Friday, September 30, 2011

More good news!! :)

Well today started off caught in the rain then my breakfast drink i made too thick and was completely undrinkable :( Work was having a "footy day" today...meat pie and 2 small cinnamon donuts for lunch....ooops! I will be glad to see my food coach on tuesday and get some direction in where im going with this whole nutrition stuff. After work I went to the gym and did body pump. I havent done pump for ages, I really have to get my act together and aim to do pump at least once a week...all those squats and lunges were a killer...Of course all my weights I was doing were pathetic too cos it was so class 2 other clients came up to me and commented how everytime they see me my body shape is changing :) and then the instructor even commented I had lost more weight...unfortunately I had to tell her no I havent....but obviously even tho the scales havent moved much lately the shape is changing....which funnily enough when i was getting ready for the class tonite when I looked in the mirror i actually thought I looked okay...admittedly i was wearing a black t shirt and black full length leggings which of course have that visual effect of slimming.

I then went to Lorna Janes, love, love that store! I walked in told them I want some tight fitting tops that are not low cut and dont show off the boobage when I am in a pushup position they selected a pile of tops....and I found some stretchy singlets with a real cute back....liked them so much I bought them in 3 colours! (pink, grey and yellow) Im gonna go back next week and get a purple one cute....AND when she was selecting the tops the girl is like....a large would be too big for you hehehe :) So size mediums it was for me...I would have liked them slightly longer to cover more of my tummy but so be it. The problem has been that i rarely wear fitted tops to the gym, they are mostly loose fitting and fall off my shoulders....when i go in a plank position or lay over a fit ball i am fart assing around adjusting them wasting that problem will mostly be erradicated (altho im sure i will be pulling them down over the tummy! lol) I tell you the money that Thats Life! magazine will pay me im tempted to go on the hugest spending spree at Lorna Janes with! LOL

Today I also got a phone call that Fernwood wants to put my story in their magazine which goes to all clubs (ive been in my clubs email newsletter but this is the actual magazine) I am on a media gag till the Thats Life! magazine comes out on 12th the manager of the gym wants to talk to me next week about I will tell her I am happy to do it....but cannot doing any of it till after then :) Exciting stuff!!! Seriously who woulda thought when I stepped on those scales at that weight watchers meeting when i was 170.9 kilos....that all this good stuff would be a result of my hard work !!!! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy, busy days :)

Gawd what a freaking day! Busy, busy at work!! Got home at 4pm....Thats Life rang me to interview me for the much thinking! They asked lots of questions on what my thoughts/feelings were at different stages of the last 5 years and I really had to think about it all! They are writing the story tomorrow then will call me to read the story over the phone. The photo session is tomorrow. So after the interview had to do a quick whip around the house to tidy up...then went and bought a yiros for dinner....put a colour thru my hair...mopped the floors...made my green drink so its ready for tomorrow morning (strawberries, banana and rocket for me tomorrow morning!) then going thru my wardrobe working out what clothes to wear. They are taking the photos with me in two sets of is jeans and a colourful top...the other is a dress....A girl is coming at 9am tomorrow to do make up and my hair and then the photographer will be here by 9.30am. I have told them I need to be leaving for the gym by midday so fingers crossed they dont run late. I am keen to see what they do with my hair....maybe I will have nice straightened hair for a few days lol

So i didnt gym it tonight....i just didnt have time with getting organised for this....i may actually go to PT tomorrow for a bloomin rest!! lol


Today was the photoshoot. I coloured my hair last nite so it was a darker colour altho I have noticed you can still see some of the blonde at the back a month or so I will go get a chocolate brown put thru as a permanant colour. They curled it using a straightener and then made me up (lil bit too much lipstick for my liking!!) Then was a couple of hours of freezing in the cold (wearing summer dresses on a windy day is not fun!) It was a lot of "look out towards the street...look at smile nervous.." lol Anyway hopefully they got some nice shots for the doubt knowing me i wont be happy with them lol...i know what im like....and no matter what pic i take im never truly happy.

Today was a double session of PT ..... lots of ab stuff and ball work .... my favourite *insert sarcastic tone!*

I have been thinking lots about the direction to take getting to goal. After my session with my new food coach on tuesday where she did comment "i dont do this by calories" i have decided to take the approach of "eating for health" not "eating for weight loss" as i said recently i am going to put complete trust in her and see what happens....bottom line the scales arent moving heaps at the moment ..... and if this doesnt work i can always go back to counting calories. I went and bought Chia Seeds today for my breakfast drink...OMG they are expensive....$18.99 for 500 grams....ill be having a tablespoon each morning so not sure how long they will last for! I am worried by changing my thinking to "eating for health" i will somehow give up....but im hoping im at a point where I am strong enough to keep going. So much changing at the moment, and where as I have had a very set routine with lots of its all changing a lil so am worried a lil about what will happen in the future. I am positive I will do the gyms bootcamp which will hopefully help (it starts mid november)

Tomorrow night I am going to do body pump after work then go to Lorna Jane....and just maybe spend some cash!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New food coach :)

I forgot to mention this yesterday. Thats Life! Magazine contacted me yesterday to organise a photo session for the story in their magazine! Its happening on thursday morning! OMG!!! A hair and make up person is coming around at 9am and the photographer at 9.30am....they are going to do a indoor and outdoor shot very exciting....hopefully tomorrow I will remember to ask them which edition I am going to be in lol Just gotta work out what to wear now :)

Work was good today. Im liking being back into my routine and the swing of things....but I have been on 7am starts this more 7am start then I have thursday off....yay dont have to wake before 8am.

I went to the gym tonight....did a fitball class......I discoverred when i am laying on the fitball my head and arms hanging over....the skin on my arms looks atrocious!!! Of course gravity is taking a hold but obviously also is loose skin! blah!

On to good news tho....had my first session with my new food coach today and omgggggggggggggggggggg SO FREAKING GLAD i will be seeing her from now on! One of the first things she asked was .... "was i always big" ..... which of course led me to saying no..that i put on weight as i hit puberty and I have PCOS....which led to me telling her also about my low iron stores....well she is not only a nutritionist she is also a naturopath.....I could just tell she is very educated on PCOS and she told me she has done a lot of work on already after one session and without even seeing my food diary she has made suggestions. So each morning she wants me to squeeze the juice of one grapefruit into warm water....this will apparantly help increase my metabolic rate. My green drink which I have been having (and was soooooooo yummy today....strawberries, bananas and baby spinach) she wants me to add a tablespoon of chia too, to help increase my protein (which she said will not only help my iron stores but help the PCOS too!). She also wants me to start eating brocolini 3 times a week. She has recommended i try it by cooking it and asparagus in a pan with olive oil and sea salt and pepper....hopefully i will like that. Cauliflower is from the same family but the brocolini has more impact. And apparantly really helps with balancing out the hormones. I also told her, whilst one of my snacks i have a banana and natural peanut other snack per day is usually a wagon wheel (lol!) mostly cos i dont wanna eat more fruit or she is going to bring in recipes from some snack suggestions next week :) Who wants to bet how many sessions before she is telling me to cut out the diet coke? lol

