Saturday, July 31, 2010

well once the day officially known as "kicked kazzs ass" on thursday concluded...i got right back on track. Yesterday food wise was spot on. This morning i gymmed it and rawr i was awesome ! LOL (and modest lol) i did a PT session of weights and let me say people...i did 60 kilos (132 pounds) on the LAT pull down...65 kilos (143 pounds) on the leg press with one leg...and 47.5 kilos (104.5 pounds) on the chest press machine. lawdie lawdie. I was very impressed with me and so was fiona. Then i did 40 minutes of walking 2 minutes then running 1 minute....sooooooooooo long since i lasted that long with my running so felt really good...and then i did a 60 minute body balance yep think i can say im back on track! LOL I got my hard drive back off fiona today and so tonite...i have enough calories for a yiros with a can of lemonade...and gonna start to watch the united states of tara weeeeeeeeeeeee

Anyway not much else to say...hope everyone has a fab saturday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well im so glad to think this day is just about over. Ive eaten terribly...i did go to the gym...went to PT and fiona was u wanna do some cardio we can go light? i was like nope LOL i ended up doing a few core exercises n then she stretched me...didnt really gain much from the session...but yanno...chit happens...tomorrow is a new fingers crossed by the time i wake tomorrow i am cramp free...moody free...and ready to focus on this weight loss journey again
oh well today is NOT a good day! *grumbles* I was off work monday for stomach cramps...TOM hadnt arrived but i knew it wasnt far away...last month it started on the 30th....woke up during the night with cramps and yep TOM arrived today...hows that...the girl with PCOS on a 29 day cycle...thats actually pretty awesome...BUT the pain isnt :( i am a big grumble bum and to be honest wanna talk to no one...pain in my stomach, back and thighs UGH and of course i could give two hoots about eating healthy today lol...cant say im concerned cos i dont normally stray...havent eaten a truckload of food or anything but did have salt and pepper chicken with rice for lunch. The other thing of course each time i have a cycle it affects my iron not exactly brimming with energy (its everything i can do to stop from napping at my desk) ill still gym it tonite...altho i texted fiona and said can we do a light work out tonite lol if i have my way i am gonna lie down and she can just stretch my body out and massage me...prolly wouldnt hurt me and at least im still attending the gym.

That said i did another RPM class last nite...must say i am really enjoying classes now...whilst the next few days ill take easy whilst my body recovers a lil from the iron loss...starting next monday i will be back into it...doing 2 classes in a row even seems doable now...really last nite i could have gone and done zumba or body balance after RPM

Not much else going on...hope everyone has a good day...i will be back a much better headspace...i promise! LOL

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So on my scales yesterday morning i was 114.2 kilos YAY :) I weighed in last nite and had lost 800 grams for the week and my body fat had gone up by .4% but as i had such a high loss of body fat the week before (1.4%) it prolly wasnt surprising...but over the last month its done a drop of over 3%!!! I am really rather happy with how the losses seem to be going...the 800 gram one is the smallest for a few weeks but as TOM is due over the next few days i think its freaking damn awesome LOL

I did about 75 minutes on the treadmill last nite (a lil running...some incline and just plain old walking) i then went and did a 60 minute body pump class...i increased the weights for the entire class...omg especially on the chest track i thought i was dying!! I expected really sore arms today ... they are a lil tired but nothing too bad.

Tonite i am going back in their 45-60 minutes on the treadmill then a 45 minute RPM class. Last nite i burned 1046 calories. My nutritionist wants me to keep my calories burnt at around 3000 and not go higher as it would mean more tweaking off my calories i eat. So i am thinking as i may only workout 4 days this week and even then i may still be a lil over 3000 calories. I noticed last week it took me a hour less to burn the same amount of calories as the week before. So eve basically wants me to keep doing different stuff...different keep upping the weights in body pump...basically keep my body from getting use to stuff.

Okies thats all for now...enjoy all!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i have noticed something this week...i am seeing a definite trend with eating high calories and also working out. So i am trialling something this week...and working out my calories a lil different. I have been thinking for a few weeks i should put my calories back up to 1800 with hitting that 3000 calorie burn mark. Now what i noticed yesterday...was burnt just over 900 was a high calorie eating day so had eaten about 1000 by late afternoon. Now i always weigh myself before dinner time (yes im obsessive i KNOW lol) anyway all week its been fluctuating at this time of day between 116 and 116.5 kilos...not yesterday was done to yes you could say im just overly obsessive but what that tells me is that eating the high calories with the high calorie burn is what sets my metabolism into action. So im going to trial eating 1800 calories on monday to thursday...1500 on friday...2100 on saturday and 1500 on sunday, which averages out around 1757 per day. Fridays for the past few weeks i have been eating 1200-1350 and really struggling i end up this is this weeks test! And 6 days of the heck did that happen? hehe!!


How did everyone go with their 6km of walking?? I did mine spread out over the week in the end...and on the treadmill to assist my feet...was it the first time doing 6km for anyone? Share your times if you want too...but let us know how you went!

