Friday, June 01, 2012


Theres 3 key building blocks to being a healthier person...nutrition, exercise and a healthy place mentally. They each click in together and they are all necessary for optimum results. With that one of the questions i get asked quite a bit is how do you control emotional eating? This is such a long journey how do you stay motivated and focused?

The key word in getting past those humps in the road is "proactiveness"...the minute you are proactive you will start to take steps to feeling better. It may not be a instant result...but being proactive is you taking saying no more to whatever it is that is holding you enables you to empower yourself to create the best life of yourself.

Theres no step by step guide for this...its a individual thing....we all know what our bad habits are that get in our way. One of my key ways is i will hibernate, to the point i will stay in my bedroom (and keep in mind i live by myself!) i dont venture in to the lounge room...i dont draw the curtins...will leave the lights off...basically i will block off the world. When this occurs (and trust me it does at times) they are simple things i will do at first....make sure i open the curtins in EVERY room...get up at a decent hour (no lazing in bed)...shower...even if all i do that first day is watch tv in the lounge room...ive still been WAY more proactive then i was the day before...and once you will hopefully keep doing. If your like me its something you constantly have to focus on...i can fall into those hermit ways so easily so i have to be very aware of it....and when i do slide into those moments....i need to force myself to do those simple things. Ultimately within a hour or so of being up and doing some things i feel better...we are meant to be productive critters....we need time to ourselves as well...but sitting in a dark room avoiding society is not what we were ever designed to do.

So if you have been have felt moody/depressive (and if your feeling like that and drinking diet soft drinks PLEASE quit the diet soft drinks) think about what it is you do that encourages that....and be proactive and take the control back.

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