Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1.6 kilos babeeeeeeeee

yes its true 1.6 kilos ! I seriously did not expect to lose that much....there was even a wondering if i gained (seems kinda silly now lol) but the most i was realistically expecting was 800 double that is simply amazing...and I am now convinced it all comes down to weighing and tracking ! Combined with my 25 minutes of exercise i did 5 times last week. i have my eye on someone....they live local...we hang out a bit...have a nice friendship....and she is currently getting over her last relationship. Anyway, someone last nite said to her "if your head was in the right head space Id ask you out" WHO THE HELL TOOK OVER MY BODY AND SAID THAT??? wtf did that confidence come from???? LOL Anyway she told me not to discount her....shes not in the right head space at the moment...but to not discount im all smiles today ;) A lil while later she said...ill have to come over sometime soon so u can watch this pink i was like sure...u can come over for din over the next week or so ill try and organise that!

Anyway my NYE is going to be quiet as i have to work at 8.30am all have a good and SAFE new year....and more power to all of us with 2009 xox

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its my birthday....

Well have had a gorgeous day today....woke up to numerous emails saying happy bday as well as lots of messages on facebook...and the phone has recieved lots of text messages. We went out to lunch where i got my present from my sister which was the most awesome makeup includes everything...eyeshadows, lipstick, lip glosses, nail polish, lip & eye liner, rouge, mirror, every imaginable type of brush....its awesome i love it. At lunch i had the greek lamb salad...and it was divine .... so damn yummii !!! I had a great day and now the countdown to my nite out for my bday on friday...bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!

Okies i took some photos...taking photos is always such a reality check...sometimes i get lost over the fact i lost 25 kilos...and think im so much better off....and then i see the pics and think...yeh...i look a lil better....but no where near where i wanna be....and nowhere near as much in my head as i thought id be...anyway heres the pics...i will be back tomorrow with weigh in results...keep your fingers crossed !

The beginning of the journey:

Photos from December 30 2008:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Exercise points..

Wow...just checked my tracker....have done 12.5 points of exercise this week...a big improvement on last week as was only 5.5 points that week. My fingers are still crossed for a loss on wednesday...I realise last weeks loss of 5.1 kilos was huge...and my body may be thinking wtf? Also I have upped the exercise this week including some resistance and light weight work so I could be building muscle as well.

Tomorrow of course is my birthday...i am going out for lunch...ive checked the menu and am deciding between two options either Lamb fillet marinated in lemon, garlic & a blend of Greek spices. Cooked to your liking, served with salad greens, baby bocconcini, spanish onion, roma tomatoes, cucumber wafers. Finished with roasted capsicum & basil coulis or Chicken tenderloins marinated in cajun spices, grilled & served with baby cos leaves, oven baked pancetta, roma tomatoes, crunchy croutons & finished with a house made ranch dressing, i was gonna get the chicken salad but im kinda leaning towards the greek lamb figuring both would be around 10 points...decisions decisions lol I mite opt for the lamb salad cos i dont have red meat often so it mite be good to get some red meat in me.

Not a lot else going on...making a chicken burger tonite for dinner...with one of steggles chicken breast fillets (only 2.5 points and is crumbed =])

Oh airlie - so nice seeing u u still have a journal?

Im sure ill be back tomorrow...enjoy till then all =]

Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 days off....

3 days off now...glorious...glorious...glorious...been really good foodwise again. Jumped on the scales tonite...and they dont look like ive lost...even wondering if i may be going to have a gain...ive been spot on with my food so the only thing i can think is cos I lost so much last body is prolly balancing out...regardless im noticing the difference in my clothes...i will weigh myself tomorrow for more of a idea. But regardless I know Ive done nothing wrong...and will keep doing what i am doing.

We were really quiet yesterday and today at work thankfully...i played a lot of backgammon LOL

Have come under my points by half a point today so all good.

Finally got a call tonight from a guy coming to do maintenance work on the airconditioning - thank gawd ! The a/c is so freaking loud you turn it on and it sounds like a aeroplane about to take off...i dont turn it on cos its so noisy so will be good to be able to turn it on. So anyway he is coming 10.30am tomorrow morning...then in the afternoon need to go do the grocery shopping. I also decided as my "treat" for my bday since i dont wanna buy cake or anything....i will uy meringue egg nest and put some of the nestles chocolate dessert (the one for 1 point) and then pop strawberries on top...think that should do me quite nicely !

Okies off to watch the end of jerry mcguire before ni all =]

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another day...