Ive never had a first session with a food coach before and felt it has gone so good. I am going to pretty much do what I did when I started training with Fiona. When it comes to nutrition I will put complete faith and trust in her (cos it appears she knows what she is talking about!)....if she suggests something I will try it....I of course will still count calories....but anything else she suggests I will do....even if it means giving up the diet coke...this feels like such a good thing for me. Ive chatted with Fiona a lot about "superfoods" for close to a year, and always planned once at goal to incorporate more "superfoods" into my diet....and I am excited that nutrition wise this is someone who appears she will understand my body and all the craziness it does!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Big day today. Up at 5.30am and at work by 7am *yawn* I then went to the gym, jogged up the 21 flights of stairs...I swear to gawd I thought I was going to have a freaking heart attack! lol I then did a 30 minute boxing these are hard....every class nearly the trainer has us overload our at a time....and then after we have done a million types of punches with one arm....then makes us do pushups lawdie lawdie....people need to realise i am a weakling!! lol I then had a 15 minute rest and then did a 45 minute body combat class. I didnt even realise how much I missed that class...hadnt done it for about 8 weeks but was really good to get back to it. I then did a 30 minute PT session of core work (my poor abs!) I was a very tired gal by then end of it all lol not surprisingly.

The manager of the gym came up and was talking to me tonight....and told me there is a boot camp starting the 2nd week in i think i may bite the bullet and give that a try. She also talked to me about group personal training and about trialling a new trainer when she hires some new people....but for me I will do the boot camp....which finishes the week before Christmas. Lets hope I can hack bootcamp lol I am always suspicious of my its a bit girlie and a bit pathetic when it comes to the dont like getting messy or hurting myself bootcamp would be interesting!

Ive been having a problem with my ear of late. Ever since last October when I had that bad ear infection I have intermittently had vertigo at night when I roll over in bed. Anyway friday my left ear blocked up and was blocked up for 4-5 hours....same thing happened today and lasted for about the same amount of time. So thursday morning I am off to the docs to get it checked out....working in a call centre it really sucks when your ear blocks!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Drink :)

The scales did a decent drop today...thank gawd!!! Down 600 grams so i am more then happy with that. Altho that said I am still 200 grams up from what I was on tuesday....and 1.5 kilos up on what I was at the previous weigh in. But I feel good, content with the fact its starting to move in the right direction again.

I have been wanting since the beginning of the year start to have a "green drink" for breakfast....its basically a drink made up in the blender with fruit and greens (like spinach). I had my first one small banana, a cup of blueberries and 4 big leaves of spinach. Tomorrow I am going to use 2 bananas and increase the spinach a lil more. It really does taste nice and VERY filling. For being someone who struggles to get the "greens" in this is a perfect way for me. And its portable so I can drink it on my way to work or at work. So I feel very clean today! lol Jackie Warner even recommends adding chocolate protein powder to them with peanut ;)

So far today I have been a busy beaver being a domestic goddess. Kitchen floors washed, vaccuuming done, second load of laundry done. Some more washing to do and I need to dust in the lounge room and then I think we can declare the house clean lol and that I get a rest :)

Wasnt thinking about goals last nite....but did come to some conclusions about them. I cant believe we are nearly into October....before we know it it will be the new year. It would be really nice to be a 70's girl by the new year. Hopefully next year I can try and do a fun run and ACTUALLY run in it. I am looking to buy a new heart rate monitor....the one I think I will get does time laps as well as calorie burns etc and you can also buy a gps unit thing you wear on your arm so it uses google earth to measure the distance you run. I wont need to GPS unit just yet but once i start to really do some running stuff it would come in handy. One of my current goals is to be able to do pushups on my toes....proper pushups going low with perfect form. I am a long way off being able to do them like that but I am slowly getting there. Once i finally master them lol I want to be able to master some other things like more intense pushups like one legged...with my feet on a step etc....and then move on to burpees.....and build some strength....i would eventually like to be able to go back and do crossfit at the gym, in a manner where I feel challenged but not out of my depth. This is prolly a 2 year goal....I cannot see me being ready in the next 12 months but it is something to work towards. But I always knew once I got to my goal weight I would need some kind of new goal to keep me attending the I am glad I have got that thought in my brain now.

Tomorrow night I have PT, boxing and presuming I am not too tired Body Combat. I havent done combat for at least 2 months and the monday night Combat class is one of my fave hopefully I am right to stay for that class interesting to see how bad I am at the class after not doing it for so long (fingers crossed I dont fall over in it ugh! lol)

Anyway the machine has stopped ... time to go hang out the washing and get some lunch organised.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things are better!

I feel better about things today. I weighed this morning 85.9 kilos so thats a starting point. I have decided to keep my food coach sessions at weekly sessions at this stage but i am going to change food coachs. There is a new food coach at the gym (i havent met her yet) but she is into superfoods which is the way my eating has been i changed my appointment so it was with will see her 6.15pm on tuesday nite...which is actually a better night for me. I think I will ask her do the measurements the first week of each month and maybe she can even make some suggestions as I now get closer to goal in relation to my nutrition. I did also think maybe these gains have kinda been my fault....i remember last week i had a few peanut butter sandwiches i shouldnt have and a few dips into the peanut butter jar when i shouldnt have....which I hadnt thought pizza and a crunchie bar yesterday didnt help! So im not gonna cut the calories back yet....will give it a week or two at the same level....if things then dont move ill start to cut back a lil.

Body balance was cancelled today and they had pilates on instead. I didnt do it cos i actually find pilates the most boring class in existance lol. So i did my PT session which was more resistance work towards working on pushups...i was really quite pathetic in the session lol so much i couldnt do...but the good thing is most of the stuff is stuff i could do on my i might try and do the exercises a few times per week. I then did the stairs TWICE yes im suppose to be doing it 3 times....but i couldnt lol i was dead....i have been slack about the stairs this I did it twice today....ill do it three times on even doing it just twice is a killer.

Tomorrow I am planning to clean the house and I think I will make some of my cranberry and oat muffins....a nice healthy treat. I also went to the fruit and veg store today and stocked up. Bought some spinach as well and tomorrow i am going to try my first "green drink" for breakfast. Hopefully with luck I will like it and it will fill me up!

Just bloomin checked the laundry...i put my black flashdance pants in the machine with a tissue....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bits of white tissue everywhere :(

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a few changes.....

Well the scales were up this morning again by 200 grams and looking at the scales tonite I expect them to be around the same or slightly higher tomorrow morning .... sigh. That said today food wasnt perfect. They provided pizza for lunch today and I had some and then when I saw the scales tonight....I must admit I thought stuff it....if Im gonna gain might as well enjoy it so had a yiros and a crunchie bar for dinner. I was probably over my calories by 600 calories. But after a chat with Fiona tonight Ive decided to change my exercise a lil and decided also I am going to cut my calories back.

