Monday, May 31, 2010

My new book arrived today "the kind diet" i have read a lil off it at lunch time and must admit im a bit intrigued about it. It is basically about being vegan/vegetarian and how this is kind to the environment. Whilst i cant imagine me ever being a vegeterian i think where she talks about you can "flirt" with her diet has a lot of merit and looks like there are some real nice recipes.

I am still wondering if i am eating enough basically eating 1750 per day (it averages out too) i was reading on the calorie counting forum last nite and one girl has only 10 pounds to lose and whilst she is 2 inches taller then me...still eats 1700 calories. Now i was very sparing when working it out this time for my calories burnt. I put down only 1800 calories for the week...i know i burn over that (usually at least 2300 but sometimes over 3000) so i will do this week...and not go hard at it...then will redo the calories taking a more accurate number for the amount burned. My guess is they will increase by at least 100-150 calories per day.

Tonite i have debating! lol Currently i have PT at 6.30pm (presuming fiona doesnt text me to say she can see me earlier)which is a core PT session and there is a boxing class on from 5.30pm-6.15pm now normally i would think boxing would be fine (lets face it i do it every week with fiona) but this is a lil bit more hardcore its stuff like punching a bag for 30 seconds then getting down into pushups for 30 seconds then getting up for 30 more seconds...then back down for planks or mountain climbers or whatever..i hate the thought of the getting down and getting back up...i also hate the thought of being the fat one LOL or there is a cycle class also on at 5.30pm for 45 says its intermediate level but sarah reckons all the classes are fine for any level...maybe i will or maybe ill just stick to that blasted cross trainer.

Not much else going on fod has been good...water is going is good lol

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