Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well vacation time is pretty damn nice eh? Tomorrow is my inspection of the unit so this afternoon ive been cleaning ... not that i really had that much to do but im the biggest procrastinator going ! But the floors are all washed now...ill just sweep over em and everything is clean ! The lease is all signed and on the kitchen counter ready to give to them....will be nice once they have been here and i know all is okay.

I bought some chicken mince and some light puff pastry so im gonna make some pastries tomorrow with shallots...hopefully they are nice !

I worked out the other day if i maintain a loss of a kilo a week (last 2 weeks been 1.6 kilos) then i should be around 130 kilos when i go to my sisters in july which would be awesome. My 3/4 jeans are really getting looser specially around my waist and stomach.

I bought a new so getting into reading lately...its called love in a torn land and its about a gurl and her hubby who escape iraw after saddam hussein ordered his cousing ali to release chemical starts with her as a 10 year old kid...untill she makes her escape i havent read much so far but seems interesting

Okies off to read my magazine - enjoy all !

Friday, March 23, 2007

Well its a good day ! Woke up and weighed....and i lost 1.6 kilos for the week !!!! Which i am wrapped about....amazining 1.4 kilos and im at 25 kilos and 2.4 kilos and im under 145 woooooooooo hoooooo getting there

The other day i remembered when Ang was here she left me one of her t shirts...she was here like 3 1/2 years ago (man time flies !) anyway...i found the tshirt and it fits ! its a good t shirt too lol a ralph lauren LOL (gotta like exs who like designer label clothes lol) its a firm fit...but is quite that was exciting.

Was invited out to the pub after work last nite but declined...partly cos i didnt wanna drink the nite before weigh in plus i was working till 6.30pm and then wanted to do my grocery shopping. So went and did the groceries...i normally always shop at coles...but i went and did it at cost me $214.00 LOL so im wondering if they are cheaper or more expensive lol but they have a good range of food so whatever lol

At this very moment i have a gardener here tidying the it will look all spick n span for the inspection and then i just gotta tidy up inside the nite before and give the outside of the windows a once over.

Well my day off and im gonna go relax a bit before doing my walk away the pounds dvd later today - enjoy ur friday all !

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well my 2 days off were great...very relaxing. I walked around mums yesterday afternoon its a 30 minute the time i got there my heel was killing me so prolly wasnt the wisest thing to do...all considered. I took a sneak peak at the scales this morning...all looking very promising for tomorrows weigh in. I also measured my ive been keep an eye on that for the last few weeks...and in 2 weeks i have lost 5cms from my waist ! Amazing. It was 120cm now its under 115cm so very impressed with that and things are paying off. Next thursday i have a inspection of the unit and sign a new lease so busy busy busy around here at the moment, hopefully tomorrow i will get the front yard all tidyed up...leaves everywhere LOL....okies nearly time to get ready for back here tomorrow with my weigh in results =]

ohhhhhhhhhhh and i also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who adds comments or emails me with really makes my day and helps me !

Monday, March 19, 2007

Well was a lil on the slack side last nite...i did 150 steps on the stepper and half of the 2 mile walk - made it to 1 mile! Its a lot brisker then the 1 mile walk by itself i was sweating. Also when watching biggest loser they were doing jumps forward from a standing position...i did them up and down my hall lol they kill...and puff ya but i mite continue to try and do them. I am heading for a good loss this week...i wont say how much but let me saying...hitting a loss of 25 coming closer and closer...this cardio is really paying off =]

I have the next 2 days off...i didnt wake till 8.30am this morning and i was STILL tired LOL..but next 2 nites i will sleep in.

I watched that movie murdr in the outback last nite...i read her book recently and they really screwed with the story. They made her out to be a bitch but if u had read her book u would understand where she was coming was disappointed. Then fell asleep whilst my best friends wedding was on...dayam i love that movie !

Okies we are busy today and work calls - later all !

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well omg monday tomorrow again already, but lucky me..i only work tomorrow and another two days off...i was gonna go in and do some overtime today but at the last minute cancelled it...have a bit of a headache. Well things are going on the scales this morning and i have a real good loss headed this way this week too =] soon as i finish this post im gonna do 300 steps on the stepper...then after dinner and watching biggest loser im gonna try the 2 mile walk...havent done that one yet so should be interesting...tania ill tell you about that dvd when i see u next !

Omg had a shower last nite...and remembered at xmas time how i bought some pj's from katies...really cute paisley pattern with a plain pink top with aqua lace on the pant legs and top and they finally fit meeeeeeeeeeeee !!! omg how exciting. And the other thing is i measured my waist a week ago and again this weekend....its gone down 2 cm in a week. Tonite im having my yumm cheesy tuna pasta for dinner then ive got one of ww's new mocha desserts so yummm. Mum bought me some fitness thing at a garage sale for $5 not really sure what it is she said something about weights and a mat and a will prolly get it off her next week hopefully its something i can put to use i tell u im starting to get my own lil gym here...i saw biggest loser has a ball you sit on with elesticised arm thingys...gawd i didnt explain that well...but im thinking of getting it actually has a good rang of home exercise stuff

Okies off to the stepper i go !

