Wednesday, June 06, 2012

On the move!

My journal has now moved to its own find me go here. Please also update your links, favourites and bookmarks....see you at our new home!

Monday, June 04, 2012

One happy girl :)

I am in such a good dandy place at the moment :) Giving up that diet coke was SERIOUSLY the best thing ive ever done....the last 2 months the first 10 days of each month has been a mental nitemare...with me being negative, self hating, self doubting etc the moment i feel so happy...and not for any reason then life is good at the moment!

Two days of super cleaning eating so so proud of me :) My calories are now up to 2363 cals per day due to my runs...and ive managed to eat lots of good clean food....worst thing ive eaten is some dark chocolate and some of those lil tins of tuna and mayonaise (man they are yummy!)

My website is closer to being ready for all to see....i have plans for that in the future! And im sure you will all love will certainly over time become more interactive then here! Its exciting stuff people! And this week i am FINALLY enrolling to start my studies to become a personal trainer. Im amazed ive finally come to that decision and determined about it....its been a hard decision to make but now ive made it im PUMPED. Im excited to think what my future might be :) I have lots of ideas for once im qualified to do some interestate meetups and even some mini expo days :) I love that i feel now once my weight loss journey is over i still have a great focus and im putting steps into place.

Work is good. Tomorrow night we are planning to try and run 10kms...i will die with excitement if i make it! Imagine that ME running 10 kms!!! That will be amazinggggggggggggggg :)

Not a lot else going on just wanted to post and shout out how happy i is good, GOOD, good :)

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Time to up the ante!

Things have to change! OMG how freaking often have i said that :( I really have let so much crap food back into my eating its not funny...freddo frogs, wagon wheels, fruit cake, finger buns (ie carbs, carbs, carbs) So those things really need to be cut out. I have been eating under calories mostly but i know from eat that crap you dont lose. Friday my eating was rather good....had my protein up to 35% and got the water in and my protein was up to 35% for the day....and i dropped 1.7 kilos overnight....which is proof in the pudding so to speak.

Today i have tracked my food....super clean....with the treat being 35 grams of dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Im going to start this week testing around with doing workouts the day before i run. I spoke to the instructor at the gym yesterday who wrote my running program (btw we did another 6.5km run yesterday :)) and she said its doing the weights the day before that makes the runs harder. So tomorrow night i will go to the gym and do a 30 minute kickboxing class...and then see how well i run on my exercise plans for this week is:

monday : 30 mins boxing class
tuesday : 60 mins running with fiona
wednesday : 45 min cycle class
thursday : 60 mins PT + body balance
friday : rest
saturday : 60 mins running with fiona + body pump + body balance

I have finally decided i am going to enrol in certificate 3 in fitness to start this process to become a personal looking forward to it...yet at the same time filled with concerns i will see it out...and that im not at goal yet...but ive made my mind up so time to try and do this. I mean if this works out (and i realise thats up to me and no one else) then it will be so worth it....but i can help but feel we will see. Its a bit of a financial committment....and for the next 14 weeks or so it will be a lil tight financially (but still doable) but i figure a 14 week sacrifice is worth the outcome :)

Friday, June 01, 2012


Theres 3 key building blocks to being a healthier person...nutrition, exercise and a healthy place mentally. They each click in together and they are all necessary for optimum results. With that one of the questions i get asked quite a bit is how do you control emotional eating? This is such a long journey how do you stay motivated and focused?

The key word in getting past those humps in the road is "proactiveness"...the minute you are proactive you will start to take steps to feeling better. It may not be a instant result...but being proactive is you taking saying no more to whatever it is that is holding you enables you to empower yourself to create the best life of yourself.

Theres no step by step guide for this...its a individual thing....we all know what our bad habits are that get in our way. One of my key ways is i will hibernate, to the point i will stay in my bedroom (and keep in mind i live by myself!) i dont venture in to the lounge room...i dont draw the curtins...will leave the lights off...basically i will block off the world. When this occurs (and trust me it does at times) they are simple things i will do at first....make sure i open the curtins in EVERY room...get up at a decent hour (no lazing in bed)...shower...even if all i do that first day is watch tv in the lounge room...ive still been WAY more proactive then i was the day before...and once you will hopefully keep doing. If your like me its something you constantly have to focus on...i can fall into those hermit ways so easily so i have to be very aware of it....and when i do slide into those moments....i need to force myself to do those simple things. Ultimately within a hour or so of being up and doing some things i feel better...we are meant to be productive critters....we need time to ourselves as well...but sitting in a dark room avoiding society is not what we were ever designed to do.

So if you have been have felt moody/depressive (and if your feeling like that and drinking diet soft drinks PLEASE quit the diet soft drinks) think about what it is you do that encourages that....and be proactive and take the control back.