Sunday, June 03, 2012

Time to up the ante!

Things have to change! OMG how freaking often have i said that :( I really have let so much crap food back into my eating its not funny...freddo frogs, wagon wheels, fruit cake, finger buns (ie carbs, carbs, carbs) So those things really need to be cut out. I have been eating under calories mostly but i know from eat that crap you dont lose. Friday my eating was rather good....had my protein up to 35% and got the water in and my protein was up to 35% for the day....and i dropped 1.7 kilos overnight....which is proof in the pudding so to speak.

Today i have tracked my food....super clean....with the treat being 35 grams of dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Im going to start this week testing around with doing workouts the day before i run. I spoke to the instructor at the gym yesterday who wrote my running program (btw we did another 6.5km run yesterday :)) and she said its doing the weights the day before that makes the runs harder. So tomorrow night i will go to the gym and do a 30 minute kickboxing class...and then see how well i run on my exercise plans for this week is:

monday : 30 mins boxing class
tuesday : 60 mins running with fiona
wednesday : 45 min cycle class
thursday : 60 mins PT + body balance
friday : rest
saturday : 60 mins running with fiona + body pump + body balance

I have finally decided i am going to enrol in certificate 3 in fitness to start this process to become a personal looking forward to it...yet at the same time filled with concerns i will see it out...and that im not at goal yet...but ive made my mind up so time to try and do this. I mean if this works out (and i realise thats up to me and no one else) then it will be so worth it....but i can help but feel we will see. Its a bit of a financial committment....and for the next 14 weeks or so it will be a lil tight financially (but still doable) but i figure a 14 week sacrifice is worth the outcome :)

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Pinky said...

Well done on the running! So inspiring! Good luck witht he course - You will be such a great instructor and fully understand where the person is coming from!