Saturday, April 29, 2006

decisions decision can you believe i am still trying to decide about exercise...ive now been told about so add that to the mix of my confusion. Part of me is thinking ill ring curves on monday...ive already emailed fernwood to ask them a few questions....

But maybe i should just be brave and give curves a try? they have a week trial i can always try and not return if i dont like it.

I should tell u all about my scales...well they are just a LIL unreliable lol okies thats the understatement of the year if i was going by my scales ive lost 23 kilos hahahah theyre shoing ive maintained or put on but i know theyre not reliable so i am really trying to not focus on em cos i have been good...have exercised and my jeans are looser around my hips so we will have to see on tuesday. Tomorrow going out for lunch with mum and co...gonna be good and have lasagne which they serve with a real nice salad and then gonna go for a bit of a poke lol on the being rude now !

Okies thats enuff for today...laters all =)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

27 April 2006

well i *think* i have decided on going back to fernwood (but this is subject to change lol) i didnt ring them today as soon as i woke i had a staff meeting for the radio and then i had a hour or so to load and then i had a 2 hour show and then work, so have had no time today. But tomorrow i definitely will call...i have been thinking a lot about why i didnt stick to it last reason i think is cos i wasnt going to ww...i was doing it by myself cos i thought i was in control *laffs* plus i had been doing ww for 6 months had lost a chunk of weight and in a plateau and just didnt have the thinking if i do go back ill go sunday, monday and wednesday. That way both my days off i will go and just go one of my work days which i think would work better for me. I like having my time in the morning before work. But i will call them tomorrow...and as long as i feel happy with the call i will go in next week and sign up.

I went for a 15 minute walk in my break today again...yay me !!! Just aiming for that loss of 700 grams this week. I worked out...700 grams per week is 100 grams per day...365 days in the after 12 months thats 36.5 kilos...makes ya think huh that 700 grams per week aint really that bad.

oh and while talking about my radio show i did a kick ass show today !!! Someone who was listening even asked me if i have ever thought of doing it as a career! i played some awesome music...songs not on mainstream radio...but that i love so im gonna list a few...chris cagle - look what i've done to her and jeff bates - long slow kisses

okies busy busy nite at work...bye byes all !!!!

kazz =)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26 2006

Well...hmmmmmmmm my mind is a thinking. i think i need to do some formal exercise...after reading Tanias journal entry i got thinking. So i have too obvious options...fernwood fitness centre or curves. so i could go to curves the thing with that is its in a class and knowing me i will get conscious of my size and maybe not go back...but then again its only 30 minutes per class and its closer to home then fernwood...and i ahve heard really good reports...the other thing is i would be scared of not keeping up with the class. The other option is fernwood..which is further away...but i can work on my the weights and the treadmill. I dont need to worry if anyone is watching me or keeping up to others...but then again the fact it is by myself theres not that push level to keep up so maybe it wont do me as good....ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wish i knew what to do. The other option i guess is aqua...but most of those classes in my area are held in the evenings when i am at its winter and i have a real problem with getting the flu/chest nfections and i dunt wanna increase that chance. So i just dont know what to do. Maybe ill call them both tomorrow and see...curves i "think" has one week i guess could always try that and see how it goes. Well if i join anywhere would be next friday so i have a week or so to think about it...ugh decisions !!!!

Did go for a walk in my first break of work yesterday and today so that is good. Things are slowly getting there...okies its late and im lazy hah and only a hour of work...gonna talk to my bois....laters all

kazz =)

Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24th 2006

weeeeeeeee weighed in and lost 700 grams. And im not starting to realise i need to look at this overall picture....for one thing...i need to remember i do have PCOS...and that i have had a HUGE issue with fluid...while my feet are perfectly fine now...Ive realised that i still have fluid in my calves altho its improved a lot its still a issue so i need to learn to feel good about how im going..and look at it...i mean ive lost nearly 7 kilos...4 losses in a all is good

While on good...i had this pair of jeans ive never worn...tried them on a few weeks ago and didnt even bother trying to do them up cos i knew i wouldnt be able too...well last nite i tried em on again and wooohooo go me they did up !!! Okies they were tight...but in another few weeks hopefully they will look nicer on me but yayyyyyyyyy me

Yanno I realise now whenever im not looking after my weight i jsut dont give a chit about myself...last night while getting ready to go out for dinner i thought...damn i want some jewellery...i wanna free gurlie so im gonna look on ebay see if i can find some nice pieces...