Had an awful dream last nite...dreamt i had all these warts on my stomach and they were i went to the doc the doc said...we need to operate to see if they are operable (like wtf???) and i said when do we need to operate? And she goes yesterday LOL...i woke up thinking okay damn weird

Managed to sleep in till 8.45am this morning wooo hooo. Am back at work today and tomorrow. Working 12pm-8pm. Walked for 30 minutes this morning. I am wearing the exs tshirt sits quite loose on me...not baggy but not as firm fitting as it once thats gotta be a good sign.

I am getting so good with my water drinking its not funny....which is so good cos thats something i normally struggle with. I am aiming for a kilo loss this week I think it is doable.

I also went and got fitted for new gym shoes by athelete foot the other day...they recommended New Balance Cross trainers 855 for oh a low $169.95 holy crap...i didnt buy any...but will wait till i see them on special or something (which mite be never haha !)

Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after....

Morning all =] My plans for the party arent going ahead....but its all good....i knew Robyns ex would be at the party and i was concerned last nite about that scenario...i spoke to her this morning and she thought it may seem antagonistic so we agreed i wouldnt go...she mentioned going to one on australia day tho and i am seeing her at my birthday so its all good.

I carried one point over from yesterday, which I am impressed with. I must say when i get to the end of the day and KNOW every morsel which has passed my lips has been tracked and i havent gone over my points is a really fulfilling feeling, this is unique for me as i have never felt confident in my tracking. Yesterday i ended up drinking about 4 litres of water...I am really coming to like that full feeling that drinking water gives me. Of course i was up a lot during the night going to the loo but its all good.

So today I am relaxing at home...watching some L word and later dr phil & oprah...hope everyone has a nice boxing day...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

...well I have had a lovely day. Spent most of it watching L word. I made some low point truffles and also did 25 minutes of exercise. Taking my exercise points into account I head in tomorrow with 1 point saved ;) I had a 97% fat free turkey roll which was delicious. I woke up and went and got my presents and took them back to bed to unwrap...thats one pro to be alone eh? lol...My mum gave me money, and my sister and her family spoilt me. I got a watch, 2 lip gloss's, 2 necklaces (can we say BLING!) and a teatowel made by Danielles child care/kindergarten where all the babies hand prints were on it and all the kids who can draw...did a drawing on it with their names next to it....really cute and of course Danielles drawing was on it.

Then tonight I got a message from someone asking me wanting to know what time i was working saturday...once I told her,,,she asked me if i wanted to go to a party...telling me she would pick me up and get me home safe ;) so thats really quite exciting so have now had to quickly go thru the few clothes I bought over here and wash a top to wear LOL....I think we can really classify this as a good week ! And what I will do as well is take some photos before I leave tomorrow.

I hope it was a fab day for all =]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


ok it was a good week and todays result capped the week off as GREAT ! Let me step u back to last nite first tho...came over to mums and they decided to have pizza...hmmmm okies...i had 10 points for the day left....7 points i had saved and 5.5 exercise points i could i could have4 pieces. I decided on 4 pieces before we picked it up...and even when offered a 5th...said no...the garlic bread i also said no too =] This morning i noticed mum had a jar with chocolate covered honeycomb in the told her to lock them away LOL so they are all locked in her filing cabinet.

So this morning ventured into town...first i ventured to ezydvd....and scored series 6 of sex in the city for $30 and hooked up for $15,,,,i then ventured too insanity and got pink in europe for $15 and jillian michaels ultimate workout (3 dvds...beginners front side, beginners back, and cardio kickboxing) for $30 by the time i got to ww i was pretty wrapped. Grabbed myself a bottle of water and went to the meeting. Where i bought my ww kitchen scales...omg they are so great....worked out my lunch with very impressed....and cos i spent over $20 I got a free cook book.....and then i got my REAL christmas present....i stepped on the scales...expecting a loss of around 3 kilos....welll.....*drumrollllllllllllll*.......i lost 5.1 KILOS ! HOLY MACARONI! Im wrapped...i am beyond happy and of course got my 5 kilo bookmark, and more then ever i am POSITIVE this is it...this is THE LAST time i will ever way 150 kilos....yay for now 145.7...the goal for this week is to get under 145 kilos...i think its completely do-able. Bring it on !

Update : Did 25 minutes of Jillians Beginners Front Side ...2.5 points....and im sweating !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WOW @ potato gems

Well a lovely relaxing day at home today. Knew Id wake up damn early and i was awake a few minutes after 6am LOL

Mum messaged me last nite asked me to go over decided mite as well start staying there as off tonite. She wants to show me where stuff is. im pretty much packed...did that earlier...have packed a pile of dvds...and mums got a computer so i should be fine.

So im over mums for dinner tonite ... i said what are you having? she was like....chicken drumsticks with french onion soul mix - tick...theyre fine....spinach and ricotta pastries...3 points a pastry...ok i can afford 2 of those....and potato gems...hmmmmm how much are they? well for 10 measley potato gems...which weigh only 9grams...where as a 100 gram potato is 1 point which i will cut into oven fries.