Something I havent mentioned....(altho did few days ago on facebook) is fiona is leaving the gym in a few weeks time so my journey is going to change a lil in the way I approach it. I have known about her leaving for several weeks....but I am the type of person who needs to process things and needed to work things out in my head before putting them down for the world to see ;) In the beginning of my journey I definitely needed a very personal approach....i really needed that constant contact with fiona to keep me on track and keep my head in the right place....the timing of this closer to actually okay....12 months ago I dont know how I would have handled this change ..... but yanno we all have to be responsible for our own journey and I guess that is what I will be doing taking more responsibility for my journey. Of course fiona has become a friend over the last 3 years, we already speak quite regularly over facebook and I cant see that changing and I am sure we will still catch up occassionally socially. Anyway it will enable me the opportunity of maybe doing the gyms next bootcamp...maybe in time (when my foot/knees are up to it) doing one of the gyms running group....and possibly even doing michelle bridges 12WBT program (I wouldnt do her eating plan just the workout plan).

So with that said....initially before I found out about fiona leaving i was going to talk to my food coach about cutting back to just one session every 2 weeks....then when i found out about fiona leaving i thought i need that weekly appointment to ensure i go to the gym at least one day a week (lol) but after much thought I have decided I am going to talk to her about just having a appointment once a month. I just dont feel I need the accountability and to be honest the scales are moving so slowly it does my head in! So I want to suggest to her that I weigh in just the first week of each month andd have measurements done then too (she has only measured me 2 times since i have had her as a food coach) I just dont feel I get enough out of the sessions. (Mostly because I am educated on nutrition I dont really get info or anything of my food coach it is essentially just a weigh on and she really just lets me do my own thing.

I am going to weigh in tomorrow a "official" number and then of course i will still weigh in regularly but my next "official" weigh in will be October 29. I am not going to set a goal for a number on the scales to be by then. Its 3 weeks today till the westpac stair climb....fiona now wants me running up the stair case at the gym (7 flights) 3 times in a row everytime I go to the gym. My goal for the month is simply going to be to try and do the stair climb in under 20 for the next 3 weeks thats going to be my big focus. The other goal I am going to aim for is I bought a summer dress a week or two ago....its a size "small" I can get it on but around my stomach/hips/thighs it is skin my goal is going to be on xmas day (hopefully I will be at streaky bay on the day) to wear that dress and it fit me nicely....regardless what weight. Cos while the scales have been going up this last week or so (was 85.2 kilos this morning) my Lorna Jane Flashdance pants are getting looser around the hips and stomach (loose enough that I think I could actually work out in them)

Calorie wise I am going to drop the calories down to 1400 calories.....which is a drop of 85 calories per day so only a small drop but hopefully enough of a drop...I really dont want to go as low as 1200 calories....and suspect 1350 is prolly the absolute lowest I could go down too.

So I did talk to fiona about increasing my days at the gym....and as I am doing 4 days a week I will start to do 5 days a week....and down the track a lil bit maybe increase to 6 days a week. So with that I think each week I will set a exercise plan for the week. So this coming week it is:

m -3 x 7 flights of stairs + 1.5km run + body combat + PT
t - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + swiss ball class + body step
w - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + 1.5km run +30 mins boxing + cycle class
t - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + body pump + PT + body balance
f - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + 1.5km run + body pump

Heres to a better week!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hating the scales

Im really starting to get majorly annoyed with the scales. And i know people say dont pay attention etc to them but im afraid when i know i have to weigh in on a weekly basis if im not losing...and i am exercising and eating well it annoys the crap out of me. Saturday morning i was 83.8 kilos....this morning i was 85 kilos and looking at the scales now i suspect i will actually have another gain in the morning. I have been losing then gaining then losing then gaining all week....i know logically in my brain i know to gain two kilos i would have had to eat a additional 14,000 calories....i know i am eating under my exercising....and yet the scales are up. Yep my cycle was this week....but i should have started to go down by now and it really makes me doubt whether i can get any lower. My only other option is to either cut my calories back more (sigh) or exercise exercising 4 days a week but maybe its time to increase the workouts to 6 times a week. It seriously sucks that you can do everything right and then be gaining....the last 5 weeks has been gain, lose, gain, lose, a lil over it ALL to be honest. That combined with other people thinking im too skinny now, or jealous of my weight loss or projecting their own issues on to me....just over it....ive started to feel like...i need to hide my loss....i dont even want people discussing it anymore cos i am getting concerned over whose the next person to get offended by my loss....anyway thats my gripe of the day.

Tomorrow is planning to do pump tomorrow nite...pump bores me lately but i think i just need to make the effort...and do it and work on increasing those weights regardless whether it bores me or not. Ill do the running sprints again too, and of course saturday I have PT and body balance.

Nothing else of excitement going on...enjoy your nite all!

Oh no....

My internet connection at home is dead :( apparantly a tech will come out tomorrow and it should be working again by 7pm tomorrow fingers crossed!

Last night I did a 30 minute boxing class. Normally I can be at times a bit of a slacker in classes and when it comes to pushups in the boxing class i do them on my knees...but i did them all on my toes last nite...not going low at all....but still did it (about 25-35 all up i think) i then went on the treadmill and did some sprints....I managed one 100 metre sprint at level 10 and one 150 metre sprint at level 10. Woooo hoooo!! Thats huge for me. I then went and did a 45 minute freestyle cycle class....which was a killer. Tonight I wont gym it but will do pump tomorrow night, altho as I have a PT session of weights on saturday I will go light in pump.

Ive noticed the "wrinkling" of my upper inner thighs has now started to spread and is edging towards my knees :( sad sad!! I really hope the skin on my legs doesnt get too much worse. At the gym last night I did tell the Group Fitness Manager that I think they need a different resistance class besides never know the gym may bring in what i want lol!!

Not much else going still up 1.4 kilos from my lightest :( bloomin scales!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my brain may explode....

The scales had dropped by 400 grams this morning. So starting to lose the fluid gain...but still up 1.1 kilos to what I was a week ago.

Day 2 back at work and OMG my brain may explode!! lol!!! There is lots of new processes and I am try to take it all in but omg fulllllllllllllll on! I slept like a baby last bed at 9.30pm. Sleeping is much better then it was on any night of my holidays!! The long days and mental aspect of working is draining lol but i do love how i have got that real tired feeling back where i just wanna curl up in bed at a decent hour and not staying up until all hours. :)

I forgot to mention yesterday that Fiona was telling me about a new staff member at the gym who is all into superfoods (superfoods is a huge topic of conversation between me and fiona lol) i LOVE learning all about it...anyway this girl also teach organic cooking classes and is doing a presentation at the gym in a few will be making a special effort to attend that :)

Tomorrow night I am gymming it...hopefully I make it in time for the 4.30pm boxing class...then will run on the treadmill for my 1.5km have a 10 minute rest and then do a 45 minute cycling class. That should easily burn 500 calories. (prolly much more!). Takes a bit to adjust to 13 hour days (work + travel to the gym and then working out) but I really do like the "busy" feeling!

