Saturday, May 06, 2006

May 6 2006

well lawdie been a busy few days dont really know why theyve been so busy but i havent posted here in a few days.

thursday i was sick...slept till 5.45pm in the afternoon lol and then its just been grocery shopping and stuff.

Today i went shopping bought new jeans, a new top, and new undies lol i havent tried them on and not sure if the jeans will fit yet but we will see. If not hopefully they will fit before long.

Tomorrow im going to the local garden store to buy some plants and some pots and gonna do some gardening in the afternoon - presuming the weather is okay

I have to say thank youuuuu to everyone who leaves comments - i do read them and its really nice to get them =)

Well not much else to say today...have a good weekend all =)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3 2006

Isnt it funny how when you start losing weight you start to love the feel of clothes getting too big/loose. I love how my jeans are starting to feel they are definitely looser and these were jeans that were skin tight and uncomfortable to wear so its a really nice feeling.

I ordered a mp3 player today...can store 200 songs on it so will be perfect to take with me when going for walks. I still wanna go at least once a week for a 30 minute walk even with my other walks and the aqua classes. I really am starting to get excited about aqua classes ive always liked swimming...i remember as a kid spending many summer weekends at the local pool.

Not really much else to say...been good...gone for my work lalalalalallal all is well =)

kazz =)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 2nd 2006

woooo hoooo!!! Lost 1.4 kilos this week!! So the exercise must be starting to have some effect and that brings me to a total of 8.2 kilos hehe very happy girl. And i am going to join the local gym this weekend and then will start doing aqua aerobics 3 times per week so things are starting to fall into place. Will teach me to worry over what those damn scales of mine say hehe

Okies really not much else to say but wanted to let you all know how my weigh in went

oh and someone smack the ww site for me it wont load :(

kazz =)

Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1 2006

Welps i think ive made the gym decision and its not fernwood ! I decided to look in the yellow pages online and saw a gym thats near me (actually next door to where my sister use to live lol) but i noticed it had a name change. Previously this gym had been geared towards body building and males so even tho it had a pool it wasnt for me. Well i decided to ring them and so glad i did. Its now owned by 3 ladies and the emphasis is on rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. She told me they have a lot of over weight people there and that they LIKE overweight people cos it gives them goals. They also have a dietician who is also a personal trainer. And they have aqua aerobic sessions at 1pm every week day and 11pm on saturdays. So i am gonna go this week and have a nosy, but i really liked the way this gurl talked...and also if i go on a 12 month contract its only $10.90 a week...and i think id really enjoy the aqua and i think realistically at my size that is what i should go for. I need to be able to get some bathers and i doubt i can get them in a store now seeing as we are going into winter but i did find a seller on ebay who sells some nice ones so i will purchase them on thursday and go from actually excited LOL

Okies well not much else to say...ive been good but really worried about this weigh in to be honest...will be back tomorrow =)