Friday, September 02, 2016

Back.....and back to basics.

Well I was drawn back to this blog. I like making you tube...but its very VERY time consuming. I was looking back thru this journal...back mid 2010. It kinda woke me up. The basics. Calorie Count. Calorie cycle. Eat mostly wholefoods. Fit in some treats. Sleep 8 hours a night. Attend the gym most days.

Yesterday I finally decided to just get off my ass and go do a les mills class. I went to the gym - I jumped on the cross trainer for 25 minutes and then did a 60 minute body pump class. It reminded me so much of how it use to make me feel. I really do like the classes. I like the format. I am confident in them (specially pump) im far from perfect in them and may struggle occassionally especially when going from standing up to down to the ground and back up again....but if i am a fraction slow....thats ok. I think i just prefer the classes...they feel productive and combined with some cardio it just works....thats how i exercised all those years ago. So now ive done that....and i was surprised! When i did pump last time was like well over 6 months ago. It was a struggle. I felt weak by the second track...i just didnt have the endurance or fitness for it. But last night....i did it....and did it easily there was definitely no tiredness. Now that i have just got over my neck injury...and hadnt done it a while...but i did do light now...its to try and go 1-2 times a week for pump....and slowly increase the weights. So now its time to incorporate a few classes :) I think the next few weeks i am going to try and incorporate pump, body balance and RPM as much as I can. And then once I get past those....I will expand to include yoga, booty barre (I have no idea how hard that is!),cxworx, active tone and active core.

Foodwise....its honestly not hard! Calorie cycle...eating a average of 1650 calories per day. Sleeping 8 hours a night. Doing that...and ill be much healthier and ultimately lose weight.

Tomorrow I work and then I have sunday off. So i wont get to the gym tomorrow but sunday I will. So sunday will be pump and then 25-30 minutes of cardio.

Also i have booked a body scan for september 14 and then will again mid november. My "holiday" from weight loss is over. No more debating do i go to the gym each the words of nike...just do it!