This weeks challenge is 50 pushups...sounds scary i know but can do them on your knees - full push ups - or against a wall. Its really important tho with them you do them with correct form so i found this video which explains form : click here So do them all at once or spread them out over the week...and then dont forget to let us all know how you did! Have a good week all =]

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yum i just had ravioli carbonara and garlic bread for dinner! Todays my high calorie day and that was delishus. This morning i burnt over 900 calories at the gym (thats huge for me!) i did about 50 minutes on the treadmill..a PT session of resistance work and then a 60 minute body balance class. Today i did 55 kilos on the LAT pull down and also on the leg press...and 45 kilos on the chest press!!! GO ME!!! Fiona is super impressed with the weights im doing for my upper body. She was telling me today she went to a workshop yesterday about stretching etc she is just waiting for the gym to buy some new equipment and then pretty much the stretching at the end of each session will stop. She basically told me...stretching for me is pointless anyway lol...i am VERY flexible to the point fiona said i am verging on being hyper mobile. I notice it in classes too...these skinny lil girls and we are say...cross legged and having to bend at the hips aiming our chest to the floor...i go a long way down but these skinny girls barely move lol...cant imagine how close ill get to the floor once i lose my stomach! LOL Anyway they are going to be buying rollers and balls etc...and fiona will figure out my trigger points...with the rollers etc and it will be something that we will build a routine of so i can do on my own too.

Tonite i tried on a top...i bought it late last it from Asia LOL china i think off ebay....gorgeous dressy like a saphire blue barely fitted me at the bust and had no chance across my hips/stomach...well it now fits! We have the ww dinner at the end of i may even venture and buy a black skirt to wear with im turning into a lady! And speaking of turning into a lady...i mentioned a few weeks ago about what reward i will have for reaching 100 kilos.(or getting under to be exact) ive thought and thought about this...and come up with it ;) Firstly...i wear basically no jewellery apart from my heart rate ring (havent worn a ring since i gave ang back hers!) well i dont want a ring or bracelet cos it would be too easy to get caught on something at the i am thinking of a necklace with a significant pendant...something that signafies my new life at under 100 kilos and the next step in the journey....not sure of the pendant tho...i did think of a butterfly pendant....not sure of any other real symbol that mite mean new beginnings or freedom or happiness? The second part of the a trip away....the last time i went away apart from streaky bay to visit my sister and her family...was about 6 years ago...was a few months after i broke up with ang...and i was miserable...i went to sydney...had a awful time...had to ask for a extension for my belt on the plane...i even changed my flight home to a earlier time cos i was so miserable. Sydney has always been significant for i lived there from 7 years to a few weeks before my 15th before....i love the harbor bridge and circular quay and am even tempted to think about doing the harbor bridge climb? Anyway i think it would get a voodoo off my back...hopefully no extension belt...a nice relaxing time...strolling around circular quay...and living up to that goal of never getting on a plane again till i got under 100 thinking of booking it for december 10...i figure even if i am not under 100 kilos at that point i would be very close to it!

I just watched a really good documentary called "processed people" check out ive seen a few of these docos now...and find them fascinating and just ingrain in me more and more how i dont want processed crap in my life...another good one was Food Inc...they are american docos and based on the american food industry and our industries arent as bad as theirs (i dont think) but it is still very eye opening

Hope everyone has a good saturday night!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Well yanno...firstly life is pretty dandy at the moment. I am starting to really get that love for the gym back and im really enjoying that (altho with the amount of time i tell my trainer she is mean and horrible you would question that)

Last night i went to the gym and did the RPM class lol...omg all day i thought should i do combat or rpm...when i got to the gym i decided to bite the bullet and ta-da did RPM. I have done the class before about a year ago or a lil over a year. When i did it back then it killed me...i could only do some of the cycling while standing up...and it just drained the heck out of me and i just didnt feel like i coped. This time fitness wise i found quite doable...i didnt go super hard as i didnt wanna tire out within 10 minutes of the class starting...all the cycling while standing up i did with ease...and to be honest apart from a sore butt i really enjoyed it. And in 45 minutes it also burned 500 calories. Then i was on the treadmill and sarah who ran the class came up to me and said "omg you had such good form....your a natural cyclist" hehe so i will be back next wednesday nite to do it again. So its quite doable now for me to do 3 PT sessions per 1 body combat class, 1 body balance class, 1 body pump class and 1 RPM class...and when i can make it body jam...thats a pretty good balance if you ask me. Plus the additional cardio i do...I then went and did a PT session...omg mean mean trainer i have...i was doing knee kicks on a high step (20 of them) then would have to go running...then back to the knee kicks then running me after 20 knee kicks my legs feel like lead lol so running isnt fun! lol but i survived my legs feel rather heavt and tired today but all worth it in the long run.

Not much else going on...halfway thru friday (thank gawd!) Tomorrow...i have a PT session of weghts...60 minutes on the treadmill and then a body balance class...hopefully i will manage to burn 700 calories (finding it harder and harder to hit high calories cos my fitness level has increased so much!)