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well i weight in today. Good news. When i got these scales last weekend...on saturday...i weighed in at 150.6 this morning when i weighed in i was 148.9 !!!! wooo hoooo thats 1.6 kilos! So i am very happy...i went to curves once this week and did my walk away the pounds dvd, my stepper and danced around like a idiot in the lounge room once night lol so what people were saying about more cardio seems to make sense =]

The jeans i just started wearing especially around the waist are getting looser ... so thats good news too. I feel really good...i feel like im on a right path again and hopefully next week ill match with another loss...even if its not a big long as its a loss !

Tonight im planning to do the 1 mile walk and 300 steps on the stepper. I like that dvd as i really feel it working my legs & hips. And i really need to lose there specially my upper thighs. So anyways thats all my news !

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well i posted on the ww forum last nite about my plateau and what i should be doing exercise wise. Everyone seemed to say dont do weights more then twice a week and increase the cardio. So thats the plan. Ill go to curves 1-2 times per week and ill buy a few dvds to get the cardio for me to do at home. I did the one mile walk away the pounds dvd today...and after biggest loser tonite ill do my 300 steps on the stepper. I have had a sneak peek at the scales and after peeing out most of the murray river LOL i look like i will have a loss. I wasnt shocked i must admit...i ran to the toilet so many times today so i was pretty sure after TOM im getting rid of fluid. When i did the walk away the pounds dvd i didnt have the fit strip thing so i used 2 cans of soup instead and boy feeling it in my upper arms and omg that workout kills my upper legs and hips. But i think i will buy some of jillian michaels dvds i saw on ebay she has a hip hop dance one lol

Okies time for din din...hugssss all !!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Okies...first off a big thank you for all the feedback after i posted the photo - its always nice to know the changes i see arent just my imagination.

I went to the docs the other day cos ive been getting a lot of heel pain and he told me i have planteritis (which i had about 10 years ago and ended up having to wear things that went in my shoes) anyway today its real sore...i was planning to go to curves but i think i will wait till i get home and then decide...if not i will do the walk away the pounds least that way i have cushioning via the carpet for my heel. I also managed to do 300 steps on the stepper last nite !!! hehe very impressed...would be very cool if i can reach 500. And the good thing is i really feel it in my upper legs (aches in fact) but thats good cos i really need to see some changes in my legs.

I got more leave approved after friday i go into the land of real relaxation !!! next week i only work monday...thursday...& the weekend. Then i started a bulk amount of leave from the 26th thru till the 5th april. Every day xcept sunday im planning to go to the gym.

Well not a real lot else to say ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my sis emailed me...xmas time we are going boogy boarding when i visit hehe

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well...decision time lol...ive decided to only do ww online. As i said i pay for etools...and i struggle to attend every meeting cos of my work roster...i bought biggest loser scales today (for fat and body weight) also bought a biggest loser pedometer and for a lazy day and only wearing it this afternoon ive done 2834 steps by 8.20pm wo0ot I just sat down after doing 250 steps on the stepper yay me !!! and 100 arm punches and im planning to repeat it before bed. Ive decided if i have two gains in a row ill go back to the ww meetings...i also have my curves weigh anyways thats the plan =] Okies got a new photo...i honestly think i can see the difference even from the photos from a few weeks even tho i have really plateaued the exercising i feel is making the difference !

oh and tania dont read this lol butttttttttttt yay laura !!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Well gawd what a day - i woke got dressed and thought to myself i look slimmer ! Went and weighed in --- AND GAINED !!! Talk about a rollercoaster...i put on 800 grams...the leader then said is there anything she can help with...i explained im doing weights etc...and her answer was cut back on the weights - do very little of em...which i KNOW is not the answer. I walked out peeved...not only at the gain (i think i am officially on a plateau) but at the leaders stooopid comment. I then went to katies...walked in planning to look for a new top or two...and they were having a sale ! So shopping i went...i bought a beautiful red zip up cardigan, tshirt, necklace, white pants, long sleeve pink top, another blouse and a tank top --- all for $160 !!! And heres the best news...all size 22's. The cardigan i picked up was size XL ... i decided to try on jsut a L (which i think in katies world is a size 20-22) and it fit --- so even tho i gained im wearing the smallest size i have for ages ! So i am going to look at the big picture...tomorrow i am going to buy new scales...part of me is tempted to just do ww online .... i pay for etools anyway...and this leaders comments really turned me off that meetings...okies well its time for work...just todays shift and i am on a actual weekend ! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh btw i bought the biggest loser book looks really good...and also bought the book my friend lawrence which is the follow up to a million pieces =]

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

im wearing new clothes !!!! My jeans i bought from katies at xmas time that barely fit over my bum they now do up theyre firm fitting around my stomach but prolly have a centimetre or so room around the waist - which makes me really happy. Im also noticing my orange n pink striped top...the one in most of my photos is getting decidedly too big for me...its a size sure a size 22 would fit me quite easily now. So this weekend i mite go looking for a couple of size 22 tops. I also need to try on the jacket i bought at katies...that fitted me but was really firm...but hopefully that will fit better now.

