Monday, May 31, 2010

My new book arrived today "the kind diet" i have read a lil off it at lunch time and must admit im a bit intrigued about it. It is basically about being vegan/vegetarian and how this is kind to the environment. Whilst i cant imagine me ever being a vegeterian i think where she talks about you can "flirt" with her diet has a lot of merit and looks like there are some real nice recipes.

I am still wondering if i am eating enough basically eating 1750 per day (it averages out too) i was reading on the calorie counting forum last nite and one girl has only 10 pounds to lose and whilst she is 2 inches taller then me...still eats 1700 calories. Now i was very sparing when working it out this time for my calories burnt. I put down only 1800 calories for the week...i know i burn over that (usually at least 2300 but sometimes over 3000) so i will do this week...and not go hard at it...then will redo the calories taking a more accurate number for the amount burned. My guess is they will increase by at least 100-150 calories per day.

Tonite i have debating! lol Currently i have PT at 6.30pm (presuming fiona doesnt text me to say she can see me earlier)which is a core PT session and there is a boxing class on from 5.30pm-6.15pm now normally i would think boxing would be fine (lets face it i do it every week with fiona) but this is a lil bit more hardcore its stuff like punching a bag for 30 seconds then getting down into pushups for 30 seconds then getting up for 30 more seconds...then back down for planks or mountain climbers or whatever..i hate the thought of the getting down and getting back up...i also hate the thought of being the fat one LOL or there is a cycle class also on at 5.30pm for 45 says its intermediate level but sarah reckons all the classes are fine for any level...maybe i will or maybe ill just stick to that blasted cross trainer.

Not much else going on fod has been good...water is going is good lol

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well must say i love bloomin weekends at home! Today ive been productive yet relaxed. This morning I spent sleeping in and playing backgammon. This afternoon i spent time on the polar website checking out their current heart rate monitors...I put on facebook that I am gonna sell my current one and mel is gonna buy it off me for $ im gonna buy a FT60 plus a food pod plus the usb transmittor to transfer the data to my puter. The cool thing about this theres a few things...firstly when you first get it you do a 5 minute fitness test and tell it what your doing it for (ie for me weight loss) it then gives u a program...which is basically amount of time you need to exercise, calories to burn and you need to meet the heart rate do that for 6 weeks then it will alter it depending on how you did, it also gives you a lil trophy on ur watch if u meet your goals...but if you OVER exercise it takes the trophy away too! lol So i was reading this guys goal was 3000 calories and 6.5 hours of exercise for the week...but he did over 5000 calories (like holy crap!) and exercised for 10 hours so it took his trophy away LOL The other thing...the footpod which i wanna buy has a GPS unit which works with google earth and tells you how far you have walked/run. All up after selling mine its costing me about $300 but i think it sounds AWESOME and will be very motivating for calorie goals i can upload all the data to my computer. :)

I then went to look at some beds...saw nothing i was overly impressed a few weeks time i will go to the home maker centre at pooraka and check theirs out. I also went to the garden store and bought some rocket, spinach, thyme and parsley which is all planted.

Tonite i have a organic chicken breast roll that i marinated with thai seasoning that is in the oven...gonna have it with roasted cherry tomatos, feta cheese, caramelised onions and broccoli yum yum

Have a good week all!

Todays food:

2 bananas
Bread roll with porchetta and swiss cheese
freddo frog
130 grams roasted thai chicken with roasted cherry tomatos, feta cheese, caramelised onions and broccoli
100 grams mixed berries with 100 grams of icecream

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I feel better today! I got a chance to speak on skype to Jody,,,,which doesnt happen often...and shes decided i have a potty mouth (like no chit!)

Anyway went to city...stopped at mcdonalds for my saturday morning treat of a sausage mcmuffin and a oj. Then before going to the gym i dropped into city chic....i saw the most gorgeous outfit...was grey jeans,,,,with this baby pink singlet top with a lace over top...was sooooooooo pretty! On June 26 i have a reunion to go too...its for the old club me and my friends use to hang we are planning dinner and then to go to the "old lion" so i think i mite buy that outfit for that...and a extra pair of jeans never goes astray,,,,and knowing im buying clothes is a great incentive to get my ass into gear ;)

Went to the gym....did 15 minutes on the xtrainer and 30 minutes of weights and burnt 530 calories =] I then went to the markets i bought some organic chicken meats and stopped for some fruit and vegies and then came home, altho while i was out i got some "arnica cream" it is suppose to help with scar tissue injuries and i am willing to try anything on this foot so fingers crossed...i also bought new inner soles.