Hope everyone has a fab friday =]

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well im having today off from the gym...ive really hammered my feet the last few ive exercised the last 4 days....and plus well i just damn well deservie it lol

Found this great link last nite for healthy sauces and marinades for chicken...gonna try one tonite...chicken cooked in a tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce and 1/2 cup crushed pineapple...and im gonna have it with salad. I know its winter and not exactly salad time...but im not a "casserole or stew" type person and i dont like roasted vegetables so this is a good way to get my nutrients in despite the cold.

I feel a lot better scales dropped this mornign and seem to match eves scales YAY so i am feeling more relaxed and in control of things...and to be honest right at this moment life is pretty damn dandy...lets home i can score another loss this week coming. I had really hoped to be under 110 kilos by the ww girls weekend in Adelaide...thinking i wont make that now...but even if i got down to somewhere between 112-113 kilos id be pretty damn happy!

Not to much else going on...just a super quick post (gawd my posts are BORING lately! lol)...enjoy all :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well went to the gym tonite...did 35 minutes on the treadmill...didnt go too hard as my feet are still adjusting to the orthotics...then i went to weigh in...well i lost 1.4 kilos AND my body fat dropped by 1.4%!! So i was 116.1 kilos and body fat 46.1% i lost between and 1.5cm off my bust, arms, hips, waist and upper thigh...but my lower thigh and under my bust increased by 1 cm each. So i am starting to think (and accept) that my body may be going thru more adjustments with the muscles etc. Anyway no stress lol...i did discuss with my nutritionist and we decided i am to stick with burning 3000 calories per week...and increase my calories to 1650 calories per day...only a additional 150 calories per day...but hopefully that helps with the scales! The other thing was when i was at the gym...i was wondering to the just my jeans and a tanktop...and one of the trainers stopped me and said "you are looking so have lost heaps of weight" mwuauauauau!!!! Then after weighing in i did body pump...omg i am expecting very sore arms tomorrow...i increased by weights tonite...not by much 2.5 kilos but it sure made a difference...i lasted half the class at the higher weights then i had to give up LOL mite have to try the whole class next week. Quite funny how i am still on low weights on that class (i was doing 7.5 kilos) yet with fiona i do things up to 52.5 kilos lmfao...but i guess thats the difference with endurance and more direct high weights.

So a good day all!

PS AIRLIE...yes yes about the city to bay....if you can make it maybe we can go to lunch afterwards?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Argh....turns out this week i went over my calories by 500 dayam calories!! I decided to look back thru calorie king...and initially i thought i was 3500 calories over lmfao...but for some reason calorie king keeps adding extra foods in...its done it today too...makes it very hard to do accurate counting when that happens! But last thursdays i also did actually read wrong...least it explains why ive maintained over the last few days...friday i prolly went over with food at the work function and saturday i reckon i went over by 200 calories. It even makes me wonder if i should go back to doing ww points...simply cos of the reliability of calorie king...but im very loath to do that. Points...calories all really the same thing...its still complicated with my amount of exercise points working out how much i should or shouldnt eat. And i think this is partly where im struggling at the moment. I think when i went in tomorrow nite ill be lucky if i even get a 200 gram loss and when u consider i gained 1.7 kilos the week before thats kind of appalling. Then again maybe i should suggest to eve i follow the slim plan for a few weeks...maybe the calories do need to be higher or maybe they need to be lower...something needs to change ... and the problem is im worrying about it all so my cortisol levels have prolly risen which doesnt help.

When i spoke to fiona the other day she told me she thinks i need to throw out my scales...LOL...and maybe shes right...cos it does do my head in a bit at the moment...but i also know...knowing i have to weigh in each morning adds a level of accountability for me. As to my weight numbers....when i saw eve on tuesday last week i was 117.5 kilos by her maybe if i do end up throwing out my scales i should just focus on her scales...taking into account my body fat and measurements (which she is doing tomorrow nite since ive been so stressed!)

Not really too much else to say...gym tonite...30-45 minutes of cardio...PT session of core work and then body me lawd LOL

Enjoy all!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well lawdie its been a few days since I last posted and my head has been all over the place.

