Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yesterday was NOT a good day !

Well yesterday was a shitty day for no real reason. Dunno why maybe the heat got to me or boredom cos u cant do too much in this gawd damn heat but i overate =[ admittedly all low points food but i still overate. Amazingly today i have woken and thought what was my problem? LOL im even planning on monday nite to attending a class of amazing abs class before my PT session.

My eating so far today has been spot on ! I have already drunk 1.5 litres of water and will fill up my bottle again in another 45 minutes and then will also have another 750 mls while going home which will see me at 3 litres.

Last nite one of the girls i met at speed dating in november messaged me on msn. Asked me of i wanna go out to wheatie next friday nite? Anyway i was also talking to robyn and i said...wonder what she wants? Robyn was like who said she wants anything? i was like robyns like are u gonna go? I was like nah i told her i didnt think which robyn said (and i quote lol) "is it totally inconceivable to you that someone might like you?" hmmmm...honest answer? yeh it is...its an alien concept....i know Leigh said it to me...but i didnt believe her deep down...and yanno i know im popular with friends...but the concept of someone having a interest in me romantically is not something i can really comprehend, and in some ways something i dont even want....there is that "fantasy" where i want a partner...but do i wanna go thru all the drama of dating and working out who is the right one? no i dont not old lol maybe too old for all this stuff lol...i know im content with my life how it is...with going out with friends etc...maybe im even happy....who knows...but the grief/drama that girls and relationships and dating and all that crap can bring along .... nah im not interested. In the end Robyn was like...we have discussed this before i know u dont really think all that your just in a funk...but to be honest i dont think it is a funk...weird.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Well this will be a short one....its still bloody hot of course. I am back at work tomorrow and not looking forward to going out in the heat for work tomorrow. Today i have picked...i have drunk no water...not sure why....the one thing im thinking is since i changed my dinners ive not been as focused and im thinking it could be cos my dinners havent been something i have really looked forward to. I am going to go back to my pasta dishes but on a daily basis depending on my points left at the end of the day i may cut back to as much as 60 grams of pasta...i also had nothing in the house for breakfast (no milk) and it was too hot for me to go outside. But enuff ... i know im at the point now where i was 12 months ago and gave its back to focusing on foods i really enjoy and focusing on the gym. MOnday i have a PT session but prior to that i am planning to do a class, a 30 minute class of amazing abs i really need to get back to my natzi ways of tracking. Anyway thats it for today !

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still bloody hot...

Weighed in and lost 500 grams ! taking me to a total loss of 11 kilos over the last 6 weeks....and 31.1 since i started all this back in 2006. AND im under 140 kilos woooo hoooo ! i feel like the 140's has been hell on earth my head for a huge chunck of it was just not in the right place i fluctuated so many times between 145-150 kilos it wasnt funny. But amazingly once i started tracking...i started seeing those scales moving. The meeting i went to was held by a leader called Josephine and i thought she was fabulous...i was there first and she came over and said heres a book to read while u wait....was a lil cookbook full of the end i went to return it back to her and she said no u keep it. She also gave some interesting info out....she recommends a maximum of 1 banana per day and the riper the banana gets the higher GI it gets. So on the way home today i bought half a pineapple she also pointed out to be careful with stone fruit cos they are apparantly very high in sugar. Anyway she is one leaders meetings i would like to catch as much as possible..she also does meetings at norwood...she also runs challenges over 3 weeks i thought she was great.

I then went to the gym (yes in this damn heat !) and did a PT session....fiona was really impressed said i did much better then last week....she also asked me about ww ;) she also bought me in a sachet of stuff which is suppose to help with restoring electrolytes in my body (to help with my dizzy spells) so will test it next time i get dizzy plus i will check out their website

Last nite me and tania went in the heat lol to see bride wars.....such a good movie....we wanna go see confessions of a shopaholic next was a really fun evening

OKies not much else to say i only wanna try and stay cool right now...make sure u all do too !

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its bloody hot people !

I moved the mattress downstairs last nite and bloody froze ! hahah but oh so much better then being hot...but being in front of the a/c was definitely cool. Its a pain having the mattress in the middle of the lounge room but worth it for the decent nites sleep. Its gonna be damn well 44 degrees today, it was 44.7 30 minutes ago ack ! And its not gonna be under 40 till at least next monday ! wholly hell !

Foodwise yesterday went real good and the scales moved ! Yay went 300 grams under what i was last weigh in so thats a good sign. I did drink 3 litres of water yesterday, and didnt have pasta for dinner, instead i had a piece of marinated lamb which was only 3 points plus a baked potato with 2 tablespoons of osur cream was yum yum and all for 5.5 points much better then eating the pasta.