I also picked up the Wii game "just dance" OMG so brilliant! I did it for 28 minutes earlier and burnt 305 ive burnt 835 calories today....not a damn bad effort.

Today is my high calorie today and so in a few minutes i am nicking over to the italian place to pick up tonites dinner...yum yum.

Okies have a good day all

Todays food

sausage mcmuffin & oj
freddo frog
premium protein ball
Bread Roll with porchetta and swiss cheese
pasta amatriciana
banana with 100 grams icecream

Friday, May 28, 2010

Well friday nite...TOM arrived...and i ate crappy tonite...and well...enuff is enuff....

I need to get that focus back on the gym. Yes its winter...and yes id prefer to go home to the warmth of my lil house at nite...but i really need to focus on the gym. Its always the gym that keeps me focussed...Being sick early this week plus having a weekend where i was out constantly out and about....while being out and about i get is throws me off! I dont eat a lot of processed foods...going out where there is cheese and crackers...dinners at restuarants with entrees and rich foods (which i dont even really like!) I need to restrict nites out of eating to once a week...i know ive said this a million times but i need to get over my being scared of classes. Body pump i can handle...but the classes arent at great times and fiona wants me doing them twice a week as a max. But i need to start to do a few classes. Looking at the timetable and some of this will be dependant on PT times...

sat : PT weights + body balance
sunday : day off
monday : PT core + either boxing class or bodyjam class
tuesday : body pump
wednesday : physio
thursday : PT boxing with either pilates or RPM
friday : 30 minutes cross trainer + 10 minutes treadmill (wee!) + 15 minutes bike + 5 minutes rower

I think i will start to list my food on a daily post at nite...also go back to tracking on calorie king. So the aim is gym and stick to my calories. Tomorrow between PT and body balance i am gonna nick down to katies cos they have 50% off EVERYTHING!!! Then after gym im gonna go down the markets...ive never wandered around their much i wanna see what they have especially in the way of organic meat (fiona was telling me how much nicer she finds organic meat so i will see what i can find!) Sunday arvo i will prolly go down to the gardening store and buy some herb i can get the edible garden going again!

So i feel better now ive put a plan of action down for time to follow it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well ive been feeling very blah today! I moaned all day about not wanting to go to the gym...but of course i did. Fiona musta figured tho that i was feeling chitty about all this weight loss stuff...after doing boxing with her and whilst saying bye...fiona goes whats for dinner tonite? im like ummm i dunno? something bad? LOL...anyway she was like...stirfry im so friggin obedient i did have a stir fry...rather impressed with myself...had beef ... spinach ...onion ...mushies ... with some soy sauce and honey .... yum yum!!!

When i was leaving the gym tonite...i noticed they had a sheet for expressions of interest for a running/walking training program for the city to i put my name down...of course its dependent on my bloody foot...i would LOVE to do this... i freakin hate how much my blasted foot holds me back...hopefully this resting from the treadmill combined with the physio helps tho.

We get our bonus next pay day YAY which means bed shopping!I need a new bed...mattress...chest of also planning to finally go buy a strapless bra or two as well as a good sports bra or two.

I watched the biggest loser US finale tonite...i have to say...ashley may not have been at goal yet but she looked the best and i love LOVE loved her dress...mite have to try and find a pic of it and post it at some stage.

Okies this princess needs to watch my medium and go to sleep....friday tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well back on track today. The scales had gone up by 2.8 kilos...pretty much what I had expected. TOday ive stuck to 1400 calories...had nearly 3 litres of water today.

Tomorrow back to the and that bloody cross trainer bonding again! lol

There is going to be some changes coming to my journal! A few months away....but ive put some changes into place which are gonna occur - exciting exciting! Anyway not much else to say (sometimes i wonder why i write in this journal...writing isnt as good to me as it use to be)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well time for confession! Since last thursday things have been a disaster. With all the eating out on the weekend, gastro on monday and barely eating...then getting my appetite back and eating like there is no tomorrow...combined with frustration over how long this whole bloody journey has and will take (and yeh yeh i know its all worth it in the end no one comment on that...ive been at this for nearly 4 years i am allowed to get friggin frustrated by it if i want) frustrated that i cant use the treadmill...just frustrated full stop.

