Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well good news,,,,1.7 kilos i lost at weigh in today taking me to a total loss of 32.7 kilos which i am ecstatic about...amazing to think im getting closer to that 35 kilos mark. I popped into katies today to their reduced section up on the first floor in rundle mall and ta da bought 4 pairs of knee length shorts for $2.50 each - can you believe that price????

So glad to have a couple of days off. After only one day of last week and then working 5 days i really needed some down time. AFter ww i came home ... was in the shower then the phone rang...its my mum and she says...hold on and then this lil voice comes on the phone and says "come see me" lol was my lil 3 year old this afternoon spending sometime with the kids relaxing. Tomorrow morning im hoping to get a stack of studying done. okies off i go...enjoy all !

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well good morning all ! Well its decision time - yet again ! lol...heres the deal, the hibernation of winter is practically over...only another couple of days and it will be spring and its now time with this delicious weather to up the ante on my weight loss and healthier lifestyle. So from TODAY until the end of the year....the deal ive made with myself is to do the following things :

1. I WILL track every day in my ww etools
2. I will NOT eat any take away food for the rest of the year
3. I WILL drink a litre of water every day
4. I WILL eat one piece of fruit every day
5. I WILL do 50 repition exercises everyday

So thats the deal ive made with myself. And i can hear people saying why? Well...partly cos i think after a year you can get a lil slack with yourself. Also i had a conversation yesterday with one of the managers at work which got me thinking...she was saying that you can really notice my weight loss lately and how especially up top you can see i actually have a fine body frame and that my shoulders, face etc even starting to head towards small...and i think those words were enuff to kinda boost me on. I think sometimes we can start to just accept. Yanno when i first started ww this time i was 170.9 and i would be on the ww forum and see a lot of girls who weighed around 140...and i would think i would love to get to that weight id feel normal...and then i realised i am around the same weight now as when Ang was here...and i start to think...well yanno im okay now im kinda normal...but thats out of kinda normal compared to 12 months ago YES but im NOT at a normal size YET and thats what i needed to get my head around i think. So that is why i have decided to make those 5 deals with myself.

Onto other things, ive started the studying....all going good so far. Altho lots of work to do...tomorrow morning i really have to get stuck into it and get about 4 hours of quality studying done so i can enjoy the rest of my two days off.

Okies not much else to to make breakfast (and track it lol) before getting ready for work byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well today looks like a glorious day outside and im stuck in at work. But...i finish at 5.30pm and dont work till 1pm tomorrow which is rather nice. Last nite i went home from work...made a nice pasta dish for dinner...then i made one of "greens" 97% fat free chocolate fudge out to 3 points for a slice...and my god ... so yummii....i had a slice last nite and i have planned for a slice tonite...after my chicken and rice. Last nite I sat and watched 5 episodes in a row of wills n grace which i just laughed so much thru. Tonight L word is on wo0ot love that show. And tomorrow is the first proper day of hopefully as I am on afternoons the next 3 days i will manage a hour or so each day and then thursday on my day off have a full on day of studying. I have decided I am going to cancel foxtel. Really at the moment i just dont have time for it. By the time i go to for walks...there is very little free time for a whole lot of tv watching. So i am going to call tomorrow and cancel it. Will just have to start watching normal tv like a normal person lol and buying least ill keep them. Plus i wanna start getting outside and enjoying the sunshine more now that spring is just about here.

I did jump on the scales this morning and they look like they have moved in the right direction. Which i am very happy about. The most weight i ever lost is 35 kilos...that was over a 6 month period. I am now sitting exactly at 31 another 5 kilos and i will hit 36 kilos so thats a real focus at the moment. Well my lunch break is just about over so time to head back to the phones and do some work...enjoy ur sunday all !

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well boy todays been a busy day - i think i need a nap ! lol

I went to ww...signed up for yay tracking online again...and anyway weighed in and woohooo lost 900 grams ! So i am under 140 woot. I then went and put my ambulance bill in for NIB to pay (thank gawd) and then went to the newsagency to hunt down this magazine called LOTL which stands for lesbians on the loose which i have just found out is sold in adelaide (sydney based magazine) so got that then headed to the shops to pick up a couple of things....then home...i was out for like 3 hours but doesnt seem that long when i type it like that lol. I also reativated my pink sofa account...i have actually had about 8 new people message me on their this week - shame most arent from australia lil own Adelaide !

