Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27 2014

well missing in action for a few days! Thursday night I went to a bbq with my team from work. We are breaking up ;( tuesday is the last day we all work together unfortunately . The bbq was at my boss's house....we all decided to bring whatever food...and it was a huge of food! but we all put on a pretty good spread! lol (and yes calories went out the window that day lol) one of the guys had a cob bread filled with a dip made of mayo, sour cream, bacon, parsley and god knows what tasted like cheese but with no was the bomb! I did eat a bit of that - I couldnt help myself! On top of that i had 2 sausages...piece of blackforest cake...a cupcake...and a small handful of chips....certainly overate but it wasnt overly excessive (just all high calorie foods!) but it was a good night..we were a good team...all got on ridiculously well....laughed a sad that team is being broken up :(

I tried to get up early enough to attend classes but gave up LOL. I have to be up at 7.15am on monday which will kill me...but going back to work will get my sleeping back on track quick smart. So gave up and figured ill relax till monday then my routine will recommence!

Yesterday my cals were 1300 and i ended up on 1319 for the day so was happy with that. Today is a higher calorie day so 1800. I havent eaten heaps today and funnily enough not too hungry....if i have 1000 calories left by dinner tonight i might splurge and get carbonara from the lil italian store (normally i get a kebab/yiros) on saturday nights if not going out.

Oh I just discoverred the tv show the new adventures of old christine...ive watched a few episodes and its hilarious...downloading season 1 so this arvo i think a bit of laughter watching that from episode 1.

Not much else going on...enjoy ur weekend all :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24 2014

Last night I went to the gym. I did 10 minutes of incline walking on the treamill...the plan was to do 25 minutes but I got my start time for PT mixed up....started at 7.15pm but I thought was 7.30pm. Anyway so first thing me and my trainer went to her office to discuss my weekly change the upper body that she had written me and also to work out a weekly plan which will look like this:

Monday : RPM (and body pump if not sore)
Tuesday : PT
Wednesday : Upper body
Thursday : pump or RPM
friday : lower body
saturday : PT
Sunday : 1 hour walking

thursday and sunday are essentially active recovery days.

Went to the my hair cut and coloured....oooh la la!

Tomorrow I will be doing body pump in the morning...then tomorrow arvo/evening I have a bbq at my managers house which should be fun...will be good to see everyone from work :)

Calories have been great....after being 113.1 kilos last wednesday morning...i was 106.1 kilos this morning :)

Enjoy your day all!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23 2014

So a few interesting things :) One thing I notice the more I go on the internet is I am hardly the first person to do well with weight loss...and then struggle...whether its cos someone gained 5 kilos or all their weight...or just lost their enthusiasm for the not on my own....and possibly it was even to be expected. I think realising it happens to many....and it doesnt make me a failure is a huge thing for me :)

I also decided tonight at the gym I am going to have a chat to my trainer. Someone left a timely response on my MFP profile (which by the way if you want to follow me is kazzsj0urney) saying...."it doesnt all need to be cardio or all resistance work"... actually it was much longer then that but it basically was...doing a variety of what you enjoy...and lets be honest I find classes better! So my suggestion to my trainer is 2 days a week ill train with her....2 days a week ill do day a week ill walk with Martine and then 2 days a week ill do my trainers program. Initially the classes i will get into will be pump and new gym tho also has cardio grit....i dont think im fit enough for that one yet...but that will be a goal.

So tonight i am going to get into the gym about 45 minutes before my PT session and do about 25 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill and 20 minutes or so on the xtrainer. If i am going to start running for training once i get down to the low 90's i need to start getting more comfortable on the treadmill and not fear it so will start with incline walking :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22 2014

Went to the gym today with the intention to do my upper body workout. I went to do the first exercise and my trainer suddenly appeared LOL. I told her the program is a lil all over the place...which is gonna be hard specially when i go back to work and going to the gym in the evenings  when its busy. So she is going to rewrite my program so its not as much moving about the gym. So i will get the new program tomorrow night. I will also then talk to her about how my goal is to be in the low 90s by february and then I want to start running again.

Foodwise...all on track today.....suppose to be 1300 cals today and I should finish up on 1335 calories for the day.

Not a heck of a lot else to say! Enjoy your day all :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20 2014

Another good day :) My headache is very mild...barely there....where as the last  few days i spent in i got up...spent the entire day up...ventured to the shops...did several loads of washing.

Today was a high calorie day...this afternoon the plan was to have some greek yoghurt with protein powder in it (which i often have) but it was yuck. So i didnt eat it...went looking for a different snack...had a banana and pb....and still wasnt had a few bits of fritz. Normally that would be a time to go...bugger it...lets go crazy. But i really am realising this is no longer a case of "i can restart tomorrow". Nothing is more important then my health and focusing on it...i really deserve this....and its not just me saying starting to believe it again!

