Saturday, May 31, 2014

Its been a week or so since I last updated...slack eh?

I went back to food coaching on thursday night...Im hoping the new food coach can help me figure out why I fluctuate so much. I had a session on thursday and she asked me what I normally eat in a day and made a couple of small changes straight away. Im kinda slack with breakfast and often dont have it till like she wants me eating that as soon as I wake and I have also changed it to a protein shake and a banana....mostly cos she wants me eating protein with each meal and also cos its easy at 5.30 or 6.30 in the morning. Then a morning snack of 10 almonds. Lunch she wants me having a sandwich but with no cheese, and no processed meats. So they are a few small changes so far. She also knew of PCOS and had recently been to a seminar on that kind of knowledge can only help :)

My PT sessions are going well as well. She seems very focused on breaking my fears and trying to get me to enjoy the gym. I dont think I will ever enjoy the gym...its a necessary not athletic etc and thats long as it gets my end result. I do 3 sessions a week...just as I did with Fiona....I think 3 is a nice number...I know it seems expensive...but i think you make more progress with session a week I dont think really makes much of a impact. The main things we seem to work on is running on the blasted treadmill....and box jumps...neither am I a fan of! lol. In reality I would prefer to do boxing but since I started attending my trainers boxing classes we dont tend to do it in PT. The good thing tho is mentally I am feeling somewhat better at the gym. I now do my PT session plus each week 1 boxing class, 2 RPM classes. Which as I write that I realise I really am now not really doing too much specially when I compare it to what I use to do...bah !

Saturday, May 24, 2014

So today has been a good day, my sister is in Adelaide for the weekend so we spent it shopping and eating - oops! No i actually didnt eat ridiculously....weetbix for breakfast...a small sumo salad (which are pretty tiny)....a mini cupcake and skim hot chocolate...a small gelato and a steak burger and fries at hogs breath...not great....but its not binging its just having a few extravagances.

But that said today I was thinking I really need to knuckle down. When thinking over the last 5-6 weeks prolly 80% of the time my eating has been spot on but there was some bad moments, which is prolly why its been so up and down. Friday i did organise to go back to food coaching session. So that will be thursday night.

I have decided that in September I am either going on a cruise (fingers crossed) or 5 nights in Sydney....then also I want to do the city to bay run on sept 21. So enough floundering around....time to get focused as of monday I will do 1400 calories a day no high and low calorie days at least for a bit....I just need to get some consistency and consistency loses.

This weeks workout looks like this:

monday : 30 minute boxing + 30 minute PT (maybe try some stairclimbing or some running on treadmill)
tuesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minute PT
wednesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes treadmill
thursday : 45 minutes cardio (stairs/xtrainer)
friday : 45 minutes cardio + 30 minutes PT
saturday : rest day
sunday : 45 minute work out at the local football oval

So weigh in monday morning...I will use that as my official weigh ins but also weigh thursday night at the gym. If I religiously apply myself there is no reason why i cannot lose weight. I'd really like to weigh in the 80's by the time of the holiday....focus kazz focus!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll! lol Low carbing is just not for me lol. Its not that I miss the bread etc but I like to eat meals I enjoy I just believe if you dont you wont stick to a plan....and I dont like protein foods enough for them to make up a huge proportion of my eating. So back to normal things tomorrow.

On thinking about it today...I think it would be better to even stay at this weight and just work on getting fitter like if thats the worse thing then thats not the worse thing in the world.

Thats not to say I am giving up on losing weight .... im very focused on losing weight. My trainer has really been focused on conquering my fears lately....and with that the two goals have been running on the treadmill and box jumps and we are certainly making progress with both of them. Several times when we have been doing the running Tamika has commented on me running in the city to bay (a 12km run) which is in september. If I am going to run in it I really need to decide within the next few weeks as I would need to start training in June. My current workouts are pretty average week is looking like this:

monday : 30 minutes boxing + 30 minutes PT
tuesday : 45 minutes RPM + 30 minutes PT
wednesday : 45 minutes RPM
thursday : either 45 minutes body pump or 45 minutes RPM
friday : 30 minutes PT
saturday : 60 minutes body pump + 60 minutes body balance

So thats pretty solid exercise...I think if I could add 3 runs a week to it....then exercise wise i would be good to go. I couldnt definitely add a 30 minute run on wednesday and friday nights I think. Most weeks I could do a long one on either sunday or monday as well.

The trainer of our running group has given me a running program before...altho its not for a 12km run....I might message her and see if she has a 12 week program I could use.

The other thing is I think I will go back to food think I will ring tomorrow and book in with a new food coach for this coming week. My previous food coach is only available wednesday night and is away any way at the someone fresh would be good i think

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Calorie/Carb Cycling

So....for a while now my eating has been quite good. No bad cravings its been great. And while I have been eating better and my exercise routine has really improved I am losing a lil weight but nowhere near my potential.

