 grams but over night it dropped another 1.2 kilos :) So since last thursday morning I have lost 5.5 kilos (12.1 pounds) but I know my body.....it will stall soon and I will possibly even gain a lil. But all this protein and fat is certainly not doing me any harm :) The best part of it is I am enjoying my healthy eating again which I hadnt for a long time.

Tonight I have RPM and then PT. I think I must be the most frustrating PT client...my trainer said last night "you are much stronger then you think you are".... that got  massive eye roll...lol...

Have a good day all :)

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