As i have started to feel better today i have then found me feeling very sorry for myself and not going near my scales! LOL

But its time to get onto things again...will weigh in tomorrow...and to kick off things i am gonna do 1400 calories for a week with no high or low calorie days...then reassess things after a week. Back to my water. And hopefully back to getting back on track (i am PMSing and pretty sure ill get my cycle tomorrow)

Anyway there you have it...just needed to get it out there...time for some tv and a early nite before getting back into this tomorrow!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Well the weekend is over. I didnt really realise till last nite what a impact seeing my aunts has had on me...more so then my cousin...somethings about it are wonderful (most in fact) but there are somethings that make me sad...not things I am ready to put into words yet...but it certainly makes me feel sad for some of the things I have lost in my life. After getting quite emotional and think back about lots of different things i got quite upset last nite and bright and early this morning (like 4.20am) i have woken with not only a headache but also gastro UGH plus I know my eating wasnt great over the weekend...its led me to be a bit down on myself...I will be fine and pick myself up...but life truly sucks sometimes lol...buts its just part of the highs and lows of this journey. And its more about reflecting on those positive steps I need to take to put me first above all else.

Sunday, May 23, 2010 kinda glad I am going back to work tomorrow! The last 3 days has been so full on...and I need my routine back.

Last nite at the bbq was lovely...i had worked out my calories (was a high calorie day) and even with accounting for a piece of pavlova when i left for the bbq i have 350 calories to spare (thankfully) as when we arrived they had crackers and camembert cheese out! I had about 4 or 5 crackers with cheese so think i hit the 350 calories lol. But i took my own chicken i marinated (in low salt soy sauce, pure honey and sesame seeds) and i also marinated capsicum pieces and eggplant in olive oil, garlic and basil...and my cousins hubby cooked them on the bbq for me. They had lots of yummy food there...roast beef, sausages (drool), marinated chicken pieces...potato bake...but i stuck with my food and came home i would say spot on calories.

There were photos taken so when they are posted on facebook i will update here.

Today i went to a organic cafe to meet Jaimee for lunch...was so good seeing her...hadnt seen her since January so a catch up was WAY over due! She actually asked me if I am going to make my journal into a book answer to that was noooooooooooooo but I have thought for a bit about doing a website...with "topics" that i have written on aimed at people with 50 plus kilos to lose...basically it would just be my view/perception on things. What i am starting to realise ive kinda come up with my own program! LOL the only rules i follow are mine :) One thing about me is i am a huge researcher...whether its on the net or brain these days really does have a lot of info in relation to weight loss...and i keep thinking about how US biggest loser always instills "pay it forward"

I have just sent off some before and current pics for the testimonial thingy for the gym! Exciting!

What Gae commented on the other day on one of my comments about artificial sweeteners and ww is so true. My thoughts on WW arent all positive...and part of it is i think...not only do ww products make them money it also helps to assist in the constant cycle of weight loss members returning thus making them more money. What I mean by easy to lose 20-30 kilos eating those foods...but our bodies get to a point where it cant keep giving you loses while shoving CHEMICALS (and yes thats what artificial sweeteners etc are) down your throat. So people buy their products...lose 20 kilos....give up...gain some or all or more weight back...then they rejoin ww...quite the lucrative business they got going there eh? I am perdantic towards my food these days...the next thing i am cutting back on is canned tuna! LOL yes truly...75% of the nutrients are lost in the processing and kept i am gonna start buying tuna steaks and cooking them and having them that way. Then basically the only other canned food i eat is apples and tomatoes...and i dont have either often...they are really emergency foods.

I just ordered a new book called "the kind diet" its basically about vegetarian/vegan eating ... whilst im not about to become either i always seem to get something out of reading all these different books...its actually by Alicia Silverstone...Fiona has just recieved the book "The Paleo Diet" which she is gonna lend me...I think she loves how much I love reading and researching all this stuff...I always liked biology at school (wanted to be a nurse when young). Fiona said the other day...between you and me we are building some nurtition library! lol

Okies i am sure i have sat here for so long my dinner is off i go!

BTW day 5 of no diet soft drink...go me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well yesterday was a fabulous day! I did over eat but I think it was worth the small slip up :)

Last nite for dinner I had garlic Naan Bread with butter chicken (which came with rice and some yoghurt sauce) I have heard people RAVE about butter chicken...cant say i was overly impressed with it...altho the rice and naan bread was yummi ! lol Add to that a hot chocolate and i did pull in prolly 2200 calories...which is around what I eat on my high calorie day (which is today...but yanno how often do you have a family reunion after 28 bloomin years????)