This aftenoon im getting washing done and relaxing...gonna go sit in front of the tv and relax shortly...i have today off but back to it all tomorrow....and am not off till thursday (these one day weekends truly suck)

okies not much else to i go to do some house work - byes all !

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well i have been missing in action eh? I have had a migraine since late sunday nite...its a lot better tonite and i will be back at work tomorrow. I didnt go to ww obviously cos i did have a migraine...and today i havent eaten so great....i will prolly go weigh in next tuesday but i will call ww on friday and sign up for unlimited. I was watching oprah today...they had this weight loss challenge on it and bob greene was on it and showing how he did these one on one sessions with the different entrants and while watching it i realised that i have never done. I have slowly realised over time different things that may have contributed to weight gain (especially after my mid 20's) but ive never really delved into them...and maybe thats what i need to do.

I emailed the gay and lesbian counselling service here today to see if they can recommend still waiting a response for that.

Anyway not a great else to write and dont wanna sit at the puter for long...will be back later in the week.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well good news ! When my ex was last here...she left me a t shirt...a nice ralph lauren one...anyway it hasnt fitted me for like forever(forever=3years lol) anyways i tried it on a month ago...too tight....tried it on this morning and woooo hoooo looks great ! And my jeans are feeling a lil looser...but the crazy thing is the scales are up by about 400 grams. Im not too worried tho...i suspect its those damn snakatas they are high in sodium and i had a packet the last two days (for those curious the lil packets for cheese flavoured ar only one point each) so wont have any for a few days...i just retain fluid too easily. Everything else is going good...going to do 2 hours of over time tomorrow nite and since i have no plans this weekend i will come in on saturday and just work 11am-3pm....jsut doing those 2 pieces of overtime will give me 13 hours extra in my pay packet next week which will be nice.

I watched a bit of a documentary on the black dahlia last nite...its a famous murder from the early 19th century in hollywood...where 38 people confessed to it but they never solved the crime. Anyway the girl who plays Jenny in L word is starring in it and its on foxtels box office so saturday nite i am planning to settle down and watch that.

Okies off i go for my day !

Monday, August 13, 2007

Woooo hoooo i lost 1.3 kilos ! Which takes me to i am now definitely the lightest i have been in a long time...and im really noticing it. I could really notice in those photos i took yesterday the top of my legs have slimmed out quite a bit (still a way to go yet tho lol) and when i was at my ww meeting tonite i was sitting there cross legged and i do that easily use to be a real another step towards normality !

Well im gonna keep this short its 9pm and dinner is in the oven as we starving but wanted to get this weeks loss posted.

Have a good week all !

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well good sunday afternoon all =] My weekend has been busy but good. Last night we went to the dance...and shock horror...i was late and felicity was on time *smirks* anyway it wasnt as good as previous ones but it was a good nite still. Me and felicity are getting to know more people so thats really good when you walk in and there are people who you talk too and spend some of the evening with. We danced quite a bit (the dj pplays a LOT of kylie and shania twain lol). It was a interesting night...i did have someone say "why are you single? your gorgeous" and everyone whose read my journal for a while knows how bizarre i find those kind of comments cos i just dont see that. But it was a fun nite...i felt good...and i think i even looked good...and before anyone asks yes i was slack and didnt take photos...but felicity took a couple of photos with her ill post them here but remember they are not digital camera photos just off her mobile phone. i am the one standing mostly in the front of the pics...oh and as a disclaimer..before ANYONE else and felicity arent together LOL we are constantly asked if we are a couple...but were not lol...hahahah okies enjoy all

ok and heres some other pics. 2 are old and 2 are taken today - i must admit i really see a difference now !

The first one is december 2006 and the second is march 2007

And TA-DA here are 2 pictures taken august 2007....a year after i originally started

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well lawdie only 3pm and im freaking exhausted ! Went to town to pick up the phone...gave the cops my name and date of birth and i come up in their bloody computer system ! Now i know im not a angel but really im not that bad lol...i had a guy approach me with porno pics once that i reported and oh yeh i lived across the road from where a murder occurred and when it occurred the cops forensic van used electricity from my house so i guess they have my details. Anyway collected that...then went to get my foundation ... would you freaking believe the one colour i want was out of stock ! But i think i prolly have enough left in the container for tonite and bought some powder just in case and some new eyeshadows. Altho why i bought new ones since all i wear is brown i dunno.