So friday i wore my skirt, stockings (or stickings as i referred to them on facebook! lol) and girlie heels. The only real problem was the stockings were about 1-2 inches too short. I kept doing the "stocking hike" all day as I referred to it...much to the amusement of the bois. By about 4pm i had had a gutful of the stockings tho and ripped them off. That unfortunately not only made me feel very naked but thats when i managed to score a couple of blisters...of the price of beauty! lol The food at this function left a lot to be desired (and normally its pretty much kick arse) So wasnt impressed they didnt feed us till 4pm (ffs!!) and then it was pretty crappy...i ended up having these lil tiny pastries (size of a 20 cent piece) with a chicken and macadamia feeling and one mini fillet mignon. It was suppose to be my low calorie day of 1200 calories...I think i went over by maybe 100 calories...and the scales went UP!! Went up to 116 kilos (i had been 115.6 kilos the day before) so when i got up saturday morning i was super pissed i texted fiona...told her i am all over this and wouldnt be in for PT lol following a couple of texts fiona was like...just come in and i will stretch you and massage you. So i said yes to that....but of course if i was going in i thought i mite as well do boxing lol...fiona was like i thought you would decide to do a normal session but she thought the stretch and massage mite have been good for me "mentally" Anyway we did boxing then at the end she said... some day i should graph your lil meltdowns and how long it takes you to get back to the gym...only took you a hour or so today...then she was like...i know right now you dont feel focused but u really are focused. Then she said something...which i have been thinking about...she said ...
"plus your journey is so public" to which i replied "yeh and so many think i am superhuman" now i dont say that in a bad journey is very public...but losing 55+ kilos i wonder if it couldnt have been anyway? I know part of this is from my fb updates, my journal a lot of ways im glad i did helped me last year when i struggled with compliments...putting them online made them easier for me to deal with....its giving me such a full account when whenever i struggle i always refer back too...and i also find...that ive become a bit of a wealth of information for others (and no i dont have a big head! lol if i can help someone i am more then happy to help them =]) i do get quite a few messages asking for advice whether its on how to get motivated...or different diets or gym plans...and i am thrilled people think enuff of me to ask me for my opinion (and its all part of that paying it forward thing i sometimes mention). After the gym i went home for a while then headed over to a friends house for a bbq. I was on a high calorie day and had 2000 calories for the day...but bbqs and parties where they have nibbles and stuff out i always struggle ! Anyway by the time i got home i was up to 2200 calories - oops! But i decided not to stress over up this morning...and i was down 200 grams! And that was with eating salty jatz biscuits and very salty cabana. I didnt expect the scales to go down at all...which makes me think even more...that i am not eating today i have increased by calories by 300 calories (taking me to what my sunday calories were when eating 1800 calories) my gut instinct is to go back up to 1800 calories (as i maintained on that number of calories) and ensure i burn 3000 calories...and if that doesnt work.....then cut back to 1700 calories till i find the sweet spot with my exercise and food. The aim this week exercise wise was to burn 3000 did take me just over 8 hours and 47 minutes...but i managed to burn 2908 im pretty impressed with my effort this week (shame the scales arent showing it but oh well!) Today tho i did manage a long week! I am super impressed...was a 6km walk...took me 65 minutes and 5 seconds (use to take me about 70 minutes at least) i did feel the odd twinges in my feet but i think thats my feet just adjusting to the orthotics :) Also this morning one of my friends from work messaged me to see if i wanna do the city to bay with her (on september 19) she will be about 5 months pregnant at that point...and i think just managing to walk it considering whats been going on with my feet will be challenging enuff (it is a 12km route) so ive got a copy of a walking program to build up to that so will incorporate that into my training for the next 9 my exercise routine this week will be:

m - 30 minute walk + PT session of core + body jam
t - 60-75 minutes of 2 minutes walking 1 minute running
w - RPM class (told fiona i would try this UGH!)+ body balance/or 30 minute walk + 30 minutes of 2 minutes walking 1 minute running
t - body combat + PT boxing + 30 minute walking or 30 minutes walking + PT boxing + pilates
f - day off
s - PT weights + 1 hour of cardio (mix of running, walking and walking on incline) + body balance
s - 6km walk

So i am figuring that should definitely get me hitting 3000 calories...and sounds like a good decent plan to me!


So the challenge for week 1 is a 6km walk...its not a contest or anything...just get out there and walk....if u use a treadmill its easy to know when you have walked for 6km....if your outside and not can use this website. Plot your walk and then convert to kilometres. If your new to exercise...or still building up to that long a walk for any reason...then do a 3km walk...even if you only walk 500 metres per day over 6 days you will still do it...then all come back next monday morning and post how you went...whether its telling me about the view you enjoyed...the time you did...or how you struggled...if you can time it brilliant (we will prolly do the walk again in 10 weeks to see if we have improved or not) Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well yanno yesterday was such a shitty day but today was FAB!!! And the first bit of news...the scales went down 400 grams over nite! Im still 700 grams higher then last saturday morning but its a step in the right direction mwuahahahaha

I had the day off...zoomed up to get my eyebrows waxed this morning...dealt with bank for banking a cheque (the bloody births, deaths and marriages issued me a refund for my name change but the silly twits did it in my old would think they of all people would know my new name!) Picked up some metamusil lol...then went and visited mum...(and i scored a bottle of red door!) then i went to the podiatrist. My orthotics were ready and whilst i realise it will take a week or so to adjust...the difference was freaking amazing. For the first time in god knows how long i walked without ankle pain!! holy crap!!! And funnily enuff after my small walk...i was sitting down took them off....and got pain! I wore them for a hour and half today...tomorrow ill wear them a couple of hours tomorrow nite...and then saturday im gonna wear them at the gym. Ultimately they only cos $318 so not too bad at all! Then i went shopping....bought some new real girls shoes lol and some STOCKINGS! I bought 3 pairs...first pairs i have bought in over 20 years...i bought some thick cotton black ones, a pair of black opaque ones and some nude colour ones...yay :)

Then i went to the gym...i did 40 minutes on the treadmill (YAY)....30 minutes of a pt session of core....and there was one part were we were doing this one exercise...and im like i cant do stomachs too fat....fiona starts thinking about other exercises...and i just thought just bloody try u dumb ass lol so i did...i struggled but i did it...fiona turned around and thats self motivation make sure u put that on ur journal LMFAO then i went and did a 45 minute body pump class...and then did a 60 minute body combat really feels so good to be back into everything...and im more convinced then ever that these orthotics are gonna help heaps.