Spoke to Leigh online last nite...she messaged me not the other way around and we chatted for a bit....and i went offline first HAH dont want her thinking she runs this show lmfao As for felicity i sent her a message the other no response two days later and so i messaged her and she was like ive been busy....too busy to reply to a text message??? Whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dunno what leigh has or hasnt said and im not gonna get into it...nor am i gonna feel guilty....i dont believe i have done anything wrong, at one point i did feel guilty but ive moved past that...

Okies a couple of hours more work then off to the movies tonite with tania...enjoy all

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm excited !

yes its true I am ! Let me explain...I really do like fernwood gym, but there is a issue whilst I love my PT sessions and wouldnt give them up ever i wish they provided me more focus on my cardio whenever i ask what i should be doing its always like oh yanno aim for 40 minutes on the machines and if i ask about classes its like well try them...theres never any consideration of my fitness level and a plan to work towards classes as ive told them thats what i want. So aftr consideration i have joined jillian michaels website with personalised coaching. If I find it not suitable i can cancel at 4 weeks so it gives me a chance to see if this would work. Anyway Matt who will be my coach has emailed me...i just emailed him back and gave my history and goals. Jillians website also sets out circuits that you can do at home as well as every month she loads a music compilation to use during the workouts and it has a very definite setout routine....which i think will help. So just waiting to hear back from him altho considering this gawd awful heat dunno if i will do much exercise this week (except thursday when i have a PT session) i am moving my mattress down to the lounge room tonite as its wayyyyyyyy to hot upstairs for me and i need to sleep in the room with the a/c till prolly tuesday at least.

Foodwise ive changed my plan around a lil....i have cut back to 2 weetbix and a banana dont feel i really need 3 anymore, for dinner i am having marinated lamb, potato and salad all for 5 points ! Bonus ! They gave out lamingtons at work today 3.5 points...but i worked it in and i still have 2 points left in case i feel like a paddle pop after dinner.

Tomorrow nite off to the movies to see bride wars with tania, thursday is gearing up to be a busy day...10am-11pm i have ww, 11.30-12 i have a PT session and 12.30-1.30pm i am meeting ryan and jaimee in town for lunch. Then i will go home and flake out from the heat ! LOL Checked my plants this morning they seem to be coping ok with this heat but will give them a nice big drink of water this evening...ok off i go ! Enjoy all !

Monday, January 26, 2009


Well ive been a incredible lazy ass today ! LOL ive done graphics, played gammon, listened to music and watched more of wills & grace lol

I've been thinking a bit relation to the pasta im eating at nite. Pasta is so high in points im spending 4.5-5.5 points per day on it so im gonna start to alter that a bit. Im gonna start to eat more meat, potato and salad at night I will still have pasta 2-3 nites per week....but i think this is a good step. My points have dropped in the last month from 27 and by my next weigh in they will be 25 so I need to be using them better. Tomorrow nite im planning to have a lamb steak (110 grams but is marinated so thats 3 points) plus potato and salad....that will give me dinner for about 6 points, and I think it will be more filling too. The other thing i wanna look into is egg pasta....i heard that is half the points? I will have to check that out when i go to the grocery store next. My dishes with pasta before were working out to about 9 points....which was fine while on 27 points....but needs to alter now.

Funny thing happened yesterday....i thought ill be the big person extend a olive branch to Leigh and sent her a nice text just saying hope you had a good weekend. We swapped a couple of texts and she told had been good except there had been some drama...drama that DIDN'T include kazz ! lol I told jody this morning and she was like...admit it you loved that there was drama hahahah and well yeh it did give me a giggle...

Off to work for 2 days then i have a couple off...wednesday nite tania and i are going to the movies to see bride wars....really looking forward to that ;) i was suppose to meet jaimee for lunch on thursday but mite suggest we meet in the evening as its suppose to be 41 degrees for the next 3 days BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!

Okies off i goooooooooooo !

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Slept rather good again last night which is great. Only woke up when my blood noisy neighbours were up and about lol

Today i need to go to town and find some bloody shoes for work...i wanna wear my 3/4 jeans i have, i have these sandshoes but they been giving me blisters so i need some slip on shoes but they cant be a thong style (they all seem to be thong style) but ill go looking today. After that i am planning to go to the local gardening store and buy some edible plants. I dont know which really (i think things like beetroot and carrot its the time to plant at the moment) but i guess ill discover while im there.

