Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have moved my journal to a new address - click here see you all there !

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well..core was fun while it lasted lol...ive come to the conclusion (once again) that points works best for me. So i am back on points...but im still gonna try and lean towards core in eating whole grain bread...beefing up my fruit and vegetables etc.

Friday night we are going to the wheaty ! YaY ! I havent been out for ages what with working evenings and me and felivity are meeting up for dinner in o'connell street and then heading off to meet some friends at the wheaty...which as felicity said there will be lesbians everywhere lol...friday night is apparantly girls nite at the wheaty. So im really looking forward to a fun evening.

I have also come to the conclusion im not committment phobic...jody said to me the other nite..."your picky but you just havent met the one who rocks your socks" lol and shes prolly right...i know im a fussy so and just not gonna get involved with just anyone....but time will tell.

Well not much else to on track...enjoy ur nite all

Monday, September 24, 2007

well let me just say wooo hoooo.....okies im "mostly" doing core....i am eating more fruit and vegetables then normal. And ive really cut back on the processed snacks and cheese (mmmm) but im not completely doing not gonna stress over having cornflakes instead of special K for example...but whenever i calculate the points ive had with core they are equealling about 21-22 and as im on 25 points that works for me. Tonight im having tacos yummmi... AND i am going to see powder finger wednesday night at the entertainment centre --- for free...some friends offered me and felicity a ticket each so will go check that out. Works out well as i am finishing at 3.30pm on wednesday. Not much else is going on...another couple of hours and i am finished with work for the day enjoy all

Saturday, September 22, 2007

well okay lil ms slack ass is finally making a post ! well was kinda bad last week...but friday started core. And well hears the lesson for increase your fibre ---- drink lots of water !!!! omg i didnt and i had the worst freaking pain today. But i am finding the core not craving foods...and i can still spend 3 points a day on different things. Anyway so went to the docs today cos it was giving me so much pain...the doc poked and prodded ... told me my gall bladder is still sensitive...and said hes not surprised by that considering how much weight ive lost...and he expects ill eventually end up having it out. He then checked his records...and by their scales i had previously been 171.3 he was super impressed with my weight loss...he told me my BMI has decreased by equivilent to a small thats all good news. tomorrow i am off...gonna do some housework....and just relax...and sleep innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. All else is going good...altho over the last few weeks ive established i am committment phobic lol i mite write more about that another time...okiessssssssss im off !

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well i havent been here for a bit have i? To be honest im expecting a gain of maybe a couple of kilos this week...TTOm is due and ive had terrible cravings and fluid retention and omg so much moodiness LOL i was always really run down this week. But here is the good news...cos i was run down i went to the docs for some blood my liver needed to be retested anyway and the doc wanted to retest me for PCOS and also see if i ahd a virus (which i did/do have) liver should be a maximum of july it was 322 (eeeeek) well this week its dropped to 189 which is a huge improvement. Also...they retested the PCOS...and get ready for it...i barely have it anymore...doc says its practically non existant so what im doing is the right thing. Anyway will go weigh in on wednesday get the dreaded news then on friday i start on core...

Im going to see missy higgins ! So exciting. Felicity told me last nite to keep dec 7 free as she bought me a ticket to see missy higgins for my ooo la la that will be fun.

There is really not a lot else to say...altho its 12.30am and im still at work ... another 30 minutes and i can go home thankfully...enjoy ur weekend all !

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well day off today....and im still sitting here in my dressing gown lol@ 2pm hahahah how lazy eh? Well not really ive been pottering around taking care of house work, washing the linen and towels...but right now im watching oprah and ready, steady, go is on next lol love that show !

Yesterday i walked from my place up to sefton park which is about a 25 minute walk. And i have had no heel pain so i think i can start walking more, and when i go back to the gym think i mite start using the ole treadmill. Anyway ive decided the 4 weeks im on day shift i will be doing core...and the 4 weeks i dont i will do will keep my body guessing plus i think both plans have their place.

