Monday, October 24, 2011

Weight in day etc etc :)

Well a bit has happened over the last few days!

Saturday night I went out to the Golden Dance. Must admit I looked kinda cute lol (really did i say that?) i was in a strappy size small top and my size 14 boyfriend jeans and some lil heels and knew I was looking pretty good. Anyway I turned up....Jo was there with a friend of hers....she introduces me and says "see told you she is beautiful" *rolls eyes* anyway....her friend stayed for a while and then this time I had had a glass of wine .....and we got into a pretty indepth conversation about what happened between us....i told her i am not a fan of how she behaves at times when she is around her friends and that in all honesty I suspected she was going to end up going back to her ex and didnt think we were on the same page in relation to feelings. And i felt that I was going to end up hurt. She was surprised I think to hear what my thoughts had been and that I didnt really think that she was interested in me more then just a friend. She told me she believes there is a attraction between us and that she wants us to catch up for dinner etc more. What that all means? I have no idea! LOL This is the issue with someone who isnt quite ready to move on to a new relationship i at this stage....who knows....we will catch up...we will go to feast....and i guess we will wait and see what happens. Im just gonna be cautious.....cos if things are never going to progress then we need to not discuss attractions or whatever....but at the same time if things MIGHT progress then i guess i need to give her the time to realise she can trust me. Anyway time will tell I guess.

Yesterday I helped mum with her garage sale and ended up taking a pile of stuff home ;) My sister in law whose house is really nicely decored had some chocolate and cream cushions she was selling and I have a chocolate brown lounge suite so I got that....and then she also had a off white long haired thats in my lounge room too now....looks really good :) Off mum I nabbed a funky yellow teapot and a tea next weekend I will venture off to the tea shop to try and find some green tea i like.

Today I have woken up flu-ish :( Im feeling a bit better than this morning, staying tucked up in bed with bad daytime tv and guzzling no gym tonight :( but I just wanna feel no stressing over missing a workout.

I did weigh in and gained a kilo...on the plus side after my bad eating last week i had got up to 85.8 kilos but was down to 85.2 kilos....but enough of the self sabotage....i need to get under 83 kilos and stay under there (one step at a time). Waiting patiently to hear when the gym announces the boot camp....the manager told me would start mid november so surely they have to advertise it soon! The other thing is I really need to start focusing on this running thing ugh! lol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Much, more positive day :)

Funny the difference a few days can make :) Thursday I was feeling very self defeated and was seriously thinking I cannot do this anymore....friday i didnt do much better mentally but foodwise i got my act together. By the end of friday I had pretty much come to a couple of conclusions, one i was lacking the confidence I can reach goal. Ive said it time and time again that when things get hard I have a habit of running away/giving up. My initial goal was "merely" to get to 76 kilos. And yes I have been slowly losing, chipping away for five years....but now its kinda like crunch time. Its like if I trained for a marathon....did awesome with the training....started the marathon....and then a mile or so away from the finish line I started to self sabotage myself and lose focus. Like i could see the finishing line....but I dont know if I can physically make instead of focusing and working my best at crossing that marathon finishing line in my head its kinda easier to go...yeh running to just this point is enough....and giving up....cos thats not failing right? I decided that this was the weight I am happy to stay at. But in all honesty that is failing...failing myself. I have really self sabotaged myself lately....yep the scales havent moved much (just bouncing aorund a 2 kilo range) but my body fat has dropped significantly (over 7% over the last 6 weeks) the exercise is really doing its job....but if i didnt self sabotage myself with food I prolly would have been under 80 kilos by now.

So today I woke determined to have a good day and try my hardest! This morning I went to the gym....worked out for 3 hours :) Did a hour of body pump, a hour of body balance and then a hour of different exercises Fiona showed me before she left the gym. Burnt 1350 calories which I was pretty impressed with considering I didnt do any cardio. Surrounded by positive people at the gym and I managed to get my focus back on track :)

Then this afternoon I went with Ryan and his partner Vince, to a farewell drinks at one of the locals here. Was lovely sitting out in the sunshine! Ryan leaves for India on Monday and just flew in from Italy and Rome (his life is hard eh?) so was really good to catch up with him!

Then tonight I went to a dance....caught up with Jo who I dated earlier in the year. Was interesting ;) We had a bit of a deep and meaningful chat about a few things....anyway at this stage we have decided we will go to some things at feast next month (the gay & lesbian festival here in Adelaide) I did splash out and have a glass of wine tonight....put me 40 calories over for the day but considering how much I burnt today I dont think that is a issue ;) and probably why me and Jo had such a conversation LOL

When at the pub this arvo Ryan told me he thinks I should write a book. He isnt the first person to suggest it....but maybe the first person I took a lil seriously....and I think if its something I am going to do....its something I really need to do now as come June next year when i AM at goal my focus will need to be on my studies to become a personal am giving it some thought....some serious thought...time will tell :)

When we were at the pub today....i was just wearing a lil singlet and Ryan and Vince were like,,,,you can really see the definition in your arms now....wooo hoooo made my day!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someone made a comment on my facebook today which of course i cannot find now....where they were saying "your control it" it was basically about what I was discussing in my previous post about the diet coke.

