Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well good news ! When my ex was last here...she left me a t shirt...a nice ralph lauren one...anyway it hasnt fitted me for like forever(forever=3years lol) anyways i tried it on a month ago...too tight....tried it on this morning and woooo hoooo looks great ! And my jeans are feeling a lil looser...but the crazy thing is the scales are up by about 400 grams. Im not too worried tho...i suspect its those damn snakatas they are high in sodium and i had a packet the last two days (for those curious the lil packets for cheese flavoured ar only one point each) so wont have any for a few days...i just retain fluid too easily. Everything else is going good...going to do 2 hours of over time tomorrow nite and since i have no plans this weekend i will come in on saturday and just work 11am-3pm....jsut doing those 2 pieces of overtime will give me 13 hours extra in my pay packet next week which will be nice.

I watched a bit of a documentary on the black dahlia last nite...its a famous murder from the early 19th century in hollywood...where 38 people confessed to it but they never solved the crime. Anyway the girl who plays Jenny in L word is starring in it and its on foxtels box office so saturday nite i am planning to settle down and watch that.

Okies off i go for my day !


Anonymous said...

what an awesome achievement and i am stoked that you are like learning about your own body babe

Whoever I want to be said...

Just popping in to say Hi - not commenting much but am still reading. Have a great Sunday


Tania said...

Hey Kazz - hope all is going well! How did your weigh in go? Catch up soon.