I'm thinking about going to the 5pm session of marley & me tonite....havent seen it yet but would really like to but its only on at that may be a goer. I also wanna see bride wars so maybe ill lash out and go to the movies tomorrow as well lol

Okies off to play in a gammon tourney then time to get out of here....enjoy your sunday all !

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Good afternoon ! Home from a couple of hours at the shops. Went to target today looking for a pair of summer shoes for work (didnt find any ahhh !) but did find some other goodies...

Now to explain one of my purchases and i why its a big deal....heres a story lol....many years ago...(i was about 21) i had a unit and in there i had a frame pic of me and my dad anyway i was very sick and needed to go to hospital so my mum and her hubby came to pick me up...anyway as we walked out the door her hubby asked me to remove the photos as it hurt mum too much...hmmmphhhh ! For years i have done that...when I was with Ang she often said u need to put some pics of your dad up, its your house u put up what u want,....but i never did. Anyway this morning i was playing on the internet and i actually came across a couple of photos of my dad....which was super exciting....and then i went hunting for photo albums and found the pic i wanted....its me taken when i was not quite 2 1/2 years old and im on dads lap he is in his army uniform....real nice i went and bought a frame for it today....and its now framed sitting on my tv next to a photo of his grand daughter :) and that is where it will stay. I also bought a wok, the last series of will & grace on dvd (gonna sit down and watch that tonite), nail polish remover,buffer and strengthener (yes believe it or not my nails have grown !) and i also bought tis cute pink and yellow pyjama set its shorts and a tanktop they fit me now altho tight but it feels so free-ing to wear a completely sleeveless top and have my shoulders bare, im sure over the coming weeks it will start to fit me better and MAYBE only maybe i mite in a few weeks take a pic in it (trust me it will hide none of my flaws lol) Tonite for dinner im planning to make a yummi low point pizza.

I slept soooooooo much better last nite...only took about 30 minutes to fall asleep and i dont recall waking up at still tired but its a good improvement.

Okies off i the new slimming and health magazine today so gonna relax reading it

Oh and Jody? Thanks oodles for the chat this morning - you made so much sense when u said to me your taking care of the physical health now also time to take care of your soul ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ahhhh for some sleep...

i'm feeling much better today, i feel really tired tonite so with luck i mite sleep well tonite. I havent worried today...hasnt been a focus at all...felicity messaged me during the day about going out tonite...but told her i was planning to go to the gym early in the morning so would skip it...Im not sure if i will get to the gym or not...simply cos im not gonna set my alarm. If i manage to get a good sleep i wanna take advantage of it and catch up on sleep. Last nite went to bed at 10.30pm and was still awake after midnight and then woke up at 3am so gawd would be so nice to catch up on that sleep. Then i am meeting jaimee for coffee....and later in the afternoon going to do my grocery shopping. I also need to buy some new shoes and so sunday mite go into town and look for some new shoes and mite venture to katies too....theres a girls dance on the 22nd of feb which i may go too, leigh n felicity are going but another group of my friends are going so it may be a good way to catch up without pressure. (May have to call in sick the next day if i do go to it tho lol shhhhhhhh)I also wanna venture down to the garden store this weekend too. OKies not much else to post byesssssssssssssss

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gawd another post !

I am feeling much better tonight....ive been sitting here studying the gyms class timetable and decided im gonna focus my energies on the gym. Leigh texted me tonight and asked me if i was going to the wheaty tomorrow nite....said i wasnt sure but now i think ill skip it and instead go to a gym class on saturday morning. Body pump is with one of my fave trainers and they been sending out emails saying dont forget about saturday morning classes so im guessing they arent busy, so it might be a good time to try body gabby who takes the class is a hottie ! hahah ! I am going to seriously consider this week buying a boxing package for 10 weeks. It costs $410 for 10 weeks but its not getting on a contract and is only for 10 weeks....but ill think some more and decide over the weekend. I also mite go to the zoo on sunday or monday,,,,that would be a good long walk walking around there.....the camera could get a good work out too so mite be a goer.

Jaimee just messaged me (gawd i miss her !) her hairdresser is in the next street from me...and shes got a appointment saturday so i will prolly go catch up with her for a coffee and a chat. Which will be lovely, i miss out girlie chats. Im also planning to go to the garden shop.....being at my sisters and all her plants (she has a great vegies patch (okies patches theres a few lol) but my sister motivated me....i looked at the yates site and i saw BEETROOT can be planted sister will laugh,,,,when i went there....the first nite she said come out and see the we went out....and everything i pointed at saying is that beetroot???? then that nite i dreamt about beetroot and well my niece ate so much beetroot while i was there it wasnt funny ! lol I mite plant some sweet peas too and some cabbage....theres a big gardening store near me so i will go check it out over the weekend. Okies thats my last post for the day ! hahhaha

Been a lil slack...

