Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well with a big sigh of relief im happy to say i made 20 kilos !!! yay !!! So happy and relieved. So now i have 3 new goals. by January 2 id like to lose 700 grams...by march 29 lost 10 kilos and by nieces birthday in july another 10 kilos !!!! okies ill be back later to post more - in the middle of a backgammon tournament lol

oh yes nearly forgot...i lost1.3 kilos...so total loss now of 20.3 kilos =]

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well 3 days to go till next weigh in...i really havent focussed on it as much this week. My friend emmy messaged me on msn yesterday and was saying i hope you make the 20 kilos this week and as i said to her....right at the moment i just want a loss...but i do feel a lil confident of meeting it too.

I have realised while i have lost a lot of weight from my face and and upper body...i havent lose as much as i would have liked from my hips, stomach and upper legs, which makes me realise clothing size wise i was probably a lot bigger size then i realise (i suspect 2 kilos now) and what im finding is that tops that fit me around my hips and hugeeeee around my boobs ugh !!!! Which is a pain. I bought this pretty a line top...fitted me on the hips but was huge up top and cos it was sleeveless and the arm holes relatively big when i wear it anyone standing side on could see directly inder the top and see my bra n stuff lol so thats not a good look....so back to target that goes.I also bought 2 pairs of 3/4 jeans...neither fit me and i got 2 different sizes so the bigger size ill keep but the smaller size i will return...damn pain in the butt. I suspect by the time i lose another 10-15 kilos things may be better. So im not gonna worry about new clothes at the moment....i will get by with what i have and then right before i go to the gold coast (in march) i will then buy a few new outfits.

im working today...started at 8am and am sleepy. Cos i am acting team leader these 4 days the staff have to call me if any are sick, a hour befor their shift. So someone who started at 7.30am today called in sick...so my damn mobile was beeping away at 6.30am !!! so the last hour or so of my sleep was disrupted.

But another 90 minutes i will be off home for a nice relaxing evening, and tomorrow i dont start till 9.30am which is a much more civilised time to be starting.

i worked on my resume today. There is a part of me that thinks i should look out for other jobs. i dont think this job as it is now will exist forever...and in one sense i think i should try and get another job before i get much older...but another part of me thinks...no way till you reach your long service leave (which is in may 2008) and then another part of me says wait till your all slim n trim and then try. Which im sure id have more luck getting a good job when slim. That or look for a job with my current company. i really have found i like working day shift...so the temptation to find a 9-5 job is really there.

okies not much else to say...have a good weekend all !

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well christmas really is close eh? i realised how close today when tania emailed me to figure out a date to catch up over xmas/new years. i have only 6 working days left wooo hooo then i got 10 days off. Last day i work is the 22nd and thats the day my sis and her hubby and kids arrive in Adelaide. Havent seen them since ummm july i guess? Anyway very much looking forward to them, the way its turning out it will be a nice relaxing but people filled break i will have - and this is all a good thing...my sis and the kids are down to the 26th...hopefully catch up with tania i also have a work dinner...the aim is to lose another 2.7 kilos when i weigh in on january 1, which is do able...i am still gonna weigh in over xmas. This week coming i will go to the morning tuesday meeting...i love those meetings all the staff their are lovely and this week as its my day off ill stay for the meeting, the following week ill pop in to Adelaide and weigh in on the wednesday.

I had a lot of comments about yesterdays post so thank you all who replied...im still mulling it all over in my head i think LOL i actually decided this week i will join pink sofa maybe meet some adelaide gurls i could at least catch up with for coffee etc.

Okies thats enuff for today i think !

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Okies well i think this may to a degree be a lengthy post....so be warned...

Last night I got thinking, and was wondering to myself "what defines me"....i came to the conclusion that there are 3 prominant things...being a lesbian, being single and being overweight. And then i started to wonder how these all relate. You know ive read and watched dr phil and oprah and others saying whats the reasoning behind over eating...i always thought well hell its cos the food tastes good ! But im now starting to realise for me its not cos of that...being excessively overweight takes the question of "when will you settle down/marry/have a partner" etc out of the equation...when someone is single and weighs 170 kilos other people are not going to wonder if they have a partner its highly unlikely they do...and being single and excessively overweight and no one expecting you to have a partner in some ways makes it easy. i get comfortable...there isnt that expectation...or questioning (altho my parents questioning me on this pretty much stopped when i came out lol), it was funny the other day Michael was doing my 6 monthly review and i guess he can tell im happier and healthier and he said "have you met someone" then he kinda apologised and said...i just wonder cos when someone is with someone they get happier in all parts of their life. And i thought at the time wow thats the first time in a longggggg time anyways asked me that...and i guess to a degree when someone asks it in the past ive felt like a failure cos i am single. But starting today thats gonna change...im gonna embrace being single at the moment because that is NOT how its going to be forever. Right now is a great time for me to be focusing on me...my health...my weight loss...and slowly getting a social life back. But one of the goals of this year is to hopefully have gone out on a few dates by the end of the year. i think its important i do this not only cos a relationship is a part of living...but also cos i really need to get out and meet people and do more things then work, eat and sleep, which i am slowly starting to do. i think i went off on a quandry but its all part of the same deal. Anyway this week i will rejoin the pink sofa...its a online australian website for lesbians and bi women...