When I went on long service leave in late may....i set some goals.....i wanted to reach 81 kilos at least...but the ultimate goal i was going for was 77 kilos. When i returned to work i was about 83 kilos....this morning i was 84.5 kilos. Admittedly over the last month i have got down to 82.7 kilos and the highest has been 84.6 kilos (i think) Dealing with work and temptations has definitely been hard. In the 4 days of this week so far...two days they had mud chocolate cake (free just sitting on a table in the cafe) and then today we had a thing on at the entertainment centre with nibbles and drinks afterwards. I am definitely one of those people who eats one thing wrong and thinks .... okay thats stuffed today up. So when these temptations happen at work I have some of whatever is on offer and by the time i get home im thinking stuff it. UGH. I try to have some of these options....cos i dont want to be the person who people think "she lives on rabbit food" (even tho i know thats far from the truth) So anyway today has not been a good food day :( I suspect I may be 86 kilos in the morning....having the new food coach....I think she is great....and a lot of the foods she has been having me eat I really enjoy and I know is incredibly healthy for me. She basically looks at my food diary each week....and knowing my health issues she makes suggestions to help with these. I know the foods she has suggested have helped me as my cycle was so much better this month....but at the same time I need to balance sticking to it.....getting satisfaction from not feeling hungry and eating enough to ensure I get my calorie deficit in but eating enough to sustain my exercise. I think I need to take on 70% off what she has told me but I need to ensure I dont feel too restricted.

I havent been tracking this fact since my biggest loser club membership expired i havent tracked much....the calorie king is the biggest pain in the ass website....its so slow its not funny....and it doesnt give as good visual overview of the breakdown of my nutrients. So I renewed my membership tonite. So will start tracking again in the morning. I am going to keep it under 1400 calories. I mean even if I am 86 kilos in the morning it is still only 7 kilos to be a "70's girl" surely if I knuckle down....stick to 1400 calories a day....burn a minimum of 2800 calories a week (i usually reach this easily - put it this 3 days im over 2200 calories already....and by saturday afternoon ill probably be at around 3700 calories burnt) and say no to all work treats....i possibly could be a 70's girl by xmas. As to the diet coke dilemma....Im undecided....whilst I know its not good for you...and the long term damage it can do to your health....I do feel it assists me with my weight loss....and I guess I am leaning towards....when at goal I can cut the diet coke out (as i would have my calories to eat so wouldnt need the satisfaction i get from diet coke).

In relation to personal training....i need to accept the way things are now and get over it all i think. The doing weights by myself I will never get as much out of them as I did with fiona....i know that....its one of the reasons i do classes as i suck at motivating myself and one of the reasons why for me doing PT 3 times a week was necessary for me, especially in the beginning. I need to attend as many classes as I can. As many of the hard classes....doing classes like sh'bam i dont really believe do a whole lot for me....but doing boxing, cycle and pump are probably the ones I need to focus on attending. Step would be a great class wise i can cope with step perfectly fine altho its a definite workout but my co-ordination sucks! One of the few times I did step i trod on someones foot cos i was behind my step instead of in front of it and so the poor woman behind me copped my great hoof on hers....and i think thats whats put me off a lot.

Anyway tomorrow is a new day.....really need to get my head screwed on right....or Im gonna end up blowing everything Ive worked the last 5 years for.


I am struggling a lil at the moment, with numerous aspects of this whole weight loss. The no diet coke is not helping lol...with me and diet coke...when I am peckish especially after dinner i will have a diet coke. And not having the diet coke and the fact i dont drink tea or coffee....if i want something to tide me over calorie stuck with water or water or water. After drinking 3 litres of water per over water by dinner time. There is a huge part of me that wants to go back to having my diet coke cos weight loss wise i think it actually assists. Health wise I realise its not good for me.....but kinda at the moment i guess im in the headspace where weight loss is the priority for me.

So yes I have picked after dinner and found myself hungry mid afternoon. I changed a few things (swapped 12 cashews in the afternoon to some natural yoghurt, chia seeds, manuka honey and blueberries) but that works out a lot more calories. Admittedly its food full of nutrients but as im still trying to lose weight i need to be wary with my calories. Which is where the diet coke comes in....if i ate just my 12 cashews and a diet coke im sure i would be satisfied.

Also still adjusting to no fiona....that one is hard...i have been gymming and have been each day this week and burnt a good number of calories. But there is that worry there....obviously working with fiona what we have done has body has changed a lot and ive got the results i want. I am worried that this isnt going to continue. But that one is something i need to work out on my own i think. I am trying to do pump 2-3 times a week so hopefully it will help...i just dont think it will have the impact fionas weight sessions had.

I think Im also worried of "failing" and so keep thinking...oh just maintain....then im not failing right? Pretty much going back into my normal thinking. So im not going to try and just "maintain" im still going to work at getting the numbers down. Hopefully sooner or later I will get closer to 80 kilos then 83 kilos.

Still busting ass at the gym and working hard!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I was in pump today....doing some stretch where you touch your hands to the floor and couldnt help notice my matter what the stomach doesnt seem to be going away (confirmed via the stair climb photos) and i couldnt help but instantly wonder "how the hell did i let myself get into this situation" Of course my situation these days is so much better then it was 5 years ago....but theres some damage that i will never be able to undo. And i guess thats one can only do this weight loss journey when you are ready....ready to commit and have the right headspace. But the one thing i always say is dont waste time like I did....I realise I did this when I was ready but wow i wish i had done it 20 years ago...not only cos I have wasted the last 20 years of my life...but also the damage to the skin and what will be "left over" may not have been as bad.

Found out at lunchtime today a friend was taken to hospital....and then work was putting on cake.... no guesses who in her stressful moment turned to a huge piece of gooey chocolate cake.... :( very glad a certain someone is better and released from hospital now.

