Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday July 9

So I am a lil proud of me right now :)

My eating has been really good this week. The scales have done a massive drop yes (I will know the exact number for the week in the morning) but more then that I have felt my relationship with food has been better. Ive had lots of good foods...with lots of protein and fat (and moderate carbs) Ive had lots of things like spinach, chicken breast, oats, feta cheese, protein powder etc but also some really yummy some lindt balls, lindt chocolate, a lamb burger, a ham burger, quest bars, home made pita bread pizzas. Patrick my nutritionist guru yesterday asked me how I was finding things and as I said to him I feel like I have a good balance of treats with healthy foods which I think has made this week a lot easier!

Im also not thinking about "was this a good or bad week?"....I am doing today....and when todays over I will go to sleep and redo all the good eating not gonna be at goal tomorrow....right now its about trudging thru...staying focused day after day....then before I know it (ok months away but u get the point lol) i will at one of my goals!

I did think about taking 1-2 weeks off from the gym due to my back injury to allow it to heal properly. But discussed it with Tamika last night and she felt it was best not to break up my routine (which was my concern) instead the only group fitness class I will do will be RPM...and we will focus on cardio and core work for the moment....getting back to things like boxing and pump is prolly at least a month away. That said she had me doing intervals on the xtrainer that kicked my ass - so all good!

Back tomorrow with this weeks results :)

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