Wednesday, March 07, 2007

im wearing new clothes !!!! My jeans i bought from katies at xmas time that barely fit over my bum they now do up theyre firm fitting around my stomach but prolly have a centimetre or so room around the waist - which makes me really happy. Im also noticing my orange n pink striped top...the one in most of my photos is getting decidedly too big for me...its a size sure a size 22 would fit me quite easily now. So this weekend i mite go looking for a couple of size 22 tops. I also need to try on the jacket i bought at katies...that fitted me but was really firm...but hopefully that will fit better now.

Last nite i got home from work and did 120 steps on the stepper...35 arm reps and 100 arm punches (everytime i went to the toilets at work i did 50 too LOL) tonite the plan is 150 steps on the stepper...200 arm punches and 50 arm wish me luck with that ! Im starting to really see the benefits of this exercising which im loving !

Okies off to work - tania hope your feeling better !!!

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