Well I think my sister knows me too well ! lol

Last nite she sent me a text saying u havent updated ur journal whats wrong...i told her nothings wrong....but wasnt exactly truthful. Ever since this leigh drama i havent slept well...i think its catching up with me....i am not sitting here pining after leigh or some bullshit....quite the opposite i have concerns about my friendship with both even tho both have said that our friendships are fine. Felicity said something yesterday that suggested i persued my feelings for Leigh...hmmmm no...i didnt do that....and i think thats the thing i need to stop feeling guilty, Leigh approached me initially not the other way around. Before all this happened felicity told me her family and friends think leigh is a player....i am not sure what i think....but im certainly not thinking she is wonderful like i thought at one point...i havent correct felicity on that perception that i persued leigh....yesterday at work i was up in customer complaints and all this stuff played on my mind. Last nite i talked to a friend (Robyn) whose gone thru something similar recently....and it was good to finally have someone to talk too, but what ive while i have focused on this leigh drama i think thats just the ive mentioned before my relationship with my mum and stepdad has deteriated....its improved slightly recently....but i think that plays on my mind a lot - a lot more then ill mention....ive talked to my friend joe at work numerous times about it and ended up quite teary....also while at my sisters we did a lot of talking about stuff from our past and im glad we did cos i think it needs to be talked about without being confrontational (and as me and kerry were kids theres no confrontation between us so we can discuss it like this) i think those discussions are important for healing me...but it does also bring thoughts/memories to the front of my brain which i do think i need at my brain has been feeling "busy" and it was hard to get rid of the "traffic" and just think logically. I went to the docs today....he did increase my meds by 50 mg for a few weeks...if its no better in a week i will go back....but this afternoon i feel a bit better already prolly cos ive talked about it to someone impartial. The one thing I have been proud of is with all this going on i havent resorted to emotional eating...i feel really proud about that.

I forgot to post about tuesday....weigh in time but i think most of u already know this....i lost 1.5 kilos. That takes me since december 15 ive lost 10.5 kilos (pretty awesome eh?) and for the total for this journey....30.6 kilos.... I also got thinking about goals. My ultimate goal for 2009 is to be under 100 kilos....and i DO BELIEVE its doable. So the goals are by 28/3/09 (robyns bday party) i wanna weigh 132 the first week in july(my niece invited me back to streaky for her birthday lol) and i wanna be down to 121 kilos by then....imagine that bus trip 20 kilos lighter !

Then on tuesday me and mum went to fellinis....da da duhhhhhhhhhhhhh....well lol me and mum shared our entire meal. We had a piece of bruschetta first, followed by a wood oven pizza....they are made on a real thin pastry with no sauce it simply had tomatos, olives, pruschetta (or however u spell it) and slices of avocado and bocini cheese (i removed most of the avocado tho) so i didnt feel that was too bad a melted cheese or greasy meats etc THEN mum said lets get the dessert menu ! LOL (this was for my bday remember!) so we decided to share a strawberries and icecream....wouldnt be too bad right? WRONG it was the same thin pastry like the pizza but it had a light spread of custard with dollops of strawberry jam with strawberries around the edge...chocolate sauce dribbled over it with icing sugar with a scoop of srawberry, chocolate and vanilla icecream with shards of chocolate ! LOL i so shoulda taken a photo. It was a pure indulgence....i figure if you gonna have a treat do it in style ! lol...anyway the next day the scales were up by about a kilo...but im pretty sure thats from the pruschetta cos it was very salty and im not too concerned i counted that lunch as 15 points....and ive stayed under my points a couple of points each day since

When i went to the docs today...i was walking down the street and found a $50 note...of course i pocketed figure its my birthday....felicity found $60 which im convinced was i say....what goes around comes around....nice finding it on pay day tho

Okies not too much else to say .... except your post now :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling so much better...

Well I feel much better about practically everything tonite. I sent felicity a text telling her about the leigh thing...told her i want our friendship based on honesty and she was cool with it. She gets back into Adelaide tomorrow hopefully this weekend we will go out and catch up. I also talked to my friend Dayne about it, she said (and i have told her more then ive posted here) long and short while i prolly shouldnt have got into all the texts with Leigh...she did lead me on and has been a bit of a bitch to me the last day or this point i have deleted all the text history and her number from my phone and have no intention of having contact with her. Of course if i see her out and about i will be friendly but not gonna run around after her.