Im impressed with how ive done this week...i should finish the week with 7 points saved and 5.5 exercise points (gonna aim for 10 exercise points this week) I feel good...and deserve a good loss. Im confident of losing around 3 kilos will find out more tomorrow.

The gym sent me a xmas card today lol was hand written by my dietician...saying she was looking forward to catching up with will after xmas ring up and book PT sessions and a session with her for the week starting january 5. Also once the electricity bill has arrived and been paid (shouldnt be very big this quarter) i will book in for 10 weeks for the boxing PT sessions.

Anyway I will be back tomorrow...but in case you dont read my journal between now and then....i hope everyone has a fabulous xmas xox

Monday, December 22, 2008

Nearly there.....

YAY its my friday today ! I have 6 hours and 50 minutes to go till im off for 4 days (but whose counting eh? lol) I keep saying I cant wait to sleep in but Ive got a very strong suspicion I will be waking up bright and early. This morning my alarm was due to go off at 6.45am and i woke up and got up at 6.15am. I mite have to stay up till about 11pm or so tonite and that way ill prolly sleep in till at least 7am LOL

I am still going really good with my food. I have 7 points saved and may use one or two of them today as I am having the hot dog for lunch. I also have earned 5.5 exercise points (nothing huge i know but its all a step in the right direction) and every day i have drunk between 1.2-1.8 litres of water so thats getting pretty close to the mark too.

Seems I might have plans NYE but im still deciding on them. Their is a girls dance out at St Marys only problem is I have to work at 8am the following morning and at first i thought ill go and only stay till 12.15am-12.30amish but the more i think about it the more I think I may need to skip it...It will be so hard to get a taxi on the nite and i really will need absolute minimum 5-6 hours sleep. So still deciding on is only a few days later I am going out for my birthday so mite just save myself for that only lol

Okies not too much else to say...have a good day all =]


WOOT 1 hour and 37 minutes to go ;)

We are deadly quiet at work today. They changed the roster this week so that a lot of people are off xmas day so we have a large number of staff in and so thankfully we are quiet. Anyway as we are quiet i decided to read back over some of my journal...i was reading the first half of this year....and realise how far I was from being in the right head space. There was a lot of moaning about past stuff, going from one program to another like i was changing my underwear lol (think i just my plan of action 4 times in January alone) i think i just wasnt damn happy. A while ago...novemberish i think it was i had a bit of a light bulb moment which i kept to myself...and that was about how im sick of playing the victim...sick of giving others the power...i wont allow myself to be the victim anymore...and i think thats got a lot to do with how my head is at the moment. I really am at a good place. Prolly for the first time EVER im truly following the really seeing my daily points like money in the bank...and i cant overdraw the bank account...but i can do some extra work on the side for some bonus points. I am happy, I ahve finally got a bunch of friends....and its not people who just put up with me...its people who truly like me...i finally don't see me having a girlfriend as a fantasy...I know it will happen...when the time is right...the unprocessed foods is working for me...i dont eat hard cheese often (only on tacos for examples...not on toast or sandwiches and im a HUGE cheese lover), im not eating much processed foods...the odd ww ice cream or cookie...but i use to eat a LOT of muesli bars before - no snacks are now bananas and mixed eating spinich most nites ! And have grated carrot and grated zuchhini quite a bit (and like i said...not a vegetable person) now that im combining ww with my fernwood starting to work the program...i feel really proud of a lot of my current food choices...2.30pm and 1.8 litres of water has been drunk...and im religiously it isnt funny...i know ive said it before but i am making this a huge focus. I feel now this is it the FINAL time...i am NEVER gonna be this weight not gonna rejoin WW EVER again...its over...this whole roundabout is over...this xmas and 2009 is all about me babeeeee...When I weigh in every week over xmas i will record losses...theres no more excuses of "oh this one time wont matter" points = no food

I have set myself some January 31 I wanna be under 143 kilos by the ww scales, by December 31 I have set 3 goals...the minimum goal i will accept from myself is under 120 kilos....the next goal i am truly aiming for is 110 kilos and the fantasy goal is 100 kilos...obviously its a fantasy goal cos its quite possible i wont make it...if i got under 120 kilos i would be really happy tho...and i need that focus...those things to aim for.

Okies one hour and 15 minutes to go....and then 4 days off!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I feel good today, really good. The scales are moving nicely and even tho i was at work bright and early i still am in a really good mood. I have tracked all of today food...and have 5 points left. So i think when i get home from work ill slot in a extra banana (ive got large ones at home) which will only leave me with 2.5 points. But as tomorrow work is doing hotdogs for lunch...i will use those points to enable me to have the hotdog.