Ive decided I am going to Sydney next April. I put in for the leave today asked for 25th april thru to 2nd may. I will be there for 4 nights. So soon as work approves the leave (am pretty sure it will all be approved) I will book the flights. I would prolly fly in on a thursday morning and fly out on the monday, There is a fitness expo which I would be going too...I would also try to get out to Dads grave to visit it, with luck I might even be able to track down my sister Tanyas grave too (thats a bit trickier as its a topic mum wont discuss....but I am pretty sure she is at the same cementry as Dad)...and there is also a "skywalk" at the top of the sydney tower so might do that. Plus maybe try and catch up with some Sydney Siders.

I am starting to suspect it might be christmas day at home alone for me again this year! Im not too fussed, My mum and her hubby are going to my sisters....and i dont know how well I would handle being under the same roof as them so if i do go it would only be for a couple of days. But my understanding is work isnt approving a lot of leave at xmas time this am waiting at the moment, the bonus is if i dont go i probably wouldnt put weight on over xmas! lol (gotta look at the bright side right? lol)

Not much else going need a early night....enjoy all!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

back to work..

Im back at work and tiredddddddddddddd! lol anyway.....yesterday i went out with Jaimee. We went out to the pub for lunch...I had a hamburger...ordered it without fries :) Then we went out for drinks at the wheaty. Was a real nice afternoon!!

This morning of course was weigh in day....gained 1.5 kilos :( no not really depressed or worked up over cycle started yesterday...and i seem to be falling into a patter of gaining a couple of kilos with my cycle so a 1.5 kilo gain wasnt unexpected. Lets just hope it drops down by next week.

So then of course I went to work. I am not actually on the phones this week...theres been lots of changes....and I have to refresh was nice seeing people...and i did go out for a small walk in all 3 of my breaks. One habit i got out of whilst at home was having a snack in the morning....I am hungrier in the afternoon but when at work when I have my morning break i normally instantly go "food time" so now ive got out of that habit im determined to not get back into went out for a walk and grabbed a drink and that was all.

Ive been asked by a few people know what is "wicking" its a type of material that draws sweat away from your body and dries quickly so you arent running around with sweat patches in unattractive places, now I am smaller I seem to sweat more plus the excess skin on my upper thighs....was leaving some really unnattractive stains. I managed to get the wicking sportswear at target and it really was decent price....full length leggings were only $35 and now i know they work ill go buy at least one more pair.

Tonight i went to the gym, during the day at work i felt soooooooooooooooooooooooo tired....amazing how more awake and better i felt at the gym. We did a hour of PT....lots of core stuff....which i seriously sucked at lol...walked up 7 flights of stairs then we turned around and ran up them lol....huffing and puffing like a old dog i was lol....i did some 100 metre sprints on the treadmill (and one 150 metre sprint) i did them at a speed of 9 and one at 9.5....and have been told to work on them during the even tho i dont have PT till saturday ive got a focus. So wednesday between boxing and cycle class i will squeeze in 1.5km of sprints aiming for 9 and 9.5 :)

Tomorrow night i am not gymming going to try and make monday, wednesday and friday my gym days. Anyway i severely need a shower and to relax before bed (this getting up at 6am is hard work!!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gymmed it today (how unusual eh?)...had a PT session of weights....i did 100 kilos one legged on the leg press....boy it was hard! It was the last week of the program....goodness knows what will be lined up for me next! I then ran up the 7 flights of stairs...20 minutes of hill intervals on the treadmill and then 25 minutes of slow walking followed by body balance.

I made kinda a big decision today....everyone knows i have PCOS...and theres a whole range of symptoms with can be some facial couple of weeks time I am going to go and have laser treatment for it. It will ultimately make a big difference to my life (mostly i keep this symptom hidden as i wax but it will be so nice not to have that pain) anyway....essential beauty told me today as i have fair skin i am a ideal candidate for it, so think i will bite the bullet and start to get it done.

I am planning over the next few weeks to alter my gym days slightly (think i may have mentioned this previously) so going back to work this week I am going to have to start to get a lil bit more responsible for my working out. No excuses. I need to set a schedule each week (cos obviously with work each week may be slightly different and stick to it) So this weeks schedule is this:

m - 1.5km run + combat + 1hr PT
t - RPM class
w - own cardio + cycle class
t -
f - pump + 1.5km run
s - PT + 45 mins own cardio + balance

I need to get my ass kicked if i dont turn up to any sessions lol.

I worked out with my new "wicking" knickers and gym pants....and they worked really well, not perfect but a massive improvement, so am super glad i got them now. Ill go get some more now....the workout pants i wore today were full length but during summer i will need some 3/4 length ones, other wise I will die in the 40 degree heat lol. The gym is already warm so goodness knows what it will be like come the middle of summer.

Tomorrow I am off for lunch with Jaimee then we are going to the pub for Ryans farewell drinks :( poor me.....he is leaving me lol. I am only on 1200 calories to tomorrow so gonna have to be careful....think it will be just a entree for lunch for me tomorrow lol...specially after some of the eating I have done this week!! lol

Friday, September 16, 2011

oooops.....chocolate cake!!!

Have had such a lovely day! I went op shopping this morning, i found some real goodies....3 is a Jacqui E size 12 and it fits....its just a pretty plain dress which will be suitable for work...also a tshirt material casual dress...they both fit....i also bought another sun dress but its a "small" and too tight at this stage. I also bought some size 14 dress pants....they fit but will look better when looser....i also bought about 3 dressy tops and a couple of tshirts. So a good haul all round.

I then went into town and to target....i bought a pair of long gym pants that are suppose to have "wicking" and i also bought some "sports" knickers which have "wicking" too...i then also bought some bonds knickers....wooooo hoooo all the size 22 knickers can be thrown out lol (yes i have still been wearing size 22 knickers!!!) so teeny tiny size 16 knickers. Ive always wanted to wear bonds knickers and singlets so thats huge! I saw a gorgeous maxi dress at target today too...real pretty....might go back and get it :)

Then i went and met Fiona and Sarah for lunch. We went to Bliss Organic Cafe....which is a vegan cafe....we spent several hours chatting and eating in the sunshine!! Was such a great afternoon and relaxing....cant think of a better way to spend a afternoon! I had a avocado, tomato and pesto bruschetta with a iced chocolate and then a slice of chocolate cake! I think all up i prolly ate 1000 calories....but definitely worth it...i built it in to todays calories so all good!! It really makes me greatful for the gym....not only has it given my life back....and my health....but its also meant I have met some great people :)

Tomorrow I have gym...PT (gotta burn of the cake from today!!!)....some stair running and treadmill running....and then body balance. Popped up a couple of photos of a couple of the dresses i bought today :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another good day :)

Today i gymmed it. Did 35 minutes on the treadmill just walking, then did a PT session .... ran 1.5km....the first half i ran at a speed of 7 and the second half at a speed of 7.5. Last week i kinda threw in the towel where it comes to exercise. So it was good to get another run under my belt even if it did feel like it was killing me. lol. Did the 1.5kms in 12 mins 35 secs which is definitely the fastest I have done that in. I then walked home from the gym. It was freaking warm at the gym today....really not looking forward to summer at the gym lol.