I am pretty sure i am gonna wear a black and cream top that felicity gave me...its see thru so i bought a lil singlet top to wear under it and new bras...nice satin ones...and woohooo im in a 22DD now (no matter how slim i get i will never lack in that department and to be honest thats good i like my cleavage lol - prolly a lesbian thing...) but i originally was squeezing into a 26E so thats good.

Then went to the hairdressers and had my hair streaked - thank gawd no more regrowth and just for gertie i then got my eyebrows waxed lol (is it just me but doesnt the warm feeling when they put the wax on feel devine?)

Food wise things are going SO good ! I am not picking at all between meals and been within my points everyday and i sneaked a peak at the scales and am sure ill lose at least 500 grams this week so that is good. And my new jeans are getting loose...another few kilos and i mite go to target and try on a size smaller

I have been talking to someone on the pink sofa lately whose a huge true crime buff like me omg if people read our messages lol last nite we were talking about mummification of bodies...then this morning i woke to read some lady has been living with 2 dead bodies in her house that had mummified...sounds gruesome i know but all that true crime stuff interests me

Well...i think i am going to go and either watch a episode of cold case files or have a nap...i hope y'all have a good nite tonite

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Well jeepers i am so freaking blonde sometimes. Felicity messages me in msn last nite says a taxi driver just rang me he has your mobile phone lol...lawdie i didnt even realise i was missing it ( i ahve a real BAD habit of losing the damn mobile phones lol) he ended up leaving it at hindley police station so saturday i will go in and collect it but that kinda works good cos i need foundation. I normally wear bloom foundation but the other week when going out didnt have time to get into myers so bought another...OMFG i put it on my face and it came out white LOL but i have the bottle of the old bloom one with the color name so will get some on saturday. I work 1-9 today and tomorrow ... kinda nice to have a couple of late days after doing so many earlies lately. Tomorrow i pick up the new mastercard and will then order the text books so should have them next week, which works out good. On the uni forums they all say to read chapter one before the course starts so that gives me a week or two to do that. Okies not much else to say - all is good !

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!! okies i can hear you all saying what the hell is she yapping about this time (and its not L word for once lol) and yes my birthday is in december...BUT today is my weight watchers birthday ! I started weight watchers and the healthy eating plan a year ago today...amazing to think i have stuck to this for a full year...i truly never thought i would. You only have to read my old journal to see how many times i stopped and started...but things are so good life is COMPLETELY different. It doesnt revolve around not up till 4am every nite and sleeping half the day not too tired to go to work so calling in feet dont retain fluid (they are skinny lil things now) i actually have a social life now. Back then id go out maybe once every 6 i have plans most weekends...i can sit and look at all the other things i want...things i wouldnt have even considered before ... like to study, a different career, a girlfriend, travel. Life is good finally. I wanna thank everyone who over that time has left comments for me on my journal how much i appreciate them and they really do impact me and help drive me. Ive been asked for a photo update so hopefully i can get to that this weekend - enjoy all !

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well weighed in and lost 2.6 kilos...which im satisfied with...admittedly i would have liked closer to 4 kilos...but cant have everything ur own way eh? Someone posted on the ww board only 20 weeks till time to set the next goal...which is to be under 130 kilos at i have 12.2 kilos to lose. This coming week as i have had a high loss and know my body will prolly be trying to balance out im not gonna expect a huge loss...just gonna aim for 500 grams.

Yanno some people are dumb as and rude as....was waiting out the front of ww last nite this woman who was just joining comes along...asks me how long ive done it for...i go a year....then asks me how much ive like 26 kilos .... and she goes "gee you musta been big then" to which i replied...i WAS ... i was huge to be honest but man people just dont think when they open their mouths. She didnt hurt my feelings or nothing...but i just thought to myself man you are stupid...

Well...i am off to make a scrambled egg and toast for breakfast...enjoy ur tuesday all

Monday, August 06, 2007

Well met felicity for lunch yesterday and what a bonus - she had a huge bag of clothes for me....full of clothes from katies and target...there were 18 items all up...about 8 of the tops fit me now (wearing one today and ooo la la la got such a choice for what to wear saturday nite to the dance) then there were numerous ones size 16-18-20 so lots to grow was like christmas time...couldnt thank felicity enuff !

