Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20 2014

Another good day :) My headache is very mild...barely there....where as the last  few days i spent in i got up...spent the entire day up...ventured to the shops...did several loads of washing.

Today was a high calorie day...this afternoon the plan was to have some greek yoghurt with protein powder in it (which i often have) but it was yuck. So i didnt eat it...went looking for a different snack...had a banana and pb....and still wasnt had a few bits of fritz. Normally that would be a time to go...bugger it...lets go crazy. But i really am realising this is no longer a case of "i can restart tomorrow". Nothing is more important then my health and focusing on it...i really deserve this....and its not just me saying starting to believe it again!

 In a couple of weeks time my friend Martine and I are going to start walking around the torrens river on sunday mornings. :)

Tomorrow morning I want to get the house organised in the  arvo i want tomake up sandwiches to freeze....i also wanna do some baking....make some protein balls....(gotta find some good recipes) and maybe some muffins which I will freeze...will go thru my symply too good to be true books later. (Im stillbeing cautious as i dont want the migraine to return) monday morning will be the upper body workout and then tuesday night PT.

Also the scales went down overnight a lil too...super glad specially as I took painkillers yesterday (then tend to make me retain fluid) as of this morning was 107.8 kilos.

Have a fab saturday night all!

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