I bought a couple of clothing items from the ww buy and sell facebook group....a white peasant style top....and a white summer dress....both size looking forward to getting them :). I need to go looking for some new workout pants tomorrow. With the excess skin on my inner leads me to sweat HEAPS in that area....and looks really awful!! Rebel sports is having a sale so i will go look there...if not its a trip to Lorna Jane for some suitable pants from there. Im gonna go looks at jeanswest tomorrow too at their dresses...they have a 30% off sale and i saw a real pretty one earlier in the week so might go try it on. I am also op shopping in the morning!! YAY!! I find so many goodies at them...hopefully they will have lots of spring/summer stuff in. Then I am off out for lunch at a organic cafe with fiona and sarah :) Ive saved 200 calories from todays eating so i can have 1600 calories tomorrow.

Amazing to think I am back to work at monday! Monday night i will have a hour PT session (uh oh,,,quite a while since i have done one of them!) plus body combat which I havent done for about 7 I have weigh monday will be a busy day and evening!

I accidently slept with 2 pillows last night and my neck was stiff and had a headache this am now convinced two pillows is not what my body needs! Its habit tho so i need to get into the habit of making sure I only have one pillow!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I don't think you should lose anymore weight....

Today i ended up walking around to mums, which is just over a 3km walk. Was a really nice day out for a walk....unfortunately in the process i knocked the ipod out of my hand and smashed the screen,,,,,eek! It still works....i actually find the ipod too big and bulky so i may look for a smaller one that i can clip on to my tshirt. Anyway so i go around to mums....walk in....grab a drink....sitting on the lounge....she is talking to me about something...stops halfway thru and says "your top half is very skinny now - I dont think you should lose anymore weight there" I was a lil gobsmacked in all honesty! She never normally mentions my weight loss....I then told her....i have plenty of fat on my back so may still lose weight from my top half....but i cant control where the weight drops from. Then a lil bit later she tells me the last time i saw her (which was in June) her husband told her i need to stop losing weight as my face is too skinny LOL I told her I do plan to lose another 15 kilos...I am far from done. And realistically if she looks at photos of me as a child I never had a round or big face then so I think its natural that my face is relatively slim these days.

One of the problems with going around to mums is the food in her house! I decided to make a sandwich since I hadnt had lunch (probably should have gone after I had lunch) she is like have whatever you want thats in the fridge....processed cheese (omg i use to LIVE on this stuff) and she had fritz (or devon as it is also known)....straight away i am thinking how as a child I LOVED fritz, cheese and sauce sandwiches lol...mum only had white bread too...and it was this smallish vienna 1.5 sandwiches later im finally done! lol My love of a huge childhood food...i know its the worst thing in the world for you...fully processed and made with crap....when i was about 5, my sister was in hospital for about 6 months with menangitis with my mum staying in the hospital with her. So my dad went and bought me a dog (beautiful collie dog) of course Dad asks what I want to name the dog.....and of course my answer was "Fritz" lol Oh and then mum offers me a choc wedge! I never eat ice cream...but did today...its done...wont kill me....of course all the processed food i ate today is not how i normally eat but whats done is done. (altho it was only 168 calories hardly the end of the world)

Mums hubby wasnt around for most of today so was nice...he drives me a lil nutty so was nice to see her by herself. At one point she started a political rant at me and i just looked at her and said "you know who you sound like???" she knew i meant her hubby and shut up LOL. Later on we were talking and I was saying how my perspective on things has when I was bigger I was so negative on things and I think I have a much more positive outlook on life these days. And she then turned around and said *insert hubbys name* is very negative....she was like even when we watch a football game that doesnt involve our team he is negative LOL

I wore my lorna jane flashdance pants rolled up 3/4's today and a cute lil black tank top...must say i looked awfully cute! hehe :)

AND whilst at mums....she pulled out a blender and food processer in one! Never used and wanted to know if i wanted it! OMG YES!!!! So tonight i am going to look up recipes for "green smoothies" (which is basically greens like spinach etc, banana, blueberries etc blended up to make a green drink) suppose to be quite tasty (you cant taste the spinach cos of the berries and bananas) and of course you get a huge dose of vegetables! So will trial that friday morning :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amazing how 20 months can make a difference!

Today is my high calorie i am splashing out with turkey sausages tonite! I was outside earlier...11am in the morning and i could smell a freaking bbq lol which the smell was to die for!!!! I then remembered I had a couple of turkey sausages in the freezer....I would only ever have them on a high calorie day as 200 grams of them (which is only sausages) is just over 500 calories...lawdie!!! So the sausages and some barley salad will work tonite.

I havent exercised today. As i now need to see my food coach on mondays and not tuesdays when I return to work I am going to change the days I gym it a little. I will change to monday, wednesday, thursday and saturday (the weeks I have the weekends off) Of course when I am working weekends the days I exercise may change a lil. Monday and Wednesday nights will be definites tho....Ive not really ever done wednesday nites previously....but they have a free style cycle class these days, and the days I can get in the early enough Ill do boxing as well. Plus monday and wednesday being two days apart will be ideal for the running as well. I am planning to buy a couple of Jillians latest dvds...she has a yoga one and a butt and thigh one...which i am planning to just throw into the mix on some of the days I dont do any planned exercise. :)

I was 83.3 on the scales this morning....only 400 grams off my lightest ever wait as a adult. Its that voodoo weight....why did I get to 83 kilos 20 years ago but not make it all the way to goal. Of course I am totally going to make it there this time....and that question of "why did i give up when so close to goal" will be a thing of the past.

Ive really been feeling good lately....for a long time I didnt want to say i was "successful" at this weight loss gig. And i dont want to just yet cos I havent completed the job yet....hopefully once I am at whatever my goal weight ends up being and i am maintaining i will hopefully then be able too. But considering i am that person who normally doesnt see anything thru, the fact that i have stuck this out out for over 5 years....i am definitely the person who is never happy enough with how well i do at something....i definitely compare myself to others.....especially for this journey which has meant so much to me...its not been a flippant thing that i have wanted to do good for a few weeks...ive been focused on this since the day i rejoined the gym 3 years ago. I was focused the 2 years before that as well of course...but it was very up and down....especially considering that i didnt do anything much for close to 18 months of that time. Its quite funny to think also how much of this weight i have lost since january 2010. That was a stage when suddenly especially with nutrition that things clicked for me....january 1 2010 i weighed 135.8 20 months down to 83.3...which works out to having lost 52.5 kilos in that time. Amazing how once you get the right support....the right fitness activities...the right nutrition and suddenly things click into place. And its not even just the weight loss....its my whole view on abilities....January 2010 i was only doing pump and balance one of my fave classes is combat....I use to have such issues within myself about getting up when sitting down on the ground....I still dont get up from the ground too gracefully lol but I am better and not so paranoid about it. I now run...lift higher weights...if there is a class i want to do....then i do it....we never did PT sessions which involved the cardio equipment back then...cos i thought i would quite literally i do one session every week. The other week I got on the leg press....and fiona was like....where is the rest of you....remember when we never did this cos you were paranoid about getting into position on we seem to do it in one shape or another quite regularly lol and now in quite honesty i never even think about it. I just get in it....look at whatever revolting weight fiona has set it too...groan....but then get on with it (ok i might grizzle while doing it but thats just lazy-gal karyn then lol) So yep things are definitely improved :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weigh in Day :)

