Thursday, July 29, 2010

oh well today is NOT a good day! *grumbles* I was off work monday for stomach cramps...TOM hadnt arrived but i knew it wasnt far away...last month it started on the 30th....woke up during the night with cramps and yep TOM arrived today...hows that...the girl with PCOS on a 29 day cycle...thats actually pretty awesome...BUT the pain isnt :( i am a big grumble bum and to be honest wanna talk to no one...pain in my stomach, back and thighs UGH and of course i could give two hoots about eating healthy today lol...cant say im concerned cos i dont normally stray...havent eaten a truckload of food or anything but did have salt and pepper chicken with rice for lunch. The other thing of course each time i have a cycle it affects my iron not exactly brimming with energy (its everything i can do to stop from napping at my desk) ill still gym it tonite...altho i texted fiona and said can we do a light work out tonite lol if i have my way i am gonna lie down and she can just stretch my body out and massage me...prolly wouldnt hurt me and at least im still attending the gym.

That said i did another RPM class last nite...must say i am really enjoying classes now...whilst the next few days ill take easy whilst my body recovers a lil from the iron loss...starting next monday i will be back into it...doing 2 classes in a row even seems doable now...really last nite i could have gone and done zumba or body balance after RPM

Not much else going on...hope everyone has a good day...i will be back a much better headspace...i promise! LOL

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