And tomorrow i am really looking forward to wearing my size 16 skirt and a real girl...if i dont get my photo snapped at tomorrow arvos function i will take one when i get gonna be a lil nice to me gonna have a champagne or two...and im gonna have some nibblies...we only have these events at work twice a year and i am planning to enjoy it (plus some fats in my diet for a few days may help get "things" moving lol)

Okies off i go!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well gawd what a day! Last nite i gymed it...i burnt 550 calories and only ate 1400 calories and low and behold i gained another 200 by my scales ive gained 1.4 kilos. When i went to the gym last nite and saw eve we discussed everything...and she did say a few things that i went "duh" was...she was like you really need to burn 3000 calories with ur exercise each week...i was like yanno i know exercise shapes your body but i really havent found it affects my losses....she then explained...that was fine when i was bigger as it took more effort just to breathe and day to day not only smaller now but my BMR is a lot lower now...ok yep makes sense i hadnt really thought about that before ! She also muscles prolly are changing shape...the points on my legs and arms where she measures me may have increased but other points of my limbs quite likely have reduced due to my muscle reshaping. Ok that makes more sense to me now. Anyway we discussed the numbers going up...i know my eating is spot she was like lets just change your exercise initially...just burn 3000 calories this week. Which i was fine with till this morning when i saw ANOTHER jump on those darn scales...after being in a foul mood over this i may have made a discovery! And its that wretched diet coke...i have been feeling a lil constipated its 3 weeks since i stopped drinking diet coke...started googling things and discoverred diet coke (and artificial sweeteners) is a laxative!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was like a big "duh" moment!! So right now i am drinking a diet coke...cant say its fabulous or anything...but im simply drinking it under the premise that it does have laxative ability...tonite ill go back to that wretched gym again lol then tomorrow ill go to the chemist and look for something as natural as i can...ill stick with things as they are and wait and see what happens over the next few days. LOL

So im calmer and feel better about everything now...hopefully this is the answer.

Tonight im off to the gym....last nites cardio workout was really good...i rode the bike for 6km then did 5 minutes walking 1 minute running (yay running!!) and i did about 5 rounds of that...then i jumped back on the bike for another 5kms. So was good and i felt accomplished...funny thing about running i always feel like i am accomplishing something. Tonite ill go back in and do the same thing...ill suffer with the foot pain (i get my orthotics tomorrow!!) and then ill do body balance (physio thinks its good i do this 1-2 times per week to help with my stability)

Tomorrow i am will do the same cardio at lunch time...then head of to the podiatrists...then back to the gym for some more cardio...then a PT session of core..body pump class...body combat class (yes tomorrow is a BIG gym day lol)...also have to go get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow and go shopping for shoes and lo and behold stockings...okies off i go ! Enjoy all

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So the scales went up again i think i have resigned to the fact ill prolly be registering a gain. Its all very weird...but maybe my body is in some kind of realignment? I put on some jeans today i havent worn for a few weeks and they feel like they are gonna fall off me at any moment...and with the increase in my measurements with my limbs maybe something funky is going on with my muscle? I dunno...and i dont like grasping to ridiculous assumptions...i do know i can honestly say my foot has been really good lately...the only thing i can think is possibly my calories need adjusting or its simply i need to hit that calorie burn of 3000 calories (which i havent the last 2 weeks) Then again i was just in the cafeteria at work and someone just said "your obviously in the last stage of the weight loss" (no im not but anyways) so obviously i am looking smaller...these jeans are getting looser...i think in retrospect...i mite take the focus off the scales a lil and focus more on my fitness. I have this challenge with the the lil challenge i will do via this i am getting the orthotics...maybe its a good time to just make "fitness" and these goals in the gym challenge a big focus.

Foodwise i am still going trying to eat more variety (always a big focus for me)my goal will still be to get under 110 kilos by the end of the end of august but im not really sure in all honesty if i will get there....but as fiona pointed out last nite...the more muscle i build...the more calories ill burn at rest...the more beneficial it is for me to get to my main goals...

Weigh in tonite with my nutritionist but ill prolly discuss with with her too...and will try and hit 20kms on the bike...wish me a bloomin lot of luck! lol

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok firstly...if u are interested in a fitness this post.

I am starting to think I am not eating enough. Since last thursday...i seem to have gained over half a kilo...last thursday morning i was 114.7 this morning i was 115.3 kilos. Not the end of the world...but I obviously want to be losing...i will wait till saturday morning...if i am not under 115 kilos...i will up my calories by 100 calories per day and see what happens.