This morning the scales had dropped by 100 grams but after chocolate cake today who knows what the scales will do tomorrow! lol I did burn 838 calories today. Jogged up 14 flights of stairs, then did running intervals for 1.5km ( funny how when you run at 9.5km then doing a interval of speed of 8 feels like a walk in the park lol) I then went and did pump. After hurting my hand a lil last nite...i was concerned as my hand has been cramping intermittently today....but i was perfectly fine with pump. Only thing was I think maybe my back is not destined to go too high a weights in the back track. Second time ive tried increasing the weights and my back hasnt liked it. Last time i tried to increase it to 6.25 on each end of the bar and i thought i was gonna kill myself that day! LOL Tonite i just had 5kilos on each end and i can still feel will go back to 3.75 kilos on each end and leave it at that weight for a while.

The photos were taken for the fernwood magazine today....they are planning the story for the January issue.:) Was funny I walked thru the gym with my hair all rockstar like and my make up on etc lol and got numerous comments from staff LOL must say i was more then eager to chuck my hair in a ponytail and get into my workout gear....weird being at the gym dressed up LOL. I saw the pics tho and they look good. They said again they will be putting my photo up on the gym wall for weight loss and also doing the book thing they wanna do that they will have sitting in the members area so people can view it when sitting around or for new members :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weigh in day :)

Weigh in day today....and I am happy with a gain ;) For the last 4 months or so....the first 3 days of my cycle i have gained each day...Day 1 i would gain about 500 grams....Day 2 about 1.5 kilos and Day 3 200-300 grams. Day 1 this time NO GAIN (insert a big yay here!) then Day 2 I did gain 1.1 kilos....but the good thing is yesterday I ate hot chips so I know quite a chunk (if not all) of the gain is sodium related. Will be very interesting to see if I gain in the morning. Anyway when I explained to my food coach (she has been altering my eating slightly to help balance my hormones, encourage calcium absorption and increase my iron levels. I am feeling like I have more energy and I feel "happier" and she did comment today a lot of the foods I am eating now do help with depression so its all good :)

So....I gained 700 grams but overall I am very happy with that :) My body fat did another drop!!! YAY!!! So the scales have been very up and down over the last 8 weeks or so but over the last 5 weeks my body fat has dropped from over 38% to down to 31.2% so thats quite a dramatic drop and its dropping consistently. My food coach also said today "your not far off your goal of 76 kilos" to which I told her I want to lose more then that now...I wanna go down to 68 kilos lol. She has basically said....lets get to 76 celebrate that and we tick that off then we will look at the next step. So thats it the focus is back to 76 kilos (her chart said 76 is the top of the healthy weight range not 77 we will go with that!)

At the gym tonight I did running intervals for 1km and then a 30 minute boxing class. Man those boxing classes are full on! I burnt 440 calories in 30 minutes which for me is damn awesome. So I worked out for 47 minutes and burnt 591 calories so quite impressed with that. Ive organised that from next week on I will do my food coach session at 6.45pm which means I can always make it. And will also mean most weeks I can make Body Combat as well. Tomorrow going to run 1.5km intervals, 2km on the rower, 2 lots of stairs (14 flights) and then body pump. I also am having my photo taken for the Fernwood Magazine tomorrow :)

Enjoy your night all....think its going to be a early one for me!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spend the day with my favourite blonde Jaimee today - we had such a good girls day out :) Out for lunch first then we went into town. Our work christmas show is coming up at the end of next month and the dress for it is "cocktail" and after being employed for 10.5 years and NEVER having gone to it...I AM going this year. So the first issue was discoverring what "cocktail dress" actually meant LOL (gawd Ive lived under a rock!) We then went to Myers and I tried on about 12 dresses. All designer labels..... ooo la la ....Anthea crawford, cooper, review. Below is a pic of the dress I liked the most....

This dress really looked good on me.....(yes I honestly said that!) it was the perfect length....and I didnt look huge in it. I would love to wear a strapless or thin strappy one but may not find one I like like that at the right length. So after Melbourne Cup Day we will do another shopping day to buy the dress and shoes and no doubt push up bra haha ;)

I had a no doubt high in sodium lunch and TOM started today but surprisingly i had no gain this morning! (usually day 1 i will gain about 500 grams and about a 1.5 kilo gain on day 2) As i did have a high sodium meal I no doubt will gain but if its only a kilo or so I will be wrapped as for the last 3-4 months i have gained a minimum of 2 I am thinking the changes my food coach has made are helping. The aim was to help balance the hormones to help with the PCOS and also increase my protein to help with my low iron stores.

Ive cooked a leg of pork this week when I get home from the gym I can just do the vegetables and slice up the meat....yay nice easy and quick dinners this week :)

I put together a lil workout today which I am going to do at the gym this week....ive popped it on my ipod so i know what I need to do. The first half of it i will do several times during the week doing it two times over....then on friday nite i will do the whole thing. It should take me just over a hour to do the whole lot I think so will be good for those nites I can make it to the gym but cant make it in time for a class I here it is:

1.5km running intervals + the stairs twice + 2km on rower

leg press - starting at 60 kilos
LAT pull down - starting at 30 kilos
pull ups on smith machine
20 pushups
leaning on bench on elbows doing mountain climber type exercise
bosu ball upside down 20 squats
bosu ball right way up balance on one leg (3 mins each side)
steps on step holding hand weights (start at 8 kilos or 10 kilos?)
20 squats using the yellow kettle bells

^^^ Several times this week I will do the above twice thru and on friday I will do the entire workout

practice wacky weights stuff

Its basically a mixture of stuff I did with Fiona over the last few months and Ive just taken some leg and chest stuff and mixed it up with some cardio, as well as some of the exercises I need to do to help with strengthening my ankles :)