I weighed in and lost 2 kilos....I am now down to 83.6 kilos....woooot! Seems like such a teeny tiny number....6.6 kilos away from the top of the healthy weight range. I still tho feel like I have so much more to still a lot more work to be done in my eyes (and even when at goal it will be toning, toning, toning)

Gym today....OMG it was so freaking hard :( ran up the 7 flights of stairs....I eagerly await the day when I do that and my legs dont feel so heavy lol. Then we did some crazy abs crazy i cant even explain it all lol...i will say i could barely do any of the exercises LOL

Crazy to think this is my last week of my holidays. I will have already completed my first day back by this time next week and be at the gym (I havent been at the gym in the evenings for about 7 weeks lol) While i initially worried about my eating while at home...I actually found it quite easy. I havent been having anything to eat for morning tea...and when i go back its back to morning and afternoon break with a lunch break....each break i have a habit of thinking oh must be food time...I am going to try and keep with my current pattern. My first week back every day my lunch break is at 11.15am....and my last break is at 1.30pm-ish so i need to decided whether to have lunch in my official "lunchbreaks" or maybe not eat lunch at 11.15am and then have it in my afternoon break.

Today for lunch I had salad with barley, walnuts, almonds, dried apricot and raisins....mmmmmmmmmmm so yummy and filling! I made quite a lot so plenty for the next few days....might actually be a good lunch for work too.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another good day....boring....................

The scales went up a lil today....back up to 84.4 kilos....but I am pretty sure thats just related to the sodium from fridays lunch....and even at worse....that still leaves me with a loss of 1.2 kilos this proper weigh in is is a low calorie day so who knows what tomorrow the scales will due to the change in weigh in day its only a 6 day week for me so all is good :) I would really have liked to be under 83 kilos by the time I return to work (I go back to work a week tomorrow) but regardless I shouldnt be much off the mark. Doesnt matter I think a slightly different person is returning to work....previously I was always content to stay in my comfort zone and of course i weighed more! I know im smaller now....average even...and will have my eye out on some different positions that may become available in the city...who knows what the future holds work wise. This months holidays off work has been interesting...ive lost about another 9 kilos in that time, Ive had the Lorna Jane book thing come up, the Thats Life thing come up I dated someone (and whilst that didnt turn glad it happened....just for the confidence it gave me and the self belief that im not a horrid person that people run 20 miles from) so in a lot of ways i think i am going back to work a bit of a different person. And while I dont have superb self confidence...I think it has improved a lot :)

Yesterday in body balance we had to lay flat on our backs...While I dont have excess skin that hangs off my back....just like when I was bigger I still have fat there....down my spine is pretty fat free and I can feel all the different bones etc...but to each side of that there is fat....I noticed when I lay flat (which until recently has mostly only been in gym classes) it feels like two lumps under my lower back...ive now realised that i need to basically push the skin out so its taught when I go to lie flat or it can be kind of uncomfortable. When I went into hospital last year for my surgery one of the things they asked me about was how many pillows I sleep with...I told them 2 and they told me that would be related to my obesity especially when I was larger. I was thinking about this last night....and remembered how at times whilst sleeping I would sometimes cough (i am guessing i was having some kind of breathing difficulty) anyway I would wake part way thru a cough and find that the cough had really hurt my throat. It didnt happen all the time but enough times to be uncomfortable. At the time I refused to believe it could be related to my weight. Anyway I realised that hasnt happened for about 18 months to 2 years now :) And so last a normal person thought I would try sleeping with just one was strange....but completely glad I am now doing another "normal" thing...and I dont have a sore neck this morning....last few weeks I have been having a tight neck...and suspect maybe holding my head above so many pillows may have contributed to it.

The other thing is I kinda just gave up chat rooms! Thats big. I had still been going in to them out of habit I think...anyway about 10 days ago I had to reformat my computer and just couldnt be bothered reinstalling the software for it....and realised last nite i havent even thought about going in....its been a BAD 15 year would be nice if its a habit I am well and truly done with.

Catching up on washing today and washing all the clothes I got at op shops....seriously I didnt realise I had so many freaking clothes! So LOTS of washing today....but thats all good....lots new things for me to wear :) Altho despite all the clothes I still want to buy some summer dresses...and that lil cross over cardigan i saw wonder I am always poor....always bloomin spending! LOL

Ive felt like in someways I have been stepping back into some of my depression habits a bit. Ive been stressed over returning to work, I have had other stress things occur in the last week....last night I realised I had spent 3-4 days in bed in the last week...yes i had gone to the gym for PT but i pretty much got up went there....went home and back to bed. Last night I was worrying about things and realised I was trying to make things "seem good" when i was feeling crappy. But I slept good last nite (monday nite i only slept 3 hours and so i think the lack of sleep has been part of the problem) but this morning got up....did housework...sorted out my wardrobe more (this seems to be a never ending job!) went thru all the clothes ive bought lately from op shops washing them etc....watching some of my tv shows (supersize vs superskinny and embaressing fat bodies) and its amazing that doing mundane things like dishes has made me feel better....of course opening the windows and letting the sun in might have also had something to do with it too! LOL but i do feel much better....which is really nice.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things are good today. The last few days the scales have been between 83.6 and 83.8 kilos. Yesterday when i went to lunch i had teriyaki chicken and fried rice....something i normally avoid cos of the sodium, but I ate it and figured i might fluctuate up by maybe a kilo, so was very wrapped that I was still 83.8 kilos this morning :) I then went into town this morning...stopped in at just jeans saw the nicest maxi dress and a lil cross over cardigan....might actually have to get unlike me! lol Then went to the gym, ran up 7 flights of stairs, I noticed while my legs still kill and feel heavy as crap when doing them but my breathing feels much better. I then ran up 5 lots of 15 steps. Then off for PT, did 90 kilos single leg on the leg press, 30 kilos with one arm on the lat pull down machine and 70 pounds on the chest press one armed in a tricep pushup type action phew!!! I then did a short run (only 6 minutes) then walked for 40 minutes on the treadmill followed by 60 minute body balance class. It was a new release....I really enjoyed it except the leg strength track...I found that really hard on my right ankle. This afternoon I have been completely lazy! lol Been watching supersize versus that series. Weigh ins are changing to Mondays as thats a bit Amy is only doing food coaching on mondays from now weigh in results will be monday from now on. I also booked in for a hair appointment next friday, I did contemplate a shorter do.....but will keep it as is. And so will just be a trim and the blonde streaks redone :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

A good day :)