Tonight I will do the biggest loser dvd and try to get all the way thru it. What I really need to do is get a few more dvds maybe the walk away the pounds so i can do different ones on different days

Its weird that now I have my head screwed on okay...some of the posts on the ww forums seem so ridiculous. The number of posts of i ate bad, or i gained or im off track...PLEASE of course we get motivation from the forums and support and advice but how are we suppose to help? In all the times i have struggled i never once posted something like pretty much sounds like someone is saying wahhhhhhhhhh find me a easy way to do this...

Tomorrow is my last day of work before my 4 days off weeeeeeeeeeee so friggin looking forward to them.

Also a reminder my journal is going private please please email me if you want to be able to view it after tuesday on

okies off to do some work since thats what im here for ! lol

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things are going good !

Woke up bright and early today...15 minutes before my alarm went off (and was due to go off at 6.15am ) so im impressed...the good eating is obviously helping in me getting out of bed on time. I am being very strict about my never before...I have always tracked in my head and not weighed things...and this would be my downfall I think...was shocked to discover a cup of uncooked pasta is 4.5 points i use to count it as 2-3 points and i would have way more then just a cup LOL I am still really impressed with me doing 34 minutes of the biggest loser DVD last nite..I think I have the walk away the pounds dvd at home too...if i do ill do that tonight...if not ill prolly do the biggest loser one again. I think the fact I have got it into my head that its 27 points per day no ifs or but is making a points should drop down to 26 next week. I did jump on the scales this morning and showing a loss of around 1.4 kilos and while i realise thats fluid and not fat loss its all still a step in the right direction.

Its a gorgeous day..unfortunately tho i am working till 3.30pm and then back in early again tomorrow. I got invited out to the local pub last nite and tonite (by 2 different friends) but cant go too either...cos im just on too early a start.

I am gonna buy the ww points scales on wednesday at my meeting - im getting money for xmas so that will be my present...and i think they will be worth their weight in gold...specially when trying to measure out 5 grams of damn parmasan cheese !

Only 2 more days after today and I have 4 days off work weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i cannot wait...gonna be so friggin relaxing and xmas day is gonna be a big dvd watching day lol i checked on ezydvd's website this morning and dammit they are still out of stock of series 4 of L mite have to purchase something else to keep me occupied xmas day.


Exercise update (this mite become a regular thing lol) ,,,, put the music on and for 20 minutes danced in the living room....then i did 100 steps on the stepper...then did 20 reps with my lil weights.....20 reps in the 3 different arm all in all 28 minutes of exercise....yay me !

Friday, December 19, 2008

Back into it all

Had a real good day foodwise yesterday. I tracked religiously (believe it or not!) even my parmasan cheese...ever tried to weigh out 5 grams of that stuff? But anyway i feel much better already...that bloated feeling is gone. One of my many weakness's is savoury bakery items (like sausage rolls, pies, quiches etc) and I have a bakery on my street...anyway in the last week or so I have visited them regularly...and I have now noticed the difference in my bloating. Amazing tho one day of eating good and drinking the water (1.8 litres yesterday) and the bloating is gone and my jeans are sitting nice again. YAY

Last night I sat down and planned out todays menu...just gotta stop at coles on the way home and pick up some ww bacon, tonight im gonna make a pasta sauce with bacon, tomatos, chilli and lots of vegetables.

Its amazing how when you are in control of your eating you just feel better all round isnt it? Must be the empowerment of being in control

Only 3 work days left and i have 4 days off yippee....................ok have a good day all :)


Woohooo I am sitting here sweating ! I decided after much talk about my biggest loser DVD to actually DO IT...last time i tried to do it...prolly 3 months ago i last 10 minutes of it...tonite 34 MINUTES BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i prolly could have gone a bit longer and dont laugh but one of my toes was cramping (gawd jody i can hear u laughing ur head off at that!) but its was cramping and i didnt want it to get real bad....but wooo im so proud of me ! I am now gonna sit here and read my slimming & health magazine. Was invited out tonite to the pub but blast gotta start work at 7.30am and as no one was going out before 8.30pm had to skip it...but i must say i feel religiously tracking, i exercised, i have a social life and i have 4 days off work next week plus my bday celebrations coming up - life is damn good !

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well yanno it is a womans perogative to change their mind eh? Well no im not really changing my mind...just a slight different tact. I was reading thru the ww literature last nite and got to the point where it said about measuring yourself...hmmmmm lil hard to measure urself when u live alone...but i want those measurements done cos they are so important. This is one area where fernwood was better then ww in that they measured and did body fat. Now fernwood gave me their program free for 12 months so i still have 9 months of that left at no cost. So what i have decided is ... primarily i am following ww..and will religiously stick to the points but will primarily base my eating along the filling foods...but i will as well as being weighed at ww i will go to my appointments with fernwood so i will get measured and body fat measured as well. Also any week i cant make it to one of the sessions whether it be fernwood or ww i will still ahve the accountability for it for that week. Maybe some think its over the top but it makes sense to me.