 In a couple of weeks time my friend Martine and I are going to start walking around the torrens river on sunday mornings. :)

Tomorrow morning I want to get the house organised in the  arvo i want tomake up sandwiches to freeze....i also wanna do some baking....make some protein balls....(gotta find some good recipes) and maybe some muffins which I will freeze...will go thru my symply too good to be true books later. (Im stillbeing cautious as i dont want the migraine to return) monday morning will be the upper body workout and then tuesday night PT.

Also the scales went down overnight a lil too...super glad specially as I took painkillers yesterday (then tend to make me retain fluid) as of this morning was 107.8 kilos.

Have a fab saturday night all!

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19 2014

I have had the migraine from hell of late. Started wednesday night....yesterday I was vomiting from it....its now friday stomach and head are still sore but improving...hopefully tomorrow i will be up and about and back to the gym on sunday (body balance class)

Its strange i got back from my holiday and just got straight back on track (which is a relief). Over my week holiday i gained 8.2 kilos (i kid you not!) back on track 2 days and I am down 4.9 kilos....with luck by this time next week i will be back to where I was before my holidays (104.9 kilos) currently 108.2 kilos.

I spoke to candice on wednesday night and will start doing 2 x 45 minute PT sessions a week in a few weeks time (on tuesday nights and saturday mornings). As i have mentioned too she has written me out programs....come monday i hope i will be well enough to get back into them...its a different way of training to what I have done in the past. Its definitely strength training focused but done as circuits and the idea is to time myself which means they are quite cardio based as well. So not doing fitness classes - except body balance once a week.

I also decided on some goals. Until i get under 91 kilos I just want to focus on my weight loss. Im hoping my the start of 2015 I will be back under 91 kilos. Then I want to start doing some running AND stairclimbing training. My aim is to do 3 x 5kmish runs next year, one 10km run and also do the eureka stair climb in melbourne in november. Stairclimbing and running both help each other. But I dont want to train for either till i am a bit smaller again. I think also I might look outside of SA for some of the runs....get a few weekends away as part of life a bit more!

Foodwise going back calorie cycling (which works best for me) and eating 1500 well!

Next week is my last week of leave :( Wednesday arvo I have a hair appointment...getting a completely different look....thursday morning i THINK i might be climbing mount lofty....thursday arvo/evening a bbq at my managers house....and saturday night out to dinner with i need to get superwell so im all good come monday!

Have a fab weekend all :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16 2014

So after deciding to stop posting here and my fb page....I decided against that. I have decided instead it is more beneficial to embrace and build my support network.

So I am back from my holiday YAY. A week of hotel living was not good for the waist line! Eek.

This morning when I woke and checked FB i had a lil bit of a reality check...a friend of mine i went to school with and who is 6 months younger then me had a mini stroke. She is okay but its a huge reminder. I started this weight loss journey all these years ago...not to get into a pair of size 8 jeans but to get avoid ending up in a cardiac ward and being dependant on others.

I was suppose to train with candice tonight...but after travelling for most of the day i am just to buggered....but tomorrow morning i will weigh in and its back to my calorie cycling and recommitting to the exercise program candice has written for me.

Tomorrow i want to go shopping want new quilt, quilt cover and sheets. I also wanna get some new running bare clothes.

Hoping tomorrow i can get in for a PT session. Time for action and back to saving my life!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


I have decided that it is time to close this old faithful blog down. Blogger is a lil bit old hat these days, and I have too many social networking sites. As tumblr has a huge weight loss/fitblr community I am going to stick with that so will no longer be posting on here (I wont delete the journal tho) I will also no longer be posting on my fb group and that I will be deleting. If you do want to keep following me you can find me at - that is the only place I will be writing and updating on my weight loss journey. Peace :)
I realised something today....Ive stopped living and am really just existing again. Going back a few years ago I did a couple of trips to of them I climbed the Harbor Bridge...the other I did Adventure Caving. Right now I feel too sluggish to do anything so vigorous, yet i am at a similar as I was then when I climbed the bridge. Not only is my food lacking (or overly abundant) exercise out of a routine....ive come to exist again. No longer thinking...I want to meet someone and doing all I can to be the person someone would like to longer getting out there in the fresh longer being the best person I can seems crazy that I am so far from who I was when I was 79 kilos and happy.

But the truth is...I have done this before...I am not going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly be the person I was 3 years ago. But I can take steps each day to being what I was.

Ive said it often that finding the MFP forums was bad for me. There is a lot of boasting on there..."I eat ice cream every day and can still lose 1 pound a week" etc...for me I cannot do that...I knew what to do and what I could and couldnt do before I found MFP...but for a long time I think I have tried to figure out a way to eat treat food and still lose weight like others claim they can do. Its kinda like on MFP if you can eat high calories and lose weight your a national hero.

Now that I am getting iron injections in a few weeks time it should have me with energy levels much better in a couple of weeks time.

So the aim in Sydney is not to be a sloth get out there and do stuff (thinking the zoo one day)....a friend and I are going to climb mt lofty towards the end of the month. So this is a 3 prong approach...get the food right...exercise and get out there and live more!