Sunday, September 04, 2011

Refusing to let those scales ruin my day :)

Today could be a nitemarish day but im refusing to allow it to be :) Woke this morning at 8.30am...jumped on the scales and they were up to 86.1 a 500 gram gain. Yanno to gain 500 grams of fat you need to eat your BMR, plus any calories you burnt exercising plus another 3500 calories...ive been under my BMR....ive exercised this week and i have not gone off it seriously is IMPOSSIBLE that ive gained fat no matter what the scales say. As i said yesterday this week has been awesome exercise wise...and if i go back....3 weeks ago i was 87.5 kilos....this morning im 86.1 altho not as low as i was a week still down 1.4 kilos so that works out to nearly 500 grams a week. Thats good going when you are under 10 kilos to goal i think! I could also go nutty....and cut my calories back but im not gonna...1485 calories per day for this entire the very worst i should maintain (and seriously would there be any major harm in that?) but in reality...when i do the calculations i should still manage to lose 500 grams a week.I was tempted to go and get fish n chips today...hell if im gonna gain might as well eat something i really like...but i refuse to allow these scales to do my head in anymore.

This morning i was sore after yesterdays pump session...but i did my 10 pushups....then i went OUTSIDE running!!!! Not a huge run (altho was for me lol) it worked out to be about 1.2kms and the very end was up hill...omg i nearly died LOL but i now have a benchmark...i know the house i stopped at....tomorrow i am planning to run 1.5km on the treadmill at 7.0 with every 3rd minute at 7.2....then tuesday doing boxing so i will skip the running....and then wednesday i will do my run outside again and go at least one house further LOL Yesterday when i ran on the treadmill for 5 minutes i burnt 87 calories...which is pretty huge (a good aim is burn 100 calories every 10 minutes). Its a while since ive burnt 100 calories in 10 minutes as i am so fit these days and so much smaller (plus havent been wearing my HRM) but it will be very interesting to see how running impacts on my calorie burn and also the difference with outside running!

Yesterday at the gym....i realised my top was getting huge on last nite i went thru my wardrobe AGAIN and got rid of tops too big for me and went thru the "smaller" stuff...most of it i can now where...and ive sorted it all out so all the clothes that fit me are on one area of my wardrobe. Really amazed by how many clothes i have that i like and that fit me! I still have all the clothes from fridays op shop haul to wash and get more coat hangers so they will all fit in my wardrobe. In wardrobe is so full now....i had to remove all trousers/jeans and jackets into my spare bedroom wardrobe LOL...but before long all this stuff will get loose too and ill be looking for more new clothes. Its funny...nothing in my wardrobe is a size that starts with a '2'...and now there are very few size 16 tops....mostly 12 &14's and "medium" size especially from katies fit me nicely now also in target and katies size 16 jeans...i still have a couple of pair of target size 18 jeans...they are not so big that they re unwearable so will still be wearing them for a bit. Saddest thing was i bought a peter alexander size XL which is already to big for me! ARGH! so nice too...such a shame!

Right time for me to go relax in front of the tv! Enjoy all!!

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