Today has been a real good day. I slept much better last night and today I went to lunch to meet Tina and Martine. It really was just what I needed. This week has been emotionally stressful (some stuff going on, anniversary of my dads death etc) and being the girl who does have a tendancy to get depression (altho that has been under control for the last few years) but I still have that tendancy when I get stressed to go and hide. This week I have spent several days laying on my bed hiding from the world. So getting out today socialising and being able to bounce some stuff of the girls was really helpful. My house is now a bit disorganised cos I have been lazy all week and the washing has got behind. So I need to get my butt into gear. I wore all clothes I hadnt wore size 16 jeans, my size XL colorado top (which is getting a lil loose across my bust and shoulders already) and my size 12 denim jacket. As of this morning I am only 6.6 kilos of the top of the healthy weight range....but even once there I wanna lose another 5-9 kilos depending how many body looks and how hard it is to get losses at that point. Once I am there tho, I will still have maintenance and I will still be working at toning up and building some muscle....getting to goal is certainly not the end of the journey for me. After being so slack this week...I really need to get back into the running....I did so good with the running for a week or two....and then got stressed and back to it all tomorrow. Today for lunch I had Teriyaki chicken and rice omggggggggggggggggggggg its so long since i have had chinese. I usually avoid it like the plague because its so high in sodium. But i had a small serve and at least if the scales go up over the next few days I will know why. So tomorrow I have the gym....PT...some cardio (stairs and running) and then body balance. Saturdays cos I do such a big workout at the gym I am usually lazy in the afternoon, Sunday will be getting the house organised and washing caught up. And then unbelievably it will be my last week of holidays! Unbelievable to think its been 3 1/2 months but I am not perturbed to go I am hoping to be successful in time to get a new position...Im kinda hopeful for some positiveness with work in the future :) I of course miss some of the will be good to see some of them! Its going to be interesting to see what kind of reaction I get too....I am about 9 kilos less then when I was last at work (I would have liked to lose more then this but I am happy with where I am at) but I know I look much smaller....a kilo loss makes a much bigger difference these days then it did when i weighed 170 kilos.

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Changes are life has not changed over the last 10 years...same job...boring, monotonous life, then I added the gym and the weight loss into my really hadnt changed but I was more active and suddenly had things to do in my evening. Whenever I hear that saying "who knows where things will be in a years time" I would always think...I know for me...same job....same boring life....but things are changing. This isnt necessarily a bad thing but I guess for me its new and its challenging. I return to work on the 19th of this month....for the previous 18 months to 2 years I have said after my long service leave I wanna apply for a new position with the company. I really want to get a Team Assistant role (kinda like a PA) and I want it to be in the city. Now as I am getting ready to return to work I know I am going to have to start to follow thru with this...and it scares the crap out of me!!! I guess a lot of it is not having a great self belief in my abilities, don't get me wrong I know I am intelligent and if I think about it honestly I know I am capable....the thought of going thru job interviews is scary, the thought of leaving my comfort zone where I know everyone and the thought of having to meet new people (Im really quite shy initially and take a while to get to know people especially when everyone else knows everyone else and I am walking into their environment). I havent done a job interview for over 10 years....I dont expect to get the first job I apply for...It may take a lot of interviews before I get the hang of it....but even if I am then successful in getting one, the whole leaving my comfort zone and trying something new is incredibly scary. When I return to work Ryan (who is my best buddy there) goes on leave for 5 weeks....and is only back in the country for 2 days and then work is sending him to India for 2 months....whilst I have been away teams have changed and we have some new team members...we have had a few leave....there are some new components to our job....LOTS of changes! There are some other changes going on in my life which will occur in the near future which I cannot discuss theres just a LOT of changes going on in my life....of course not all the changes are bad. And in all honesty none of the changes are bad...thats the wrong word....this is what life is meant to be doesnt stand still....its just when you hibernate for such a long time and you dont really interact with people if you can avoid it....when you do suddenly cannot guarantee things will always stay the way they were....but you need to be open to it....cos I am figuring changes happen for a reason....and with each change i can deal with it positively or scary as they are I am going to try and deal with them all positively. On the scales this morning I was 83.8 kilos! As a adult the least I ever weighed was when I was about 23 when i got down to 83 kilos. Another kilo or so and I will be under that 83 kilo mark....which is scary....I have thought so many times over the years why did I get so close to goal but not finish the job off....and instead I ended up at 171 kilos. I dont even know if I honestly thought I would get under 83 kilos...or even under 80 kilos or into the healthy weight range. Its getting so close now...and there is some concern that I will blow it and then commence gaining weight till I reach 171 kilos....but I know that this is up to me....the only person who can truly did this is me and I have to be in complete its just making sure I continually work at this. Tomorrow I am off to lunch to meet up with Tina and Martine which will be good, giving them some more of my clothes that I have outgrown of. Also I updated the process pics link on the right of the there is a new pic in there :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Weigh in day (two days late!)

I weighed in tuesday morning and had gained 600 grams and was sitting at 85.6 kilos and total loss=85.3 kilos. Since then the scales have done a dramatic drop. There seems to be a pattern to my losses of late and I will talk more about that on my next post, this one is a very brief post. And I realise I am overdue with my updates, and I will do a post later this week or early next week....I know I normally post a lot more often then that....but theres a bit going on and I will with some time tell you all....but I am not ready to put it all down on paper just yet...but I will soon enuff :)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Refusing to let those scales ruin my day :)

Today could be a nitemarish day but im refusing to allow it to be :) Woke this morning at 8.30am...jumped on the scales and they were up to 86.1 a 500 gram gain. Yanno to gain 500 grams of fat you need to eat your BMR, plus any calories you burnt exercising plus another 3500 calories...ive been under my BMR....ive exercised this week and i have not gone off it seriously is IMPOSSIBLE that ive gained fat no matter what the scales say. As i said yesterday this week has been awesome exercise wise...and if i go back....3 weeks ago i was 87.5 kilos....this morning im 86.1 altho not as low as i was a week still down 1.4 kilos so that works out to nearly 500 grams a week. Thats good going when you are under 10 kilos to goal i think! I could also go nutty....and cut my calories back but im not gonna...1485 calories per day for this entire the very worst i should maintain (and seriously would there be any major harm in that?) but in reality...when i do the calculations i should still manage to lose 500 grams a week.I was tempted to go and get fish n chips today...hell if im gonna gain might as well eat something i really like...but i refuse to allow these scales to do my head in anymore.

This morning i was sore after yesterdays pump session...but i did my 10 pushups....then i went OUTSIDE running!!!! Not a huge run (altho was for me lol) it worked out to be about 1.2kms and the very end was up hill...omg i nearly died LOL but i now have a benchmark...i know the house i stopped at....tomorrow i am planning to run 1.5km on the treadmill at 7.0 with every 3rd minute at 7.2....then tuesday doing boxing so i will skip the running....and then wednesday i will do my run outside again and go at least one house further LOL Yesterday when i ran on the treadmill for 5 minutes i burnt 87 calories...which is pretty huge (a good aim is burn 100 calories every 10 minutes). Its a while since ive burnt 100 calories in 10 minutes as i am so fit these days and so much smaller (plus havent been wearing my HRM) but it will be very interesting to see how running impacts on my calorie burn and also the difference with outside running!