Catching up with my 2 aunties and cousin and her hubby and second cousins was fabulous. I dont have many people in my life who knew me as a kid...(before i was 15)just before i turned 15 my dad died and my mum cut his family out of our we moved interstate. It was fabulous talking to people about things they remembered from me as a child. Altho i did get told in the face i look exactly the same! lol...which considering i thought i was pretty and healthy looking as a child that was a nice bonus :)

Today mum, my sister and mums hubby and mums mother in law were going out for lunch...i declined that offer,...tonight we are off to a bbq at my cousins house...and to meet alice the cat! lol who my second cousin (11 years old) told me all about including showing me photos from her phone of alice lol Anyway...i am marinating some chicken to take with me, and am also gonna marinate some eggplant and capsicum to put on the bbq for me too. My sister and i are also taking a pavlova up there yum yum!! And i will have one piece... I havent had pavlova in like forever so I am looking forward to that. I am hoping i will come a few hundred calories under today to make up for some of yesterday ;)

My no diet coke thing is going good too! I last had it on tuesday day 4 today (god i sound like a friggin smoker! lol) Last nite while at dinner i had a sparkling mineral water which i i have bought a bottle to take to the bbq tonite.

Yesterday arvo me and my sister went shopping...and i bought a new book..."beautiful malice" i certainly am not short of reading material these days...but gonna start with "the girl with the dragon tattoo" and i wanna order "the kind diet" this week lol...i am really gonna start having a library of health and fitness books soon :)

Okies off i go...have a fab weekend all :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Well my 3 day weekend has started of great...

Gymmed it last nite 30 minutes on the dreaded cross trainer...then boxing. Unfortunately i had a fall during boxing but i was okay apart from a bruised ego ;) Then this morning I woke up with a pimple on my elbow! I actually went to the docs in case it wasnt a pimple as i couldnt squeeze it or anything and everytime i bend my elbow it hurts...they gave me some cream.

Then got home from the docs and my sister texted me to say she was taking mum out for lunch so did i want to go. So we went to cafe bocca..i had a grilled chicken burger..(without the chips!) then a few mouthfuls of mum and my sisters pasta and a slice of garlic bread. Tonite we are off for a bit of a family sister and i are out to dinner with our 2 aunties we havent seen since i was 14 and my cousin who i havent seen since i was about 7. So its to a indian place...i think i am gonna have a chicken ceaser salad with dressing on the side...i figure as long as i only have that i should come within my calories fine...if i overindulge...well in all honesty me eating out 2 days running is a rarity! So i will just suck it up and move on...tomorrow...thankfully is my high calorie day...I have PT in the morning...then out to lunch with mum and my sister...then saturday nite a bbq at my cousins and THEN sunday lunchtime meeting Jaimee for lunch! lol My life is never this busy...but gonna enjoy it ... try and make wise decisions...then put it behind me...Hopefully i can still manage a small loss next week...and talking about weigh in ... ta-da! I lost 1.2 kilos this week...taking my total to 52.9 kilos...and down to 118 kilos close is that "under double digit" mark getting...

Okies off i go...a quick laydown before tonites big nite!! Enjoy all!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another day off today (hard life eh? lol)... have no fear tho I am working tomorrow before another 3 days off lol

The scales shifted down AGAIN today. And then fiona sent me some links on the diet soft drink saga and she was telling me she spoke to one of the nutritionists at the gym about it...and the nutritionist told fiona that she tells her clients drink FAT COKE occassionally but completely skip the diet coke. Cutting back on it and increasing the water has definitely helped on the scales. One of the links fiona sent me mentioned a pile of symptoms that the artificial sweeteners have been found to be linked too...depression and dizzy spells. I get both...coincidence? possibly...but the fact of the matter is with my diet coke i am putting chemicals into my body. So I have about 19 cans of diet coke in the house...once they are gone...thats it. Its a new way of thinking...cos lets face it water is boring and in the evening i like a nice drink with my whether i add cordial to my water or a glass of flavoured milk...i will need to find something that is no artificial sweeteners. And then thats more low fat foods (not that i eat low fat foods anymore) its a bit of a change to my thinking...cos diet coke is basically calorie free....and ive always followed the theory "dont drink your calories" so i may have to drink a small portion of calories...but i think i will do this be honest I havent really missed the diet coke.