Okies time for wills n grace...have a good nite all

kazz =)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23rd 2006

Happy sunday everyone !!!! Such a good days off!!!!

Got up relatively early (well early for me heh), so was up at 10.30am doing some washing. This afternoon I went outside for 20 minutes with the radio station i work at up high and raking leaves. Normally i get a gardner to do it (slack ass arent i?) but decided to do it myself and was rather nice with the sun on my back. I have this gorgeous courtyard and its bare....prolly cos ive been too lazy...but i think im gonna get some plants to tend too. Maybe even a nice big concrete or terracotta pot, we will see. In another 20 minutes or so I am going to go for my walk for 30 minutes and tonite i am going out to dinner with my parents. Due to Anzac Day I am weighing in tomorrow at 5pm so hope the late evening weigh in doesnt affect my loss too much. I am trying to be realistic now and aim for a loss of 700 grams...anything more is a bonus. So i am aiming for 700 grams but I would like to reach 900 grams as then I would reach 7 kilos I have lost so we will see...okies out of here time to go get ready for my walk...will be back tomorrow to let you know the results of my weigh in

**update** omg i bought jillian michael from the biggest losers dvd and just did 10 minutes of it...its not a beginners dvd but i managed 10 minutes and omg i may die right now hah but that felt good

kazz =)1

Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 22 2006

**Phew** another good day !! Woke up and before breakfast decided to do the ballet. Well I thought ballet being controlled exercises it wouldnt be cardo....hahaha I was wrong. So I managed 10 minutes....but I know it was a real good quality 10 minutes. I could hear my old ballet teachers words "heel first" "elbows up" "follow thru" heh so I was very concious of doing it as well as I could. So have decided for the next week and a half I will do 10 minutes of that. I also went for a 15 minute walk in my first break at work and I think I will keep doing that every if I do that on work days thats 125 per just over 2 hours per week...but also on my days off I will still go for a 30 minute walk. so thats a total of 3 hours per week. Which I realise thats not heaps of exercise but when you weigh 165 is a lot of work. As I go down in size my exercise will increase.

Food wise I have been very good again. I still have my headaches which I think now are due a lot to diet change...but they are getting less...I am taking asprin several times per day which seems to be helping them from getting too bad.

Anyway thats all for today =)

kazz =)

Friday, April 21, 2006

April 21 2006

well things change again LOL

Last night when I went to bed I was thinking about something I read how the exercise you do needs to be something you enjoy. And I started thinking back to when I was a kid and what I enjoyed doing and there were 2 things...ballet and bike riding. Anyway talked to mum today and she reminded me how when I started ballet when I was 10 even tho I was far from chubby I did slim down while doing it. So while lying in bed last night I tried to remember the steps from the grade 1 ballet class I did all those years ago and I do remember most of them. I dont have the music but I will get some in time. But tomorrow I will do the steps I remember I am sure I know about 30 minutes worth I can do without jumping...I think right now I just need low impact exercise. Then in a few weeks I think I will look at buying a bike. I think they are both things I will enjoy getting out and doing.

Otherwise things been good although I am not noticing the scales moving but this could be due to being sick i guess.

okies enuff for today ni ni

kazz =)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well elloz all =)

YaY the migraine is mostly gone !!! I feel much better! The problem was due to my antidepressants I cannot take anything with codeine in it so I couldnt take anything stronger then panadol. So weight loss so far this week I doubt has gone too well...tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping and I am gonna buy a low impact exercise dvd, which is my reward for reaching my 5 kilos...Ive decided that all my rewards are going to be things to help me with my weight loss. I think I will walk to the shops tomorrow too...I think it will be a 30 minutes walk (maybe more) then walking around the shops should do me good and get me back on the exercise.