For a while (several months if not longer) i have thought about going paleo. For a couple of reasons....high protein no grains strikes me as the best way to really change my body shape. The other is I have a lot of issues with my ears blocking and sometimes vertigo at night when I roll over and my doctor says this is due to congestion and its definitely worse when drinking milk! It really clicked the other day when I had some milk and within 20 minutes my ear blocked! And was blocked for hours and when you work in a call centre that is not good! Anyway while I saw benefits to paleo I knew I couldnt stick to it day after day...I am just the person who does need some grains!!! So i remembered I had bought chris powells book on carb cycling altho I had never read it LOL.

Anyway its a great book! One of the great things I loved about it is how you need to make promises to yourself and STICK to them. So we really transform and believe in ourselves more when we make a promise to ourselves (like i will drink 3 litres of water per day) and then see that promise out. We do it one promise at a time but the more we do that....with every promise we stick to day by day....our belief in ourselves in increases and this is where transformation happens....while its not about the "plan" it really resonated with me!

So in relation to the plan when I first read it in the book my bthday and a reward day ;) So it will work like this:

monday : low carb
tuesday : low carb
wednesday : high carb
thursday : low carb
friday : low carb
saturday : high carb
sunday : reward day

So the way it works eat 3 meals and 2 snacks....every meal and snack has 1 protein serve (for a woman) and unlimited vegies. On a low carb day you also eat a fat serve with every meal...but they are smart fat its things like olive oil, cheese, avocado, salad dressing,peanut butter etc. So for example my first low carb day looks like this:

breakfast: protein shake (made with almond milk)
snack:Greek yoghurt and 10 almonds
lunch:150 grams cooked chicken breast with salad of tomato and cucumbers and salad dressing
snack:100 grams cottage cheese and 1 bega stringer
dinner:150 grams (raw) pork steak plus salad and salad dressing

So as you can see incredibly clean...its actually a lot of food especially the amounts of protein. But you are only eating like 2 days straight then I have a high carb day! So the high carb day (wednesday and saturday) will look like this:

breakfast: protein shake (made with almond milk)
snack: Greek yoghurt and 25 grams oats/muesli
lunch: 150 grams cooked chicken breast, salad, 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
snack: Protein shake with almond milk with 25 grams oats
dinner:150 grams cooked chicken breast, salad, plus banana (for after)

So basically as you can say....low carb days you eat fats....high carb days you dont. Reward days which is sundays he recommends up to 2400 calories, still eating protein every meal and focusing on eating in moderation. I am only going to eat up to 2200. The first few weeks I will weigh each morning to monitor and see how my body responds to different days (especially the reward day).

Based on how well my body has responded in the past to calorie cycling I think it will respond really well to this plan. If no real change after a few weeks I will go back to food coaching but I am focused on this working.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weigh in update :)

Forgot to do a weigh in update! I lost 2.6 kilos so back down to 99.1 kilos. :)

Friday night I did a 45 minute boxing class and then straight after PT. My trainer taught the boxing class...afterwards she was like...did u have fun? hah...really not sure why she thought she might get a positive response to that lol. While i kinda enjoy the punching the whole getting down and doing things like pushups, mountain climbers, burpees etc im just not fit enough for that. Then pretty much soon as the class was over she had me doing intervals on the treadmill at a speed of 9.5kmph i was still holding on but holy crap....i hope she doesnt say to do 10kmph this week...i did it once...and i swear several hours later i thought my lungs were still going to kinda prefer we back of the speed a bit and work on me running without holding on....but that said i dont think i am going to get a choice in the matter LOL

Yesterday went out to a local "paleo cafe" with Martine. I had a salad of pear, walnuts and beetroot with chicken and a coconut water. Was super nice!

I am only working 3 days this week...thursday and friday is my days off and as it turns out my sister is down for the weekend so i am taking the weekend off as annual leave.

Tomorrow i am working 8-4 then i will be doing a 30 minute boxing class *rolls eyes* and a 30 minute PT session.

Have a good week all!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back on the treadmill

I havent done a post for a few days. Mostly cos I have had long days and just so tired!

I had my last diet coke saturday night and havent had one since :) I am still eating my protein bars cos on investigation they have no crap items in them and when i researched a bit on Jillians thoughts on protein was quest bars that she recommended :)

The scales have been moving down nicely this week. I weigh in tomorrow and expecting a nice solid loss.

Ive really been exercising hard lately. Tuesday I did some cardio then 45 minutes RPM and then PT and did the exact same last night. Burnt over 900 calories both nights. Last night Tamika had me on the blasted treadmill running intervals. She is like your going to run at 8.5km/hr I am like I cannot do that...she is all like yes you can your stronger and fitter then you feet wont be able to keep up....well in the end i was doing 1 minute intervals at a speed of 9km/hr admittedly holding on I was convinced tho I couldnt do it...apparantly now I am fine with the speed the next goal is to do it without holding on. Then Tamika wanted me to do box jumps with 3 raises under the step....that didnt happen tho i just dont think I can jump that high....but apparantly friday we are doing it again.

When i was on the treadmil my trainer was like "you have to feel good you know we have hit some goals lately" i was like (exhausted and unconvinced) and then she was like...the box jumps (with just 2 raises) back on the treadmill and running...yeh yeh haha ;)

Tonight i might go to the gym for body pump...undecided as I have been a bit tired and have a scratchy throat so thinking it might be better to have a night of rest so im all good for tomorrow.

