Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well i gained lol was only 300 grams and im laughing cos im really not too concerned. Ill explain why. Sunday night i went to dinner at Bombay bicycle club which must be one of my fave restuarants. Now i did look at the menu before hand but being indian there really was nothing low in point so i decided sunday night would be a treat. So i ended up having a bruschetta...now this was no ordinary bruschetta...it was 4 piece of garlic bread with a bowl of the bruschetta mix with parmassen cheese on top and when u got to the bottom u could see the oil :( But omg soooooooo yummy (tania you would have loved it ! lol) then i had ummmma wood oven pizza which was dripping in cheese and was delishas well and umm 3 glasses of champagne so yep im sure im retaining some fluid right now plus ive had the odd stomach cramp so TOM may be coming.

But everything else is good...i remember what Tania said when she got engaged that events and things will happen and after all getting a social life for myself is part of this journey too ~!

Okies busy busy at work !!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Photos from 29/10/2006

Well here is the latest photos...they were taken oct 29, im back using this journal since myspace changed half my privacy settings and made it hard for people who were not myspace members to see my journal and pics.

October 24th

Well smacks myspace around...hopefully this post will update myspace wouldnt let me earlier. Im sorry i havent posted much the last week to be honest i was so busy relaxing and being lazy i forgot about journal entries hahahahahahah and the good news taaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! 1.5 kilos lost at weigh in today wooooooooooo hoooooooooooo taken my total loss to 15.1 kilos...omg can u believe it? 4.9 kilos to lose and i will have lost 20 kilos which is my christmas goal...imma gonna do it !!! And its funny cos its today ive realised wow im really doing this not just playing around. After i weighed in i ran over to target and spent $83 on make up ! lol that was my 15 kilo reward and of course last week i bought myself a gold bracelet for losing 10 kilos. For my 10% reward i wont spend big...but i will buy a nice make up bag that day.
Not much else is happening....count down is on till i go on that damn rotating roster - oh can u hear the glee in my voice at the thought of it?
Sunday night this week i am going to the bicycle club for dinner mmmmmmmmm indian its a beautiful restuarant....ive decided i will have 2 or 3 champagnes and i will have whatever meal. I wont look at the points (altho i wont go silly) but i wont order dessert. ohhhhhhhhhhh and i will take photos before going out for dinner sunday night ! Jody calls them my prison shots but i will take new ones lol

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Okies another quickpost my journal is now at http://myspace.com/kazzsjourney click on view blog and non myspace members can read the entries...but to see the whole site u may require a myspace log in. Leave a comment here or on the tagboard here if u ahve any problems

kazz =]
Super quick post...
1. i hate blogger and am gonna move my journal away from it
2. i hate this layout
3. i lost 1.4 kilos lol and have now lost 12.7 kilos more laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reality Check....

Okies well i did it lol i took some updated photos...i have some from April 2006 where i am at my biggest (and even i can tell by looking at the photos the most miserable) and some taken today October 1. Lemme know if u see a difference...i do in my style of clothes and i dont look as miserable but not sure if i see a difference body wise. Taking these photos and looking at them has beeen a bit of a shock and made me realise how bad my situation was and to be honest still is...

April 2006

October 2006