I went to the physio today. She has told me no treadmill for 2-3 weeks. Just cross trainer and bike. And then I went op shopping! I bought two MEDIUM size tops...voila ! Theyfit! I also bought a size 16 denim jacket and a brooks tracksuit top (that doesnt fit me yet only size 14) all for $34 so yay yay

Tonite making a home made hamburger.

Have a good nite all!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ok I have GOOD news! What started out as a ordinary day has led to some pretty exciting news :)

So this morning i was lazy...spent the morning playing backgammon...went to the gym...told my nutritionist about my thoughts on water....i then got on the scales and VOILA whilst its not my official weigh showed a loss of holy toledo batman TWO KILOS! hahahahah omg you couldnt knock my smile off if you tried. Then we did my measurements...she measures my waist THIRTEEN CENTIMETRES GONE from just my waist! hahahha i was like noooooooooooooooooooooo and she measured like 2 or 3 times i lost 17 centimetres of my body in the last two weeks YAY for me! Then we worked out since May 2008 I have lost 119 centimetres of my body...and then...they told me the gym is creating a testimonal book...its a book of some members with before and after pics...and a bit about their journey...and they asked ME to be in it today! What my nutritionist said was so many people join it gets to hard and they show no matter how hard it has gotten you have stuck to it...educated yourself and made the necessary im one happy girl today!
like WOW!!!! I got on the scales this morning and the number that popped up STUNNED me...i reweighed myself 3 times to ensure it was correct LOL...i wont say the number but i am really looking forward to weigh in this week!

This week is a big week...let me dad died when i was 14 after he died we moved states and my mum cut my dads family from our lives. Anyway for the first time since i was 14 i am seeing two of my aunts this weekend! They are flying in from sister is flying in as well...and i have a cousin who i havent seen since i was about 7 she is coming too so i will meet her family as big big friday nite this weekend. So i will weigh in friday morning...friday nite we are going to the bombay bicycle club (indian restuarant) and saturday morning i have PT...saturday nite a bbq at my cousins house and sunday lunch time i am meeting Jaimee for lunch! phew! big weekend. And i do have a 3 day weekend so lol between now and monday i am only working thursday (yay for me!)

Today im being lazy this morning then this afternoon i am seeing my nutritionist for a weigh and pretty sure ive lost a few cms (only 2 weeks since my last measure) will be very interesting to see if all the water ive been drinking affects my body fat much.

And yes i have changed my liquids HUGELY over the last few days!...3 out of the last 5 days i have had only one can of diet coke and 2-3 litres of water a day. I was talking to fiona last week about it...and she has gone and done some researching and is going to send me some links about it all...but she has read that the diet soft drink can inhibit your body from breaking down the fat. So i think i will continue with one diet soft drink with dinner and aim for 3 litres of water per day (remembering i exercise a lot)

I will also do a cardio session this arvo...and tomorrow is physio day. And there was a yummy looking recipe for salt and pepper chicken on the ww website last nite (thanks to lelly!) so i think i mite make that for dinner with grilled marinated vegetables

Ok have a good day all!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well i had a lost :) YAY lost 300 am now down to 119.2 kilos and total loss of 51.7 kilos.

Last night i had my baked barramundi and i made one of jillians recipes - cheesy and spicy pumpkin seeds...omg yummy!

I am keeping the variety up...roast turkey, avocado, baby spinach leaves and tomato sandwich for lunch...weetbix for my afternoon snack (dont ask! lol) and pasta carbonara for dinner (yay for high calorie days ;))

So things are good today...I really think the key has been not stressing and the variety in my food...tuesday I will be seeing eve (my nutritionist) and she will measure me...will be interesting to see what the measurements will be when in reality ive only really lost 100 grams over the last 2 weeks.

have a good day all :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Well i relaxed yesterday arvo...watched the latest episode of the US biggest loser and watched a couple of episodes of greys anatomy. I had about 550 calories left for dinner and as per normal for thursday nite it was takeaway...but since i am trying to break my routine of eating same thing all the time i decided not on a yiros and had a plain hamburger with cheese...529 calories...and for the entire day only one can of diet coke. Woke up this morning to the scales sitting back at 119.5 kilos....fingers crossed this continues! And today im still focusing on the variety..the cafeteria at work have chicken and golden mushroom soup today so i am gonna have that and a dinner roll...which i am figuring is about 340 calories (packet soups of creamy chicken and msuhroom are only 98 calories but this will be homemade) and tonite gonna make baked barramundi with marinated grilled eggplant and capsicum yumyum!!!!

