Monday, June 04, 2012

One happy girl :)

I am in such a good dandy place at the moment :) Giving up that diet coke was SERIOUSLY the best thing ive ever done....the last 2 months the first 10 days of each month has been a mental nitemare...with me being negative, self hating, self doubting etc the moment i feel so happy...and not for any reason then life is good at the moment!

Two days of super cleaning eating so so proud of me :) My calories are now up to 2363 cals per day due to my runs...and ive managed to eat lots of good clean food....worst thing ive eaten is some dark chocolate and some of those lil tins of tuna and mayonaise (man they are yummy!)

My website is closer to being ready for all to see....i have plans for that in the future! And im sure you will all love will certainly over time become more interactive then here! Its exciting stuff people! And this week i am FINALLY enrolling to start my studies to become a personal trainer. Im amazed ive finally come to that decision and determined about it....its been a hard decision to make but now ive made it im PUMPED. Im excited to think what my future might be :) I have lots of ideas for once im qualified to do some interestate meetups and even some mini expo days :) I love that i feel now once my weight loss journey is over i still have a great focus and im putting steps into place.

Work is good. Tomorrow night we are planning to try and run 10kms...i will die with excitement if i make it! Imagine that ME running 10 kms!!! That will be amazinggggggggggggggg :)

Not a lot else going on just wanted to post and shout out how happy i is good, GOOD, good :)


Pinky said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soundslike its all falling into place - way to go!

Jackie said...

You really are buzzin again arn't you. Have a great week and am sure you will do the 10k run no problems :)

Karen said...

Hi Kazz - I have followed your blog for a number of years now. On the weekend I went back to your very first entry and read right through to this post. I am so inspired by how you have just slowly chipped away at your weight by making small but significant changes. There was a time that you really only ate 2 or 3 vegetables and could only walk for 15 minutes!! Look at you now!!! I can't believe what you have achieved. You should just be so proud of yourself. You are indeed a different person to the one on your initial photograph. Karen xoxo