Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh the dramas...

So I really debated over whether to make this post or not. Tomorrow I head home...the holiday has been lovely...ive really enjoyed myself, but at the same time will be nice to get home to my lil place. Today we have been quite lazy...there was a cruise ship in the bay so we went down and took some photos of that and since then we have watched a couple of movies, kung fu panda and made of honour.

On the girl side of things...there has been a lil drama. Leigh texted me last nite to say while felicity has also been away (shes in melbourne) it has lead her to "reconsider her feelings for felicity" as you can imagine that went down like a lead balloon. And quite a few terse words went back and forwards via text...think i may have surprised her a lil. I can be a serious pain in the ass and stubborn b*tch when i get pissed with someone over something (stop laughing jody!) I pretty much told her i need to back away from her and felicity. She basically at one point said "dislike me it would be easier for you" and today she hasnt answered any texts so im guessing she is trying to make me dislike her even tho yesterday she said she doesnt wanna stop being friends. Its not all bad tho, its made me reconsider some of my actions. Felicity liked her before i really knew her so seriously when Leigh told me she liked me...i shoulda told her too bad im felicitys friend first and formost. Other exs from felicitys past have tried to message me and get to know me but ive never budged...ive stood by her as a friend so not sure why i didnt this time. At this point tho i think i need to back off from both of them while they work out where they are headed. Me and felicity down the track prolly need to have a chat too. One of the good things to come out of this tho is the fact that i realise with certainty im over ang (ok yes i know 4 damn years is too long to realise this) but i really havent been interested in anyone since her, Leigh was the first person I had some interest in and yes didnt work out but thats life hey? Prolly the most annoying aspect of this is i cant discuss it with felicity like her or i would normally...

Okies im off to spend some time with my 4 year old shadow (lol) and her family seeing its my last evening here....toodles all =]


Tania said...

Oh Kazz, what an awful position to be in. When we caught up at WW last weekend I got the impression from what you were telling me that you and Leigh getting together was almost inevitable, especially with all the messages flying back and forth!

I think only you can decide the best decision to take but I think there's definitely value in standing by your friends.

I can't believe it's been 4 years since Ang already - how long ago was it that she came to Adelaide? Seems like a bloody long time ago but then i'm reminded that it's probably been over 6 years ago that we first met - how time flies!

If you ever need to talk i'm always willing to listen :-) Hope you enjoy your last night with your sister and the kids, have a safe trip back home.

kazz said...

Hey tania...I dunno if i thought it was inevitable about Leigh...but its all good...we've talked a few times and i think we will be fine...and even more importantly i think me and felicity will too =]

Ang came over here 5 1/2 years yes has been a while and yet im still single ! HAHAH but its all good....will post pics n chit tomorrow

kazz =]