Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm homeeeeeeeeeee

yes after what felt like the LONGEST bus trip in the world i got home about 9.30pm last night.

The bus left streaky bay at 10.55am and we got to port augusta at 4pm and we didnt leave there till 5.05pm ! So i ended up calling jody since i had credit to waste and time to waste ! Then I got on the bus....then the drama started haha this woman got on...she was suppose to sit next to me....she was at least a size 20....anyway she refused to sit next to me...said the seats arent wide enough and comfortable enough ... the driver ended up saying to her if u want to be more comfortable then buy 2 seats next time and that they were adding that to their details ! lol But it was embarressing....then the driver put a skinny girl next to me so for me all was good.

It was nice getting home last nite....and i was very excited to get on the scales this morning. I wont say how much ive lost but yes i HAVE lost but will go weigh in tomorrow and let you all know tomorrow

So i have a PT session 6pm and tomorrow i will weigh in. After weigh in going to mums and from there we are going to fellinis for lunch (yummo)

And below are some photos from the trip:

The blowhole

Another shot of the blowhole

Me at he whispering rocks

The big white chook aka lambie

Some of the rocks we climbed over to get to smooth pools


Hippygal said...

Sounds like you had a great time....:-)

Tania said...

Lovely photos Kazz, glad you had a good time away.