I love feeling the back of my calfs at the moment (theyre my new fetish hahahah well after grrls of course=]) but altho still big they are feeling toned...I can feel muscle and the fluid is all gone...YaY - improvements are happening

When at the doctors last night I mentioned I ahd head on the ww forum about a "care plan" its where you go to a physio and over 5 sessions they develop exercises for weight loss designed specifically for yourself, so my doc did the paperwork for me and I will call the physio in the morning maybe with luck I can get in on monday.

So I am starting to think things are happening and progressing for me...this is a huge priority for me. Ive also cut back on my radio shifts...I was doing some very late ones...and so have been overtired which is not helping me so this week I am only doing two (which im a bit pissed about but thats another story lol) but I will get to bed nice n early (well 2am ish which is early for me lol)

Okies off to do some work =)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19 2006

Well I still have this headache..ugh...its really kicking my ass...and I cant take panadeine forte cos it causes like a overdose reaction with zoloft (and it does yesterday I was like a zombie) I am going back to the docs tonite..all I can really take for it is nuerofen which isnt really helping. I feel ok when sitting but soon as I try and get up and walk around or do anything it reminds me "hello headache still here"

So I havent exercised this week yet obviously I really wanna go back to work tomorrow and get back to walking fingers crossed. I am really not bothered by the small loss this week...cos I did start to exercise...all the fluid in my feet and legs is gone now and I actually feel muscles on the back of my calfs which is great...theyre hard ! lol not soft and bouncy like the fluid was and you can see my actual ankle things are happening things are changing. I am so determined this time it aint funny...altho obbiously being sick I dont know if I can expect a big loss next weigh in,,,,but hopefully I will be back and walking tomorrow.

I gotta say the ww 30+ forum has been a life saver I find visiting there so motivating...the gurls there are great and I have recieved some great advice and support from there....okies enuff computer I need to go lay down...take care all

kazz =)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 18th 2006

Well this is gonna be a super short post as I have a migraine and feel like a piece of crap. Weighed in and lost 600 grams which I am disappointed with specially as I did start increasing exercise this week...but the girls on the weight watcher 30+ kilos forum gave me some good advice and I am so not stopping here...a loss is a loss...and I am only 3.9 kilos away from 10 kilos. Tomorrow I will be out there walking again but for now I am off to bed...enjoy your day all and good luck with your weigh ins

kazz =)

Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17th 2006

Well another good day altho recovering from a migraine ugh which hit me late last nite. I was gonna walk today but the fact it poured with rain and the migraine I didnt go but if the headache settles a bit more i mite put some music on later and dance for 30 minutes.

Was good food wise...I survived easter !!! yay yay yay I know Ive been good and I am positive it will show on the scales tomorrow morning...I am hoping for a loss of 1 kilo...Id love to hit 7 kilos but I dont think I will make that but hopefully I will make a total loss of 6.5 kilos will let you all know tomorrow anyways.

Tonight I am spending a nice quiet nite in front of the tv and watching wills n grace - i so love that show!!!

I took photos of me today I will take more in about a month and see if theres any difference...altho I think it will be a while before I notice a difference

okies off to watch tv

kazz =)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well elloz allllllll happy happy easter !!!

Well i have been very good...yesterday i did grocery shopping and bought ingredients to do cooking tomorrow. Last night i cooked pasta with ricotta & spinach out of the slimming magazine and settled down in front of the tv to watch wills & grace. It was very yummy and very relaxing. Was 7 points for the meal...and a large meal so all happy =) and then of course sat there laughing my head off at wills n grace.