Wish me luck with tomorrows weigh in!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weigh in result :)

So my weight gain from early last week didnt go away by weigh in day and in fact it had increased by 200 I gained 2.2 kilos this week....back to 101.1 kilos....i was a bit pissed yesterday morning but the reality is I know to gain 2.2 kilos of fat I would have to eat 15000 calories over my maintenance level which I sure as chit didnt do lol.

In relation to my food and processed foods making one small change....i drank diet coke all the time till i got down to 79 kilos when i previously lost the weight so I dont think it will stop me from losing BUT if it gets to it i will cut it out. So i have been having a quest protein bar in the afternoon and 2 of their peanut butter cups in the morning. The PB cups are 240 calories, 20 grams of protein so I thought it was a good option but of course it is i will cut that out this week and change it to a banana and 30 grams of tahini...similar calories not as much protein but a good fat but of course a banana and tahini is only minimally i love them both :) I will keep having my protein bar in the afternoon and see how it goes. If this change doesnt give me consistent losses I have some other changes I will make. I am lucky tho in one way in that I have done this before successfully and I know what I ate before to lose the fingers crossed.

I went shopping today :) After body pump I went and got my eyebrows waxed and went to target and bought a pair of gloves, beanie, pair of flanalette pj's and some bonds undies (geeezus they are expensive!)...i then went to Lorna Janes and bought 4 tank tops and a zip up jacket and cos I spent over $200 they gave me a pair of navy flashdance pants (dont fit me yet but WILL)

Despite the weight loss not making huge inroads (I am lower then a month ago altho only slightly) there has been progress in other ways (its not only about the scales!) Since I had my lil meltdown about 6 weeks ago lol and increased my PT to 3 sessions a week I have made some progress....I am now doing box jumps....admittedly only with 2 lifts under the step but box jumps are box jumps lol (but i have a sinking feeling the lifts may increase to 3 this week), I am back running on the treadmill doing sprints...maximum only 1 min 15 seconds....but considering how I was on the treadmill a few weeks ago thats a massive improvement LOL. My cravings have subsided which is fantastic, I have noticed my skin on my face is softer and mentally I feel better...not perfect but a massive improvement. The weight loss will come I dont doubt that just as before when I lost the weight....lots of ups and downs its all good :)

So I was 101.7 kilos yesterday morning...happily this morning I was 101.1 kilos :)

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday and blooming fluid

Well ive gone back to daily weighing (my trainer wont be happy about that eeek!) I lost last week and on friday morning i weighed 99.5 kilos....this morning 101.3 kilos :( Its not that I have eaten over calories or anything but I think its cos I am ate too much sodium on friday and saturday. Friday night I have sumo salad which is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sodium (over 1000 milligrams) and then saturday I had ravioli carbonara for dinner which is super high in sodium too (thanks to the bacon) On the plus side everyone at work had dominos for lunch on saturday and I just had my sandwich :) So I think sumo salad and pasta I will avoid at least for a while especially sumo salad. I can always have on saturday nights a yiros or a hamburger as a treat. For the moment I am not calorie cycling either...leaving it at 1400 calories a day. Not sure if I will be able to have a loss this weekend....will just need to do my best to get back under 99.5 kilos by xmas.

I do think its time to pull back on the diet coke...altho I am not ready to actually quit. So will see how I go the next few days only having diet coke after dinner and drinking water the rest of the day.

This week I am working 9-5 so not as much gym time this week. But tomorrow night hopefully manage 15-20 minutes cardio followed by 60 minutes or body balance.

I am also going to speak to my trainer this week about my weight training. I am not getting sore after my pump or PT sessions. So I suspect its time to up the ante (much to my disgust! lol) so I am going to talk to her about whether I need to do higher weights and also whether I need to do another weight session per week (she has previously written me a weight program so might need to do that once a week) anyway will wait and see what Tamika says about it all.

Anyway not much else going on....have a good night all :)

Friday, May 02, 2014

Weigh in results

And its weigh in day :) I lost a fab 1.7 kilos this week so very happy with this. So down to 99.5 kilos. So now it is a case of building on that week after week.

It was the first week in the longest time I was on track with both food and exercise. This week i only worked 4 days so it was easier to get into the gym i did 2 body pump classes, 3 RPM classes, 1 body balance class and 3 PT sessions....not a bad haul if I do say so myself! And obviously the scales awarded me :)

The only negative really was the damn treadmill i still feel so unstable on it. Tamika had me on it at a speed of 8.5 last night and I had to ask her to back it off cos it was just way too fast for me. I dont feel like i get proper form or anything but just me moving my legs in a scurrying manner as fast as I can to avoid falling.

Tonight its of to the gym for a PT session of strength and stability. A short workout as I wont be staying back on doing cardio (not on a damn friday night!lol)

Tomorrow i have to work .... then I have sunday off.

Got an award at work today which was a nice bonus! Not much else to say....have a good friday all :)