Am looking at doing the Resolution Run in January,,,,,its a 7,5km walk/run....obviously walking it would be no issue it would be super cool to be able to run even some of it (say half). I knew next year I would want to start to focus on this running stuff so think I am going to focus on it a lot sooner! LOL. Firstly I need to get the go-ahead from my physio....she has basically allowed me to run up to 1.5km only at a may need to book in and get a full assessment done again and see if she thinks I can start to run further.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back into it :)

I was thinking today...these posts that open with "such a good day" etc are getting rather boring opening lines! The problem is life is so good lately I cant really complain about too much ;)

Today of course was gym day...I worked out for over 3 hours! After doing pump last nite i did pump again today. Our instructor said last nite...if your going to look at increasing your weights do it for the first 3 tracks after the warm i did increase to 6.25 kilos on each end of the bar for squats....and 3.75kilos on each end for the chest track...I really should have increased up to 5 kilos on each end of the bar for the back track but my arms were aching and I knew I had long workout ahead of me. Still happy i increased for those 2 tracks. Must say as much as i dislike the lunge track i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the song. Just discovered its Grenade by Jason Born will have to try and get the song for my ipod. Anyway after pump then did impressed that i maintained balance whilst doing "dancers pose" :) Then I did some ball work worked out for over 3 hours....pretty damn awesome. I burnt 1483 calories...not bad considering that pretty much none of that was cardio! Must admit after pump two days running my thighs are sore already! lol

I then went and got the ole eyebrows waxed (chickened out of the IPL but discussed it with the manager at the beauty salon...ill get it done in 2 weeks time)...then went off to target. Ive been wearing size 18 jeans and they are too big for me. I was walking out the grocery store the other hands full....and the jeans were falling down and even the knickers werent doing too great! thought it was time. When I was in plus sizes the only jeans style i could ever find was bootleg jeans...i dislike them size 18s were skinny jeans I rather liked them, anyway went shopping and was bootleg jeans everywhere UGH! But I did manage to find a pair of "boyfriend" jeans in size 14....and they fit! So damn happy. I thought size 12 would be the most I could ever get down too....starting to think ultimately MAYBE size 10's. I then wandered down to Lorna Jane (entering this store is always dangerous! lol) The "trista" singlets I bought last week I LOVE...been wearing them all the i went and bought another 3 in different colours. So i now have a grey one, pink, fluro yellow, purple, apricot and blue! LOL Plus I also bought my first "inspirational" singlet....its baby pink and aptly says "never give up"....might take a pic of me in it later in my new jeans :)

So really good day all round....i think ill be in bed early tonite tho! Must say im looking forward to a relaxing nite...enjoy your saturday all :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Westpac Stair Climb

Such a good day today. Was up bright and early as I had a termite inspection of my unit....that was no dramas. Went into town and bought my new heart rate monitor....i was initially not sure if I had made the right choice but now I have figured it all out i am more then happy with it!!! Will be interested to see how the calories burnt work out tomorrow. Tomorrow im planning to do body pump and body balance.

I went op shopping some great items...several size "small" and some size 10 tops. I bought a couple of size 14 jeans pair did up....but they were a bit short....but im sure once i slim down a bit more they will fit me better. Some of the brands i got were portmans, madison studio (this is a size 8 obviously a big size 8!),witchery. susan,espirit

We then went off to do the Westpac Stair Climb. I did it in 8 mins 58 rather impressed with that time! It really wasnt as hard as I expected...I meant dont get me wrong i was puffing as i was going up the stairs....but when i compare it back to 4 months ago when i would run and hit that 3 minute mark and just be struggling to wasnt like that and it was easier then I expected. I recovered really quickly as well! So more then happy with it. And sooooooooooo glad I spent so much time especially over the last few months running up those bloody stairs at the gym lol. I was thinking maybe my stair running days were over till Fiona reminded me how much it has improved my running....and since i really wanna get the running thing going i think i will still at least run up 7 flights of stairs each time I go to the gym. (maybe 14?)

I then went home...picked up food for dinner.....then headed back to the gym and did a 60 minute body pump class. At the start of the class i was sitting on my step....and i must have had my arm sitting at just the right angle...cos i noticed in the mirror could really notice the muscle (altho i did have some sagging skin! ugh I think when I get to goal I really am gonna have to focus on building bigger muscles in those arms of mine)

I then went to the health food store and picked up some foods recomended from the superfoods seminar i went too....munuka honey, goji berries, mint dark chocolate and hulled tahini (ive been having unhulled tahini cos thats all I could get at the time) I then came home....and cooked up marinated steak...then i cooked in a pan with some olive oil, chunks of tomato, asparagus and brocolini and then i sprinkled 1/2 tablespoon of parmassan cheese over it....and i ate it all...super impressed with me!!!

Tomorrow its gym....time to get my routine going again. Have a good weekend all :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thats Life!

First up heres scan from the magazine article!

Its been a amazing day! My sister rang me at 7am...she already had her copy. I managed to snag one before work, Im really happy with it, even the photo. Being the self critical wench i can be i can still find fault lol but overall i could look at the pic and think "im so glad im that gal" My facebook has gone crazy today....lots of people have shared the scan and I hope I have managed to find every post where people shared it and thanked them for that :) Yanno I have always known I have quite a bit of support for my weight loss but i dont think i realised just how much till today. Its been amazing :)

On the scales this morning I dropped down to 82.9 kilos! woot! so exciting!!! And i even dressed up for work a lil today (wasnt going to the gym after work after all), my lil size 10 top...unfortunately tho i was wearing my size 18 jeans and they have really got to the point of they need throwing out...going to go get some new jeans this weekend.

