Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reality Check....

Okies well i did it lol i took some updated photos...i have some from April 2006 where i am at my biggest (and even i can tell by looking at the photos the most miserable) and some taken today October 1. Lemme know if u see a difference...i do in my style of clothes and i dont look as miserable but not sure if i see a difference body wise. Taking these photos and looking at them has beeen a bit of a shock and made me realise how bad my situation was and to be honest still is...

April 2006

October 2006


skiller_family said...

Good On You Kazz - you are doing sooooo well!!
You are doing an «:::E:::»«:::X:::»«:::C:::»«:::E:::»«:::L:::»«:::L:::»«:::E:::»«:::N:::»«:::T::» job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 kgs is a huge loss :D I am so happy for you - keep up the great work look forward to keeping up with your progress
natalie (nskiller on the weightwatchers board)

Tania said...

Kazz ... I think the one thing about this journey that we all have in common is that we share the same thoughts about ourselves and our body image, regardless of where we're at with our weight loss.

Focus on what you've achieved recently and look forward to the day when you'll be taking more photos. I admire you ... Lachlan is 6 1/2 months old and I still don't have a photo with him and me together, how bad is that? One day I hope to get over my fear of a camera.

And yes, you are definitely looking a lot happier!

Hippygal said...

You are looking much happier, and yes there is a difference in the photo's. Keep at it - oneday I may even get my butt into gear and lose some weight as well :):).