I went for my PT session today and I talked to my personal trainer about the slimplicity vs weight watchers dilemma. She said..."i have my personal opinion and my fernwood opinion" she basically said if ww is working then stick with that...and just drop the slimplicity sessions she then suggested i talk to one of the membership gals...which i did...and she was like hell yeh stick to ww if thats working...she was like..."remember you are paying us for a service....and the service is for u to feel better about urself...and if that works best combining ww with the PT sessions then thats what u should do" so i feel much better about that as well

Okies Weigh in tomorrow and then fellinis for lunch and YES i will be working bruschetta into my points tomorrow LOL have a good day all ill be back tomorrow nite

I'm homeeeeeeeeeee

yes after what felt like the LONGEST bus trip in the world i got home about 9.30pm last night.

The bus left streaky bay at 10.55am and we got to port augusta at 4pm and we didnt leave there till 5.05pm ! So i ended up calling jody since i had credit to waste and time to waste ! Then I got on the bus....then the drama started haha this woman got on...she was suppose to sit next to me....she was at least a size 20....anyway she refused to sit next to me...said the seats arent wide enough and comfortable enough ... the driver ended up saying to her if u want to be more comfortable then buy 2 seats next time and that they were adding that to their details ! lol But it was embarressing....then the driver put a skinny girl next to me so for me all was good.

It was nice getting home last nite....and i was very excited to get on the scales this morning. I wont say how much ive lost but yes i HAVE lost but will go weigh in tomorrow and let you all know tomorrow

So i have a PT session 6pm and tomorrow i will weigh in. After weigh in going to mums and from there we are going to fellinis for lunch (yummo)

And below are some photos from the trip:

The blowhole

Another shot of the blowhole

Me at he whispering rocks

The big white chook aka lambie

Some of the rocks we climbed over to get to smooth pools

Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh the dramas...

So I really debated over whether to make this post or not. Tomorrow I head home...the holiday has been lovely...ive really enjoyed myself, but at the same time will be nice to get home to my lil place. Today we have been quite lazy...there was a cruise ship in the bay so we went down and took some photos of that and since then we have watched a couple of movies, kung fu panda and made of honour.

On the girl side of things...there has been a lil drama. Leigh texted me last nite to say while felicity has also been away (shes in melbourne) it has lead her to "reconsider her feelings for felicity" as you can imagine that went down like a lead balloon. And quite a few terse words went back and forwards via text...think i may have surprised her a lil. I can be a serious pain in the ass and stubborn b*tch when i get pissed with someone over something (stop laughing jody!) I pretty much told her i need to back away from her and felicity. She basically at one point said "dislike me it would be easier for you" and today she hasnt answered any texts so im guessing she is trying to make me dislike her even tho yesterday she said she doesnt wanna stop being friends. Its not all bad tho, its made me reconsider some of my actions. Felicity liked her before i really knew her so seriously when Leigh told me she liked me...i shoulda told her too bad im felicitys friend first and formost. Other exs from felicitys past have tried to message me and get to know me but ive never budged...ive stood by her as a friend so not sure why i didnt this time. At this point tho i think i need to back off from both of them while they work out where they are headed. Me and felicity down the track prolly need to have a chat too. One of the good things to come out of this tho is the fact that i realise with certainty im over ang (ok yes i know 4 damn years is too long to realise this) but i really havent been interested in anyone since her, Leigh was the first person I had some interest in and yes didnt work out but thats life hey? Prolly the most annoying aspect of this is i cant discuss it with felicity like her or i would normally...

Okies im off to spend some time with my 4 year old shadow (lol) and her family seeing its my last evening here....toodles all =]

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 3 !

Yesterday we went to see a "blowhole" wat we didnt realise till we got there was it involved a 10 minute walk in sand up and down hills (so 20 minutes there and back) The blowhole itself didnt seem to be working although the view was gorgeous and i took photos. We then went to the whispering rocks which whisper to you when a wave comes in...that was very cool and my sister took a couple of photos of me at it. So will upload them when I get home. We then walked back to the car and omg it beat any gym workout i swear as going back was mostly uphill and as i said the sand was soft. I said to my sister...Ive never been so glad to see your car before lol we decided next time i come back we will redo the walk to see how i cope with it.

Yesterday my niece (whose 4) wanted to play with my make up...i said tonite we will have a girls nite...but we ended up playing singstar anyway went to bed she came into the bedroom very unhappy that we forgot abut our "girls nite" so today she has been getting a chance to play with my make up LOL was quite hilarious but very cute.