Tonight for dinner as a treat I made a home made pizza on pita bread....had turkey, spinach, semi dried tomatos, capsicum,mushrooms, feta cheese and pineapple. So dayam yumm!!! I havent made pizza like that for a few years.

Ive decided this year to go to works xmas party....after 10 years with the company I have never been to one xmas show. This year its at the entertainment centre...and the dress is "cocktail" so guess who needs to go buy a cocktail dress? Me and jaimee are even thinking about getting hotel rooms to spoil us just a teeny bit more! All exciting....even just last xmas i prolly would have struggled with finding a suitable dress...hopefully I can find a dress I love!!

Tomorrow is my friday...three day weekend coming my way and only 2 more sleeps till the stair climb!! woot!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good day :)

Such a good day! Had work which all went smoothly. Then tonight I headed off to the gym, my food coach was doing a seminar on "superfoods" i was a lil late for it....but it was so such a friggin nerd....i can sit there and just listen to all the superfood talk...i find it all fascinating. She discussed lots of stuff...and i am going to try some different things....goji berries....acai berries...fresh beetroot......(which i am going to try roasting this weekend)...all the good nuts...brazil, almonds, walnuts. She also talked about tahini which I have really taken to lately. I even tried a green tea....and i managed to drink it quite easily...not really sure how you make it from tea leaves....but one of the girls at the seminar works at a "tea shop" so might wander down there saturday afternoon and check it out. I tried to get green tea into me early last year but couldnt handle the smell but this was quite light and not a huge strong smell.

Then after the seminar fiona gave me a lil present! Her partner designed some singlets for us for the stair climb. Super cute....theyre navy blue and the design is pink and has a picture of the westpac building and says "westpac stair climb 2011" on it....but also says (i may not have this exact correct as its in the other room and i am being lazy) but something along the lines of "when you get to the top of the mountain keep climbing"....bit like this weight loss journey....even once I get to goal gotta keep going :)

Oh i did weigh in this morning! LOL I lost 2.3 after 2 weeks of 2 gains....I am now down to 83.5 i guess this weeks goal again is to get down under 83 kilos. My weigh in day has changed monday weigh ins it is. But I am pretty happy I got back down to 83.5 kilos especially considering some of the foods my mum served up to me this weekend (devils food cake anyone? lol)

Anyway i wont see my for another 10 days or 10 days of my controlled eating...then its only one day and then prolly wont see them again till xmas :)

Ok off i go...oh and dont story is in the Thats Life! magazine that comes out tomorrow!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer dresses

All thru last year one of my goals was to be able to on christmas day be able to wear a simple summer dress. anyway I was over 105 kilos last Christmas so the type of simple summer dress I wanted to wear wouldnt have fit me. Anyway about a month ago I bought a rockmans summer dress....its pretty simple....thin straps...and its kinda a aline....very loose. And while the design is to be loose and free flowing on you it has lining in it which is quite a straight line. When I bought the dress a month ago it was tight and there was no way I would wear it so I shoved it to the back of the wardrobe. Last night I pulled it out and tried it on and it fits me perfectly! Of course that led me too....I need some sandals to wear with it lol and maybe it will be too big by xmas but its the kinda style you can wear very I have a few other summer dresses that will fit me by then.:)

So this week I wanted to get under 83 kilos.....this morning i WAS 83 so far I ahve lost 2.8 kilos this week :) Weigh in is tomorrow....hopefully I will get under the 83 kilo mark. But dinner at mums tonight....bbq which is fine but I know she is making "Devils food cake" but at the most I will have one slice of cake....not the end of the world....and last family visit of temptation till xmas time.

Didnt make it to pump this morning...need to get my act together. But will be at the gym tomorrow night....will try and sneak in for part of a "superfood seminar" then will get a workout in. Last day to hit those stairs before the big stair climb.

Time to get back to work....have a good day all :)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Progress Pics

Catch up.

I have had that dayam diet coke withdrawal headache since thursday. It finally seems to be starting to going away, it was still there when i woke this morning but in the last hour or so seems to barely be there YAY!!! never never going back to drinking that blasted stuff after this bloody headache lol.

Work has been busy its good being back in my routine, but the shifts ive been on the last week or so have been sucky ones. But i have the next 3 weekends off (yay) and hopefully i can start working on my gym routine....i really need to focus on this. Friday my sister and her family i arrived in adelaide so went to mums for dinner. And ill say what I always say,...too many temptations there! Luckily i go there once or twice then dont usually go for another 3 months or so. When i went there on friday nite it was lasagne, garden salad and oven fries fries for dinner followed by brownies (with icing) for after. I did have a couple of brownies...oops! And mum did serve a HUGE slice of lasagne....but i think i have been eating SO WELL lately it wont really impact. I have to go over there tomorrow night too....its a bbq and ive already checked there will be some chicken for me...but mum then told me she is making chocolate cake too lol....not sure if I will have a slice or not....maybe i will....i did say to ill be arriving a lil late...can yas eat the cake and have it hidden by the time i get there but mum was very non committal over this lol....but again ive knocked about 260 calories per day off my eating this week....if I do have a slice i dont think it will be the end of the world.