I did register for the rspca walk for sunday but i have no one to do it with...left myself to late to organise it with anyone i guess :( ill do the 5km tho and hopefully my foot hacks it okay.

Weigh in tomorrow...fingers crossed for a loss...even 100 grams i would be happy with! lol

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well its been a few days between posts...normally that means I am off track...I havent been off track but the scales have been playing with my head a bit...they have been fluctuating like gawd knows what! So basically at the moment each morning i weigh in i am varying anywhere between 119.5 and 120.5.

So yes i have been worrying and obsessing over this as is the way with me! This morning tho (after checking out weight loss surgery sites admittedly!) i got out jillians book....and reworked my calories out based on burning 450 calories a day or 3100 for a week. That works out to 1540 calories to eat per day. I started to think back and HONESTLY think back...i havent focused on how many calories i have burnt per day (and lets face it for my plan this is integral!)...i have stopped focussing on having a variety of foods and instead was doing what was quick and easy and having the same thing most days...i was not cooking much...i was not enjoying the gym...and i am STILL drinking a lot of diet soft drink and not much water (that said ive never drunk much water and yet i have managed to lose 50 kilos so go figure!)

So i have my new calories to eat...and a daily and weekly aim for calories to burn. I then went to the gym...did 30 minutes on the cross trainer...then fiona came and got me for a double PT session...i told her...basically if i am gonna come to the gym 4 times a week i really need to not leave the gym till i have hit 800 calories burnt. I think when i first told her she was thinking "whatever karyn" lol but then when i explained my thinking...and that walking in my area as its hilly just isnt doable at the moment...she came to the party and seemed to agree...and all session she was like "have we hit your target yet?" lol. I then told her i had been looking at weight loss surgery sites...bit of a discussion on this...and then she said something that really struck with me "when you start to enjoy your journey the weight will fall" at first i looked at her like she was speaking another language...and then she pointed out....when you were all into it early in the year you were loving the gym...experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying the journey your weight was falling off. I know too well that stress increases your cortisol levels which stop weight this whole getting into a funk over stuff is doing me no favours. As well as that varietyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Not just with my dinners...but my snacks...breakfast...the thats gonna be a big focus!

Was kinda funny when i was talking to fiona and im saying...oh so i need to hit 800 calories burnt per session...and shes like and what if your foot starts playing up? im like...ignore she was like right! lol

The other thing we discussed is a minimum of 1 day at least between weights sessions. So really tuesday nite body pump...and saturday doing fionas weights...she said i could do body pump up to two times a week but no more but she wants to make sure im resting between.

The other thing we discussed was in boxing that the focus is going to be more on me doing more "power" punches. Normally fiona has me run a lot in boxing but with my foot at the moment thats out of question...specially while the treatments are going on and they are stirring up all that scar tissue.

In relation to the diet soft drink...gonna cut that back to a soft drink at lunch and one at dinner...and hopefully over time i will cut it back to one at dinner. I dont think its the worst thing in the world that i have it seeing its about the only thing i have that has artificial sweeteners in i avoid them like the plague! lol but i have read some articles on how your taste buds detect a sweet taste so your insulin spikes...then doesnt know what to it can lead to issues with fat burning...and thats really the only reason im gonna cut back on it.

So i feel better...i know where im headed and what i need to do...and now its time to relax and stop stressing!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Forget I weighed in yesterday morning (prolly forgot cos wasnt a exciting result lol) i gained 200 grams. I am a lil bit perplexed as I have fluctuated a lot this week. So this coming week...the only eating out will be a yiros and hot chips tonite (normal saturday nite high calorie meal) so no subway or anything this week. I did do 2 bodypump classes as well as one weights session...and thats the only thing that I can think of that was different...but I dont think from the body pump i would have a muscle gain so quickly. So in the back of my mind I am wondering if I am hitting a plateau. Im not exactly stressed over it...presuming it doesnt last for something ridiculous like 6 months...maybe it will be a time for my body to settle and readjust to the new weight. Even if my weight does sit at this weight for a while...i will still be toning more and getting fitter. The only other thing I can think of was I went to bed a bit late a few nights and i was on 7am starts last week...and I know lack of sleep can cause issues.

I have tomorrow off so I mite go to the gym in the morning...if i do i mite try and do 30 minutes on the treadmill...test it out as the physio said...and then try and do 30 minutes on the cross trainer...i did 21 minutes yesterday and only stopped when fiona came up to get me.

