Friday, May 02, 2014

Weigh in results

And its weigh in day :) I lost a fab 1.7 kilos this week so very happy with this. So down to 99.5 kilos. So now it is a case of building on that week after week.

It was the first week in the longest time I was on track with both food and exercise. This week i only worked 4 days so it was easier to get into the gym i did 2 body pump classes, 3 RPM classes, 1 body balance class and 3 PT sessions....not a bad haul if I do say so myself! And obviously the scales awarded me :)

The only negative really was the damn treadmill i still feel so unstable on it. Tamika had me on it at a speed of 8.5 last night and I had to ask her to back it off cos it was just way too fast for me. I dont feel like i get proper form or anything but just me moving my legs in a scurrying manner as fast as I can to avoid falling.

Tonight its of to the gym for a PT session of strength and stability. A short workout as I wont be staying back on doing cardio (not on a damn friday night!lol)

Tomorrow i have to work .... then I have sunday off.

Got an award at work today which was a nice bonus! Not much else to say....have a good friday all :)

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