I got dressed this morning...put on the exs old tshirt which i always use as a guage (not that long ago was firm fitting) and thought hmmm it seems i said to my sister about it...she said its definitely not firm fitting anymore and then she said...i think ive lost weight since u been here too cos we been eating so healthy LOL. Last nite we had marinated steak, potato and salad (no dressing) tonite we are making home made pizzas but i will be using ww cheese on mine so not too concerned about that. And considering the points i earned yesterday (worked out to be 5 points for 20 minutes!) think i can afford it.

The funniest thing is my sister has chickens (4 of them) and a the lamb is confused...and thinks its a chicken lol even goes and sleeps in the chickens cage anyway miss 4 comes in the house today and said...the 4 chickens are out of theyre house...but the white chicken is lying in it...yep u guessed it...the "white chicken" is the lamb which they call lambie LOL...i will take out miss 4 in a minute and take some photos of the animals. Okies enjoy all =]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Streaky Bay

Well here we are in streaky bay. Arrived monday night just before 7pm, the bus had been delayed leaving adelaide by 45 minutes. From adelaide to port augusta i had to share a seat (about 4 hours) but the lady was a skinny minny so wasnt too bad. From pt augusta to streaky bay i had a seat to myself which was good. I wasnt too bored...I didnt really read much but the mp3 player combined with a series of texts from Leigh kept me occupied.

Monday night me and my sister played singstar for about 3 hours which was hilarious. Yesterday cos it was so damn hot (reached 44.7 here) we didnt do too much and in fact I even napped in the afternoon - something I never normally do.

This morning the kids have some of their cousins coming over and then this arvo we are off to the "blow hole" so the camera may get a work out there.

Foodwise I havent been too bad at all. Breakfast has been weetbix and fat reduced milk both days, and lunch ham and salad sandwiches on multigrain bread. Last nite for dinner was marinated chicken wings and mashed potato and i also filled up on lots of beetroot, cucumber and tomato. I may not lose this week but I also wont be expecting a gain and even if I do gain it will drop off quick my first week home when i get back to my hotler ways with my food ! LOL

Okies off to go get ready for my day - have a good few days all

kazz =]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm packed !

Well I think I am packed...I keep walking into another room and seeing something else I need to pack into a bag.

Today I was washing and there was a pair of 3/4 jeans in the laundry basket they have been there for about a year....i think cos they no longer i picked them up i was thinking oh the button musta come off or something...checked...nope button is in tact....checked zipper....all ok.....checked inner seams...all good....hmmmm....lemme slide these babies on and see if they fit...woot they do !

My aim whilst on holidays is to lose 100 gonna track as much as i can obviously i cant weigh my pasta before cooking etc so you do lose some controlbut im gonna do my very best, and altho its gonna be stinking hot try and be a lil active. I know kerry is planning we go fishing on the jerry one nite....told kerry,....the kids will need to teach but down on the jetty in the evening mite mean some good photos. Thats the other thing...every man and their dog has been saying to me.,....take lots of pics. I have a digital camera and never used it much altho i have a lil more lately...isnt it funny how the camera kinda symbolises where we are in life....whenwe are at our lowest the camera is in the back of a drawer somewhere,,,,when we are happy and things are falling into place the camera suddenly comes yes....the camera will be out this week.

Good luck to everyone weighing in this sure i will post during the week to report on the going ons at streaky bay =]

kazz =]

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Didn't end up going out last nite. I was concerned about being tempted to drink and i went for a lay down and didnt wake up till 8.45pm so decided to skip it.

Anyway up early this morning...and OMG the day started out drama filled. I jumped on the bus to go to the salisbury ww meeting...but i caught the WRONG bus...once i realise i got off not knowing where i was....i rang for a taxi giving the street address not knowing what suburb i was in....the guy asked for it i said...i think salisbury but im lost so im not even tho i had the street address he wouldnt book me a taxi (asshole!) so i hung up on him telling him "thanks for your help" in my most sarcastic tone...anyway so i walked for a bit and then discovered i was at salisbury rang got a taxi and off to the meeting. Once I got to the meeting i bought the toffee bars, the chocolate bars and the sour cream and chives rice crackers - so plenty of snack things for this week. And then the best news was .................. *drum roll* i lost 2.3 kilos ! (5.06 pounds). So since i rejoined ww on december 15 (wonder if someone is overlooking me and cheering me on? I did join on my dads birthday ;)) i have last 9 kilos thats in 3.5 weeks. Since i started this journey i have now lost 29.1 kilos....this is the lowest by far ive been for at least 9 months possibly longer would have to go back thru my journal to confirm that. But not only do i feel great i have my confidence back that i CAN do this..and it all comes down to weighing and tracking. I am quietly confident about this week at my sisters...whilst i wont have as much control i am confident i will make the right choices and when i next weigh in will be to reach that 30 kilos mark...amazing to think its not too far away and i will be dropping yet another of my daily points. (oh and my goal of being under 143 by end of january is done as well lol just a lil early) Seeing tania was great its actually been a longgggggggggggg time since we caught up...after we went over to mcdonalds...i had a plain toasted muffin with jam and a hot chocolate..:) so simply a case of more wise decisions. But it was lovely to catch up with tania - i look forward to doing it again in the not too distant future