We went to cafe palazzo ... i had for lunch a entree serving of spinich and ricotta canneloni with a tomato yummii ! Tonite i am off to ww...i woud really really like to get under 142 kilos by their scales - so wish me luck !

Not much else is happening...was on earlies today but the rest of the week i dont have to wake before 9am which is bloody nice ! Okies off i go !

Sunday, August 05, 2007

hahahahaha okies since tania asked...i dug up a promo clip of you tube....(boy i had to look for a while to find one that was pretty much g rated) theres nothing r rated on this this will give yas a idea onthe l word....ok wait...if girls kissing is offensive to you (and if its that big a issue i gotta wonder why ur reading this journal lol) dont click play it mite be a tiny bit

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well this is different updating at home on a saturday night ! lol Actually its been nice. I cooked pasta for dinner...made a sauce with bacon pieces, tinned tomatos and chilli seasoning...very low in points...AND boy does the chilli make you down that water !I then watched the next two episodes of L word i had recorded...oooo la la such a good series...and i think i mite be inlove ! omg anyone who has seen this show i will say just one word "marina" apart from being classy and sexy...she has the most incredible accent and hot hot is all i can say. The show actually makes me wanna run out and find a gf hahahahahh. And now i am sitting here with VH1 classics on....princes "little red corvette" at the moment. Oh something funny happened in the sofa chat room last nite. I was in there and so was my friend felicity and we were talking in msn as well. Anyway this girl who we both met at the last golden dance was there and i was saying hi and all to her and i think i then moaned about never meeting anyone and so this girl is like...i will take you out kazz..tell me where you like to eat. Then she going to the dance (which is next weekend) im like...yes....and she goes can i have a dance then? and im like rubbing eyes to make sure what im reading is correct and im like ... well of course.... so in msn im like to felicity ... omg did you see what she asked? next thing felicity says...omg check out what she said i go back to the room and she asked if she could have a slow of course i said yes. (jody would tell me thats cos im a h0 LOL) whats so amazing about all this is...ive had girls flirt with me online before...and always in the back of my mind its "yes but you dont know what i look like" but this person has met me so its weird for me to think someone whose met me in real life could show interest ...we were introduced at the last dance. And even tho I dont think me and this person would really be suited (shes too nice a person for a start lol) so next dance is this coming saturday should be a interesting nite.

Tomorrow afternoon im meeting up with felicity ...her aunty had some weight loss surgery (in this weeks copy of thats life apparantly) and so felicity has some clothes she was given ... so she is giving me the ones she didnt want. And felicity tells me there are some real nice ones so that would be a real nice bonus. Tomorrow nite i am going out for dinner with my mum, stepdad and his mum. I think I will be rather good and just get lasagne...thats the plan and then of course monday nite is weigh in nite - fingers crossed for that.

Oh and my mastercard debit card got approved *yay* so pick that up this week and then i can organise the books for uni and also go on the unlimited plan for ww. Okies think im gonna go settle down and watch a episode of cold case files before calling it a nite - enjoy the rest of the weekend all !

Thursday, August 02, 2007

good afternoon lovelies ! Things here are going very good. Day 3 and am completely on track - and that includes a piece of fudge ! But I have pointed it and I still with eating the fudge (which im eating now....caramel fudge yummmm) i still have 10.5 points left for dinner tonite and thats not counting the exercise points ill earn tonite at the gym. So tonite i think it will be light fish and oven fries especially as by the time i get home will be after 6.30pm. I sneaked a peek at the scales this morning and its showing a loss of about 1.5 things are looking good for mondays weigh in. And yay tomorrows looking forward to this weekend...i have absolutely nothing planned and so planning to catch up on housework...saturday nite ill cook a nice dinner and then sit down to my 2 hours of L word...and sunday night will go out to dinner with my a nice way to end the weekend. I may even try and go for a walk...i figure if i go fro a 25 mminute walk and then see how my heel feels. It doesnt give me any pain or stiffness anymore so it prolly is ok to start walking on for long walks...and as i will never go to the gym 7 days/work being able to go for walks would work good.

tomorrow i start work at 10.30am have been starting 8.30am all week so the thought of sleeping in till 9am tomorrow (altho knowing me ill wake earlier) sounds wonderfullllllllllllll at the moment...okies off i go....enjoy your day all !