The scales have been moving really nicely this week....after 2 weeks of gains (no one to blame but myself!)....on tuesday morning i was 85.8 kilos....this morning i was 83.2 kilos....wooot!!! These changes certainly seem to be making a difference it will be interesting over the next few weeks to see if its just the diet coke thats making the difference or im sitting at a nice calorie range now. The interesting thing is ive settled into a nice routine over the last few days....breakfast has been a grapefruit squeezed into a glass of warm water plus 2 weetbix with milk and a tablespoon of chia seeds....morning snack is a banana with 31 grams of tahini (loving the tahini!)...lunch is a turkey, mayo and salad sandwich....afternoon snack is 12 raw cashews which i have dry roasted....and dinner is about 180-220 grams (raw weight) of meat with vegetables with 30 grams of feta cheese followed by a square of lindts dark chocolate (70% cocoa)....eating that as a standard depending on the meat at dinner is tending to have me eating 1220-1300 calories which seems a nice balance and im not ready for food at my next meal or snack but not starving....and so while sticking to that i dont really feel i need to count the calories. Im still filling out the food diary tho. The number of nites i was having a yiros per week had crept up too...sometimes to 3-4 times a im sticking to it strictly only saturday night....and i think this saturday night i mite even change that and make pasta carbonara as a bit of a treat :) (a low fatish version of course) i have also been drinking at least 3 litres of all of those changes seem to be impacting the scales! Im really hopeful by tuesday morning i might be under 83 kilos! How nice it would be to see a number of the scales that starts with 82 :)

Gym wise this week ill only be gymming it monday and tuesday until the stairs are over friday afternoon. So planning monday morning to do pump, tuesday morning to do balance and tuesday night ill do my own work out too. Hopefully I will make pump for the friday night class. Friday morning i have a pest company coming out to do a termite inspection of my unit then hopefully they will be done early enough that i can nick into town and buy a new heart rate monitor!!! YAY!!! Cannot wait to have a new one.

If anyone has had IPL on their face....can you let me know if you broke out with a reaction or face went red or anything? I was thinking about doing the first session this saturday but I have plans on Sunday so dont wanna do it this weekend if its likely I will end up looking like a monster lol

Must admit today i was trying on some pants this morning (still a lil tight on the ass unfortunately lol) but anyway i was pretty stunned how slimmer i looked when standing side on (usually the worse view lol) so that is a definite plus! Hopefully another kilo or two and these pants will be able to be worn :)

Not much else to say....have a good sunday all! :)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Well i have not had a diet coke since tuesday nite! YAY me!! Unfortunately i have a whopper of a headache...and i really dont like taking painkillers so im trying to tuff it out with the headache. Unfortunately I also have a sore was a lot sorer this morning...but still a bit achey/tired feeling. Must have given the arms and shoulders a good workout on tuesday....not really sure what they did that would have made them so achey! lol

Food has been so perfect the last few days....i was down 800 grams on the scales this heading for a loss this week :) Ive been having tahini instead of peanut butter. Its actually quite tasty! Its not the same as peanut butter...but similar....and i can have double the amount of tahini for the same calories as peanut butter. Im hoping for a super nice loss next week :)

Tomorrow night my sister arrives (well she arrives in the afternoon) so over to mums for dinner....saturday i am working then fionas drinks after work .... sunday i have a WHOLE day off yay lol. Then next week i only work 4 days before the stair climb on friday. I havent been to the gym since tuesday,,,,eek...and wont get there again till tuesday :( its just bad timing with public holidays, family visiting and me having this headache. Next week i might do body pump monday morning, possibly balance tuesday morning and then a workout tuesday nite....then i prolly wont do anything till friday after the stair climb. Then i will kick everything into action. Friday next week i am going to buy a new heart rate monitor....hopefully that will get me focused on these workouts too!

Okay off i go....bit of surfing then i think bed to sleep of this darn headache for me :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Big day :)

I left home at 6.20am this morning for body balance but the bloomin bus didnt turn up!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! So went home for a yummy breakfast of banana and peanut butter on toast...yummmm ;) Then went to the gym for PT...I had did some pushups and fiona said i am going lower which was what I thought...I doubt I am going much lower but I can definitely feel a difference! Also did some jogging up the stairs (I seriously dont think I am getting any better at this!) I think I am also going to practice "crouching" i really suck at it...fiona said its cos my muscles are tight so im going to practice that....hopefully it will help!

When I was getting ready for the bathroom at the gym in my new lil spiffy Lorna Jane Singlet I must admit I liked what I saw. I would have preferred if the top sat further over my tummy....but my shoulders/chest area looked rather good. There really is not a huge amount of fat there anymore....more importantly tho I look fit, like really fit....someone with shape....and I love that! I will never be "skinny" I hope I will end up with a relatively toned body (obviously excess skin will affect that). I dont even really desire to be skinny (in fact I am not even a huge fan of that word) I would certainly like to end up "slim" with toned muscle.

Thats Life has just called me....the story goes to the printers tonight! Woot! So is definitely going to be out in the edition October 12, apparantly they are using 5 of my past photos and one from the photoshoot the other day....hopefully the photo from the photoshoot looks good and I dont look at it and go "ugh" lol being the self critical person that I am ;) They are going to call me shortly to read the story to me :)

I think I am going to start to wear my Lorna Jane flashpants for working out. I quite like how they look with these new singlets....and they have enough room in them now that I think I can workout with out them being a drama....will be good too as i can wear them during the day at work then dont have to muck around with changing....ill test them out tomorrow night...I will have to wear my special "wicking" knickers.....but hopefully i can wear them with no dramas.