I made the yummiest salad last nite...was out of michelle bridges had in it chickpeas, baby spinach leaves, feta, red onion, beetroot...with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of balsamic say it was delishus is the understatement of the year. I took the leftovers to work for lunch...and one of the bois even asked me for the recipe! LOL

Went to the gym today...talked to fiona about the fact the measurements of my legs and arms increased while my body decreased and the scales went down...i actually asked if we should do smaller weights...but she doesnt feel its a real issue...she feels that the muscle has prolly changed shaped...and its ultimately just going to help me reach my goals (due to muscle burning calories even at rest). The weights i do are pretty heavy (52.5 kilos for LAT pull down today and one legged on the leg press at 50 kilos) but fiona doesnt really want me to cut back on ill see how the trend goes over the next few months...and focus on more muscle = more calorie burning at rest.

Then as i left the gym...the receptionist asked me if i wanna go in a challenge LOL...its called "tour de fox"...the first week of the to cycle for 160.5kms!!! Holy cow!!! And next week is to run/walk 42kms lmfaooooooooooooooooooo i wont reach 160.5kms on the takes me 30 minutes to cycle around 12kms...but to aim to hit 100kms...would be a really we will see how i go! LOL wish me luck as i start to get this tally going...the aim tomorrow will be to cycle 20kms lmfao.

Oh and i had some exciting news....i bought this lil grey skirt off ebay...its a size 16...lil elasticised waist and is knee length...made of silky material...well...last nite....i tried it on...not expecting it to fit...does it fit? ummm yeh LOL in fact its loose the F**K did that happen???? im stunned and keep thinking it must have been labelled wrong! LOL So on thursday i am going looking for some shoes and stockings and if i can find them i will wear it on friday. Friday arvo we have a work would be nice to look half decent! LOL Imagine buying freaking stockings....who woulda thought it....and yes...if i wear it...i will make sure i get some pics!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anyone up for a ongoing fitness challenge?

I have always said I wanna pay this journey forward...specially with people on the journey and ultimately with people who have starting weights like i have. Anyway...ive been thinking i mite start some exercise challenges via my journal...anyone interested? Was thinking we just set a challenge each week exercise maybe one week its a 5km walk and we just post our times...or we post a post on our journals about it? Or we could do...30 minutes of 1 minute running and two minutes walking...or a certain number of pushups (say 50 pushups over the week so they could be broken up) or something similar...ill then leave a weekly post to report how i did (say on sunday nite) and id love to read everyone elses comments on how they did....any tips or tricks or struggles they had...we may learn from each other :) Anyone interested email me at or leave a comment...i was thinking the first challenge could start the week of the 19th july....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well weighed in and lost 800 grams...taking me down to 115.0 kilos...bit pissed because thursday morning it was 114.7 kilos...but its still a solid loss so all good...if I could lose 800 grams every week i would be more then happy! I think the key i need to work on is exercise! I know...yes im normally good with this side of things and i havent been terrible...just not as good as usual (I am about 2 hours short this week) but its back to my normal routine next week...i have only done 2 PT sessions the last 2 weeks...just due to my schedule etc...but this week i go back to weekends i have thursday ok my schedule for exercise this week will be like this :

monday : either 45 minutes cardio and PT boxing or PT boxing and body jam
tuesday : 45 minutes cardio
wednesday : RPM (maybe lol)
thursday : body combat and PT core or body pump and PT core
friday : none
saturday : PT resistance plus body balance
sunday : possibly 45 minutes cardio

So its at least 4 full on exercise days...but ill try and get up to 6 days...we will see if that happens or not.

Thursday I get the orthotics...i hope i can start doing my walks outside pretty quickly after getting them...if so i mite try and do a long walk on sunday...which i havent done since prolly april! LOL wont know myself but if the weather is decent would be nice to get out there for a nice walk!

Ok off to do some more work....enjoy ur saturday all!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

So the good news is i managed to get next thursday off...which means i can get my orthotics a week earlier (good thing since i stepped on my foot today and had a slight twist ugh)

My scales have been going down nicely this week! Cannot wait for weigh in on sturday morning ;) Pinky asked about me taking fish oil tablets...the reason i take them is fiona (my trainer) went to a fitness convention earlier in the year...and every seminar she attended whether trainers, dieticians, etc they all recommended fish oil each day (mainly for preventative measures from degenerative diseases but of course they help with ur joints too) and so fiona did get on my ass and tell me she wanted me to be taking i adverse reason not too and if they help long term then i am happy for that!

Food wise things are going good still. So no complaints...hopefully a nice loss tomorrow !

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Well went to the podiatrist AGAIN today...had the cast made up of my foot and the orthotics i will get on the 22nd :) Money wise its not been that expensive...the cast cost me $58 and after my private health rebate the orthotics themselves are only $ not too bad at all. I then went to see my physio....she has given me a exercise to do at home every second day...they have decided to change their tact a lil...first of all they were gonna work on my mobility...but apparantly when i run the muscles on each side of my ankle arent stable enough and i wobble when i they are gonna work on building the stability of those muscles up as well as work with me on how i take off when running etc. So i feel like im making progress...and there is a thought in the back of my brain that maybe i can walk the city to bay this year...thats obviously still up in the air...but theres a chance.