There seems to be a slight change in the birthday plans...still going out for the drinks but at this stage prolly wont be staying in town on the nite (which to be honest mite not be a bad thing) I am contemplating maybe booking into a hotel on the nite of my actual birthday. At this stage I have absolutely nothing planned on the would be nice to do something...anyone else got any other suggestions that wont kill the bank balance of something i can do on my own?

Okies off i go...dont forget - email if you want a invite to the journal as it will be going private as of tuesday !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back to meetings....

Well...went to my meeting ! And i feel so motivated. There has been no meetings in the city for a year or so and they have moved to a new building...all painted...and spacey and all this great shelving where the products are all displayed. Really a nice fresh place for the meetings. Anyway i turned up...cos i had joined as unlimited they gave me a free basic starters kit, and for the first week cos these are new meetings they also gave us all a bag with a ww magazine, a journal and the latest cookbook - bargain ! Then they had a draw for a prize and i won that ! LOL so i got a book of menu plans and a points calculator. I have already logged on and filled out my tracker...i have done it...still have to measure a cup of raw pasta...but without that i still have 9 points spare....whcih by the time i add in the pasta and some snacks should lead me to be spot on. I am gonna take a tip from jo and not go over my points on any day,,,,no catching up on points the following days etc.

I ahd a whole day off work today...go back tomorrow and work 5 days before i get fourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr days off for xmas...cannot wait ! I am house sitting...and am planning to just do lots of dvd watching...nothingoverly exciting but am looking forward to some relaxing time.

I have had quite a few emails about getting access for my blog once it gets private, and of course everyone who emailed me will get a invite :) im flattered you all read my dinky dont forget if u want access after tuesday to email me at and also...a couple of people commented that they lurked...and i just wanna say i dont care if u lurk...i dont care if people dont post comments...i am really flattered you read...

Okies time for house ! enjoy ur nite all =]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Signed up for unlimited !

Well I signed up for unlimited online today ! Im excited ! Im tired of the whole roundabout of weight loss...I want to get this weight shifted for good. I think I will primarily stick to my plan I was doing at fernwood but increasing it so i am eating enuff points. I had a play around earlier...interesting a lot of the "filling" foods I was already eating...I like how they highlight them in the tracker tho. I am going to a meeting lunch time tomorrow...and planning to do my biggest loser dvd in the morning (now my lounge room is all clear and tidy LOL)

Ive started playing backgammon again, I ahvent played it for ages. Mainly cos the tournaments i play in are in a US chat program and it costs like $12 US a month which with the dollar going down i decided cost too much. But a friend has given me a chat name on his account :) so now i can go in and play for free which is a bonus. I always find things like that relaxing and I love playing gammon altho its so long since i played i seriously suck at it at the moment LOL

Like jaxx i am going to make my journal private. I seriously dont know who reads the journal...and i think by making it private it would be more if you want to be added to the private list email me on and i will get u added....Ill be setting it all up to private monday or tuesday of next week.

The plans for the hotel room for the night of my bday celebrations has changed a lil. We are now talking about organising a 2 bedroom apartment...theres at least 3 of us planning on it...and I have asked a fourth friend along as think 4 lesbians in a hotel will get up to a few hijinks? Im thinking so after a drink or two LOL

Not a lot else going on...having a good day all...only 2 more hours and im on a day off wooohooo

Monday, December 15, 2008

Its a new week....

Well yay inspection is over ! It all went really well...they are looking at putting a new dual system in one of the toilets and also they are going to reimburse me for the fluro lights i had to go buy. The landagent is really nice...she was here for about 45 minutes a lot of that time just chatting.

I was suppose to go to WW tonite..but i discovered they now have EIGHT meetings in the am going to go there instead on wednesday on my day off. The gym emailed me today and said my membership will recommence on 2/1 but my first debit wont be till 10/1.

I have decided whilst I am going back to not gonna be going to the forums. There are just too many rude and condescending people on it....that combined with how segregated the forum has become I dont think its anything I would gain from.

Birthday plans are coming along nicely...I have invited a bunch of friends to the wheaty....and a friend Leigh has pretty much convinced me to book into a hotel for the night. I am suppose to work the next day...but fingers crossed i can get a shift swap and have the next day off...then if i do....woooo hoooo look out adelaide...kazz may end up being led astray :)

Okies....I also do xstitch...havent done any in ages....but am gonna order a new pattern this week....still trying to decide between im gonna attach the links..would love any feedback or thoughts on which people like the better out of the two

1. Design One
2.Design Two

Okies off i go....have a good nite all =]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Xmas presents and other stuff...