Yesterday at the gym....i realised my top was getting huge on last nite i went thru my wardrobe AGAIN and got rid of tops too big for me and went thru the "smaller" stuff...most of it i can now where...and ive sorted it all out so all the clothes that fit me are on one area of my wardrobe. Really amazed by how many clothes i have that i like and that fit me! I still have all the clothes from fridays op shop haul to wash and get more coat hangers so they will all fit in my wardrobe. In wardrobe is so full now....i had to remove all trousers/jeans and jackets into my spare bedroom wardrobe LOL...but before long all this stuff will get loose too and ill be looking for more new clothes. Its funny...nothing in my wardrobe is a size that starts with a '2'...and now there are very few size 16 tops....mostly 12 &14's and "medium" size especially from katies fit me nicely now also in target and katies size 16 jeans...i still have a couple of pair of target size 18 jeans...they are not so big that they re unwearable so will still be wearing them for a bit. Saddest thing was i bought a peter alexander size XL which is already to big for me! ARGH! so nice too...such a shame!

Right time for me to go relax in front of the tv! Enjoy all!!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

This weight loss gig is just hard some days...

The last few weeks have been weird. Three weeks ago I cut my calories from 1628 per day down to 1485 calories. In those 3 weeks...the first week I gained 500 grams (admittedly week of my cycle)....the next week I lost 2.5 kilos and so far this week I have gained 600 grams. This week in some ways has been amazing...I ran 1.5kms for the first time ever....and I didnt practically die doing was completely within my capabilities (altho when Fiona initially said your gonna run for 10 minutes I didnt believe I could), Im doing 10 pushups every day and while they dont feel like they are getting easier I suspect I may be going lower with fitness wise its kinda been a big week, but scales wise its been a chitty week. My head, as it tends to do, is going into overdrive. Part of me suspects that this up/down business on the scales possibly is just how its going to be this close to the healthy weight range (i only have 8.5 kilos to go)...part of me thinks i should cut back my calories...but in all honesty i dont want to eat less then i currently am, and then a part of me thinks i should just go into maintenance mode...focus on the fitness....stay with my current calories....but just switch my brain off from being in "weight loss mode" and be in "maintenance mode" and with luck ill still lose, but this feels like im "giving up" and doing the normal "kazz" thing of not seeing something thru. But i think what i have i will keep at my same calories for the month and not look at the week to week gains/losses....weigh in with amy on tuesday...and then again a fortnight on September 1 i weighed 85.5 i weigh 85.6 kilos....and my aim is to get to 84.5 kilos by october 1. I really have no idea if this will work or not....but i just feel i need to remove the stress of the week to week weigh ins....I dont know if thats the answer....maybe even my body cant get much lower if at all....its so hard to tell with my body....cos with the excess skin its hard to see my body...i mean my excess skin is part of my body....and im so far from being happy with were my body is at this stage....but i do have the excess skin to take into account arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....seriously hate this whole weight loss gig sometimes.

Backbend babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Woke up pretty early today (at least for me whilst on holidays!) was up at 8am...and at the gym not long after 10am. I ran for 5 minutes (squeezed it in) and ran between 7.2 and 7.5. And despite my triceps being sore :( (yes poor poor me! hehe) i did body pump and body balance. I was super impressed in body balance that i again didnt lose my balance when doing "the dancer" pose with my right foot...and I also managed to sit on my heels...this is a huge thing for me...havent been able to do it...and then roll up to stand up....i tried doing them again when i got home but couldnt do it then so obviously at least at this stage its only something i can do when my muscles are warmed up. Then at home i tried to do a backbend (its something thats in the current body balance release but i havent been able to do it....admittedly after one dismal attempt in class i havent tried in the class) but i did try at home this afternoon...and managed it....i didnt stay up long as was a bit painful on the wrist...but still pretty impressed i did it...heres a pic!

Obviously ignore my fat gut and ass lol but still pretty impressed by that.

After the scales have gone up by 600 grams the last 3 they stayed the same...would love to knock that 600 grams off by tuesday so i can manage a stay the same this week....but even if it turns out to not be a great week on the scales this has been a pretty awesome week fitness wise.

I finally located my heart rate monitor today...wore it for pump and balance...burnt 730 calories...and now the battery has gone flat! LOL So will have to go to the battery bar before the gym on monday.

Apparantly on monday the email going out to all the gym members with the lil bit about me is going will be good to see that...and i off course will post a copy of it here :) Hope everyone is having a fab weekend :)

Friday, September 02, 2011

Another good day :)

Today has been another good day (thats getting really boring me saying that all the time! lol) Went to the gym...ran up 7 flights of stairs...then ran up and down the 15 steps 20 times then went to the treadmill...wanted to know for sure that yesterday wasnt a fluke...that i could do the 1.5km run even when fiona wasnt there and also wanted to see if i could do it slightly faster. So yesterday i did it at 6.8 today i started at a speed of 7.0....i figured if it got too much i could just take it back to 6.8 but tada! I did it all at a speed of 7.0 and it took me 13 mins and 1 second. Then i did PT....and yes fiona did climb on a boxing bag while i dragged the thing the length of the room. Also did some crazy (read insane) fit ball work....was a good session :)

Afterwards went and got the eyebrows waxed .... they were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue lol. I then went to the health food shop...ive been doing lots of reading and watching of documentaries on raw foods and "superfoods" i bought spirulina which alkalines your body and is also good for your immune and energy....i also bought maca...which is suppose to be really good for your hair and skin....and there is some belief it helps with excess skin....i dont really expect a difference with the excess skin but its worth a shot...and at the very least i should end up with awesome skin and hair lol

I then went op shopping....i bought 4 pairs of size 16 target jeans...ALL fit me....2 long is a black cue one...size 14....doesnt fit yet but will before long....i also bought a number of is a size 10 and it fits me!! So very very good day all round!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Maybe I could be a runner...

So everyone who has read my journal most likely knows running has always been a goal. I have tried numerous times over the last few years to build up intervals...but the most i ever did was 3 minute intervals (and then DIED lol) anyway on monday i did a couple of 5 minute running intervals which i was super impressed with....and i thought ill just keep doing 5 minute intervals for the rest of the week LOL Well i go to PT today...fiona comes over and is like your running 10 minutes today. I was thinking....i cant do that....and was expecting to get that DYING feeling i used to get when running 3 minutes. But you know...fiona tells me to do something...i do it off i go....i start running not believing for a second i will make it to 10 minutes. Well lo and freaking behold...i hit 10 minutes....fiona is like...lets go to 11 i do....then she goes....well you might as well do 12 minutes so we can round it off i look at the distance...was about 1.3kms and im like well i mite as well go to 1.5kms LOL I couldnt believe i did it (really i ran about 1.45km as the first 45 seconds i walked) and the surprising thing was i could have gone longer. Admittedly i still go at a slow pace...only 6.8 so i will now work on ramping the speed up...but wow i cannot tell you how accomplished i felt....i did not realise when i woke this morning this would be happening!!! hehe Im also surprised at how well i coped with it! I mean it wasnt a walk in the park but it far from killed me...really shows me this running this really is doable. And im mega impressed with how much my cardio fitness has improved....i kinda love the stairs for how they have helped with that!! lol

Nothing else of real excitement going on...but had to share my news :)