Thursday, September 06, 2007

okies i have to post this cos this is so friggen funny ! I have a certain X we will call her "X" anyway love of my life and all that jazz...and she doesnt keep in touch with me anymore (ive made several attempts and i get very cordial formal replies) so anyways yeh so i go into the chat room i dunno a month or so ago and this chick who uses the name "passi0n" starts talking to me...and we talk for several days...shes very flirtatious etc but im not really paying attention cos im not interested in someone overseas...but i did think at the time this chick has some of the qualities i usually find hard to resist. Anyway then after about 4 days she disappears...well this chat program has a new thing where u can look up someone elses name and find out what other names they use in in chat...and me being the curious gotta stick my nose into everything kinda chick i am....pops "passi0n"s name into and lo and behold whats her other freaking name???? Yup its X hahhahahahha man i swear i nearly fell out of my wonder when i chatted to her and said i had plans one day she wanted to know if it was a date or not lol gonna go plop my ass down somewhere and just laff about this for a hour or two ;)

PS for all those wondering...yes X is THE ex your all thinking off ! lol


Tania said...

OMG - Are you talking about "A"? If so i'm assuming you have the same name and she knew who she was talking to? Very interesting!

kazz said...

hahahahah yes i am talking about A and yes she COMPLETELY knew who she was talking too LOL