Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Its funny how now im going to curves im wanting to exercise more. Last night after i watched biggest loser i did 100 steps on the stepper and boy that was hard work. I slept really awfully last nite so slept in and didnt go to curves today but tonite when i get home im planning to do 100 steps...100 arm punches and 50 reps with the soup cans LOL id really like to do it all twice we will see how much it kills me. I am actually considering buying a boxing bag...ive got a hook under my verandah i could hang it and id imagine its quite a cardio workout.

I am really not only noticing my fitness levels going up...but my upper arms are really getting firm on the top part...(especially my right arm) and im noticing also my calves are getting very firm. And of course my fitness levels are improving no way i coulda done 100 steps a few days ago.

I also got a copy of the walking away the pounds dvd thanks to a angel lol...and on the weekend when i am planning to try the 1mile walk.

I loved on biggest loser last nite they all went surfing. I think when i go to visit my sis (who lives in a fishing town) in december i am going to have to convince her to go to the beach and me try that...the kids would love it no matter what lol

Okies off i go...time for work !

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