Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust

Well its late sunday afternoon and the weekend is nearly over =[ That said i have thursday, friday, sunday and (hopefully) monday off over the next 8 days

Got home friday nite didnt feel like going out and there was a letter from the land agent sayingits time for another inspection which is monday the 15th between 12.30pm-3pm I am hoping work will give me either a shift swap or a annual leave day...cos no way im not gonna be here with someone in my house. SO once i read that and was buggered friday nite i thought no not going texted a couple of friends to let them know. Well lol one friend hassled me to death till i agreed to i went. And i had a fun night. I got a lil drunk (ok quite drunk) but it wasnt my fault ! I walked in some friends saw me just as they were buying some shooters so they bought me one, i then bought a glass of champagne (only one i bought all nite) then a friend bought me a few more glasses....then a friend of a friend bought me a couple of cocktails...then my friend bought me MORE champagne..but it was fun i danced with a few different women, listened to some good music it was all good. There is some more stuff to say but at this point ill shut my mouth ;)

SO saturday morning i had a hangover...ok people....all u ww'ers...whats your hangover cures???? Then all weekend i have been slowly doing ALL the washing (including all the things i think each week...i cant be bothered with washing that this week ie the housecoat) and picking up stuff. Pretty much all i need to do it get the new fluro light and vacuum, dust and mop the day before and then on the day sweep out the bag and wash the front and back door down and im ready for the inspection.

A week tomorrow i go back to ww and im excited already...i really looking forward to more cooking and doing the weight loss plan while fitting in to what has become quite a busy social life

Okies off i go ... enjoy all !

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