My foot was a bit tender last nite and at times today...but I was told that is too be expected. Plus gives me something to whine and whinge about...haha!

Not much else going I go...enjoy all!

Friday, May 07, 2010

So yesterday I had my first PT session since Fiona got back from her fitness convention thing. The big things that she said yesterday that she wants all her clients doing are:

* take fish oil capsules
* keep the stress down to a minimum
* eat more soluble fibre
* eat nuts

I knew the stress thing (stress increases cortisol which leads to fluid retention), i eat a bit of soluble fibre (grains like barley), so out of what she said the big ones for me are the fish oil capsules and eat nuts. I roasted almonds the other of Jillians recipes 10 of them worked out to 110 (i think from memory) and I will need to start to research on the fish oil capsules.

Yesterday we did weights and core. I burnt 790 calories. And that was the final weeks of those programs. Interesting how easy i find mountain climbers to do now. I made a recipe of jillians website yesterday morning...her french toast. Interesting that our products are sometimes higher in calories. So she calculated it would be 295 calories...mine came to 595 calories! LOL but thats okay but its a good lesson...that the products here in aussie have different calorie values...will have to calculate them prior to cooking next time.

Ive asked mum to keep a eye out for a slow cooker and food processor at the garage sales...i really need one of each...fingers crossed she can get me one.

This morning i went and saw the physio. Basically i have a lot of scar tissue from previous injuries (think she was surprised by how much) so she gave me a treatment and altho its tender it feels a lot loser already...not so time in 10 days time...she will do treatments on both feet. She thinks my feet can get back to completely 100% woo hoo! She is gonna call fiona too so that fiona knows whats going on and to adjust my training pattern slightly. The bad news she told me no mothers day classic :( but that i can test out the treadmill this week - weeeeeeeeeee so no incline and not running...but she said to test it out to see how I one nite this week ill try 15 minutes or so on the cross trainer.

Then on the way home (after stopping at cafe bocca for a omlette and toast yumyum!) i dropped into the anglicare second hand store...and they had a designer label 2 size 'L' sportscraft tshirts and they fit! I also bought a dress...size 16...chocolate brown...its gorgeous...hopefully by spring/summer it will fit me. So its hanging on my bedroom door as some extra motivation. Such a stylish simple dress...cant wait for it to fit me!

Went to the gym...did 21 minutes on the "stupid contraption" (cross trainer) <--- thats its official new name haha then i did a hour of boxing with fiona...burnt 850 i was knackered by the time i was finished! Fiona was also saying how at the convention for weight loss/maintenance they say you need 60 minutes of exercise every day...fiona was like its fine in theory...and after a bit of discussion i think 60 minutes 5 times a week is what i should aim for. (5 days intense training and 2 days moderate/light exercise such as a walk)

I am thinking about going on a holiday toward the end of the year (maybe august) after asking for suggestions and looking into it...cairns is actually looking likely...mostly cos it has lot of things i could do! They have hot air ballooning, horse riding thru rain forests (this would prolly be dependant on my weight), kayaking, white water rafting, waterfalls, walks in rainforests etc...i think we could call it a "this is really living holiday" so think mite have to book some holidays and see how i go!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I keep meaning to do a update then every time I sit down to do one something manages to distract me.

Last weekend whilst I did remain under calories I ate a meal out friday, saturday and sunday which I *think* has led to fluid retention. Yesterday morning I had jumped up to 120.5 kilos...this morning its back to 120 kilos on the dot...but am expecting a gain this week. I am not perturbed...I think my mindset is just changing...Im in size 16....and its starting to click that im "normal" or close to it. I went and did body pump class last nite again...and didnt feel like i didnt belong it just really wasnt a big deal being in that class...that said im competent in that class i dont struggle so thats prolly got a lot to do with it. I know the scales will continue to go down...i know i will continue to lose centimetres and i know ill continue creating this awesome body :) Tonight im off to do a RPM class..yesterday I had to ring the gym and was speaking to sarah who is fionas best friend...and anyway we were chatting while she was waiting for some info for me...and i said im gonna come do your rpm class tomorrow nite...and she screamed haha! So at least its with a trainer who knows how pathetic i am over the classes ;)

Gave that cross trainer a bit of a workout last nite...i was sweating non stop and was consistently having my heart rate over 90% but i was really getting into the swing of the movement of the cross trainer and it burns lots of calories so was rather liking that. So 22 minutes on the cross trainer plus body pump and i burnt 980 calories - woo go me!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee distracted again! I blame ryan...hehe if i go quiet at work if he isnt on a call he is straight away bugging me (and vice versa admittedly lol) anyway i didnt go to the gym...oopsie! I was nice and warm and the thought of going outside wasnt enticing at all!