Last nite i got home from work and did 120 steps on the stepper...35 arm reps and 100 arm punches (everytime i went to the toilets at work i did 50 too LOL) tonite the plan is 150 steps on the stepper...200 arm punches and 50 arm wish me luck with that ! Im starting to really see the benefits of this exercising which im loving !

Okies off to work - tania hope your feeling better !!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Its funny how now im going to curves im wanting to exercise more. Last night after i watched biggest loser i did 100 steps on the stepper and boy that was hard work. I slept really awfully last nite so slept in and didnt go to curves today but tonite when i get home im planning to do 100 steps...100 arm punches and 50 reps with the soup cans LOL id really like to do it all twice we will see how much it kills me. I am actually considering buying a boxing bag...ive got a hook under my verandah i could hang it and id imagine its quite a cardio workout.

I am really not only noticing my fitness levels going up...but my upper arms are really getting firm on the top part...(especially my right arm) and im noticing also my calves are getting very firm. And of course my fitness levels are improving no way i coulda done 100 steps a few days ago.

I also got a copy of the walking away the pounds dvd thanks to a angel lol...and on the weekend when i am planning to try the 1mile walk.

I loved on biggest loser last nite they all went surfing. I think when i go to visit my sis (who lives in a fishing town) in december i am going to have to convince her to go to the beach and me try that...the kids would love it no matter what lol

Okies off i go...time for work !

Monday, March 05, 2007

Well a day off how niceeeeeeeeeee !!! Went to the gym this morning and worked out hard...i think im getting some of my fitness back since i had the time off cos of my shoulder...hoping to go to bed early i can go in the morning as well. My upper arms and thighs are aching today so i musta worked out good !

All the lounge room and bedroom are all clean. Just gotta move one chair out of the lounge room and the carpets getting cleaned on saturday. At the moment the dining room is all cluttered driving me a bit nuts actually will be good once the carpets are cleaned on saturday to put everything back in its place.

4 days and then i get a weekend off...weeee yay. Didnt realise next monday is a public holiday and i was planning to go to ww meeting that ill have to figure something else

I hope gerard goes tonite...i think laura is going good...and well gerard is a pain in the ass,,,,altho i woulda preferred to see courtney or munnalita go

Okies time to cook dinner !

Saturday, March 03, 2007

well thank gawd the weather has cooled down...those successive days of 37-38 degres we getting old. Altho today i feel my sinuses are playing up a lil...i just took some nurofen so hopefully they will settle down. I finish work at 9.30tonite which after working to 11.30pm for the last few nites feels really early. So when i go home im planning to cook up a pot of cheesy tuna pasta and then i shall make some low point scones yummmm yummmmm...and i have 5.5 points left (ive discoverred i think i really was under eating) so i may have a bowl of the pasta to beef up my points. I was also counting my uncle toby muesli bars -which i love- as 2 points...they are actually 1.5 points.

Okies busy busy nite at work ... need to get back to it ! byessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wooo hooo great news !!! i am finally under 150 kilos...i lost 500 grams today (making it my 6th loss in a row) and am now down to 149.7 ecstatic. And total loss is now 21.2 kilos...yay me ! okies was just a short post have a good weekend all !


Has anyone used that chat program called second life? has over a million chatters...its like the sims in a chat cool you can make them kiss or sit down and meditate and even if u sit them day their eyes move their hair moves in like the wind and theres all these "worlds" all over the place...its unbelievable. You can dress them in whatever clothes you have for them...whatever jewellery ...change the texture of their way cool id love to learn to do the graphics...being the graphic addict i am...i looked and theres lots of tutorials for it on the net so when i have my week off mite spend a bit of time doing that.

one of the managers asked me how my weight loss is going today and then said "your looking good" so that was really pleasing.

Okies back to work !

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well my lease runs out the end of this month, the landlord rang me today to say joy oh joy the rent is going up $10/week and that they will organise a inspection some time this month. I kinda played coy said i will prolly renew but will check out a few things...i want them to think they gotta work a lil for me to be their tenant altho that said they are very good landlords...n leave me in peace.

im only expecting to lose about 200 grams tomorrow and for the first time if i do only lose 200 grams i wont stress. Altho 300 grams so im actually under 150 kilos would be really really nice. But considering i know now i am losing in centimetres im not stressing as much. Ive decided to not post on the ww forum as much...theres a lot of drama there at times...and i find i judge myself too much on how others are doing and i dont think that is really healthy for me as it can mess with my head too much.

Oooooooooooooo theres a biggest loser book...heres a link here!!! Will have to go out and check it on next week.

Not much else going on...ww weigh in tomorrow...curves saturday morning and working over the weekend...until later ... ciao !