Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling so much better...

Well I feel much better about practically everything tonite. I sent felicity a text telling her about the leigh thing...told her i want our friendship based on honesty and she was cool with it. She gets back into Adelaide tomorrow hopefully this weekend we will go out and catch up. I also talked to my friend Dayne about it, she said (and i have told her more then ive posted here) long and short while i prolly shouldnt have got into all the texts with Leigh...she did lead me on and has been a bit of a bitch to me the last day or this point i have deleted all the text history and her number from my phone and have no intention of having contact with her. Of course if i see her out and about i will be friendly but not gonna run around after her.

I went for my PT session today and I talked to my personal trainer about the slimplicity vs weight watchers dilemma. She said..."i have my personal opinion and my fernwood opinion" she basically said if ww is working then stick with that...and just drop the slimplicity sessions she then suggested i talk to one of the membership gals...which i did...and she was like hell yeh stick to ww if thats working...she was like..."remember you are paying us for a service....and the service is for u to feel better about urself...and if that works best combining ww with the PT sessions then thats what u should do" so i feel much better about that as well

Okies Weigh in tomorrow and then fellinis for lunch and YES i will be working bruschetta into my points tomorrow LOL have a good day all ill be back tomorrow nite

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Tania said...

Yay to Fellini's, double yay to bruschetta ... lol, it's about time we caught up for lunch, it's been ages since we've shared a bruschetta ... lol

Well done on going back and being up front about things, I bet you felt so much better for doing that. Every time I read your blog I so want to join up again and then the realist in me reminds me that I have a 2 year old and 4 month old so it's not really possible - i'm so jealous!

For what it's worth I think you did a good thing being open with Felicity! Not a nice situation you were put in though.