I then went to the gym...did a few minutes on the treadmill...then the bodyjam class (where the trainer nikki nearly died of shock at seeing me in one of her classes! lol) and then i did a few minutes on the versaclimber.

My physio has booked in a session with fiona for next wednesday i need to try and organise half a day off work...the whole day off would be better but i think i am going to be pushing it to get a whole day off unfortunately.

Not much else going to watch some tv...enjoy all!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So i finally got my answers about my feet! My left foot was broken at some point...but its actually healed pretty good. He said it was a bad break too not just a lil break. The right foot tho ive never broken i have injured it quite badly at some point and the joint has lots of crap in it...i also have 2 bones (when i flex my foot back) that are hitting each other. He did say if a surgeon saw my xrays they would want to operate on my right foot lol. So at least i now know why they been so friggin sore! Tomorrow i am going back and they are gonna do the measurements for a cast for orthotics. He has been really good saying if i need some extra time to pay them off thats fine...but he expects ill only have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for the orthotics themselves. He will also then do some work on my mobility and stability as well as working on me changing the way i take off on my feet when running and walking. I am really glad to know whats going on and why ive had such bad pain...but its all a step in the right direction ( must admit im getting tired of spending my days off at medical professions offices)

I then went to the gym did about 25 minutes on the treadmill...a body balance class and then a PT session of core. I am about to nip back in do my measurements...then home for a early nite :)

So overall a busy but productive today...hope everyone has a fab day!

Monday, July 05, 2010

I had wondered whether last weeks loss was due to TOM. But TOM finished on friday and i dropped by 500 grams over im pretty confident now i have simply found the sweet spot with my calories :) So yes this morning was 115.3 kilos...getting very close to being under 115 kilos! I really think the goal of being udner 110 kilos by xmas is very doable!

I ordered a jacket from ezibuy the other day,,,,it arrived today...size "L" fits me nicely and is a nice rose pink colour...must look good cos even all the bois at work liked it lol We have a work do next week. So i think that with one of my new pink tshirts and maybe my black pants and i should look snazzy! Will have to make sure i get a photo or two.

Tomorrow is my day off and apart from running around with hoping to make a lunch time class of body balance then tomorrow nite body pump and then weigh in and MEASUREMENT day (hopefully) Hopefully we will know by this time tomorrow EXACTLY whats wrong with my precious feet.

Tomorrow is also 2 weeks with no diet soft drink...and must admit i am not missing it....waters just become common place for me...and im surviving quite nicely :) Ok not much else to say...have a good monday all !!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jess asked me a question which i thought i would answer in a post. Some will already know the answer to those...dont be bored skip this post ;)

So the question was why did i change from ww to counting calories.

Early last year I was doing ww....but i had increased my exercise substantially...i was eaily earning 60+ exercise points per week...i was sticking to points...but i was plateaud. Mid last year when I plateaud I decided to start to throw myself into this lifestyle and read everything i can. I KNEW there had to be a reason why i wasnt losing but couldnt figure out what. So i started reading a lot...then november last year i had a big chat to my personal trainer. Now those who know me...know i adore jilian the conversation i was saying how frustrated i was how the weight wasnt shifting....and my trainer turned around and said "what would jillian do" ... over the next few weeks i pulled out Jillian Michaels had a calorie calculation which i used to work out how many calories and took into account my exact number of calories burnt via exercise...then i read another of her books called "master your metabolism" all those things combined made me decide to give calorie counting a try. So january 1 i started calorie counting....and after a 7month plateau i have lost 20 kilos since it worked for me :) I have no negative views of ww...but it wasnt for me...i exercise too much for their calculations to work for me.

Any other questions feel free to ask! :)
Well gawd damn the chicken shop was closed ! LOL they have been bought out by new people and are doing was no burger and chips for me...instead i went to the pizza shop got a small thin style pizza. I also had a can of lemonade and after drinking water all week it surprised me how sweet it was!

Thanks to everyone for your comments - in relation to the healthy life awards (i think thats what they are called) while i started with not doing the ww program so i wouldnt qualify for it so no they arent on my horizon lol

Working today...then just one more day and two days off YAY!! Altho they will be busy with xrays, podiatry and physio appointments,,,,but should have some more answers and a clear plan for how my feet will be treated by the end of that.

We should be pretty quiet today and i have bouight my "the end of overeating" book so should hopefully get a bit read.

Back to the gym tomorrow cold is mostly gone so i think i am fine to throw myself back into that side of tomorrow nite will be 45 minutes cardio plus a PT session of boxing.

Have a good day all!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Well work has slowed down a lil so more time to write a decent post! I am still stunned to think I have hit the 55 kilos lost...and a lil stunned to think being under 115 kilos is only 900 grams away - amazing! Even tho i know its my weight its still bizarre...

Yesterday went out for lunch. Work took us out but i was really good...i had only 1200 calories for the day...and i just had spaghetti bolognaise no bruschetta no garlic bread....then went for a walk around the lake afterwards...i took some pics so mite post them later. So by the time i got home i had like 250 calories left for dinner! LOL But survived...had 2 eggs scrambled with some ricotta cheese on a piece of multigrain bread.