Watched the first episode of season 2 of L word la hot hot ;)

I spoke to leonie last nite about going over in march. I need to decide now where to look for accomodation...i can prolly afford 4-5 nites like to stay in sydney i think..altho the wedding is near glebe and leonie lives about 6 train stations out of the maybe id be better to stay at a hotel local to leonie. Ahhhh decisions, decisions. One thing i definitely wanna do whilst there is go down oxford street and do some shopping ;)

Okie dokie ready steady cook is i go ! ciaooooooooo

Friday, September 07, 2007

Well tonite has been a interesting nite - and good news for once ! lol I grew up in sydney went to a lil school called holsworthy primary,,,,anyway i had a best friend whose name was we got older we grew apart a lil...and i actually become better friends with her younger sister leonie. well tonite via schoolfriends reunited website leonie messaged me. She still lives in sydney...and is engaged and getting married next march and wants to send me a invite to her wedding :) i have been thinking about going to sydney again for a while...i loveeeeeeee wandering around circular the lesbian & gay lifestyle that is the shopping and all the stuff there is to do. So Leonie is getting married on march got 7 months to lose more weight ! what a great extra incentive. The weight i am currently is about the same weight i was when i last saw leonie (altho when me and jody were comparing photos the other week ... we think i look slimmer now at this weight then i did back then - prolly cos of the exercise) To have something to look forward to like this is time for next big decision ! LOL....****CORE**** yep i am gonna start the core plan. I am gonna read up on it this week...but after i go to weigh in on wednesday i will try it for the next week and see how i go (i think as i slowly drop down to lower points i need to eat more low point and natural foods) and i really need to up the ante of my walks...tomorrow i am going to walk from mums up to main north road...not a huge walk but it will start me going...ooooo im excited to think i can plan a lil trip away...i think this is good and something i really need at the moment la la la la la la !!!
Well to say i was thrown into a bit of a spin last nite by realising that was the understatement of the year...its bizarre. I mean apart from the fact to be playing games like that online and coming on under another name is not the "x" i knew...i would not have thought her capable of that (even tho there has been suggestions of it in the past) and even tho it makes me i really am better off without her (ive never been a fan of game playing) theres still that part of me that thinks about what it was like when she was here and all those hours we would chat on the phone...which were blissful...but then there was a lot of things about our relationship that didnt work...and i think i really need to focus on why it didnt work...cos i think thats soemtimes what prevents me moving on. I mean lol i ahve come up with some pretty weak excuses for not getting to know other women (ie financial situation) and i really should be COMPLETELY at the point of moving on. So its all very strange...and i prolly ate about 7 points too many last nite...but completely back on track today. I am working this weekend and next weekend and then i get some weekends off YaY !!!am really looking forward to some normality..this working evenings and working weekends is really quite strange (even tho its nice sleeping in...altho i did overtime this morning so i was up with the birds at 7am)

On the 18th me and felicity are going to see hairspray...which should be really good ive wanted to see that movie for months since oprah had the cast on her show.

okies thats about it for today....ciao :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

okies i have to post this cos this is so friggen funny ! I have a certain X we will call her "X" anyway love of my life and all that jazz...and she doesnt keep in touch with me anymore (ive made several attempts and i get very cordial formal replies) so anyways yeh so i go into the chat room i dunno a month or so ago and this chick who uses the name "passi0n" starts talking to me...and we talk for several days...shes very flirtatious etc but im not really paying attention cos im not interested in someone overseas...but i did think at the time this chick has some of the qualities i usually find hard to resist. Anyway then after about 4 days she disappears...well this chat program has a new thing where u can look up someone elses name and find out what other names they use in in chat...and me being the curious gotta stick my nose into everything kinda chick i am....pops "passi0n"s name into and lo and behold whats her other freaking name???? Yup its X hahhahahahha man i swear i nearly fell out of my wonder when i chatted to her and said i had plans one day she wanted to know if it was a date or not lol gonna go plop my ass down somewhere and just laff about this for a hour or two ;)

PS for all those wondering...yes X is THE ex your all thinking off ! lol

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

wooo hooo managed to knock another 1.4 kilos off today...taking me to a grand loss of 34.1 kilos...which is now the most weight ive ever lost...and only 900 grams off my 35 kilos would be so nice to reach that next week. (for all you yanks who read my journal thats a loss now off 75.02 pounds wooo hooo. All else is going okie dokie (okies maybe a few dramas but i aint gonna bore u all with that lol) Today i am off as well as tomorrow...tomorrow afternoon will be a big study time...this afternoon im planning to do washing, cleaning and this evening i am planning to relax and watch some tv. series one of l word ended last sunday nite...series 2 starts this weekend soooooooooooooooo good....and someone (maybe felicity?) kept asking me have i seen ivan on the show yet...well i did the other kewl character ;) !

Okies off i go to do these chores and eat my fish for lunch...enjoy your day all