Friday, January 09, 2009

Life is good...

A friend said the other day...put positive vibes out there and u will get positive back...and must admit that seems to be the case.

Yesterday at work my boss came up to me said do u wanna go up to CRG (customer relations) i thought she meant for a couple of hours or i was like sure....then a hour later she emails me and says go up now...and ull be there tomorrow too lol so off i go...then when i go there we get told this will be for anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple of months woot ! Its given me a real insight to their job...and id love to do it permanantly so its something i need to keep a eye out for any vacant positions they advertise

Then last nite i go to the ATM...withdraw $100 and walk away without my cash ! OMG i seriously am duh sometimes ! Anyway so i went to the bank and can you believe they credited me back the money....theyve been a pain in the ass sometimes but over this they were brilliant.

Booked my ticket for streaky last nite and got the confirmation today so all ready to go. I went and bought a telstra G prepaid phone as thats the only provider that gets mobile connection and well i need to be contactable ! LOL

Tonight im heading off to the wheaty (yes again - made i should just set up camp there? lol) But am planning not to drink as i have ww in the morning...also planning to be home by midnight cos i need to be up early. Someone from the pinksofa from melbourne is coming over and thats what the get together is for (well thats the excuse lol) also another local girl i havent met before is going plus the usual suspects. I asked leigh if she wanted to come but she has to look after the kids tonite (her and her sister foster 4 kids between themselves) but a chance to look nice and go out for a chat is always fun !

Okies off i go....fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh in ! xox

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Always check meeting times...

SOMEONE (not mentioning any names) forgot to check that there was a meeting on today ! Guess what? There wasnt ! (well not at a time i could get too) so i went into the city only to discover i couldnt weigh in. So instead i will go to the salisbury meeting on saturday and use it as a chance to see tania :) I had a sneak peak at my scales this morning and will be expecting a loss on saturday of around a kilo. The good news is I have decided to go to Streaky Bay, so by going on saturday as there are no ww meetings in streaky it will be only 10 days between meetings. And YES i am going...decided today.

This morning i woke and there was a message for me from my friend Felicity about Leigh. The short story is felicity likes leigh (in fact has told me she is in love with leigh) leigh is getting over someone and leigh is the one who told me she likes me. SO ! i get this message saying "i found the right girl (leigh) she just doesnt realise it yet" which made me feel crappy...i texted leigh and said i think we need to put some distance between ourselves...she then told me she told felicity that she told me she likes me and thinks i have soft hands (lol). I knew that if felicity asked her Leigh would tell her this and apparantly felicity has worked out for herself that I like leigh. Anyway leigh was like no...we can all still hangout...its not a issue. THEN i got another message this afternoon from felicity asking me if me and robyn are going to hook up (oh did i mention lesbians are DRAMA FILLED?) i was like no...shes still hooked on someone and my focus is on my weight loss at the moment AND if i do get together with someone i want it to be someone who is into me and not someone pining after someone else. We both agreed we just gonna keep going out and socialising.

So yes I am going to streaky...will book my ticket on friday...i am excited now (pray i get a seat to myself) normally when ive gone there on the bus you leave at like 8pm and get in at some ungodly hour in the morning like 5.30am now they run it different you leave about 8am with two meal stops and get in around 6pm which is better i think...its airconditioned so even if its a hot day shouldnt really be a issue. I am going to look at it as perfect timing for some reading ! I got a book voucher for my birthday so that works out perfectly. I will buy some ww snacks to take with me, breakfast and lunch is easy...weetbix and a ham sandwich or whatever and dinner i will have a small portion of whatever kerry makes with a side salad. I will still track as they have internet access so that is now im getting EXCITED ! Okies off to go do some work !