So instead...dinner is currently cooking...i have been looking thru the recipes on Jillians website...i found what looks like a nice chilli one (btw does anyone know what Tapioca is for us aussies? Or if we sell it here where???)...maybe ill have to go buy a slow cooker OR i won a award at work...and got some wishlist points so mite have to buy one with about to sit down and read Jillians cookbook...yay exciting for me.

Oh yeah and friday i have a physio appointment about my foot! Its with a girl who teaches some classes at the gym...she has a physio business so gonna go see her...hopefully she just gives me some exercises to help to strengthen my feet.

Ok not much else to say (i dont think!)...oh yeh next 2 days off YAY....double PT tomorrow...and another PT session on friday...enjoy all!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ive had a real nice day. Went out for a walk and lunch with tina, martine and tania. We walked down semaphore for around 45 minutes...i havent been down there since i was about 15 or 16...its a wonderful place for walking...then we stopped for lunch...where I actually had pasta (surprisingly as I dont eat pasta so often these days!) then we went for a coffee...was a really lovely day with the gurls :)

Unfortunately right at this moment i feel quite flat. My foot started hurting towards the end of the walk. I swear if i could cut of my feet i would lol. Its frustrating that what I enjoy the most at the gym is treadmill and especially the running...and i enjoy my walks outside...but I think ultimately using these as my main cardio is doing me no favours. I only last a few days then they seem to play i think i need to take them out of the equation. Which leads me to question what can i really maintain for at least 30 minutes cardio wise. Which unfortunately leads me to the bloomin bike! UGH! I hate it...I hate how my stomach looks while im on it...i hate how my butt feels...but i really feel i have no choice as I cannot last 30 minutes on the cross trainer. Tomorrow I will rest my foot. Tuesday nite i will do body pump and then wednesday I will go do the beginners RPM class...the instructor is Sarah who is fionas best friend....and knows i have issues with classes and the i think for a first class on the bike thats the one to go for. Then thursday and friday I have PT (double PT on thursday), saturday I will rest and sunday I am suppose to do the mothers day classic which is a 4km light of things...we will see about that :(

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weigh in result :)

I forgot in yesterdays excitement that I lost a kilo last week taking me down to 119.3 kilos (yes im in the teens!) and that takes my total loss to 51.6 kilos. I changed the weigh in to friday as i have recently got membership to Jillians website and she prompts you for your weigh in on friday so that works for me.

I have had a fabulous day today. Went to the gym and did body pump...i really like that class (well except the core stuff at the end!)...burnt 449 calories....not bad for a hour long class of weights and no cardio. I then went to athletes foot to buy new shoe size has gone down half a size in length and gone from a D to a C in my shoes were too big for me now! lol So i have nice new balance shoes...same model as previously they feel much lighter tho. (and yes they were properly fitted) To answer Kase's questions about my feet are a nitemare (hangover from studying ballet for so many years i think)! lol i have planter fastisis..but this pain i had on thursday isnt the achilles and i think its just a carry on from spraining my ankle and pulling ligaments too many times when i was bigger (i use to fall over and stumble a lot) and i also cant use antiflammatory creams or meds as i am allergic to is why i have to ice ice ice it - but thanks for the advice and comments :)

Then after i got my snazzy new shoes i stopped in at katies...went to their reduced section and to the NORMAL SIZED clothes and bought 3 tank tops for the gym (me in tank tops...holy hell!) and a pair of 3/4 pants for the gym hehe...ill have all this new chit when fiona comes back she will prolly wonder where the "real karyn" has gone lol. The other thing...the 3 tank tops and work out pants came to a grand total of $20.51!!! mwuahahahhaha !!!!

It is very bizarre .... that getting into size 16's has been like a huge lightbulb go off for me..on my top half im a size 16-18 now...simply amazing...i am now getting it that this IS working...that im not the same person i previously was and i am so damn happy! Life really is looking up...i am so so so glad now i signed on for 3 PT Sessions for another 12 months...body pump is definitely going to be a class ill do reason why i shouldnt (that said im expecting sore arms tomorrow!)

Have a fab saturday all!