Today is my higher calorie day and i am having a plain hamburger with cheese and 150 grams of hot chips ( i buy the chips weigh out my 150 grams and throw the rest out! lol) and i am soooooooooooo looking forward to it....i musta said at work today a million times "burger and chippies for dinner for me tonite!"

I really think under 100 kilos by the end of the year is really doable. One of the rewards for that will be instead of catching a bus for 10 hours when going to visit my sister this year i can take a plane...more expensive but definitely worth it! They live on the with luck i mite feel brave enuff to go swimming with the kids or something. But i need to also think of something else as a reward to work towards for getting under the 100 kilos. Nothing TOO expensive...i have wondered whether maybe i should organise a weekend to melbourne...for late november/early december (i should be under 100 kilos or very close by then) and with cheap flight prices it wouldnt cost too much. Plus i know plenty over there...not just some ww of my close friends from school who we were both obsessed with ballet (and she now runs her own ballet school) lives over there...i havent seen her for 20 years plus and i know she would like to catch its a thought...its the only real "treat" that i can think of...any suggested for cheap ideas ($400 or under) greatfully accepted lol just dont suggest pandora bracelets as they arent my thing ;)

Ok off i go...have a good saturday nite all!

55.1 KILOS LOST (121.2pounds) :)

super dooper quick update...but lost 2 kilos this week....taking my total loss to 55.1 kilos !!!! YAY!!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Boy what a day! I am trying to do a quick post while my lentils cook...before i make my loaf I mentioned in my previous post.

Anyway went to the gym...burnt 472 and my snotty nose did a double PT session....which was weights and core...i did 50 kilos on the LAT pull down and 35 on the chest press...not bad considering i am not well and all congested and yucky! Fiona constantly kept asking me if i was okay lol mustnt have looked too great. She got me on a new piece of cardio equipment too called the vescaclimber (i think) anyway she seemed impressed at how well i did on didnt seem that hard...bit tiring and felt weird but cardio wise i felt fine on it. It also was no pressure on my foot so she has suggested i use that "climbing" 50 metres....and then work on my time to get faster at it. So thats something else i can incorporate in my cardio workouts.

I then went to the podiatrist. I tell you it feels like i finally am getting some answers! I did a full assessment,,,and basically....theres a few shin bones when you rotate your foot in your shin bone should be part of that movement...mine isnt...he thinks a lot of this could be related to my shin bone and its workings with my ankle joint. He also suspects i have either broken one or two of my ankles and i have never known it! LOL So tuesday morning i am off for xrays to see what exactly the old injuries are and whats going on then ill see him later that morning. He did a few small adjustments today but once he has the xrays he will do a lot more work on the ankles...he explained (due to my over point and the fact its several issues) that my scenario is a "unusual" scenario....and as i do "unusual" amounts of activity...we have to tackle this in a "unusual" no orthotics...he did mention accupunture also and chinese im glad he isnt just a doc who goes down the straight and narrow and he simply didnt say "pay me for orthotics" He told me he promised kylie (my physio) to take special care for me so he gave me a concession price on the assessment today and he put on the paperwork for the xray not to charge me! hehe! He has also given me a exercise which is with my feet to write the alphabet in the air lol twice a day which is suppose to help with getting my joint moving.

Gae - to answer your question i dont really drink hot tea or coffee...altho kylie (my physio) when i told her about my getting of diet soft drinks she suggested a rose and hibiscus tea,,,its in my cupboard but i havent tried it yet. I have been mostly drink water and mineral water...but when out and when calories allow i have been having a can of lemonade (150-167 calories dependent on the brand). Fiona (my trainer) actually spoke to one of the nutritionists at my gym and she said its better to have a normal coke or soft drink occassionally then drink the diet soft drinks cos of all the artificial sweeteners...which is why i have tackled it that way. I have a lot of links that Fiona has given me which details a lot about why you should try and cut out artificial sweeteners...its definitely enlightening!

OK off to try and cook this loaf...wish me luck all!
Well i am thinking 1500 calories is exactly where i currently need to be. The scales went down again and i think i am heading for a nice solid loss this week. And to give u all a clue as of this morning less then 17 kilos till im in double digits :) Cannot believe how close i am getting to that. Its nearly 4 years in the making (amazing to think in another month its 4 years since i weighed 170.9 kilos) and to be honest i dont think i ever thought i would get under 130 to be zooming towards 115 kilos is quite amazing. I think all the kilos from now on i lose is really going to be defining my body a lot more. I noticed this morning when lying stomach is lower then my rib cage...LOL ... who woulda ever thought it???

So today i have double PT ill try and do core and resistance but if my head cold bugs me too much ill get fiona to stretch me for the remainder of whatever time is left. Then i am off to the podiatrist...see what he has to say about everything. Then tonite i am gonna try and make a recipe out of michelle bridges book...lentil, leek and mushroom loaf and i will roast some cherry tomatos with feta cheese. The loaf makes 4 serves and is only 261 calories a hopefully its nice. This is the first recipe i have made out of this nutritionist raved about it and said she has made heaps out of it so we will see how i go.

Okies time to go get some food...enjoy all!