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I think all that alcohol is being flushed out of my system lol...ive been going to the loo non stop today...people at work musta thought something strange was going on cos i went to the loo at one point 3 times in a hour haha

Another good day debating whether to have a chicken burger or carbonara for dinner. I need to go to the shops to get bacon for carbonara and its hot and im really not interested in going to the shops. I finished work at 3pm today and dont work till 12pm tomorrow, so in the morning i will pop into weight watchers, i cant stay for the minute but the most important things is to step on those scales, the meetings themselves while i will always stay for them whenever i can i dont feel i get a whole lot out of them but that accountability the scales gives me is huge.

Weekend off this week and can u believe my damn plans? Im still seriously considering going to streaky on monday, the break would be great but like i said im worried about the bus being full if i dont go i have some other plans, friends i went to school with wanna meet for morning tea one day, i desperately need a haircut and colour also mum is going to take me out to fellinis (my FAVE restuarant) for lunch and im sure some other things will come along....the other thing is its not as easy to eat and track as well at someone elses house ... im a bit pathetic in i measure out EVERYTHING i weigh EVERYTHING its like a crazy addiction LOL

Regardless wherever i am i will be having a nice 11 days with lots of downtime and relaxing

Will be back after weigh in tomorrow....fingers & toes crossed ! lol

Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to work again...

Well back to the doldrums of work today...started at 7am...but only another 4 days of work and then i have 11 days off. Havent really decided what to do for my partly tempted to go to streaky concern is the bus being crowded and my fat ass having to share a seat love to go there for 5 days or so...the kids are only holidays from school so could get plenty of time with them...ill have to decide pretty damn shortly !

I must say my self confidence is certainly improving. Its a very bizarre scenario for me to have someone tell me they "like me" I havent had that for years. One of my friends felicity said...can you believe all these people gathered together for your birthday? She was like...i wouldnt get this many together. And its been over the last 5 weeks or so that i am even started to consider myself "popular" i havent had friends for years...i either lost contact with people or simply just didnt have friends now suddenly...i have got friends...its taken me a while...but i think thats cos initially i can be quiet...but ultimately i think people can see i am not a player and have relatively high morals and once i get comfy my humour comes out. That in itself is a eye opener Ive always thought its the loud people who are popular and dont worry i can be bloody loud but not when I initially meet someone.

I havent been back to the gym...i need to get back and i know why i havent. I really am undecided about what to do about the dietician...part of me thinks talk to them and say i dont wanna see the dietician...and another part thinks oh just see her to keep the peace...i really am not one for confrontation....but i really do need at the very least to get back into my personal training sessions...and i am still keen to do boxing...decisions decisions !

Well just about time to go cook dinner...have a good nite all =]

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday Celebrations...

Well friday night was when we went out for my birthday and i had a FABULOUS night. There was 14 or 15 of us. We went to the local pub (called the wheaty) and hung out in the beer garden. They kept piling me with glasses of champagne in fact at one point I had 3 in front of me LOL and i kept saying .... but I have to work tomorrow...and everyone was like noooooooo your calling in sick! Then leigh bought me tequila shooters lol and i had to do the whole lick, sip & suck thing. The wheaty closed at midnight and then 4 of us headed into the mars bar, when we got there robyn (the girl i asked over for dinner) and felicity both ran into people they knew so me and leigh went off and danced...anyway we danced quite a bit...we were holding hands and stuff...(at one point she told me i have the softest hands she has ever held lol) anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy we went and took a breather from the dancing and me and leigh were talking....when suddenly she says...i am getting over someone so wouldnt do anything at this point...but i have feelings for you...OMG ! you coulda knocked me over with a feather duster ! But you know a few drinks under me and i start to saying some silly things...anyway so with all the decorum of a ant i turn around and say...why when you can have any lesbian in adelaide would you go for the fat chick? lol...i still cant believe i said such a thing....but anyway...its nice we have chatted a lot the last few days and who knows what the future holds...regardless of anything i think i have a new friend which is always good =]

I got home after 3am ! and had to be up at 7.30am for work...and guess what? I did go to work ! lol im sure i looked pretty shabby...but the interesting thing was...i was talking to my frien joe....and teling him everything....and he like leigh more then robyn tho don't you? I said at this stage which he can tell your whole demeanour is different today. My friend laura said to me you are putting the good vibes out there and so its coming back to you...all karma. So it was a great nite and I have posted a few of the pics from the night below....

Me & Leigh

Tracy and Laura (Two friends I went to school with)

Leigh and Robyn (yes the two who have my attention looking not so serious lol)

Leigh and Robyn again

Me and Felicity

Just me

Me having a drink

Me having a tequila shooter with Felicity and Leigh in the background