Well work was very good and gave me half a day off on monday for the inspection. So im off sunday and finish work at 11am on monday and then have wednesday off...not bad eh? lol Today I cleaned up the living room...dusted...pulled out the lounge etc vaccuumed behond it all also washed the coffee table cover apart from putting away the clothes airer and putting away a couple of things that room is already. Which was the main room to clean...ive only gotta vac the bedrooms, do the kitchen floor, the bathroom, and sweep out in the i will get all that done sunday afternoon...altho i mite do some tomorrow afternoon too.

Tomorrow morning i have to go out and do the grocery shopping then i have to dash into town and buy a new fluro tube for the second bathroom...then in the afternoon going over to mums to drop off the kids xmas presents so she can take them with her. Buying the xmas presents for the kids in the morning and i saw online target has 20% off toys till wednesday which is a bonus.

Then of course monday nite im going back to ww....have been reading the boards they start to introduce the new plan this week so my timing is good...theyre also opening one of the ww myer centres in adelaide in febuary which will help for the occassional week i cant get to meetings.

This weekend i work saturday and have nothing else planned apart from housework which im looking forward too...its expensive going out every friggin weekend. The rain is bucketing down at the moment i hope it bloody well settles down enuff so that i dont get drenched when going out in the morning.

Well thats enuff for tonite....i will be back monday or tuesday nite to let u all know how the inspection and ww went =]

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Its tuesday !

Woke up yesterday morning and my eyeballs ached...seems weird huh? Anyway so off to the doc i went turns out it was just eyestrain, whilst there tho i had a chat to him about my moods. When i look back my moods have prolly got worse over the last 9 months or so but the up & downess of them all has got worse over the last 3 months. An example is yesterday i was like...thats it im quitting work...i dunt wanna go in there and deal with it i cant even believe i was thinking like that. Ive also noticed when i compare my journal entries especially over the last few months to back to late 2006.... i am thinking too much...i am focussing on too much instead of going with the flow, anyway i have prolly been having one or two days per week where i am really down, and even getting very frustrated and angry towards people (which is not like me) so anyway me and the doc chatted and he has put me back on the meds, i feel like this is a good will start taking them once i fill the script on thursday.

The inspection of my unit is on monday...i have thursday, friday and sunday off so plenty of time to get everything spick and span (altho in reality theres not much to do) ive asked for a shift swap on monday but if that cannot be worked in...i will work 7am-11am and then scoot home the inspection will occurr anytime between 12.30pm and 3pm. And then that night i will be returning back to ww.

I am all quite content about spending xmas day/eve by myself now. I have a small and not a very good kitchen whilst ill be staying at my mums she has a nice kitchen...good oven im planning xmas eve to just do a pile of baking which i will take home and freeze. Xmas day will do the L word thing.

Okies thats enuff blabbler for today... enjoy all

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust

Well its late sunday afternoon and the weekend is nearly over =[ That said i have thursday, friday, sunday and (hopefully) monday off over the next 8 days

Got home friday nite didnt feel like going out and there was a letter from the land agent sayingits time for another inspection which is monday the 15th between 12.30pm-3pm I am hoping work will give me either a shift swap or a annual leave day...cos no way im not gonna be here with someone in my house. SO once i read that and was buggered friday nite i thought no not going texted a couple of friends to let them know. Well lol one friend hassled me to death till i agreed to i went. And i had a fun night. I got a lil drunk (ok quite drunk) but it wasnt my fault ! I walked in some friends saw me just as they were buying some shooters so they bought me one, i then bought a glass of champagne (only one i bought all nite) then a friend bought me a few more glasses....then a friend of a friend bought me a couple of cocktails...then my friend bought me MORE champagne..but it was fun i danced with a few different women, listened to some good music it was all good. There is some more stuff to say but at this point ill shut my mouth ;)

SO saturday morning i had a hangover...ok people....all u ww'ers...whats your hangover cures???? Then all weekend i have been slowly doing ALL the washing (including all the things i think each week...i cant be bothered with washing that this week ie the housecoat) and picking up stuff. Pretty much all i need to do it get the new fluro light and vacuum, dust and mop the day before and then on the day sweep out the bag and wash the front and back door down and im ready for the inspection.

A week tomorrow i go back to ww and im excited already...i really looking forward to more cooking and doing the weight loss plan while fitting in to what has become quite a busy social life

Okies off i go ... enjoy all !