Today i had 2 hot x buns for breakfast and one cadbury creme egg and rest of the day i ate good. The family was having a bbq with sausages and potatos and onions....instead i had a meat patties home made with carrot and then i took my own salad so i was very good. I need to go for one more walk this week and then ive met the goal i set out which was to walk for 30 minutes 3 times this week, so tomorrow i will do the final walk and then of course weigh on tuesday morning - okies till laters =)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday April 14th

Well was up early today...was showered, breakfast eaten and out the door by 10am (being a evening worker 10am is early !) We then headed up to Murray Bridge to Monarto Zoo which was really kewl...i took a heap of photos was very kewl. The kids loved it and there was a lil bit of walking (you are taken around in a bus). We then went into the town for lunch, being good friday there wasnt much open and everyone else wanted fish n chips UGH!!! And the fish n chip shop was the only one that was open so I settled for a chicken yiros...which while im sure is high in points it isnt in the fish n chips category (i hope) we then went to a antique store which we walked around for about 45 minutes or so. Then we came home...soon as we walked in the door I also walked out the door to go for a walk. And I walked for 30 minutes....oh boy my feet n legs ache tonite...i find walking hard and i guess i will for a while but i need to keep going with will get better specially as i keep losing weight. I am going to give my mum the chocolate hot cross buns (5 points a bun??? nooooooooooooooo way!!!) but i will pick up a fruit pack tomorrow and thats my treat. No chocolates at all. So weigh day will be here again before i know it i really hope i get a good loss again...damn i know i deserve a good loss LOL okies happy easter all =)


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well ended up going for a 30 minute walk yesterday. It was the first real exercise id done since joining ww and OMG i was so tired. My ankle which i hurt late last year hurt a lil at the end but i set out to do what i wante to do so that was good. i was planning to go for a walk tomorrow too but we are now going to monarto zoo i may still get time to squeeze in a walk or we may end up walking while there....should be a good day we are taking my niece and nephews to see all the safari type animals. oh and i noticed the waist band of my jeans which were skin tight...yay me
okies gotta go do some work =)


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yay me !!!!

Well just got back from my weigh in and wooo hooo lost 1.8 kilos...i am stoked. So i have now lost a total of 5.5 kilos and reached my first 5 kilos. The aim this week is to simply lose a kilo or more. I am going to give the exercise a kick start by going for a 30 minute walk today, friday and sunday and hopefully next week it will show on the scales. I am also going to monarto zoo this week so that will help as well cos there will be some walking. I think i need to get a step tracker to keep an eye on that. Anyway its a gooooooooooooooooooooood day lol...hope everyone elses weigh ins go as well =)


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day 1 of my journal

Welp this is it .... the new blog/journal. Lemme brief you all were im at...for those who don't know me i am 38 years old, single, lesbian. And wanting my life back .. oh and a girlfriend to go with it would be good too =)

I went back to weight watchers 2 weeks ago and weighed in at 170.9 kilos...ugh!!! Last week I weighed in and had lost 3.7 kilos!! Yay me. I will be weighing in tomorrow at lunch time and am expecting another loss. Its been quite different this time...i havent been obsessing about food I have really find it quite easy at this point.

For the last 6 months or so i have had a real problem with fluid. It was to quite a extreme in my feet and calfs. But i know how them back to normal...there still a tiny bit of swelling but hell i can see veins and all now im excited i feel like im getting normal and its the first difference ive noticed from the new lifestyle.

This weekend being easter my sister and her kids are down. They arrived today and i will see them tomorrow nite..I rang mum and said what will be for dinner and mum being mum was very vague LOL so i said ill bring my own dinner around. So I am gonna take one of those ms crockets ceaser salads around which i love (and are only 2.5 points!!!) and either if theyre having some lean meat have a piece of that or ill boil an egg at mums and slice that and add it.

As for my treat for easter i dont want any chocolate (altho i think work is giving us some ugh) but instead i decided a 6 pack of chocolate hot cross buns so i still get a treat but i think they wont be too deathly for the week after easters weigh in.

I have the etools with ww which are a god send and ive actually been tracking which i really think has made a major difference. Okies a short post tonite...will be back tomorrow to update my weight