On to other things gained 200 grams :(

Also bought some britney spears perfume and new fiorelli wallet set with my wishlist points !

Saturday, December 09, 2006

wow not even 9am and i have been up for over 3 hours !!!! who would ever have thought it ! lol it was so warm here last nite...my room was kinda warm too...anyway woke up before 6...got up went on line for a bit and had my breakfast, and now at a minute to 9am the second load of washing is on....dishes are in the sink rinsing...im running ar0und with a honey mask on my face lol...and the kitchen tidy cleaned out...you think i may be getting TOO used to these day shifts? lol i must admit it feels good to be getting so many things done so early in the day. The puter is going to my friend Daves place in the next week or two (possibly tuesday) its been over heating a lot so i suspect the fans have dust on them...same thing happened last year so ill get him to clean them out and do a reformat for me...(gotta love having friends who are computer geeks !) and he said he will get it all done in one night and i told him i will get him a 6pak of beer for doing it for me. So the more i think about it the more i will try and get it done tuesday night. Hopefully i get to play some gammon today...im rarely online when the gammon games are lately...but day off today so hopefully be a few games today and seeing its 41 today no way in hell im going outside

Okies have a good saturday all !

Friday, December 08, 2006

Well today has started off good ! Was gettiing dressed for work this morning and when i put my top on (the one i wear in the progress photos) i thought to myself hmmm feels a lil looser then it did on monday. Then as i was getting on the bus i thought my jeans were about to fall down LOL was a very nice feeling to think they are getting so big and gives me some confidence about monday nights weigh in, but i really need some new jeans LOL...oh well this week i will go shopping for some more. So anyway thats all i wanted to say lol have a good day all !

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well...i think this week...im gonna kick ass. I have been spot on since monday...and havent eaten anything but fruit after dinner (infact last nite had dinner at 7.30pm and didnt eat a thing after it!) i soooooooooooo want to reach 20 kilos this week which i fully expect and i guess in the back of my mind i know if i lose 1.8 kilos i would be under 150 kilos to which is in the back of my mind. Not that i really expect to reach under 150 kilos this week...that will prolly be the week after but would be so nice to reach both of these goals by christmas day. Tonite i am cooking chicken cordon bleu from the butchers with birds eyes oven fries (which are only 2 points for 100 grams) Ive eaten light today so i could have this treat. I love cordon bleu.

Did the kids xmas shopping on the weekend. I keep checking my nieces bratz gurl doll out i bought her lol shes a trendy little thing...and its a princess one - of course ! she has blonde hair which is kinda multiple tones lol reminds me a lil of my hair hahahahahha

Its amazing how this week i seem sooooooooo much more motivated. i think it has a lot to do with my shift at work. i love walking out of work with the sun still out n shining as its been lately. Today i finish in 40 minutes at 5.30pm but tomorrow i finish at 3.30pm ! Will be very nice. I can go home do some stuff at home and then head up to the shops at dinner time so i can have my normal "grocery shopping treat" which is a yiros yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Okies nearly time to heard home....have a good night everyone !!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hey all ! Just a quick update before i go settle down for a bit of tv viewing before a early nite. I lost 800 grams tonite wooo hooo so that takes me down to 151.7 and a total loss of 19.2 kilos. I have decided this week no eating after dinner unless its fruit ... so we will see if i can stick to it....id really like to hit that 20 kilos next week. Not a lot else is going....2 1/2 weeks till im on leave....yay....okies off i go....hope you had a good loss this week Tania. Oh and im gonna say something that will shock anyone who knows me - i loveeeeeeee day shift better then evenings - hahahhah who woulda thought it?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Photo Update

Okies super quick update cos my dinner is cooking. Things here are great ! Had my hair cut and coloured today fitted in the hairdressers chairs fine - another step to normality! And heres some pics....the first 2 pics are from today the last 2 are the one in my red top from 1/10/06 and the other from april !

This one is a closeup of my face and i can actually start to see cheek bones ! The blonde streaks are randomly thruout my hair and its much shorter altho still well below my shoulders...i actually really like this picture !

Okies this is taken today and i can see the difference... i think if you click on it the actual size shows and its more obvious then

This one vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv (below) was taking on 1st october maybe tomorrow i will take a closer shot

This one vvvvvvvvvvvvvv (below) was taking prior to weight watchers in april - blah !@