Friday, December 05, 2008

YAY its friday

Got up this morning...pulled on the jeans and oooeeerrr thee even though i ahvent stepped on the scales im guessing ive put on about 2-3 kilos. As i walked to work i got thinking about it all...and was thinking oh well in the new year ill be back at ww...but stuff gonna go back before xmas. Id go this monday night except finances are a lil tight this week due to a ridiculously high electricity bill lol so would have to wait till 15th december...which i know mite sound a lil strange starting right before xmas but i think its wise to do.

I also thought about the wii some more...and my brain is really struggling to justify spending $500 on it so think i will get the gym shoes as well as buy the ww scales. I will try whenever i can to go to the tuesday mornign ww meeting cos SA's best leader lol christina takes that meeting last i heard...and when i cant ill go monday evening. The more i think about it the more i think its the right decision...i can work my social life in with it which has been a huge stumbling block with the fernwood plan.

Tonite there is a girls nite on at the old beanz bar which i will prolly go to...i tell u i have completely forgotten what its like to have a complete weekend at all...thankfully no plans saturday and sunday ... apart from housework and moving into the other bedroom not planning to do a great deal...will prolly do some dvd watching i suspect and also i have lots of books i havent read so will go thru them mite start to do some reading...also mite put some books ive read and a couple of tops that no longer fit me on to ebay...give me a lil extra cash ;)

Well not a great deal else to to have my weetbix...have a good friday all !

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Tomorrow nite there is another girls nite out (yes another one lol) so trying to decide whether to go...i think i will as seems EVERYONE is going...and always good to support these kind of events. Someone i like is going and i have a suspicion someone else who likes them is going thats made me a lil tentative but i am sure i will go (plus felicity says she is going to nag me via text LOL) Its at hindley street at some old club called beans and has a lush (who i think ive heard off before) and lots of my friends are going so should be good.

Sent out invites for my birthday via facebook & emails yesterday. So far I have 9 people going ! OMG -dies of shock- and so far no one has said no altho i know one or two wont be able to make it (its a chit time of the year to celebrate ya birthday in all honesty) AND the girl i like sent her a invite and shes replied back already that she is going to come as well...woo hoo =] that maybe a good sign LOL

Im still contemplating things I will spend my xmas money on...and as well as the gym shoes or bike the thought of a wii is a very definite prolly have to put it on layby....but i could pay 50% off it in the days after xmas at least...and then hopefully have it within a month or so...its not gonna replace the gym or anything but would be good to have something fun to increase the incidental exercise.

This weekend i am planning to get into the baking...gonna make a big lot of lasagne (from STGTBT books) and mite even make some scrolls which i havent had in forever.

Work is relatively quiet today (touch wood) so hopefully it continues to be a good day...when i get home tonite im putting a colour thru my hair need to cover a couple of grey hairs that are peeking out LOL

Okies not much else going on...back to the grindstone...enjoy =]

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Well i am moving bedrooms this neighbours are driving me nuts ! I am not sure if they are incredibly loud or just my previous neighbour was incredibly quiet. I never use to hear my old was bliss...these ones i hear the snoring...i can hear them talking in the bedroom in the morning...and last nite they were outside about 10pm at night talking...and i was in my bedroom which is on the first floor and i could hear them ... they were loud enough that id been asleep and it woke me up. So thats this weekends task to move the bedrooms around.

Last nite was in chat and was asked if i am going to this girls nite on friday nite...i was like no (jsut paid my $480 electricity bill - eek) and it was the first time id said no to going out...and i think that i need to get thru my head that its ok to sometimes say no.

Ive been thinking a lot about the weight loss thing...and have come to the conclusion that fernwoods way is a diet not a lifestyle. I said the other week to her...this plan is very restrictive...and she agreed and then said but it needs to be or you wont lose. And i understand what shes saying but i think its TOO restrictive. I went to yesterday and they say i should be eating 1800-2200 calories per day, the plan fernwood has me on is 1700 calories. Now I think there plan has a lot of pluses about it and i have eaten more vegetables on a daily basis then ever before and my carb proprtions are at a good level (not excessive like before) but i suspect i need more protein. I am thinking maybe i need to take what theyve taught me about food groups etc (something i never focussed on before) and use that in conjunction with ww. Whilst I wanna do that I am also worried about the reaction of fernwood....i know the next time i walk into fernwood and see eve shes gonna be on to me to find out when i am seeing her next. So thats a lil concern but when I go back I will prolly book a time to see Hannah who does all the membership stuff to organise my second PT session a week for 10 weeks and maybe speak to her about it all. I think possibly when I am down around 100 kilos the fernwood eating plan would make sense but not right now...i really need to be focussing on "its a lifestyle" They have a meeting at 7pm on monday nites (which i could make 5 out of 7 weeks) and the other 2 weeks...i could try and organise a shiftswap or at the very least make it one out of them at the tuesday morning session. Or i could just follow the ww plan on my own and see even to be weighed and measured...only problem with that is i feel like im "cheating on her" if you get my drift. So as you can see weight loss isnt about to fall by the way side...its actually getting a lot of thought and i really want 2009 the year that really makes the difference.