My sister is down this weekend she arrives friday. So dinner at mums friday night....mum is making lasagne....which is fine....last time she made lasagne tho she cooked up oven fries, so i will make a lil garden salad and take that to have with it. I wont see them then on the weekend as I am working saturday and they have a wedding and engagement party to attend, monday night I will tho and mum is planning a hopefully they will have some chicken and I will again take a green salad.

Thats Life! did ring me, so I have heard the just to wait to see what the pics they used look like. Then went to the gym and spoke to the Manager, we are not doing anything about it till after the Thats Life story comes out, late next week or early the week after they will take some pics and I need to write a bit of a testimonial up, they have one that I previously wrote but I need to expand it out a bit :)

I then saw my food coach, firstly I will still count calories. She wants me to give up or cut back on the diet coke (no surprise there!) so I am having my final one right now and will go cold! Some of the suggestions were having tahini instead of peanut butter, one of my snacks being 6-8 raw cashes which I dry roast myself (roasting as we speak!), one square of Lindts dark chocolate per nite...whole egg mayonaise instead of the fat free stuff....and funnily tomorrows calories only come in at 1225 calories. woot!!!

Anyway thats enough of my day.....more important things going Big Bang Theory is waiting for me!!!

Monday, October 03, 2011


Gonna be a weird week. A week of change. Fionas last week this week....and tomorrows my only session this week :( In reality I have not been thinking about the change with Fiona leaving...but its really here now. My big focus over the next few weeks needs to be on maintaining my routine as much as I can. So tomorrow morning body balance and PT. Wednesday Sh'Bam and Thursday night Body Balance. Whilst they arent big cardio classes....i will still be maintaining some routine. The week after should be better. Friday my sister comes into town so no gym that night as I will be visiting her and her family and same monday night. But next week as I am starting at 9.30am I am going to do a couple of morning classes. Tomorrow afternoon I have a appointment with the gym manager and then I will be seeing the food more of a idea about whats happening with my nutrition side of things. So numerous changes....obviously I wasnt going to do 3 PT sessions for forever but I am trying to stay positive about it all and not lose the plot lol

Food wise I was good today...when I jumped on the scales last night after my disastrous eating the previous couple of days I thought I doubt I will be under 88 kilos (eek!) but miracuously I was 86.5 kilos this morning....still up 2.7 kilos but not as bad as it could be. My eating has been good today too. So yanno just gotta keep on trucking on....I am trying to stick to 1400 far so good. Will be interesting what the food coach thinks when she sees my food diary (cos I seriously dont think I actually eat a lot!) Next week I am buying a new HRM I am getting polars RS300X its one that you can add the arm gps unit to or the shoe pod so if I do get really into running....I can measure distance etc.

Spoke to Jo who was the girl I was dating earlier in the year over the weekend. Hadnt actually spoken to her since my 5 year dinner. So have made some plans to go to the grrls feast thats on on October 20. All platonic....we are not suited on a romantic level but it will hopefully be fun to get out and have a dance. Gotta get out there if I ever have any hope of meeting someone (not that I am specifically looking tho)

Oh and here is a pic of me in my new singlets I bought from Lorna Jane on the weekend :)


I wanted to post about motivation. Looking at the ww forum today lots of people have posted they have lost their motivation, so wanted to post my thoughts on the topic.

We all know the saying "motivation is fleeting" ... its a emotion .... just like we get happy/sad etc it wont always be there....but it will be there at times. In the beginning we are usually motivated....then it becomes the way it is and as you start to lose weight for a lot of people fears set in. These come in a whole range of things....fear of excess skin.....fear of failing...fear of succeeding....fear of not knowing the person you are becoming....fear of losing your comfort zone. I certainly had my fears. When people first started to call me a "inspiration" it did my head in ..... i knew that by people saying that....if i accepted that and then ended up putting weight on i would look like a fool/failure. I remember talking to Fiona at the time about it and she gave some really good advice.... "put a bubble around you and let what people say good and bad bounce off you". So dont take in other peoples perceptions/thoughts. With everything thats happening with the magazines, the book etc it could really do my head in. I mean if this all happens and then I gain the weight back....i would be "the girl who got in the magazine and look how fat she is now" if i really sat down and gave this lot of thought I could do my head in. But i am "choosing" to take whats happening ONLY as a good thing....and its the same when people place compliments on you that may scare you, when you realise you have some excess skin or when you fear losing your comfort zone....focus ONLY on the good stuff...because the reality is....the bad stuff is in our minds....its not something thats happening right in the moment....its something we are worried about happening. So stay positive....enjoy the journey and dont be hard on yourself....dont look at how far you have to go....but how far you have become!

Sometimes too we become bored....we are eating the same food all the time (I am so guilty of this!)...we get bored with our exercise routine....we get bored with our life. We are building a new if its that everything is becoming ho-hum....that you have lost 10-11 kilos and you cant notice the something you wouldnt have done before! This can be a whole range of things....from a nite away or even a nite in your city in a nice hotel....check out fitness events and plan to enter one....if small enough go horse riding....or jump on a trampoline (i am hoping to do this at my sisters at xmas now im smaller!) go buy a new outfit....give yourself a home beauty treatment...there is so many things we can do....but I think if its something we couldnt do before and its something you prove you can do will realise "i can do this". Try some new recipes as wonder our motivation lacks when we eat the same thing day in and day out!

