Thursday, April 27, 2006

27 April 2006

well i *think* i have decided on going back to fernwood (but this is subject to change lol) i didnt ring them today as soon as i woke i had a staff meeting for the radio and then i had a hour or so to load and then i had a 2 hour show and then work, so have had no time today. But tomorrow i definitely will call...i have been thinking a lot about why i didnt stick to it last reason i think is cos i wasnt going to ww...i was doing it by myself cos i thought i was in control *laffs* plus i had been doing ww for 6 months had lost a chunk of weight and in a plateau and just didnt have the thinking if i do go back ill go sunday, monday and wednesday. That way both my days off i will go and just go one of my work days which i think would work better for me. I like having my time in the morning before work. But i will call them tomorrow...and as long as i feel happy with the call i will go in next week and sign up.

I went for a 15 minute walk in my break today again...yay me !!! Just aiming for that loss of 700 grams this week. I worked out...700 grams per week is 100 grams per day...365 days in the after 12 months thats 36.5 kilos...makes ya think huh that 700 grams per week aint really that bad.

oh and while talking about my radio show i did a kick ass show today !!! Someone who was listening even asked me if i have ever thought of doing it as a career! i played some awesome music...songs not on mainstream radio...but that i love so im gonna list a few...chris cagle - look what i've done to her and jeff bates - long slow kisses

okies busy busy nite at work...bye byes all !!!!

kazz =)

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