Okies not much else to say !


I was reading Joamys journal today and she had posted her first ever I was curious went back to my first entries (august 06 when i first seriously joined ww) and i noticed a couple of things...firstly i was eating food was 100% and i was drinking my water...but i was having treats...there was mention of ww desserts and fruit muffins...but i was having BIG losses (as high as 3.5 kilos per week) so obviously my body has the ability to also convinces me more that ww is the way to go...i was embracing "lifestyle" i was still fitting in work functions and the odd nite out at the i think in the new year thats the first thing...more then anything...i need to not do "fernwoods diet" and instead do "wws lifestyle" I was also baking more...utilising the STGTBT books...which i havent recently so thats the other thing and increase my activity. For xmas my mum always gives me money...ive been thinking what to spend it on and am half says use it to go get fitted for new gym shoes...the other half of me says go buy a bicycle with it...decisions decisions...i never had a bike as a mum refused to buy me one as she said i was too dangerous on love to get one...but worried about injuring will have to give that some more thought.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Tanias comments to my post a few days back got me thinking. Saw it when I got home from work tonite...grabbed my slimming & health magazine...and went for a soak in a tub. The magazine anyway had a story about "tough love" with yourself. It got me thinking,,,maybe i am simply feeling sorry for myself? And maybe my self talk has fallen by the way side? When I first started ww i did a lot of self talk to get my head in the right place. And at the time it worked. Now suddenly I am getting stuff I want but i am still not happy???? I have been completely focussed lately on going back so my solitude life would be the easy option...but why is that even coming up as a option? Its time to change my thinking....time to stop questioning what I am doing...and just DO

For the remainder of this month without the simply gonna stick to being healthy and hopefully returning back to the gym at the same weight. Its time to get a old fashioned diary and keeping a diligent record of my food and exercise. Its time to set some goals...weight and non weight ones. I also need to talk to my dietician....when i went in the other week i said i wanted to weigh in more then once a month that i needed the accountability and she said we will go to weighing fortnightly....but when I go back i need to tell her i want to be weighed once a week. I need to take the option of going back to my old lifestyle out of the occassion. I mean lets admit it life is pretty damn good at the moment...i have friends...i have a actual social is going fine...and a new year is only a month away....nearly time for more new goals. I need to be consistent with setting monthly goals as well as some longer term goals. Was funny I wrote this post last nite and had thought of some things i wanna achieve and saw jaxxs journal and saw some the same as she has added to her journal (specifically the 500 grams per week to lose 26 kilos) So i will work on that later and add over the next few days.

Feel quite good has now managed to give me 4 days off over over my moodiness about xmas. I am planning to have a "L word" day on xmas day...just sit down and watch all 3 series I have and it kinda works good having the 4 days off cos its a bit of a pain getting to work from mums house.

Okies not much else going on..byessssss
Went to the feast picnic yesterday and had a nice day, altho I am sunburnt...specially on my foot - ouch!

I sent a email off to the gym yesterday telling them i want to suspend my membership for the month of december. I feel quite blah about it and dont have the same level of enthusiasm I had a few months ago,,,,maybe its the time of the year??? Or maybe its just me being me lol The thing is also the gym is closed quite a few days this month or on restricted times it seems silly to pay...and this way I will have a real break that will hopefully regenerate my enthusiasm. When I go back in January the plan is to do two PT sessions a week for 10 weeks and really kick start the losses. The other thing I wonder about is the meal plan...its 1700 calories (or is that kilojoules) im pretty sure i should be having around 2000 per day so i wonder if thats led me to finding it lately quite restrictive...what i need to do is sit down and do a bit of research. The thing is if i modify there plan at all..i feel guilty when i hand in my food diary each week. I even wonder if maybe i should just follow ww taking into account of eating the right food groups...cos at least that way u are eating the right amount for your weight. So my thought is maybe get ww online but the etools but go to the gym for weigh ins...its a thought....

Yesterday was a good relaxing day. I enjoyed it...lots of people watching. Friday nite there is a girls dance in the city which I am debating going. Of course the golden dance is the week after so i have another golden dance coming up...but this weekend is CLEAN UP house needs a good clean...good dust n all that crap. I now also have 4 days off over now starting to look forward to 4 days of downtime. Thing xmas day mite turn into a major dvd watching day LOL. I saw at darrall leas they have mini xmas puddings for one think I will prolly pick one of them up closer to the day and prolly on xmas eve just pick up a roast chicken (they have mexican flavoured ones at my local chicken shop) with some least i wont be tempted this year to nibble on crap ! LOL