Set goals....every time I set a goal I feel more focussed and motivated. The goal can be short or long term....a certain number on the scale by the end of the do 4 fitness classes thruout the month (if fitness classes are new to you) .... do a new class ..... pick a exercise that you want to do perfectly and use it as a goal for something you are working too (my exercise goal at the moment is to be able to do pushups going low with perfect form...admittedly I have been working on them a long time...but i will get there - i hope lol!) Look at doing something "different" .... my gym has personal training, group personal training, a running group, boot camp at certain times of the year and different challenges thruout the year. I of course have done a lot of personal training ;) they are having a boot camp mid i am going to do that this year. I have never done it will be very challenging for me....but im hopeful it will help keep my focus up until xmas.

I never usually use the word "motivation" a lot....I prefer "focus".... we dont always have to feel good about it....but if we try and keep our focus on the goals day in and day out then we will get there regardless of any emotional feelings. Of course we are not perfect....and the chance you will have 100% focus for the entire time of your journey is not likely....dont expect to be perfect....nor desire to be perfect....your only setting yourself up for heartache. Accept you arent perfect....accept you will stuff up....accept you wont be the best in all exercising you do (we all have our talents and weakness's whether we are a size 10 or not!) but if you do stuff up....or you do fall....just get back on to things as quickly as is feasible!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Today was a much better day foodwise! Not perfect but much better and under 1400 calories. I jumped on the scales tonite....eek!!! My body gains like its nobodys business altho i realise most is prolly sodium gain. I am really going to focus on getting under 83 kilos by the end of the reality I prolly wont reach it but I wanna be really focused and have that as my goal. Ive been keeping a food diary this week....interesting when I view my over several days side by side....I really eat a lot of the same foods! Not much variety at all. And to be honest it doesnt feel like I eat a ill be interesting to see what the food coach says on tuesday. Maybe this lil splurge will ultimately do me good as it will get me refocussed I suspect. Ive decided for the moment not to cycle the calories. I have dropped them down to 1400 calories....but being on such a smaller amount of calories if I was to calorie cycle I would prolly have to have 2-3 calories at only 1200 and with my exercise I feel thats too lil.

Its amazing to think how easy I can fall into my old habits....5 years and I still can revert back to my old patterns without even thinking about it. I did initially think when I got to goal I wouldnt do weigh ins anymore....but i think even when at goal maybe for a year or so (maybe longer!) ill need to weigh in at least monthly. Just so damn scary how easily I fall back into the patterns....but I guess 5 years of this healthy lifestyle doesnt compare to 25 years or so of my old ways.

Tomorrow I am sleeping in YAY!!! Cannot wait. Tuesday altho its a day off I am planning to be up at 6am to do body balance before PT (my last session with Fiona before she finishes up at the gym!) and tuesday afternoon I have a appointment to chat to the manager at the gym and then my food coach....cannot remember if I mentioned it or not but I had a call on friday saying they want to get my story in the gyms (Fernwoods) thats what I am seeing the manager about. I am guessing on tuesday Thats Life will call me too, to read the story they wrote. Will be interesting to hear.

Ive been watching Lip Service (UK Lesbian "soap/drama" series)....its been sooooooooooooo good.....only 6 episodes in the first episode...Ive watched the first 5....just downloading number 6....cannot wait to watch it....its been beyond good!!! Then once I watch that I am gonna watch episode 2 of series 12 of US biggest loser :) So a nice relaxing evening!

I think I better get some exercise in tomorrow....not sure what....prolly a walk not much I can do without the gym (ok thats prolly a excuse...but yeh lol) I am so much better with structured exercise!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

DISASTROUS eating day...."not counting calories" got into my head too the fact they had pies, sausage rolls, chips, lollies donuts out at work didnt help!! But have decided tomorrow going to go back to 1400 calories. Tuesday when I see my new food coach i am going to listen to what she far she has said 3 things....have freshly squeezed grapefruit in a glass of water each morning...tick I have been doing that! Eat brocollini 3 times a week....i bought it but havent eaten it yet! LOL Tomorrow nite scotch fillet with brocolini and asparagus for dinner. The third thing has been a tablespoon of chia seeds at breakfast...been doing this too. So I am going to keep counting calories...listen to what the food coach says and incorporate it in my current eating plan.

Things are just changing at the moment....Fiona is leaving the gym...which means on the exercise front things are different....hopefully I will do a bootcamp with the gym in mid november. Plus in my mind my nutrition is over the place at the the scales havent moved for several months. Where as I had a very structured plan...that plan isnt quite what it once was....change doesnt have to be negative but I have to get my head around it....and I dont think I can suddenly get around it....its going to be seeing how things work over the next month or so and things will hopefully go to plan and I will simply settle into a new routine and be productive in moving closer towards my goals.

In line with that I need to be very focussed not only on my nutrition but committing to the gym and attending. This week is a hard week cos of my work hours and because the gym is close on my plan is:

m - gym closed
t - body balance + 1 hour PT + jog up 21 flights of stairs
w - sh'bam + jog up 21 flights of stairs
t - body balance + jog up 21 flights of stairs
f - maybe run 1.5km...jog up 21 flights of stairs + 20 mins intervals on the cross trainer or kettle bell routine I did with fiona a few weeks ago.

The 3 days I am attending the gym I will jog up 21 flights of stairs too. I need to work out what to do at the gym on the days i cant make a class. Especially as the 3 classes I can make this week...while I love body balance and love to do it at least once a week....they arent cardio and there is no resistance work in there. I realise its only one week out of 5 and this time its a bit different cos of the public holiday. Normally i would be able to do body jam and possibly boxing on the monday night....and wednesday could do boxing and freestyle cycle,,,,,but with the way they did my roster this week its a bit different.

Anyway thats enuff....enjoy ur weekend all :)